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Best 10 Aerobic Steppers

As Of March 2021

Do you want to set up your home gym but you don’t know where to start with all those fitness equipment in the market? Well, we have you covered! Why not start with a good cardio workout equipment like the good old-fashioned aerobic stepper?

If you wish to burn calories you should try aerobic exercise! The aerobic steppers offer a low-impact cardio workout, perfect if you don’t like too intense workouts. You ready to tine some muscles, increase that heart rate & burn some calories?

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Best overall aerobic stepper

  • Pick preferred height from the different heights of 10cm, 15cm and 20cm
  • Easy to pick the ideal riser thanks to the colour coding
  • Safe to use & stays in place with the non-skid feet
  • Perfect for both man & women with a large weight capacity of 115kgs
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Ideal for space saving

  • Space-saving as there is inbuilt storage to keep the extra platforms
  • Durable & sturdy to withstand the weight of up to 150 kgs
  • Grows with your workout experience with 3 adjustable fitness levels
  • Shock-absorbing reducing feet & ankle injury from impact
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Ideal for versatile workouts

  • Longer design & versatile as you can also use it as a workout bench for pushups
  • For beginners & pros with 3 adjustable risers for each level
  • Lightweight to move around with ease when cleaning
  • Choose the preferred colour to match your home gym
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Best for stability

  • Extra safe with 4 nonslip & stable rubber feet
  • Versatility & shock absorption that accommodate up to 115kgs
  • Aerobic stepper for beginner level training with 2 height levels
  • It can also be used as a petal on the bedside for a seniors
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Best for families

  • Suitable for all family members with a maximum weight of 150kgs
  • Increase workout intensity from the 2 adjustable levels
  • Versatile workout options for losing weight & toning muscles
  • Enjoy noiseless workouts with rubberised & frictionless feet
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Best for safety

  • Rubber feet & a non-slip placement mat offers extra safety
  • Spruce your yoga practice with any of the 4 colourful choices
  • Workout equipment with a weight capacity of 150kgs
  • No injuries as it absorbs shock from your stepping impact
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Ideal for apartments

  • Advance your workouts with the 2 height risers of 10cm & 15cm
  • Great for apartments as it has a storage compartment underneath to safe extra steps
  • Rugged upper surface offers a firm grip on your feet
  • Lightweight & easy to move around when vacuuming
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Best for indoors & outdoors

  • Exercise in nature with durable & weatherproofed material
  • Stable & safe to use on any surface with its anti-slip feet design
  • Versatile workout outs to tone muscles & burn calories
  • Your purchase leads to an additional charitable meal in UK & India
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Top choice for digital aerobic stepper

  • Get fit & track your progress on Escape App
  • Circular design, ideal for multi-directional workout step exercise & plyometrics
  • Compact circuit size & lightweight for easy storage & transport
  • View workout videos on the App & Escape Fitness Youtube channel
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Ideal for lightweight

  • Nonslip rubber feet for great grip on feet to safely workout
  • Safe to use with secure clipping design when stacked
  • Versatile exercise step with 3 height adjustments for extra intensity
  • Perfect for quick workout sessions in the middle of work

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Why You Should Invest in Aerobic Steppers

Are you looking for an additional home gym equipment for low-impact cardio? Or are you just starting your fitness journey and need to start slow with an affordable gadget? An aerobic stepper is the gym equipment you need to get. Old as the stepping exercise is, it is still as relevant today as it was back in the late ‘80s when Gin Miller brought it to life.

Gin, an athlete and fitness instructor, was advised by her doctor to doing step aerobics as a rehabilitation treatment for a knee injury. Since then, the exercise had grown from using milk crates to aerobic steppers that are widely available on the market.

That means there is a perfect aerobic stepper out there that suits all your workout needs for now, but narrowing down to that perfect one will not be an easy shopping experience. Trust us to make this shopping experience as friendly as it needs to be because it is time to get fit and stop procrastinating due to the lengthy process.

What are the benefits of using an aerobic stepper?

While getting healthy and fit is the main goal for one to start exercising, there are different benefits for each type of exercise equipment you get. It’s no different with aerobic steppers, and with it, you get to experience these benefits:

1. Burning Calories

Aerobic steppers are a great way to burn calories without having to lift heavy equipment or running on a treadmill. When you step up and down on the stepper, regardless of the routine you are following, you engage many muscles. The increased activity helps burn any calories.

2. Low-impact Cardio

Most exercises involve some level of cardio, and aerobic steppers are not left out. While it is low-impact cardio, it will still get your heart racing from all the stepping up and down. The benefit of this is that your respiratory system will start to open up and grow stronger to accommodate the strain.

3. Balance improvement

How balanced are you? Can you keep your balance when multitasking? The act of jumping up and down a stepper without looking down to see where your feet are landing is one of the best ways to improve your balance.

Think of it as the same learning curve you had when learning how to type on a computer. You never knew where to place your fingers and start typing without looking down at the keyboard. With a little practise and patience, you got better. The same applies to aerobic steppers. A few weeks of practice will have you increasing your jumping speed with better balance without worrying whether you will topple down and break an ankle.

4. Toning

Are you hoping to develop some muscles and get a better shape without engaging in heavy workouts that give your muscles extra size? You are in luck because aerobic steppers are good for toning muscles. With great dedication on an exercise stepper, you can tone your core, legs, and glute muscles.

5. Stress Reliever

Exercising has proven to be an excellent stress reliever over the years, and steppers will do just that. Whenever you are feeling stressed and do not have time or energy to go out for a walk or run, just jump on your stepper and let the endorphins flow. The exercise will also relieve any stress on your knee joints and hips gained from all the sitting.

6. Portability

An aerobic stepper is lightweight, compact and highly portable. This makes it easy for you to move in between rooms when cleaning the house or the gym. You can also pack it in a bag or place it on your car’s boot or seat whenever travelling, so you never miss a workout session.

What To Look For When Buying An Aerobic Stepper

Getting the best aerobic stepper will be an exhausting endeavour, especially when you have no idea what to look for. Given that these gadgets look a bit similar when packaged, it is easy to see why one can be overwhelmed by the wide selection. When you start shopping for one, here is what you need to consider:

Length and Size

You will find a wide range of sizes and length, but you should narrow down the options depending on what type of workouts you will be doing. A wider surface is better if your workouts involve a lot of motion. It also gives the platform some versatility since you can use it for other activities, like a workbench for your entire body instead of legs only.

Weight Capacity

What is the maximum or minimum weight capacity of the equipment? Are you within this weight range or do you risk breaking it and injuring yourself in the process? No matter how fancy the stepper seems, ensure that it is within your weight capacity. Most can hold up to 150kg, but make sure you check.

Nonslip Surface

A moving aerobic stepper will probably break not just your legs but your ribs or back. Imagine stepping in it, it moves a few centimetres without the coordination of your feet, and you land on a hard surface, like a tiled floor? Yeah, that is not how we or anyone else hopes their work out session ends like. But it can happen if the stepper does not have a non-slip surface.

As much as this protects you from having some broken body parts, it also protects your floors from scratches. We all know how expensive it be to replace floors, regardless of the material. Some models will have an added feature, shock-absorbing, which increases your safety even more.

Adjustable Height

Exercise steppers have a height ranging from 10cm to 35cm. Although some models have a standard height, there are some models with adjustable height. These are the best steppers to for as they allow you to change the height of the stepper as you get better at the exercise. The higher the height, the harder the exercise will be, and the more workout you get to. The adjustability will save you money and time in the future when trying to upgrade to one with a height that matches your workout level.


How comfortable are your feet when you step on the equipment, especially at a fast pace when exercising? On the upper surface where your feet land, the surface needs to have some grip. The more comfortable your feet are on the step, the less strain your ankles will feel.


The material of the stepper will determine its weight, ease of portability and durability. Most brands use high-density plastic, which is lightweight but quite sturdy and safe. Some brands use metal or fibreglass instead. While this is more durable, the aerobic stepper will be heavier than the one made from plastic.


As with other gym equipment or gadgets, it does not hurt to get one with a warranty. In fact, it is the best decision you can make when choosing between a piece of equipment with and one without a warranty. The warranty acts as proof of the brand’s belief in their equipment. They trust that they have done everything necessary to make it safe and reliable to deliver, and are willing to offer a replacement or cater for repairs within a particular period. The longer the warranty period, with some manufacturer’s offering a lifetime warranty, the better the choice.


Even if you are looking for a stepper with the lowest or highest price possible, do not fail to weigh your options on whether it really has any value. Just because a piece of equipment has the highest price tag does not mean it is the best. And low-priced gadgets are not necessarily of poor quality, either. Read through the reviews from other customers and the features listed by the manufacturer. Do they meet your set standard? If yes, then the stepper can be the newest toy in your home gym collection. If you are a beginner, it is best to work on a budget, until you get to the pro level and you can invest in an advanced stepper.

How Much Should I Spend For An Aerobic Step?

You do not have to spend your savings to get a piece of fitness equipment like an aerobic stepper. These are not expensive, unlike other home gym equipment like treadmills and climbers. With a budget of £39.99 to £100.00, you can get a great aerobic stepper.

Not many will get to the £100.00 price, but you can be assured of getting one with a budget of £50.00 and below. In fact, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

What Muscles Do Aerobic Steppers Tone?

The benefit of investing in an aerobic stepper is that it’s affordable and lets you work out more than just your leg muscles. Other muscles you get to tone with exercise steppers include core, arm, back and glute muscles.

Your lower back will benefit a great deal from all the stretching when jumping on the stepper, making it an ideal exercise gadget for office workers who spend the better part of their day on an office chair.

What Else Can You Use An Aerobic Step For?

Aerobic steps with a wider surface can double up as a workout bench for pushups. Others have multifunctional features, like resistance bands. While these can be a safety hazard when not careful, they can be an excellent addition if you want to build muscles and working out your lower body parts.

Can I Lose Weight While Exercising On An Aerobic Step?

To lose weight through exercise, you need to engage your cardiovascular system. Stepping exercise, although not a fully cardio exercise, will still involve some cardio bits of your body without the stress you get from full-cardio. This, in return, helps burn calories, reducing fat in your body. With time, you will notice some weight shedding.

How Many Calories Do You Burn In 30 Minutes Of Step Aerobic?

So far, it is clear an aerobic stepper will help you burn calories and shed that extra weight you gained during the holidays. But how many calories can you burn from a 30-minutes workout only on a stepper? This will depend on your weight, but you can expect to burn 165 calories to 311 calories with an aerobic stepper.

Studies show that a 30-minute workout with an aerobic stepper can help individuals weighing 125, 155 and 185 pounds burn 210, 260, and 311 calories. That’s about the same calories one will burn when doing high-impact aerobics, riding or cycling a stationary bike, or rowing.

Is Aerobic Step Safe For Seniors?

Yes, it can work great for seniors looking for some exercise. In fact, it can help their health, and stepping exercise is one of the safest exercising forms for seniors. With it, they are able to improve their mobility, especially if they are stuck indoors with little to no movement.

If you are shopping for an aerobic stepper for an elderly person, it best to choose one with an adjustable height. It makes it simpler for you to adjust the steppers height to suit their daily condition. Some of the exercises elderly can do with an aerobic stepper are lunges, stretches and simple up and down movements.

Tips For Using Your Aerobic Stepper Like a Pro

Do not expect to start working on an aerobic stepper like the experts you see on your fitness video. But not to worry, because you can get there, too.

1. Adjustable height

As a first-timer, we would recommend getting a stepper with an adjustable height. You can start with the lowest height and keep increasing it using risers. This will protect you from any knee or ankle injuries many occur from using heights they are not used to.

2. Surface

Ensure your foot touches the whole stepper platform as gently as possible. It will reduce any chances of landing on the platform with your heel, which can injure your Achilles’ tendons, and also reduces any stress on the joints upon impact. When stepping down, let your leg land as closer to the platform as it can. That should be at least a shoe away distance, and your heel should also touch the ground for shock absorption from the impact.

3. Upright posture

Another pro tip is to keep an upright posture. Always look straight ahead, with your head up and your core tight. Let your shoulders lose and down, for better and comfortable moving. The stiff your shoulders are, the more you are likely to strain your neck and upper body part.

Always keep in mind...

You do not have to spend too much money on a full-body workout session at the expensive gym in the neighbourhood. With aerobic steppers, you can start your small home gym for a private gym session. Aerobic steppers will help you tone your muscles, burn calories, lose some weight and gain better balance with your posture.

For better intensity of your workout and achievement of your fitness goals this year, ensure you invest in an adjustable stepper. Luckily, all our recommended options allow you to adjust heights with 2 or 3 risers. Pick yours and begin your fitness journey!

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