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Best 10 Cat Trees

As Of June 2022

Cats are mysterious creatures! Every cat owner knows that. They are natural hunters, climbers, scratchers (ask your furniture) but overall they’re super cute! If you want them to be happy and healthy then you need to provide them with something that can improve all that. The solution is really simple! Have you ever thought about the best cat trees? A perfect combination of games and exercises! As you can imagine, you can’t take your cat out for a walk! So give them the next best thing! We have something for all our little friends!
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1 AllPetSolutions Cat Scratching Post with Dangling Ball Toy on a white background

AllPetSolutions Cat Tree With Dangling Ball Toy

4.8 /5

Best Cat Tree Overall

  • A perfect choice for small cats & kittens as it’s totally safe
  • Comes with 3 ball toys to keep your pet entertained for hours
  • A way to play, stretch, scratch & nap as it comes with a nest at the top
  • Made from top-quality materials to suit your decor
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2 Cozy Pet Deluxe Multi-Level Cat Tree on a white background

Cozy Pet Deluxe Multi-Level Cat Tree

4.7 /5

Wide Variety Of Options

  • With a strong construction & thick posts that looks great
  • The sisal scratching post keeps your cat’s claws in great condition
  • You only need a couple of minutes to set it up thanks to its simple instructions
  • Available in different colours and options
3 FEANDREA Cat Tree on a white background


4.6 /5

High-Quality Product

  • Very stable construction to keep your pets safe, secure and healthy
  • Combine everything in one - entertainment and luxurious napping
  • Follow the easy steps and assemble it in without hassles
  • Great customer service offers a worry-free purchase
Best Quality Ribbon
4 Yaheetech Cat Tree on a white background

Yaheetech Cat Tree

4.5 /5

Best Multi-Level Cat Playground

  • With 6 different levels, it’s designed for more than one cat
  • The fur balls are replaceable so you can place your cat’s favourite toys
  • Made from eco-friendly materials that are non-toxic to your pet
  • Very sturdy and durable for a lifetime of games
5 JISSBON Cat Tree on a white background


4.5 /5

One Of The Most Popular Choices

  • Ideal compact cat house with two rooms for your little friends
  • The scratching tree is very durable - your pet will love it
  • Follow the steps & assemble it with the help of the included tools
  • The luxurious padding is very soft & smooth on your cat’s skin
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6 Klife Cat Tree on a white background

Klife Cat Tree

4.5 /5

Best Budget Cat Tree

  • A value-for-money option to improve your cat’s climbing skills
  • Great choice for people with more than one cat
  • You can mount it both on the ceiling & the floor for extra stability
  • Save your furniture from constant scratching with the natural Sisal rope
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7 Go Pet Club Cat Tree on a white background

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

4.5 /5

Very Soft Option

  • Give your cat a luxurious place to sleep with its faux fur material
  • The board is made from pressed wood and is very durable
  • Comes in many colours to choose the one that suits you
  • The basket is ideal for relaxation after playing with the sisal rope
8 Rabbitgoo Cat Tree on a white background

Rabbitgoo Cat Tree

4.5 /5

Top Pick For Relaxing Times

  • With many layers and games to keep your cat entertained
  • There are various options for your pet to relax and take a nap
  • 2 different colours so you can find which matches your decor
  • Made with superior materials that withstand many years of scratching
9 Bunty Large Cat Kitten Tree on a white background

Bunty Large Cat Kitten Tree

4.5 /5

Best Cat Tree For Medium-Sized Homes

  • Get your cat a tree that has everything without the need for much space
  • Choose between 3 colours the one that you like the most
  • It’s covered in faux fur which is very soft for ideal nap times
  • Perfect for owners that have only one cat or little kittens
10 P PURLOVE Cat Tree on a white background


4.5 /5

Best Option For Many Cats

  • Ideal multi-layered cat tree for owners with more than one pet
  • It’s stable & safe thanks to the reinforced scratching posts
  • Even though it’s big, it’s easily assembled with simple steps
  • It has everything to keep your cat away from furniture & curtains

AllPetSolutions Cat Scratching Post with Dangling Ball Toy

By far the greatest option for pet owners that have limited space but want to treat their pet like royalty. It’s ideal for stretching, scratching, playing and napping! Literally, everything that makes a cat happy! Especially if you have a little kitten that needs to improve their stability and natural instincts. After all, cats need to find an outlet for all that energy they have.

It comes with 3 ball toys for hours of playing and also a sisal pad that can help your pet keep the claws at its finest. No need to see your furniture get destroyed with all the unnecessary scratching. Plus, the manufacturers use eco-friendly glue to piece it together so it’s totally safe and non-toxic for your little friend. The approximate dimensions are 30 x 30 x 53cm (L x W x H).

Cozy Pet Deluxe Multi-Level Cat Tree

Unlimited fun for your little pets with four toy mice, five viewing spots and two cat houses for the perfect nap. It’s the ideal place for your cat or cats to spend time exercising and playing. And it’s totally safe as well with a robust and strong construction with extra thick posts. Choose the perfect colour for your interior design and match it in every detail.

You can assemble it in a couple of minutes if you follow the simple steps and instructions that are provided. Literally, anyone can do it! You won’t need more than 30 minutes actually. The final outcome weighs around 20kg so you can move it quite easily. Forget about damaged sofas and curtains once and for all now that your cat can enjoy the heady duty sisal scratching posts. The approximate dimensions are 50 x 50 x 170cm (L x W x H).


Get a little bit luxurious and offer your pet one of the greatest multi-levelled cat trees. Playing, napping or jumping around, this product can cover every single one of your cat’s needs without trouble. Stability is a priority after all so your little friend will always be safe on it. It’s strengthened with battens at the bottom to ensure that it won’t wobble. Plus, you don’t need to worry about its assembly! It’s very easy!

With wide places to sleep on and fur balls to give your pet all the entertainment that it needs. Afraid about your decor? No need! It comes in three different colours. Beige, light grey and smoky grey. One of the greatest things about this product is the customized and professional customer service that leaves everyone 100% satisfied. The approximate dimensions are 50 x 50 x 154cm (L x W x H).

Final Verdict

Cats are something special! Only pet owners know how lovely and cute they are! So, if you want to give something special to your little friend to make them happier and healthier then it’s time to get one of the best cat trees. Overwhelmed with all the options? There’s no need!

You can’t really go wrong with AllPetSolutions Cat Scratching Post with Dangling Ball Toy if you don’t have much space. If you want something bigger then you should totally consider Cozy Pet Deluxe Multi-Level Cat Tree and FEANDREA Cat Tree as they’re both of top-quality construction and can keep your pet satisfied for a lifetime.

Don’t waste another minute! Here you can find the top 10 picks of the market that will not disappoint you. You are our priority… and if you have a cat then your car is our priority as well. Have an amazing shopping experience!

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