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Best 10 Cat Posts

As Of March 2021

Do you have a cat at home that keeps scratching all your furniture? Then this one is for you! They don’t mean to destroy your furniture, actually scratching & clawing is a necessity for them.

But, for the sake of your furniture, you’ll need to invest in a cat post. It’s very helpful for them as they keep their claws sharp & relieve stress. Plus, you know how much they love to stretch! Learn more here.

We did the

1 Smart Cat The Ultimate Scratching Post on white background

Best Cat Post Overall

  • Your cat will enjoy stretching on this enduring scratching post for years to come
  • Materials that scream “scratch me” to your cat as it’s made of fibrous & durable sisal
  • Stands stable on the floor for hours of clawing & stretching with wobbling
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2 Kerbl Cat Opal Maxi Scratching Post on white background

#2 Cat Post Choice

  • A large scratching post for your cat’s big scratching needs
  • Protect your furniture since your cat will only turn to her area
  • Made to be enjoyed by cats, so its sisal is glued to the post for more durability
3 Trixie Parla scratching post on white background

Top Choice for Cats of All Ages

  • For cats that love to stretch upwards, this vertical scratching post is awesome
  • Comfortable plush base so your cat can cosy up in-between scratches
  • Cat’s cannot resist to this posts natural sisal for their clawing needs
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4 COZY PET Deluxe Super Large Cat Scratching Post on white background

Ideal for Large Cats

  • Prevent your cat from tearing your sofa with this heavy-duty scratching post
  • Tall enough, so it’s convenient for large cats to stretch, too
  • Comes with clear assembly instruction to have it up & working in no time
5 PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post on white background

Top Choice for Unique Design

  • High versatility to improve your cat’s overall health as it’s a scratcher & a play area
  • Cats love the cardboard feel & it will look good on any room
  • An awarded product that is preferred by cats and cat owners
6 Rosewood Parsley Natural Jute Cat Scratcher on white background

Best for Gifting

  • A thoughtful gift with an innovative design for the cat owner in your life
  • Premium wooden base that will blend well in your living room
  • Your cat will stay entertained for hours by its feather teaser which you can remove & change
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7 Milo & Misty Cat Scratcher on white background

Top Choice for Sturdiness

  • Versatile with a lounge area for our cat to relax in between scratches
  • Strong built that will not tear quickly even by the naughtiest cats
  • A great addition to your home no matter the cat’s age or size
8 Catit Jungle Stripes Design Patterned Scratching Board on white background

Best Budget Cat Post

  • Most value for money scratching & lounge area with catnip so they can fully relax
  • Add a pop of colour with its stylish pattern that not only your cat loves
  • Encourage your cat to stay active & healthy without damaging your furniture
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9 PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge on white background

Ideal for Lounge Area

  • Place it anywhere you want in your home even on a bay window or a sunspot
  • Healthy nails & healthy cat as it’s made of recycled cardboard with no-toxic glue
  • Comfortable lounge so your cat can take naps & relax as well as play.
10 PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge on white background

Best Splurge

  • Add it to your home of more than one cats so they’ll have a blast playing in & on it
  • Your cat can lounge with style in this versatile scratcher & relief stress
  • No more scratches on your carpets as its curvy surface makes it easier for them to scratch

Waste no time with assembling as the Smart Cat The Ultimate Scratching Post is up and working in a couple of minutes! So, your cat can start scratching and clawing right away! Save your furniture once and for all with the best cat post of the bunch. We know how important it is for our cats to sharpen their claws and stretch, and this post is all a cat can ask for! Sturdy, strong and stable! It’s the best gift you can give your cat, and yourself, for years to come!

If you are looking for ways to save your furniture from your cat’s claws, then you might need to check out this Kerbl Cat Opal Maxi Scratching Post. The sisal is glued to the post for maximum durability so you can let your cat enjoy it care-free. It is large with a pretty big footprint which makes it more stable to the floor. This way, your cat can stretch and claw away freely without worrying it might fall. Keep your cat happy and save with the Kerbl Cat Opal Maxi Scratching Post. You can go wrong with this one!

The Trixie Parla Scratching Post is probably what’s been missing from your home. If you are a cat person and have or wish to have a cat, this post is one of the first things you need to own. Cats love clawing on furniture and carpets, and this bad boy is the only thing that is going to keep her from destroying them. It’s great for cats of all ages, from kittens to older ones, made with natural sisal that inspires them to scratch it. Oh, what a relief! If you want to start stepping out of the house, then this is your next investment!

Final Verdict

Cats are very misunderstood creatures. People will call them malicious because they have the tendency to scratch and destroy furniture, curtains and carpets, but it is not their fault. Cats need to sharpen their claws to not chip or break, so it is not a hobby but rather a necessity. Plus, they love stretching as they release their stress and also it’s their way of marking their territory. What’s there to mark when they have a dedicate space in the house just for them?

Go with the Smart Cat The Ultimate Scratching Post if you want a post that is easy to assemble and durable to last for years. The second best choice is the Kerbl Cat Opal Maxi Scratching Post, a large and stable post for worry-free usage. Lastly, pick the Trixie Parla Scratching Post if your cat loves vertical scratching and loves relaxing on a soft, plush area.

No matter your choice, rest assured that your cat is going to love it!

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