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Best 10 Car Seat Covers

As Of June 2022

Are you looking for an affordable solution to protect your car seats from wear and tear? Do you want to add an extra layer of protection from rain, dust, dirt & debris in your vehicle? Pick one of the best car seat covers and fully customise your ride with leather seats or a unique colour combination! Check the best ones here!

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1 Carseatcover-UK Dual Fronts on white background

Carseatcover-UK Dual Fronts

4.8 /5

Best Car Seat Cover Overall

  • Share it with your co-driver as it’s a set for the 2 front seats
  • Rest your elbows stress-free as it has side slits to bring the armrests down
  • Withstands wear & tear thanks to the robust rubber lining
  • Got stuck outside in rain showers? Don’t worry - it’s fully waterproof!
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2 Sakura Merton on white background

Sakura Merton Front Seat Covers

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Ease-Of-Clean

  • Fit it snugly in any vehicle type with its elastic hems & loops
  • Remove it for effortless cleanups as it’s made of machine-washable nylon
  • Stay safe while riding thanks to the side airbag compatibility
  • Add some nice finishing to your seat with its black & grey design
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8 Carseatcover-UK Single on white background

Carseatcover-UK Single

4.5 /5

Ideal for Airbag-Friendly

  • Drive for hours on end as it’s lightweight & feels like nothing’s on
  • Wipe it down with no stains left behind thanks to the 100% waterproof design
  • Built to last for years with a heavy-duty rubber coating
  • Worry-free to replace with the free 6-month warranty
3 Sakura Car Seat and Headrest Covers on white background

Sakura Car Seat and Headrest Covers

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Families

  • Maintain the car’s cleanliness front to back on the next road trip as it comes in a full set
  • Tighten it securely to your car’s build with the elastic loops & hems
  • Add a pop of colour with its eye-catching blue tones
  • Hassle-free to take off & hand wash in just a few minutes
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5 Carseatcover-UK Seat Cover

Carseatcover-UK® Front Pair Car Seat Covers

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Leather

  • Give your car a luxurious upgrade as it’s made of premium leather materials
  • Protect yourself fully in emergencies thanks to the side airbag openings
  • Find the set to match your car as it comes in 5 different colours
  • Close to no upkeep on your end when wiping off foods & liquids
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7 Xtremeauto® Classic Car Seat Covers on white background

Xtremeauto® Classic Car Seat Covers

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Universal Fit

  • Select 1 of 5 colour options to match your style
  • Enjoy a mess-free car thanks to the covering lining at the sides
  • Setting it up is a walk in the park with the illustration guide
  • Lend it to your friends as it’s suitable for hatchbacks to camper vans
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4 Walser Zipp It Allessandro Seat Covers on white background

Walser Zipp It Allessandro Seat Covers

4.5 /5

Best Choice with Zipper

  • Install it in no time with the intuitive zipper assembly system
  • Rest your neck comfortably on the included headrest cover
  • Go to the beach worry-free thanks to the heat-resistant polyester fabric
  • Have peace of mind with the included 2-year warranty
6 AMZPET Dog Car Seat Cover on white background

AMZPET Dog Car Seat Cover

4.5 /5

Ideal for Pets

  • Let your puppy rustle around the car thanks to the 100% scratch-proofing
  • Store muddy shoes conveniently as it works as a boot liner too
  • Convert it into a hammock for your pets with the zipper & side flaps
  • Unfold it fully & use it as a placemat for your rear seats
9 Sakura Car Seat Covers on white background

Sakura Car Seat Covers

4.5 /5

Best for Sports Design

  • Relieve back pressure with the front-seat lumbar support
  • Feel the thrill of driving as if you’re in the F1 with the sporty ribbed look
  • Limit your car’s fading by fitting it snugly with the elastic loops
  • Show your passengers some comfort with the rear seat covers
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10 AMZPET Car Seat Covers on white background

AMZPET Car Seat Covers

4.5 /5

Most Versatile Pick

  • Keep your car looking brand new thanks to the scratch-proof design
  • Stays firmly in place even on bumpy roads with the non-slip backing
  • Tackle your baby’s food spills like a pro as it’s a durable rear cover
  • Preserve your vehicle in mint condition with its waterproof coating

Protect Your Car Seats With The Best Car Seat Covers

Do you like neatly maintaining your vehicle? Are you one of those people who keeps a car vacuum cleaner at their car boot? If you want to have peace of mind that your front and rear seats are mess-free, investing in a high-quality car seat cover will minimise your upkeep times. Car seat covers are excellent accessories that you can use to replace or protect your car’s existing seats from further wear and tear. People like to place them over the manufacturer’s seats as they want to limit fading and damage or because they want to change the colour of the seats. 

Sure, babies have their car seats, but what about adults who want to be comfortable while they're driving or riding as passengers? If you enjoy looking after your car to maintain its brand new and luxurious look and feel, you might even go for a car polishing machine. But if you only want to take it one step at a time and focus on the interior, car seat covers are a must-have for your vehicle. 

Want to find out more about the features to look for in a car seat cover? Check below! 

  • Material: The first thing to determine is what kind of material you want the cover to be. The most common ones are nylon, polyester fabric, cotton and leather.
  • Colour: There are many different colours available to pick from, including simple black, combinations of contrasting colours like red, blue, grey and more. The choice is yours depending on what type of look you're going for, sporty or regular
  • Number of Seat Covers: Depending on your preference, you can pick a single driver's seat cover, a set of front seat covers or a full 5-piece set for the front and rear of your vehicle. 
  • Universal Fit: If you have more than one vehicle, you may want to consider picking a cover that has universal fit compatibility. That means that you can share it with other cars thanks to its elastic loops and hems that give you a snug fit. Manufacturers will say whether a cover is compatible with all vehicles.
  • Side Airbag Compatible: To have peace of mind and additional safety features, pick a car seat cover with side slits for the side airbag. It’s important in case of emergencies where there is impact with another vehicle to prevent accidents. 

Enjoy a cosy driving experience in ultimate comfort with the best car seat covers. Customise your vehicle to your liking and add a pop of vibrant colours to your seats. Drive safely and protect your car seats from water spills, dirt and any other mess! Which colour are you choosing?

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