30 Last-Minute Gifts Saving Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner! And you find yourself falling behind on your gift-giving schedule. Take a deep breath! This guide knows exactly what you need in order to save Christmas and bring happiness and joy to your loved ones. 

Show your appreciation without spending all your time searching for the perfect present. Have a look at this list! You can find something for everyone!????????

Exploding Kittens Card Game ????

Exploding Kittens Card Game on a white background

What better way than to spend your Christmas days playing board games with your family and friends. Make it double by adding one of the funniest games ever on your table! Made for everyone no matter the age. Laugh like never before in a world of explosions and…kittens!

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse book on a gray surface

Books are always good company for the people who love to travel with their minds. And this book captured millions of people all over the world. Unlikely friendships that give important life lessons when it comes to hope in uncertain times. This is the right time for something like this!

Anker SoundCore

Anker SoundCore bluetooth speaker on a white and blue surface

If you want to please your techie friend or family member, then you need to check this Bluetooth speaker. One of the greatest options without spending a fortune. Crystal-clear sound with deep bass that can bring all music genres to life. And it’s portable! So the party can be everywhere you want!

The Comfy Original

The Comfy Original on a white background

An oversized hoodie for absolute comfort and relaxation. Keep your loved one warm during winter and see them walking around looking funny and cute at the same time. With a wide variety of colours to choose from, you can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect one. Get one for yourself as well!

Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor on a gray surface

From kids to adults, Nerf guns seem to have won everyone’s heart. And the thing is that it’s so much fun running around and chasing people when you know that no one will get hurt. Your little friends or kids will love it and you’ll surely find yourself wanting to give it a try as well.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Set Box

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Set Box on a decorated table

Probably one of the best chocolates ever made! Seriously though, what’s in them? You can’t go wrong with a gift like this! And they have something that is so Christmas-y. Maybe it’s the gold! Food always brings people together and what better option than chocolate? Everyone loves it!????

Kraken Black Spiced Rum ????

Kraken Black Spiced Rum next to a cocktail

Another thing that brings people together, is a nice drink by the fire. Let’s paint the picture! Christmas lights all over the place. Some relaxing jazz music playing in the back. And your favourite people enjoying a nice glass of top-quality rum. Seems like a little paradise!

NUTRiBULLET 600 Series

NUTRiBULLET 600 Series blender being used by a woman

And what about the cooking type or the athletic “where’s my smoothie” type? Upgrade their kitchen and give them all they need to prepare some amazing stuff. Plus, it’s super easy and quick to use it. Ask them for a smoothie… or a cocktail!????

Clocky Alarm

Clocky Alarm next to some presents

If you have one of those friends that can’t get out of bed no matter what’s happening around them, then you need this! No! They need this! Make it a little fun for you and watch them try to catch that little thing. That’s right! When the alarm goes off it starts running for its life! The only way to stop it, is to get up and get it!

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid board game on a white background

A party game that probably knows some people a little too well! Plus, you can have fun even if you’re all those things! It’s a simple card game, yet hilarious! Gather around with everyone and laugh until you cry! Make sure that everyone is older than 17 years old…if you know what I mean!

Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5 in two different colours

Now, the obvious choice would be your sporty friends or sibling or colleague! But if you also need to make a gift to someone older, then this is a nice idea. By tracking your vitals you can always be sure about your condition. Plus, the whole “counting your steps” thing, makes you get up from the couch more!

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop hanging from a door

You know you want it for yourself! So don’t even try to lie about it! It’s lightweight, shatter-proof and can be mounted in a bunch of different places. And it’s not only for kids! Even though they will lose their minds with it. Bring out the LeBron in everyone! ????

Pinch of Nom Everyday Light

Pinch Of Nom Everyday Light book on a white surface

When someone’s got time and loves cooking, then the perfect opportunity for new recipes appears! Time to test your loved ones’ skills with 100 tasty dishes that are all under 400 calories. Wait, what? ???? That’s right! You can eat without regrets! Or you know… with some regret if you eat all of them in one sitting!

Throw Throw Burrito

Throw Throw Burrito board game on a white background

Can you eat in? No! But will you laugh like never before with it? Totally! The first dodgeball card game ever. A board game for the whole family or a group of friends that like to have fun and you know… throw burritos to one another. Don’t worry! No one’s going to get hurt! All you need is 2-6 people and the game can start!

iDesign Scarf Holder

IDesign Scarf Holder with some scarfs on it

Make someone’s home a little more practical. Especially if your gift receiver is a woman! Women love things that help them add more clothes in a small space. An organizer for scarfs and other items with 18 loops. The compact design and easy installation are just a couple of plus points that will be appreciated.

KitchenCraft MasterClass Biscuit Making and Icing Set

KitchenCraft MasterClass Biscuit Making And Icing Set on a white background

For the little chefs in your life, what better way to spend Christmas than making beautifully decorated biscuits? Now, creating different designs that look professional is easier than ever. And it’s made from high-quality materials that will last a lifetime. Add a beautiful card and say “Here’s your gift! Where are my biscuits?” ????

Uideazone Ugly Christmas Sweater

Uideazone Ugly Christmas Sweater on a white background

Not really sure when this became a tradition, but so many people love the whole thing. Gifting an “ugly” Christmas sweater can bring laughter and joy to the people you love. Wear one as well and make it even more festive. Choose the perfect one from a variety of designs depending on if it’s for a man or a woman. Don’t forget to take some pictures!

Funko Harry Potter Funkoverse Board Game

Funko Harry Potter Funkoverse Board Game

No matter how old someone is, if they’re into the whole “making a funko collection”, then this the perfect gift! No exaggeration! Now, add a board game to it and not only do you get 4 different characters for them but also something that you can enjoy together. Harry Potter only makes it better! ✨You’re all wizards now!

Laphroaig Quarter Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Laphroaig Quarter Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky on a table next to a vase

For the people in your life that know their whisky, this bottle is ideal! With an irresistible taste and flavour due to the double maturation, they will certainly enjoy every sip. Deep, complex and smoky with surprising elements. Plus, it’s got a World Spirits Award for 2019. You just can’t go wrong!

Hotel Chocolat The Everything Sleekster ????

Hotel Chocolat The Everything Sleekster box on a white background

Different recipes and different fillings, all combined in one single box. A box that is full of chocolate! From milk and dark to white so you can excite your loved one’s taste buds. Cacao will always be the number-one ingredient when top-quality products like this appear. Paradise on earth with one single bite!

Handcrafted Chess Set

Handcrafted Chess Set on a white background

Everyone seems excited about chess after watching Queen’s Gambit! And the truth is that chess is one of those games that sharpen your mind and strategic nature. Make this amazing gift to people of all ages and offer them a piece of handcrafted art made in Poland. Each piece is magnificent. Checkmate!

Shifu Orboot World of Dinosaurs

Shifu Orboot World Of Dinosaurs app game on a white background

If you’re surrounded by kids that love to discover the world and want to give them a fun and educational experience then you need to check this. Compatible with iOS and Android devices so you can dig into 400 incredible facts and see 50 realistic-looking dinosaurs. A must-have for all dino-lovers.


Dixit board game on a white background

Another amazing board game to make your creativity reach a whole new level. Every different picture tells a story that makes you go on a new journey. For everyone, that’s 8 years of age and up so you can enjoy quality time all together and bond. Bring out the cards and start the game!

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You book on a white background

Looking for a nice gift full of comics, quizzes and stories? A New York Times Best Seller by Matthew Inman that will put you into thinking while laughing with all those amazing facts. And don’t forget the instructional guides that have the little pint of humour to make your day. After all, who doesn’t wonder if their cat is plotting to kill them?

De’Longhi NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Mini ☕️

De'Longhi NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Mini on a white background

Everyone knows a coffee lover or is a coffee lover. That’s why this gift will suit so many people. Add some of your favourite pods in there and make someone extremely happy and super caffeinated! Plus, it’s easy to clean so you won’t hear any complaints about it from your gift-receiver!

Tisserand Aromatherapy

Tisserand Aromatherapy on a marble table

Christmas is that time of the year that everyone loves to stay in their decorated home and spend quality time with their loved ones. Make it a little bit extra relaxing by adding this little box of tranquillity to their life. Aromatherapy is an amazing way to not only make a place smell good but also bring some beautiful feelings to the surface.

Moët & Chandon Impérial Bru ????

Moët & Chandon Impérial Bru filling some glasses

Let’s get a little more festive and luxurious this year! An iconic brand when it comes to spirits with flavour and aroma that win everyone’s heart. Fruitiness and elegant maturity are what this bottle embodies. Let all those fine bubbles bring joy to the people you love.

Toblerone Bundle Large Bars

Toblerone Bundle Large Bars on a white background

A mix of every Toblerone flavour in a bit gift box that can be the perfect gift for kids and adults. Another great idea that you can share and enjoy as well. It’s a fact that Switzerland is known for the delicious tasting chocolate that has offered to the rest of the world. Now it’s your turn to offer it to someone else!

Chalkola Acrylic Paint Pens

Chalkola Acrylic Paint Pens on a white background

For your artistic friends and family members that love to create new pieces and decorate their place. It’s Christmas after all and what better way to decorate your place than with your own crafts. Great for ceramic, glass and porcelain for a wide variety of options. See them last through the years and always remember those beautiful creations.

Philips Hue Go 2.0

Philips Hue Go 2.0 portable light on a wooden table next to a smartphone

A smart and portable light that provides you with the perfect ambience during those festive times. All those different colours help in enriching a room’s relaxing atmosphere. And you can also control it with voice commands so it’s a nice way to make your gift receiver’s home a little smarter!

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