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Best 10 Car Phone Holders

As Of June 2022

Do you take calls while you’re in the car? Are you bad with directions and want to look them up on your phone’s GPS? It’s best to have a car phone holder in your car to avoid accidents and practise safer driving. From air vent clipped to windscreen and dashboard ones, pick the best you prefer for your eye level & comfort. Find them here!

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1 GETIHU Car Phone Holder placed on car's air vent

GETIHU Car Phone Holder

4.8 /5

Best Car Phone Holder Overall

  • Your phone will never land on the floor mat thanks to its strong magnet
  • Place it wherever you want as it has many set-up options
  • Stress-free driving through bumpy roads as the adhesive glue is sturdy
  • Suitable to fit any smartphone in upright position
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2 YOSH Car Phone Mount Holder on white background

YOSH Car Phone Mount Holder

4.7 /5

Ideal for Air Vents

  • Protect the backside from scratches with its anti-scratch rubber
  • Flip your phone from landscape to portrait as it doesn’t have any restrictions
  • Hardly notice it when driving as it’s super small
  • Compatible with all smartphones in any car’s horizontal vents
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3 Blukar Car Phone Holder on white background

Blukar Car Phone Holder

4.6 /5

Best Silicone Choice

  • 3-in-1 position options from windshield to dashboard & air vents
  • Remove your phone with one hand by using the side arms’ button
  • Answer calls & check the GPS conveniently as it has a 360-degree rotation
  • Charge at the same time through the open base bottom
4 Beikell Car Phone Holder on white background

Beikell Car Phone Holder

4.5 /5

Ideal for One Hand Phone Release

  • Never block your traffic view with the adjustable arm
  • Find the perfect angle while driving as it has a 360-degree rotation
  • Lock your phone securely in place by pushing the one-button release
  • Never run out of battery as you can use the GPS & charge it too
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5 LISEN Phone Holder placed on car's air vent

LISEN Phone Holder

4.5 /5

Top Auto Locking Pick

  • Just put your phone on the base & the clamp automatically locks
  • No need to remove your phone case as it has a universal fit
  • Drive through rough roads without it falling off thanks to the powerful hook clip
  • Unlock with one hand by pressing both arms’ sides
6 FLOVEME Magnetic Phone Car Mount on white background

FLOVEME Magnetic Phone Car Mount

4.5 /5

Best Budget Choice

  • No phone is too big, it’s suitable for all!
  • Add some style to your car with its metal trim & blue LED
  • Prevent your phone from slipping off with the soft rubber mount surface
  • Let passengers change the music from their seat as it has a 360-degree rotation
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7 VANMASS Car Phone Holder placed on car's dashboard

VANMASS Car Phone Holder

4.5 /5

Ideal for Dashboards

  • Fits nicely even if you have a wallet case
  • Works well in any height with its 360° horizontal and 270° vertical angle
  • Stays firmly in place in emergency braking or bumpy rides
  • Avoid squeezing phone buttons accidentally by extending the bottom feet
8 Andobil Car Phone Holder

andobil Car Phone Holder

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Windscreen

  • Send texts hands-free by mounting your phone on the dashboard, windshield or air vent
  • Pick up with one hand by pressing the one-step release
  • Leave it in the car even in summer as it has great durability
  • Follow the GPS better by rotating to landscape mode
9 Arteck Car Mount on white background

Arteck Car Mount

4.5 /5

Top Pick for High Suction Force

  • Steal quick phone glances safely when driving as it sticks to many locations
  • Combine it with any smartphone & navigation system
  • Never falls as it’s made from sturdy rubber & plastic
  • Store in the glovebox conveniently due to its lightweight & compact build
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10 Cinati Car Phone Holder on white background

Cinati Car Phone Holder

4.5 /5

Best for GPS Navigation

  • Fix your phone firmly on it to withstand any speed hump & rough road
  • Multi-purpose to use as a phone stand at home or in the office
  • Drive without obstructions due to its landscape shape
  • Safe to use as it’s made from eco-friendly & non-toxic plastic
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Drive Safe & Comfortable with the Best Car Phone Holders

Do you check your phone when driving?  Do you like to store it on the dashboard or close to the shift gearbox? The problem with that is that it could slip off and land on the floor mat, possibly cracking the screen or making you lose focus when driving. To avoid this and practice safer and distraction-free driving, you should look into getting a car phone holder. 

The best car phone holders are handy car accessories that you can place your smartphone or navigation system on to prevent distracted driving. You can use them to answer calls hands-free, send texts with voice command, or find your way to your destination better with the GPS. 

To make the best choice, you should keep an eye on the following key features:

  • Mounting Position: A car phone holder can have a single mounting feature or multiple positioning abilities. The most common ones are windshield, air vent and dashboard mounting positions. The one you pick is a matter of personal preference.
  • Rotation: Rotation is also essential to allow you a better viewing angle while driving. Many car phone holders have up to a 360-degree rotation so that you can find the perfect position to your eye level. 
  • One-Step Lock & Release: To practise safer driving, the phone release system must be quick and effortless, without the need to remove both hands off the steering wheel. Many car phone holders have added a one-step button to lock and unlock your phone from the mount.
  • Material: The materials are critical for durability and sturdiness, especially in bumpy rides. The most common materials are plastic, silicone, rubber and metal. Silicone and rubber have great anti-scratch qualities, plastic is very affordable and robust, and metal gives an elegant touch.
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Before purchasing a car phone holder, it’s important to check whether it supports all smartphones. The manufacturer will mention which models can fit with the phone holder, so you don’t end up with one that’s not compatible with your phone.

Check out the best car phone holders and pick one to your liking so that you will never have to hold your phone again when driving your car! Be safe when on the road without losing all the tech features that your smartphone can offer. So, are you ready to hit the road? Have you found yours yet? 

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