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Best 10 Car Seats

As Of February 2021

Car seats are a must-have for anyone with a car and a baby below 12 years. In fact, you’re required to have a car seat when you are finally bringing your little bundle of joy home from the hospital.

Investing in an effective and reliable car seat is, therefore, a necessity for any parent. You can now travel anywhere with your baby, safely bundled at the back of your car.
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1 Graco Junior Maxi car seat on a white background
Adjustable Armrests
4.8 /5

Type: Convertible, Age Limit: 4 to 12 Years, Weight Limit: 15 to 36 Kgs, Connection: Lap Belt, Group 2/3

  • Adjustable armrests and headrest keep up with baby’s growth
  • Removable seat pad is machine washable for easy maintenance
  • Retractable cup holders for securely holding drinks
  • Open-loop belt guides for ensuring you secure the seat belts properly
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2 KK Kinderkraft ECE R44/04 car seat on a white background
5-Point Safety Belt
4.7 /5

Type: Convertible, Age Limit: 0 to 12 Years, Weight Limit: 9 to 36 Kgs, Connection: 5-Point Harness, Group 1/2/3

  • Adjustable 5-point safety belt & ISOFIX installation offer extra safety
  • Side protectors for keeping baby's neck and head safe
  • Removable inserts for keeping younger babies safe & comfortable
  • 7-position headrest adjustable to your growing child
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3 Graco Affix car seat on a white background
Open-Loop Belt Guides
4.6 /5

Type: Convertible, Age Limit: 4 to 12 Years, Weight Limit: 15 to 36 Kgs, Connection: Latch System, Group 2/3

  • Open-loop belt guides ensure the seat belt is well positioned
  • Uses isoCatch connectors for safe securing of the seat to the vehicle
  • Headrest for support and comfort with 5 adjustable positions
  • Easy to remove covers that are also machine washable
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4 Britax Römer car seat on a white background
Seat Belt Attachment
4.5 /5

Type: Convertible, Age Limit: 9 Months to 12 Years, Weight Limit: 9 to 36 Kgs, Connection: 5-Point Harness, Group 1/2/3

  • Uses 3-point seat belt attachment system
  • Has side impact protection for absorbing force in a collision
  • Has 2 recline positions and adjustable headrest for comfort
  • Cup holders integrated on both sides for holding drinks
5 Lettas LTCS916 car seat on a white background
Steel Frame
4.5 /5

Type: All-in-One, Age Limit: 0 to 12 Years, Weight Limit: 0 to 36 Kgs, Connection: 5-Point Harness, Group 0+/1/2/3

  • Reinforced steel frame that’s strong and offers more security
  • ISOFIX installation system reduces movement in an impact
  • 4 recline and 7 headrest positions for comfort
  • Accessories like newborn inner pad and red safety belt clip included
6 Cybex CYBEX Silver Solution X-Fix car seat on a white background
Inbuilt Impact Protection
4.5 /5

Type: Convertible, Age Limit: 3 to 12 Years, Weight Limit: 15 to 36 Kgs, Connection: 5-Point Harness, Group 2/3

  • Inbuilt L.S.P Impact protection for extra protection on impact
  • 11 headrest positions and adjustable backrest for comfort
  • ISOFIX installation system that’s quick and easy offers more stability
  • Removable seat covers, easy to clean and machine washable
7 Nania 4335 car seat on a white background
Isofix System
4.5 /5

Type: Convertible, Age Limit: 0 to 12 Years, Weight Limit: 0 to 36 Kgs, Connection: 5-Point Harness, Group 0+/1/2/3

  • Uses ISOFIX system and a top tether for quick and sturdy installation
  • Highly padded for comfort with removable reducers
  • 360° swivel for easy entry or removal of the child
  • Adjustable headrest that adapts to child’s growth
8 Bonio FR-BOCS-B916 car seat on a white background
360° Rotation Design
4.5 /5

Type: Convertible, Age Limit: 0 to 12 Years, Weight Limit: 0 to 36 Kgs, Group 0+/1/2/3, Connection: 5-Point Harness

  • 360° rotation design for easy removal of the child from the car
  • UPF 50+ removable sunshade cover protects against the sun
  • ISOFIX installation system and extra side impact protection design
  • Multiple recline & headrest positions for extra comfort
9 Cosatto Zoomi car seat on a white background
Vehicle Belts
4.5 /5

Type: Convertible, Age Limit: 9 Months to 12 Years, Weight Limit: 9 to 36 Kgs, Group 1/2/3, Connection: 5-Point Harness

  • Front-facing car seat with a 3-point seat belt for extra safety
  • Comes with free paddings for the chest, armrests, tummy for cushioning
  • Removable harness for converting to a booster
  • Removable and washable covers and liners for health and cleanliness
10 Graco Slimfit car seat on a white background
Impact Protection
4.5 /5

Type: All-in-One, Age Limit: 0 to 12 Years, Weight Limit: 0 to 36 Kgs, Group 0+/1/2/3, Connection: 5-Point Harness

  • Impact protection on the sides uses True Shield Technology
  • One-hand easy to adjust the headrest with 10 positions
  • Accommodates a maximum height of 135 cm
  • 4 reclines positions in front or rear for extra comfort

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Car Seats

  • Open-loop belt guides to help you attach it easily
  • Retractable cup holder, to have some of your baby's bottles
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This Graco Junior Maxi is a reliable and alternative car seat for anyone who does not want to spend much on a car seat. It suits children between ages 4 to 12. It has a maximum weight of 36kgs and can take as low as 15kgs. It’s a one-hand adjustable headrest design so you can quickly adjust the headrest height per your child’s height.

As your child grows taller, so does their arm sizes change, hence the need for an arm adjustment for better comfort. This car seat ensures that your child is always comfortable. It also has 2 retractable cup holders for safe storage of drinks. The covers are easy to remove and machine washable for cleanliness and ensuring your baby’s skin is healthy.


  • Low price
  • Side impact protection
  • Lightweight


  • No isoCatch connectors
  • Not for toddlers and infants
  • Difficult to install
  • Maximum height of 150cm for your growing baby
  • Side protection for head and neck enhances safety & ISOFIX installation system
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Kinderkraft’s Comfort Up car seat works for infants, toddlers and older children up to 12 years. It’s quite easy and fast to install, you just mount it on the vehicle and clip using the safety belts. The adjustable headrest allows your child to grow into the car seat with great comfort. It also uses a 5-pint safety belt system that one can easily adjust for the better position of the child.

There are added protectors on the sides that help protect the child’s neck and shoulders in case of an accident. Also, for the younger kids who might not fit well in the car seat, it comes with a very comfy insert for better fitting. If you have a child between 9 and 36 Kgs, the Comfort Up would be an excellent choice. They will grow old in this, up to 12 years.


  • Removable and washable covers
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Soft inserts


  • Doesn’t recline
  • Not ideal for infants
  • Can be fiddly when installing
  • isoCatch connectors for extra stability
  • Machine washable seat covers make it super easy for you
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Lightweight but strong and sturdy build, this car seat is built to serve for years. It’s the go-to car seat with a boost for a child between the age of 4 and 12. The isoCatch connectors make it very easy to install. It features a safety surround protection design using EPS foam that absorbs any force from impact on all sides.

For better and safer positioning of the child, it has an open-loop guide for ensuring the seat belts are well-positioned. The integrated cup holder is retractable, which leaves you with a small storage compartment for other items. This car seat will serve you for years, and you can adjust the height of the headrest to match your child’s growing height.


  • Adjustable height armrests
  • 5 positions adjustable headrest
  • Has a cup holder


  • Not suitable for infants and toddlers
  • No reclining option
  • Plastic frame

Baby Safety? Car Seats For The Win!

How much do you enjoy travelling? Or driving around town or any other beautiful place just to unwind? Or go for picnics at the park, the beach or just to grab a drink or snack at a cafe, away from town? Does leaving your child behind bother you? 

A car seat allows you to enjoy all those getaways and travel escapades with your baby safely seated at the rear of your car. They come in different types, models, and for different baby ages and weights.

Why give Car Seats a Chance?

Think of car seats as a safety device for your baby when travelling. The normal car seats are only designed for adults, which is what a baby car seat supplements, with safety features like head and shoulder paddings and seat belts that adjust according to the baby’s size and age.

These safety features and installation designs ensure that in case of an accident, which can happen no matter how careful a driver you are, the baby is protected from any impact as much as possible. Also, a car seat ensures your baby’s sitting position is not compromised, especially for infants.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Car Seat?

There are many features and an array of other factors to consider when buying a car seat. As long as the ultimate goal is to keep your baby safe, every feature might seem like a necessity. That, of course, will make your buying process more tedious than it needs to be.

But with the correct understanding of what to look for, you will get the perfect car seat that will suit every aspect of your baby’s needs. First, you need to look for a car seat that suits your needs and those of the baby. Are you looking for a car seat that your baby can grow in or one that’s necessary for a particular age? Here's a table that can help you create a clearer picture of car seats and age groups:



Approx. age


Birth up to 10kgBirth up to 6-9 months


Birth up to 13kgBirth up to 12-15 months

0+ and 1

Birth up to 18kg

Birth to up to about 4 years



About 9 months to 4 years

1 and 2


About 9 months to 6 years



About 4 to 6 years

1, 2 and 3

9-36kgAbout 9 months to 12 years
2 and 315-36kg

About 4-12 years

Also, what level of comfort do you require? This can vary, where adjustable parts like the backrest, headrest, and armrest increase the level of comfort. Especially if you are going for a car seat that you want your baby to use for years. Other comfort factors to consider are extra paddings or inserts for younger babies.

One of the most important features about car seats is ISOFIX. An internationally standardised car seat fitting system which makes sure that the car seat is securely locked with two metal clips between the seats of your car. That way you don't have to use seat belts anymore. Plus, the possibility of attaching your car seat the wrong way is minimum. Now you can have a quick installation with permanent connection for maximum safety in case of a sudden brake.

Finally, but not the least, think about extra accessories, like cup holders for placing drinks or seat belt buckle storages to ensure the baby’s entry or exit from the car seat is hassle-free and safer. Having a baby doesn't mean you should not travel, but it also means taking maximum measures to ensure their security. And we get that, that’s why we have a guide of the top 10 car seats you can count on.

Always Think About...

  • The type of car seat from the 4 types. Infant-only seats are best for infants with rear seating style and a recline of about 45-degrees. Convertible seats are both rear and front-seating for infants and babies over 2 years. Combination seats only have front-seating and are best for children over 1 year. All-in-one seats try to encompass all the features and usability of the previous ones plus a booster.
  • The age of your baby, as it determines what car seat is best for them. An All-in-One car seat might suit babies of all ages, but all its features need to be safe and ideal for an infant. For example, does it recline so your infant baby can retain that “sleeping” position? Every car seat is ideal for various ages. Manufacturers list what age is perfect for a particular model.
  • The height and weight limits of the car seat. A baby might be in the correct age group for a car seat but might not particularly meet the limits of height and weight mandated by the manufacturer. Confirm your baby’s weight and height and compare with the limits described by the manufacturer. You can always upgrade, especially when you only buy an infant-only car seat for a start.
  • Additional safety features that help enhance your baby’s safety in case of any accidental impacts. Features like extra cushioning and padding on the neck and chest areas or side impact protection systems. The main goal for a car seat is to protect your baby when accidents occur, and any extra safety features will go a long way in ensuring your baby is safe.

We're sure that we can provide all the insights, pros and cons and information you're going to need to make the right choice. The perfect car seat is out there somewhere and is waiting to take you and your baby on an amazing trip. Check our guide and don't waste another minute!

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