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Best 10 Bagged Vacuums

As Of February 2021

No matter what your personality is and what you do as a profession, a clean environment is one of the basic necessities that every human being requires. That's why you need the best bagged vacuums of the year!

Want a reason to convince yourself to buy bagged vacuums? They provide better cleaning as compared to the bagless ones and when it comes to cleanliness, there should be no compromise! Don’t you agree?!
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1 Miele SGEF3 Complete C3 Cat & Dog bagged vacuum on a wooden floor
Reduces Pet Odour
4.8 /5

890W Power, 8.50M Cord, 4.50L Capacity, 76dB Noise Level

  • Active AirClean Filter Eliminates Odours especially from pets
  • Secure Locking System gives you total control
  • Convenient Cable Rewind Switch makes it super easy for you to store it
  • Intuitive +/- Foot Control to Adjust Suction
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2 Henry Xtra HVX200 bagged vacuum
Big Capacity
4.7 /5

620W Power, 12.5M Cord, 9L Capacity, 76dB Noise Level

  • Replaceable Plugged ProVac Cable Rewind System
  • Mess-Free Self-Seal Tabs on HEPAFlo Filter Bags
  • Versatile Combi Floor Tool works amazingly even in tough situations
  • Hard-Wearing Protective Bumper protects your vacuum and your furniture
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3 Henry HVR 160-11 bagged vacuum on a living room floor
Long-life Motor
4.7 /5

620W Power, 10M Cord, 6L Capacity, 72dB Noise Level

  • Impressive TriTex Filtration System keeps your place safer than ever
  • Durable Numatic High-Efficiency Long-Life Motor
  • Handy On-Board Accessory Storage
  • Uses Triple-Layer HEPAFlo Filter Bags for trapping allergens
4 Miele SFAF3 Complete C2 Cat & Dog bagged vacuum in front of a dog
Change Bag Indicator
4.7 /5

890W Power, 6.5M Cord, 4.5L Capacity, 76dB Noise Level

  • High-Efficiency HyClean Dustbags
  • Useful Cable Rewind Switch makes storage super easy
  • Large 10M Operating Radius is ideal for large places
  • Dustbag Change Indicator keeps you posted all the time
5 Miele SBAF3 Classic C1 Junior bagged vacuum on a carpet
Compact Design
4.7 /5

800W Power, 5.5M Cord, 4.5L Capacity, 76dB Noise Level

  • Lightweight 5.8KG Construction for easier cleaning experience
  • EasyLock Suction Tube with great performance and results
  • Slimline 2.21CM High Body
  • AirClean 3D Efficiency Dust Bags keep everything secured without making a mess
6 SEBO 91540GB AUTOMATIC X7 PET EPower bagged vacuum being held by a woman
IER Award Winner
4.6 /5

890W Power, 10M Cord, 5.3L Capacity, 79dB Noise Level

  • S-Class Activated Charcoal Filter Eradicates Odour
  • Extra Long Hose System For Stairs and tough spots around your home
  • SearchLight Illuminates Dark Crevices so you can keep them clean no matter what
  • Computer Control System With Performance BOOST Button
7 Miele SGSK3 Complete C3 Silence bagged vacuum on a living room floor
Sound Insulation
4.5 /5

550W Power, 8.5M Cord, 4.5L Capacity, 64dB Noise Level

  • Noise-Reducing HEPA AirClean Filter for safety and tranquility
  • Versatile EcoTeQ Plus Floor Head with great performance
  • Added Sound Insulation For Fan & Motor
  • DynamicDrive Swivel Rubber Castors Rotate 360° cleans every spot
8 Gtech ATF301 Pro bagged vacuum being used by a woman
Portable Cordless Design
4.4 /5

1W/22V Battery Power, Cordless, 1.5L Capacity, 60dB Noise Level

  • 7 Cleaning Modes with Different Attachment Configurations
  • 40 Minute Run-Time on 4 Hour Charge makes cleaning easier for large places
  • AirLOC Technology for Efficient Suction with great performance
  • Lightweight & Portable Design
9 Hoover TE70EN21 Enigma bagged vacuum being used by a woman
Pet Turbo Brush
4.3 /5

700W Power, 6M Cord, 3.2L Capacity, 66dB Noise Level

  • Variable Power Control to suit your needs every time
  • Pet Turbo Brush Easily Removes Stubborn Fur & Hair
  • Energy Efficiency Class A saves your money and the planet
  • Hygienic Self-Sealing Bag
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10 AEG VX6-2-RR bagged vacuum being used by someone
Washable Filter
4.2 /5

800/700W Power, 6M Cord, 3.5L Capacity, 76dB Noise Level

  • Convenient 180° Access™ Lid & Washable Filter for low maintenance
  • Easy Reach 360° Motion Technology catches every bit of dust
  • Efficient Power Pro System™ Motor
  • Effective DustPro™ Nozzle works brilliantly in tough spots

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Bagged Vacuums

  • A high-performance vacuum cleaner with excellent suction
  • Specifically designed to remove pet fur and odours
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If you want a durable vacuum cleaner that goes above and beyond, the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog is an easy choice. Unlike its competitors, the Miele SGEF3 has been specifically designed for homes with pets. The powerful 890w motor provides excellent suction. While the turbo attachment with a spinning brush makes fast work of stubborn fur, hair, and lint. It’s very versatile and performs well on both hard and carpeted floors. Getting around is a breeze, and the concealed storage is very convenient.

The charcoal layered HEPA Active AirClean filter is also great at eliminating pesky odours from your home. Each filter not only catches up to 99.9% of particles, its breathable structure helps airflow too. Thanks to the smart Miele design, it’s easy to replace bags without contaminating the air. Each HyClean 3D Efficiency dustbag is fitted with an auto-shut mechanism which self-seals on release. Perfect for people with allergies! Unwanted smells and fur are a thing of the past with the Miele SGEF3 Complete C3 Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner.


  • Incredible Suction With Variable Control
  • Adjustable Telescopic Tube
  • Generous 12M Operating Radius


  • Bag Replacement Indicator is Unreliable
  • Bags & Filters Can Be Pricey
  • Large Turbo Head Struggles With Stairs
  • A tough vacuum cleaner, able to handle a variety of jobs
  • An uncomplicated design that’s extremely effective
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Featuring a massive 9 Litre capacity drum, the Henry Xtra HVX200 means business! But that’s not all. With a huge 31.4m cleaning radius, you can get the job done in no time at all. Its heavy-duty construction and protective bumper make it ideal for both domestic and commercial use. While its simple plug and go design not only makes the Henry Xtra HVX200 easy to use but less likely to break under pressure.

The reliable 620w motor provides 2300 mm H2O suction and can handle a variety of different clean-ups. The large capacity self-seal tab bags are trouble-free to remove and are reasonably priced to replace. Let’s not forget the TriTex Filtration System which catches particles and helps to prevent clogging. As a result, this will prolong the life of your vacuum and improve air quality. It’s this no-nonsense approach that seen Henry become one of the UK’s number one vacuum brands.


  • Extra Large 9 Litre Capacity
  • Excellent 12.5 Metre Cleaning Radius
  • Simple Design is Easy to Use


  • Heavy & Bulky to Move
  • Hose Can Become Dislodged
  • No Auto Cable Rewind
  • A reliable vacuum with a long-life motor that's built to last
  • A basic yet effective design that’s easy to use
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With over 10 million units sold in the UK alone, there's more to this vacuum than a design that will make you smile! A long 2.2m hose together with a generous 10m power cord allows for an impressive 12m cleaning radius. No more unreliable extension cords needed here! The 6 Litre drum capacity is big, but not too cumbersome to carry up and down the stairs when full. It’s the perfect size for everyday use or clean-ups after that messy DIY job.

The TriTex Filtration System and triple-layer HEPAFlo filter bags do a great job in removing dirt without releasing it back into the air. When it comes to emptying the Henry HVR 160-11, the dustbags have been designed to keep the dirt locked-in. As the bags are bigger, replacements are also needed less often. The Henry HVR 160-11 might be simple, but when it comes to performance there’s no doubting its ability.


  • A Durable Heavy-Duty Vacuum
  • Bags Are Easy to Replace
  • HEPAFlo Bags Provide Excellent Filtration


  • Difficult to Manoeuvre
  • Quite Bulky & Difficult to Store
  • Hose Could Be Better

Bagged Vacuums – A Better Way to Clean!

Are you trying to decide what to get to keep your place spotless? Are you tired of all the blemishes and stains in your carpets and are about to give up? Have you purchased a vacuum before with a lot of hope only to find out that it doesn’t really suit you?

If so, you have reached the right placeBagged vacuums are the solution for you! With filter bags that have to be replaced whenever they get full, they don’t get rusty easily as compared to the bagless options. Every category has its own advantages but if you love a cozy house, you definitely need a bagged vacuum!

Why Give Bagged Vacuums A Chance?

Bagged vacuums have a suction power that is not comparable to the bagless ones. This means that you can be sure that no debris will be left on your carpets. They are a bit expensive comparatively but you will not regret this purchase after you see the results. With the filter bags being replaceable, the vacuum seems to be as good as new every time.

This is definitely a long-term investment and it will pay off. Especially for those who are perfectionists, the bagged vacuum will be a blessing. If things are organized around you, it has an effect on your brain and things seem to be organized within you as well. Hence, purchasing one of these will help you feel good about yourself.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Bagged Vacuum?

Looking at the advertisements of different bagged vacuums, you will notice that many of them mention the same features. This makes it extremely difficult for you to decide which one really suits your needs. You can also look at the price and decide accordingly depending on whether this is the only cleaning device you want to invest in, or if there is something else that you want to purchase with it.

If you are more into cleaning and giving proper time to it, you need a vacuum with a lot of accessories that you can connect to the vacuum for different functions. If, on the other hand, you see that you lack time, you need to look for an option that either automatically changes its settings on the go or whose nozzle adjusts to the surface by itself.

Some people only like to do deep cleaning when there is an occasion or when someone has to visit their place. Others like to do it irrespective of the occasion or day. It is an important hobby for many and they feel a different sort of satisfaction after having cleaned their environment.

Whether it is a hobby for you or something that you do forcefully, there is no doubt about the fact that it is needed by everyone. When we spend so much on luxuries, why not invest properly in this necessity? You yourself will feel relaxed and advise others to purchase it as well. So don’t wait anymore and start your search!

Always Think About...

When looking for a bagged vacuum, always take into consideration its suction power. Is the dirt on your carpets stubborn? If so, a high suction power will be needed to completely take the dirt out. You don’t want to be disappointed after going through a hassle if the end result is not up to the mark.

If you have different sorts of carpets with varying thickness at your place, you need to check whether the bagged vacuum you intend to purchase caters to the different heights of the carpets. One bagged vacuum should be enough for your entire house and ideally other places such as the workplace as well.

If you are prone to allergies or have a potential risk of asthma, you need to check whether the bagged vacuum that you have chosen has a HEPA filtration system. Through this system, harmless particles such as dust and pollen are trapped leaving behind cleaner air for you to breathe in.

Look at all the features carefully and then decide. Reviews by people who have already purchased the product you are looking at also help make a wise decision. Apart from that, we are always here ready to give our sincere feedback to you regarding the different brands and models through our guide!

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