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Best 10 Airport Transfers

As Of June 2022

Do you want a hassle-free way of getting to your hotel, resort or home after you land at the airport? Why not go for a private airport transfer? Want something more budget-friendly? You can even get a shared shuttle. With the best airport transfers, you’ll be on your way in minutes after landing. The professional drivers will even take care of your luggage and pickup. Want to find out more?
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Sun Transfers

4.8 /5

Over 500 Worldwide Locations & Prices Starting at £1.53

  • Book online in 5 minutes for a hassle-free transfer process
  • No extra money needed - tolls are included in the price
  • Have peace of mind with door-to-door drive without delays
  • If something changes receive a full refund up to 48 hours before the transfer
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Holiday Taxis

4.7 /5

Luxurious Transfers For Over 21,000 Locations Internationally

  • A match for any group size with private cars, shuttles, minibuses & limousines
  • Sign up to the email newsletter to receive exclusive offers
  • Cancelling last-minute? Get a 100% refund even up to 24 hours before
  • Perfect for home to UK airports taxi service

No Need for Public Transport! Go From Point A to Point B with an Airport Transfer Service

Are you getting ready to go on holiday? Do you want to make your trip as smooth as possible without any added hiccups? From the moment you lock your door to when you finally reach your destination, there’s some stress about arriving safely. Don’t want to rely on public transport or park your car at the short-term and long-term parking lots? With an airport shuttle, you can let professional drivers take care of your pickup and dropoff, leaving you to enjoy your holiday right from the get-go!

Do you want to know more about the things that will help you pick the best airport transfer? Our buying guide notes some of the most important considerations so that, even if it’s your first time booking, you’ll get the most out of this service. 

Whether you want to get from Heathrow Airport to the city centre or arrange pickup from Majorca, the best airport taxi transfers guarantee an excellent quality service. 

What are airport transfers?

An airport transfer is a crucial part of any holiday because you will need a way to get to and from the airport. Through an online booking system, you can select your arrival airport and the destination’s address. After that, you choose the flight date and return flight (if there is one), the number of adults and the pickup/dropoff time. The service then looks through the options available, including the car type, passenger and luggage capacity, and gives you the various prices to pick from. After you select the one that matches your needs, you are guided through the contact form application, the confirmation page and the payment process.

Depending on the car type chosen, the driver can offer door-to-door delivery or set a meeting point with you where you will be picked up at or dropped off. With shared shuttle services, the dropoff point is usually somewhere popular in the city centre. For private transfers, the driver is waiting for a meet and greet at the gate exit where they help you with your personal belongings on the way back to the car.

Airport transfer services are handy for locations where none or a few public transport options are available close by. It’s a more personalised and quality care than local taxi drivers for a warm welcome upon arrival.  

Many UK airport transfer companies have pickup and drop-offs within the United Kingdom, including London City Airport, Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport and Luton Airport. Some airport transfer services also offer worldwide locations, making it much easier to travel to and from your hotel and resort. 

Why should you opt for an airport transfer service?

The start of your holiday should be a time for you to relax and sit back right from when you leave your house. Travelling can be stressful on its own, especially when you land in a foreign country where English is not the main language. Communicating and finding your way to the city centre can be stressful; from exiting the terminal to waiting in line for a taxi where the taxi companies stand by adds up to your existing travel anxiety. An airport transfer is a very popular alternative that has some benefits that we believe make it a much more preferable choice. Here are the top benefits of opting for airport transfer services

1. Safety

Safety in a foreign country is one of the most important things that travellers want. Your security and keeping your belongings intact are critical so that you don’t have to worry about theft. With a professional airport transfer, you can book a car in advance that will ensure you and your items will leave the airport without any stress. 

Drivers are very experienced, know the most secure routes and follow strict agency measures to protect you at all times. Also, it’s a less dangerous way of visiting areas since you might not know the streets on your own and you could end up getting lost otherwise. In some non-metropolitan areas, there is an added risk of illegal taxicab operation, whereby taxis are not legally licensed to drive. With airport transfer services, you get a secure and trustworthy guarantee.

2. Convenience

It’s so convenient to have a car ready and waiting for you to leave as soon as you are out of the luggage pickup area. Waiting in a queue to find an available taxi after a long trip can be tiring and time-consuming. The airport transfer’s drivers are always in the loop of your flight’s status. They know in case of a delay or other unexpected holdups. So, you don’t have to worry about a gate change, landing time or other issues. 

Another convenient benefit? The drivers take care of your luggage too! Even the best taxi service won’t offer that as they usually line up and wait for passengers outside the airport. By booking the transfer service, you won’t have to drag your heavy suitcase across the terminal as most professional drivers will offer to do so for you. 

3. Flexibility & Customisation

Booking an airport transfer will allow you to have more flexibility to personalise your vehicle choice. You can pick from a private car to a minibus and a shared shuttle. It all depends on the number of passengers that are travelling with you. If you’re flying solo, this might not make a huge difference for you. But, if you’re flying with your partner, children or even a pet, this freedom of choice before travelling will save you time and hassle

Private airport transfers cater to your specific needs and accommodate any requests well in advance of the trip. You can connect with the customer service team and give them all the information and requests you might have, including holiday extras, pickup locations and group size needs.

4. No Hidden Fees

While taking a taxi can be a quick solution, it’s also more expensive than a shared shuttle service or a private car. Taxi drivers in some countries negotiate the price on the spot, while in others, it’s a fixed cost per km. But, even so, there could be situations where you will find yourself paying more than you had initially agreed because of added expenses such as fuel, tolls or unexpected traffic. Most taxi drivers prefer it when you pay cash. Otherwise, they charge an additional fee for debit or credit card payments.

Airport transfer services don’t incur any hidden fees because everything is included in the initial site offer. That way, you don’t even have to worry about keeping track of tolls and other possible charges. You know right from the start how much your total will be, including gratuities and other country or agency-specific fees.

5. No Paperwork

Are you considering renting a car from the airport car hire agencies? While that can be a nice way to travel around your destination, there is a bit more risk because of the insurance policies. When booking a car hire, you have to find the agency’s kiosk upon airport arrival, request availability, and fill out paperwork. That’s because you are the one handling the car, and the agency forms an insurance contract to your name.

With airport transfer services, all the responsibility is on the driver’s hands while you enjoy a comfortable ride without any exhaustion on your end. Besides, who wants to drive after a long flight haul? 

What type of airport transfers are available?

There are many different types of transfer cars available depending on the group size and personal preference. The most common car types are private vehicles, a shuttle bus, minibus, wheelchair accessible vehicles, or limousines. 

1. Private Vehicles

Private sedan vehicles are fit for up to 4 passengers and are ideal for solo travellers, couples or small groups. Their biggest benefit is that they offer door to door delivery to your desired destination. But, their one drawback is that they offer limited space for luggage because of the car’s size. 

2. Shuttle Bus

There are also shuttle services for tighter budgets where you can share your ride with others in a bus that delivers passengers at popular drop off points. The one downside is that these take longer to reach your hotel or resort because you share the service with others. Also, you will have to rely on hotel shuttle services after that or pay for a taxi to continue towards your accommodation. 

3. Minibus

Minibuses are perfect for large groups or families travelling together as they are comfortable and you don’t have to share them with others. So, they offer more space than a regular sedan and are cost-effective instead of booking two private vehicles. The biggest advantage to a minibus is that the driver can transport you directly to your destination without stopping at other locations for drop-off

4. Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

These are perfect for anyone with accessibility needs that regular taxis might not be able to accommodate. They are specially designed for those using a wheelchair with a rear tail lift or side ramp for ease of entry. Wheelchair vehicles are safe and spacious and take into consideration everyone’s needs and requirements. That way, you won’t have to lift yourself off the wheelchair to sit on a standard car seat because the interior is suitable for access to those with disabilities. Drivers operating disability access transportation know how to help you in and out of the vehicle should you ask for assistance. They are the ones handling the ramp for you and they have proper training to do so.

5. Limousine

Do you want a more luxurious experience right from the airport? Many airport transfer services offer limousines that give you comfort and a premium holiday treat for a slightly upped price. These are longer vehicles with extra legroom that allows you to stretch your feet and fight off the jet lag while you’re making your way to the hotel or resort. 

5 things to look for in an airport transfer company

Before you book an airport transfer company, you should keep in mind these considerations. They will help you identify a credible agency that will offer high-quality services. After all, these holiday extras should bring you a hassle-free experience, not give you more headaches! 

1. Special Vehicle Requests

Are you travelling with a baby or pet? Do you require a special wheelchair accessible vehicle? These are questions you should answer before booking because you will notice that a) the price is different for special vehicles, and b) not all can accommodate your requirements. For example, some private car services don’t allow pets in their vehicles, while others might charge an additional upfront fee for a baby car seat. Regardless, it’s best to look into these needs as early as possible so that you don’t find yourself in a sticky position. 

2. Pickup & Dropoff Locations

One of the most important things to remember is where you are travelling and what departure and arrival wants you might have. When browsing through the multiple air transfer companies, you should spend some time reviewing the locations that these agencies have partners to find one to cater to your needs. Some can transport you to multiple countries and areas while others don’t have as vast a selection. 

Also, combined with the car type you pick, the pickup and dropoff locations might differ. For example, a private car will offer door-to-door delivery, but a shuttle is a shareable service that you will have to find other means of transportation after the mutual dropoff point. Many UK airport transfers offer services in Europe and other international destinations, with some of the most popular ones being Barcelona, Tenerife, Alicante, Faro Airport and Malaga Airport

3. Luggage Capacity

For anyone travelling solo, this next point doesn’t make much of a difference for a short-term holiday. If you’re travelling for a longer period or with a partner and family, this is a critical item. That’s because additional luggage means more storage space in the car. A couple of suitcases won’t need too much storage capacity, but anything more than that will require a larger vehicle. Check with the website to see what larger options are available so that you can pick one to match your budget. 

4. Cancellation Policy

We’ve all had occasions where our plans unexpectedly change. There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to get a full refund on something you won’t be using. If it’s a last-minute change or trip cancellation, you should review what the service’s cancellation policies are so that you can get your money back. Some private airport transfer services offer 100% refunds if you get in touch with them 24-48 hours before your trip. That’s very helpful for those moments when things out of your control affect your scheduled holiday. 

5. Price

The last but equally important consideration is your budget. Looking through the various options available, you will find one that matches your pocket. The car type, location and group size affect the price, so you should review the competition and speak directly with customer service for better offers. We recommend asking for a price match or a unique customer offer as some agencies might be able to accommodate that for you. When visiting these sites, many airport transfer services offer you the chance to sign up for an email newsletter. Companies often send promotional messages, latest news and exclusive offers to their customers via their newsletter.These are fantastic money-saving tips that could land you a better deal.

How much does it cost to use an airport transfer service?

Booking an airport transfer is an affordable and money-saving way to go from the airport to your final destination. Unlike taxis, professional drivers in this service have uniforms, training and superior customer service. There is an option for any tight budget that will end up costing you less than a regular taxi. Also, it’s an all-in-one price tag when booking, with no added fees such as credit card fees, tolls, or driver tips. It’s all included on the website. 


The most inexpensive way to enjoy this transfer service solo is with a private car. These are very affordable and allow solo travellers or up to 4 people to reach their homes, hotels, and resorts quickly. They offer door to door delivery and are not too hard to find even in the most remote locations. 

You can find taxi-like cars starting as little as £6 for a one-way trip. Depending on the distance, one-way or return use of the service and the number of passengers or luggage, that price could increase. If you want something even more affordable than that, you can opt for a shared shuttle service starting as little as £1.53 in some locations. But, you should know that you will have to use public transport or another ride to reach your final destination. 


If you want a more premium experience from start to end, you can select the pricier limousine service. That is more expensive than a private sedan car. Also, larger sized vehicles like a minibus, coach or wheelchair will cost more than a four-seater car. Those can start from £15 for a one-way trip and reach upwards of £70, depending on distance, luggage and vehicle type. 

The price is subject to change, and it all comes down to your holiday location, distance (in kms), how many people are travelling and the luggage capacity. Take some time to ask questions with customer support and compare rates at various sites with the same filters.


Are you ready to escape the gloomy UK weather and take yourself on a well-deserved holiday? With the best airport transfers, your trip will start in the brightest conditions. Your driver will take care of you by picking you up from your home, dropping you off at the airport or picking you up to drive you to the resort. It’s an excellent service that many agencies have created partnerships with worldwide, so you can travel anywhere with no stress and in ultimate comfort. 

We are optimistic that our buying guide has given you all the information and excitement to start looking for your next holiday destination. And with the best airport transport company, you leave any anxiety at the gate, and your driver helps you relax and enjoy your time off. Now, it’s your turn! What’s it going to be? Dubai, Cancún, Rhodes or Gran Canaria?

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