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Best 10 Barbecues

As Of March 2021

Barbecuing is one of the best ways of expressing yourself by creating a variety of different meals. Roast some steaks, make kebabs and burgers, among other foods, right at the comfort of your home.

Which is why you need a good, nay, an excellent barbeque. Whether you are entertaining loved ones or hanging out by the pool during this hot summer season, you can count on your grill for some yummy treats.
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1 CosmoGrill XL Smoker Barbecue on a white background
Handle Crank
4.9 /5

Charcoal Barbecue, Steel Material, Steel Grill, Portable

  • With a handle crank for adjusting charcoal
  • Its hood has a stainless steel handle for easy opening
  • Foldable side shelves with hooks for hanging utensils
  • The lid has a temperature display for total control
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2 Campingaz All In One Barbecue on a white background
Adjustable Gas Stove
4.8 /5

Gas Barbecue, Steel Material, Steel Grill, Portable

  • The gas stove is fully adjustable to suit your needs
  • Versatile grill with pan support, a grilling grid, and a reversible griddle
  • Large lid with a handle and a built-in thermometer
  • With carry bag for portability and storage
3 CosmoGrill 4+1 Barbecue on a white background
Side Burner
4.7 /5

Gas Barbecue, Enamelled and Stainless Steel Material, Enamelled Grill, Portable

  • Has one side burner ignitable using Piezo
  • 2 castor wheels for easy portability
  • Compatible with both Propane and Butane gas
  • A warming rack for resting veggies and meat
4 SuperGift Essential Barbecue on a white background
Non-Slip Rubber Feet
4.7 /5

Charcoal Barbecue, Stainless Steel Material, Wire Mesh Panels, Portable

  • Non-slip rubberised feet makes it stable on any surface
  • Foldable legs make it compact for storage and easy to move
  • Both ends have air vents for better control of air-flow
  • Comes with a set of tongs
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5 Cadac Safari Chef Barbecue on a white background
Interchangeable Cooking Surfaces
4.6 /5

Gas Barbecue, Steel Material, Aluminium Grill, Portable

  • Comes with 4 interchangeable cooking surfaces
  • A single control knob for total control and an automatic piezo ignition button
  • Foldable legs with rubber at the bottom for stability
  • Comes in a bag for easy portability
6 Tower T14028 Barbecue on a white background
Circutous Heating Tube
4.5 /5

Charcoal Barbecue, Coated Stainless Steel Material, Aluminium Grill, Portable

  • Circuitous heating tube for quick and efficient cooking with no smoke
  • Non-stick ribbed grills for healthier meals and easy cleaning
  • An integrated adjustable thermostat for control
  • Power-on indicator lets you know if it’s on or off
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7 Char-Broil Performance Series T22G B Barbecue on a white background
TRU Infrared Cooking System
4.5 /5

Gas Barbecue, Steel Material, Cast Iron Grill, Portable

  • TRU-Infrared Cooking System ensures the food is evenly cooked
  • A warming rack that will keep your food warm
  • 2 foldable side tables that give you extra space
  • Side shelves that are foldable as storage area
8 VonHaus Compact Charcoal Barbecue on a white background
Adjustable Height
4.4 /5

Charcoal Barbecue, Steel Material, Porcelain Coated, Portable

  • An adjustable height to suit your preferred size
  • An integrated ash catcher for easy cleaning
  • Inbuilt temperature gauge on the lid for controlled heat
  • Storage shelf and an integrated bottle opener
9 Weber Smokey Joe® Premium Barbecue on a white background
Lid-Locking Handle
4.3 /5

Charcoal Barbecue, Steel, Aluminium and Porcelain Enamelled Material, Plated Steel Grill, Portable

  • A carrying handle that also locks the lid for easy portability
  • Air vents made of rust-proof aluminium for better airflow
  • A weatherproof lid handle that has a protective shield
  • Made of weather-proof material for durability
10 Campingaz 2 Series Classic LX Barbecue on a white background
Integrated Shelf
4.3 /5

Gas Barbecue, Steel, Enamelled Steel 'Grill, Portable

  • Integrated shelf on the front for ample storage
  • 2 foldable side plates with hanging hooks for extra space
  • A steel lid for covering the cooking area
  • 2 wheels for easy movement

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Barbecues

  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Versatile, efficient, and reliable product
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Not many charcoal barbecues come with high-end features that are easily available in a gas barbecue. However, this CosmoGrill charcoal grill offers most, if not all of those features. First, it has 2 wheels so you can easily move it around. It has a hood with a stainless steel handle so you can open and close for optimum temperature. It also has an integrated thermometer to help monitor the heat.

For ample storage of your cooking items and excellent working space, it has 2 shelves on the side with hooks. The shelves are foldable, which makes it easy to store and transport the barbecue. There is a warming rack inside the hook that will help keep your food warm. And, when in need of a cold drink, the integrated bottle opener saves the day.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Handle crank
  • Ample storage


  • High price tag
  • Small barbecuing area
  • Takes time to assemble
  • Highly compact and portable
  • Versatile and easy to use
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This Campingaz model is the perfect gas barbecue choice for anyone looking for a highly portable product. The cooking stove comes with a combination of parts that are easy to pack and transport. These parts make it possible to barbecue anything you want. It has pan support, a big-sized lid that doubles as an oven and a grilling grid that acts as a reversible griddle.

The lid has an inbuilt thermometre making so you can easily check the cooking temperature. There is a water compartment that collects all the oil and grease. That, of course, simplifies your cleaning job. Better still, the grid, griddles, and pan support are all dishwasher safe. If you’re looking for a barbecue to take with you when camping, hiking, or on a picnic, you just lock the lid, detach the legs and fit it all in the accompanying polyester bag. 


  • Compact and portable size
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Long-running time gas cylinders


  • Regulator and hose not included
  • Carrying bag not strong
  • A bit heavy
  • Made from durable material
  • Additional burner for versatility
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If you do not mind the price tag, this 4+1 gas barbecue by CosmoGrill could be everything you need for your bbq’s this summer. There are 4 burners in total for all your grill and are all ignitable using Piezo. This ignition is fast, durable, and requires little maintenance. In addition, there is an extra burner on the side for all the pan and griddle cooking you need.

It has 2 castor wheels for easy mobility within your home. Once you start barbecuing, you can close or open the large hood for controlled heat. The hood has a thermometer to help gauge the level of heat. Also, the inside of the hood has a warming rack for resting your meals and still keep it warm. There is ample storage below the grill. The additional shelves on the side give you enough working space. 


  • Warming rack
  • Runs on propane and butane gases
  • Ample storage


  • Highly priced
  • Regulator and hose not included
  • Takes long to assemble

Get your apron on and let’s grill!

Who does not enjoy a taste of homemade bbq? From a scrumptious steak to savory tastes of kebabs, while you catch up with your family and friends? All of this is within your reach if only you can get the perfect barbeque to complete the circle.

While it is quite a challenge rummaging through the internet looking for the best of the best, we are here to ensure you start your barbecuing early in the summer season. Order one of these handpicked barbeques, sit back, wait for your delivery and you will be barbecuing in no time.

Why Give Barbecues A Chance?

Why should you give barbecues a chance? Because they are the epitome of homemade fancy meals. With the right barbeque, you can make more than just kebabs or burgers. A sizzling fish or steak with mouthwatering searing marks are not only available in restaurants but in your home, too.

But wait, don’t limit yourself at home. Especially if your barbeque is portable, you can take it with you, when you go camping or vacation! Barbeques are therapeutic ways to spend an afternoon or evening, while enjoying a delicious quick meal with your beloved one, under the starry sky.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Barbecue?

Like everything else, buying the perfect barbeque is one hassle we would all like to avoid. But, with summer here and the need to enjoy some homemade tasty roasts, kill the afternoon boredom, and bond with loved ones, there is no way around it. So, how do we get the best barbeque that suits you?

First, you need to choose between a gas or charcoal barbeque. What is your budget, how fast do you need the food to be cooked, or how portable do you need it to be? Gas barbeques are pricier but cook faster, are easy to regulate the temperature, have an even burn, and are easy to clean. A charcoal barbeque is more portable and cooks with more heat, but is messier when cleaning and has high risks of getting burnt.

Speaking of portability, wouldn’t you love a barbeque that you can bring along with you when you go out for a picnic, down by the cabin for the weekend, or when you go hiking? Portability also applies within your home, if you can carry it from your patio to your balcony for different weather uses.

With a great barbeque, you are in for tasty treats right and a chance to unwind, test your creativity and culinary skills. Enjoy your meal while relaxing at the same time. And instead of breaking the bank to buy a high-end barbeque, stick with us and we can help you get an affordable one for this summer season.

Always Think About...

  • The size of the BBQ and the Grill matters since it determines the amount of food you can cook as well as the storage space and portability. What’s important is to know the number of people you will be cooking for. A group of many people, 8 and above need a grill size of 2500cm², while a smaller group of about 4 people need a grill of 1800cm². Also, consider the storage of the barbeque after and during its use.
  • The material of the grill determines the grill’s durability and ease to clean. Chrome plate grills are cute but need a thorough cleaning, while stainless steel grills require less maintenance and are more durable. Porcelain-coated grills are also easy to clean and rust-resistant. These hold heat well but are not good at searing like cast iron or stainless steel. Cast iron grills hold heat well but need regular cleaning even when not in use.
  • Grills with lids and hoods are more versatile than those without the lid. When you close the lid, the food is cooked by both the convectional heat from the grill and the hot smoking air. A grill with no lid will only be cooked from the charcoal or gas heat and the hot air smoke is wasted.

This summer, enjoy your weekend afternoon with some mouth-watering delicacies courtesy of your new barbeque. Before diving deep into your pocket and buying any barbeque you come across, do your research. How many people are you cooking for? Do you have enough storage? Is it for home use only or would like to take it with you? With that and our handpicked barbecues, you are one step away from those tasty meals you are dreaming of.

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