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As Of March 2021

Some people have a habit of hanging out and chit chatting for hours. There are so many factors that contribute to the amount of fun you have. One of the most important factors is the temperature.

If you are not comfortable with the temperature level, it becomes difficult to enjoy your relaxing time due to the discomfort. With chimineas, you can place them wherever you like to create a comfortable environment for an unforgettable experience!
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1 OTZ Chiminea Outdoor Fire Pit on white background
Minimalistic Style
4.8 /5

Best Overall Chiminea

  • Corrosion-resistant coating that protects the metal from damages
  • Be entirely safe when using with heat resistant design up to 750°C
  • You don’t have to assemble it; it comes ready to use
  • Grate and poker accessories included, so you don’t have to spend extra
A blue ribbon about the Best 10 Rated choice
2 La Hacienda Leon Mesh Steel Chiminea lit with wood on patio
Unique Design
4.7 /5

Best Budget Choice

  • Portable enough to move it without straining your back
  • Prevent rusting with the protective rain lid included
  • Keep the door safely locked with the metal safety tool
  • Stands against all weather conditions with durable steel construction and a bronze finish
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
3 Cuba Large Steel La Hacienda Cast Iron Chiminea lit with coal on concrete

Most Popular Choice

  • A statement centrepiece for your patio standing at 112cm tall
  • Long lasting option thanks to its cast iron firebowl
  • Get the real wood-burning chiminea experience and poke the fire with the metal tool
  • Winds stand no chance with its sturdy steel flue legs
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4 K&H Cast Iron Steel Chimenea placed on grass
Style & Low Cost Together
4.7 /5

Ideal for Small Spaces

  • It fits everywhere compactly thanks to its only 89cm height
  • Burns all solid fuels so you can pick according to your budget
  • Lightweight and portable enough to fit in any storage, weighing only 5kg
  • Add character to your space with its stone effect
5 Gardeco Toledo Cast Iron Chimenea on white background
Modern Stylish Design
4.6 /5

Top Warranty Guarantee Choice

  • Stay safe with its hinged door and latch, opening air vent and lid
  • Protect it from the rain with the rain lid
  • It makes barbecues easier with the swivel cast iron BBQ grill and a cast iron charcoal grill
  • All your repairs covered; it has a 5-year warranty
Warranty Safety Ribbon
6 TecTake Large Cast Iron Chiminea Terrace Stove on white background
Beautiful Design
4.6 /5

Best Vintage Look

  • The flying spark guard on the grill door protects you from the fire’s sparks
  • Fix up your fire using the wooden handle poker
  • Keep your chiminea clean effortless with the removable grill rack
  • Prevent smoking with the ventilation regulator included
7 Tall Modern Cast Iron La Hacienda Cuba Chimenea on white background
Ideal For Summer Evenings
4.5 /5

Best Cast Iron Choice

  • Remove burnt fuel safely through a separate, second door
  • Keep the fire burning longer by loading your fuel on the grate tray included
  • No rust building thanks to the powder coating finish
  • Suitable to place safely on your deck, patio or garden
8 La Hacienda Leon Large Mesh Steel Chimenea Bronze Effect on white background

Top Lightweight Choice

  • Save your back with easy lifts to place wherever you want, only weighs 1kg
  • Burn strong fires with the log grate that comes as a gift
  • Beat the wind with the sturdy and resistant double steel build
  • Wood burner that gives you a maximum heat output
9 Oxford Barbecues Elsfield Clay Chiminea with red and blue design lit with wood on a deck
Traditional Mexican Style
4.4 /5

Best Clay Choice

  • The talking point of your patio with its beautiful clay design
  • Keep the heat off the ground by putting your chiminea on the steel stand
  • Use the protective rain lid to avoid cracks on the clay
  • No assembly needed on your end, prepared for immediate use
10 Blue Rooster Cast Iron Casita Chiminea on white background
2 Piece Clay BBQ Chiminea
4.4 /5

Top Cooking Choice

  • Enjoy it like a cooking oven and a fireplace at the same time with two separate doors
  • Heavy-duty design that will last for a lifetime
  • Assemble it on your own with easy and clear instructions
  • Ideal chiminea to perfect your stone grilled pizza skills

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Chimineas: Warmer Patio, More Fun All Year Round

Do you like hanging out with your friends on the patio when they come over? Does the fun get ruined when the weather is bad? Or when you’re too lazy to start kindling a fire pit? Sometimes, you make plans to have company over for a BBQ, and although you have a backyard, you can’t enjoy it. Why? Because it’s too chilly outside.

Thankfully, chimineas bring back the fun (and warmth!) to all your BBQ dinners and backyard hangouts. Think of them as an outdoor fireplace. They’re larger than a fire pit and bring warmth to your outdoor space. They don’t serve as decorative pieces only. They also have a practical use for cooking!

Their influences are Mexican, and they originated from Spain. Next time you want to roast some marshmallows on the patio, just put them in the chiminea! You won’t have to clean up a big mess after. Just put out the fire and close the mesh door. If you want to make your patio stand out all year round, read our buying guide below!

How Do Chimineas Work?

Chimineas or chimeneas (you might see it spelt both ways) are like a great Mexican high-temperature fireplace. They are high-quality patio heaters in the same way as a wood-burning fireplace. You can light a fire and enjoy the warmth that comes out.

Chimineas have, you guessed it, a chimney! Just like any other fireplace, they let the smoke out from their chimney. Some of them are large enough to let you cook inside them. Cooking with your chiminea can be an effortless way to improve your BBQ skills. You can use it instead of a BBQ grill to take your grilling to the next level!

Why Should You Buy A Chiminea?

There are many benefits to owning a chiminea. If you’re still on the fence, read below to see some of the benefits they bring to your space.

  1. They are like a fire pit or a wood-burning stove and patio heater. What’s excellent about chimineas is that they can produce high temperatures in a relatively small size to warm up your outdoor space. As a result, your patio is nice and comfortable, even on chilly evenings.
  2. You can use them for cooking too. So, you can save up on buying a separate BBQ grill instead. Besides, that was the reason they were invented. In fact, in Mexico, they use traditional chimineas for cooking.
  3. They create a lovely ambience to match your patio. The aesthetic is equally as pretty as a fire pit.

You can find many options to fit the rest of your outdoor space. It does not need to be built-in like a fireplace, and you can use it for sitting outside all year round!

What To Look For When Buying A Chiminea?

Buying a chiminea is probably something new to you, but you want to make the right choice like a pro! That’s why we are here to help you with our detailed buying guide. We want to give you the answers to all the questions you might have. If you’ve never owned such a product before, there are some things you should review to pick the best chiminea.

It’s up to you if you use it for heating purposes, for grilling, or just have it as a decoration. Take a look below and get all the information you need to buy as experts do!

1. Material

The material should be one of the first things to consider. The type of material isn’t only important for aesthetics. It’s also essential for durability and quality purposes. Chimineas can be steel, clay, terracotta, cast iron and copper. Steel, for example, is more durable than clay.

You should know that some materials are more easily flammable while others are heat resistant. Picking the right material type will also be an essential item if you want the chiminea to match the rest of your furniture or outdoor space’s look. There’s a more in-depth section below in our guide explaining the differences between materials, where you can learn more.

2. Dimensions

Checking the dimensions of different kinds of chimineas can help you get a better idea of what’s available on the market. Chimineas come in all shapes and sizes. If you have limited space to place it, you should look at the product’s height and width. If you want something lightweight, checking the weight information is also important.

Dimensions will come in handy if you need to move your chiminea to protect it from bad weather conditions too. Your back will thank you later!

3. Design

Chimineas have many colourful, bright and even minimalist designs. Your patio arrangement will help you decide which type of design works best for your space. After all, it’s all about the cosy vibes and cool aesthetics you create to enjoy it with your friends and family.

Minimalist designs have a modern feel to them. Homes that have a similar aesthetic feeling and use monochromatic palettes will enjoy cast iron and steel chimineas. A modern look will elevate your chiminea as a centrepiece on your patio. They look great with minimalist furniture and have a very modern look.

Clay and terracotta style has a more traditional feel and design. What’s nice about it is that it’s a timeless design. A clay chiminea can look excellent in a boho outdoor space. But it can add a little bit of spice in a more conservative design.

Whatever the case is, pick a design that matches your style and your outdoor space. Don’t just pick a standard clay design; elevate the look with a patterned clay design. The options are endless!

4. Fuel

In case you didn’t know, chimineas burn different types of fuel. Some of them burn wood. Others burn coal or charcoal. Heck, some even burn on gas. Generally, wood is the most common type of fuel for them.

So, before you buy a brand new one, you should learn more about the different fuel types they burn. For example, if you buy a wood-burning one, you should know that it’s best to use dry wood as it smokes less. Adding tinker and kindling with the wood will make the fire bigger. Clay ones usually use wood as their fuel, but they can take other types of fuel too.

If you plan on using your chiminea for cooking, charcoal is the best type of fuel for the job. Coal is the second-best alternative. Cast iron chimineas are perfect for cooking with charcoal since they are heat resistant and an excellent option for bbq grills.

When you pick the type of fuel to burn, you might not know that it’s illegal to burn wood in some neighbourhoods. In those cases, you might have to opt for another type of fuel. Check with the laws and regulations in your area.

5. Safety

Are chimineas safe to use? Absolutely! But dealing with fire can be tricky, so you have to be extra careful! When reviewing the options, opt for one that’s easy to use. Chimineas contain the flame within their mesh door, making them safer to use than an open fire pit. To keep it safe, make sure to clean it to avoid smoking. Smoking happens when you burn wet wood instead of dry. But, if you’re appropriately cleaning it, you don’t have to worry.

Another thing to keep in mind for safe use is how heat resistant your chiminea is. Metal, for example, is more likely to reach high temperatures. Make sure to keep it away from the house or other objects to avoid accidents. Some items are flammable, and keeping your chiminea close to them can be dangerous for the rest of the house. Also, make sure your children don’t get too close because they could injure themselves.

6. Portability

Chimineas are generally rather heavy to lift. Those made of cast iron or steel don’t come pre-built, and you need to assemble them. Clay ones usually come in one piece.

You might wonder, why would you want to lift a chiminea? For one, if you’re going to move it indoors for the wintertime to store it! It’s best to keep clay chimineas indoors because they can crack if you leave them outside in the winter.

Cast iron or steel ones are harder to lift, so less portable. Metal or steel chimineas aren’t water-resistant, and they can rot if left outside. So, you might not have thought about portability, but you should.

What Type of Chimineas Are Available?

Chimineas come in all kinds of materials, which lets you play around and find the best choice for your patio. Each different type has its pros and cons. It’s a matter of personal preference which material you will pick.

  • Clay Chimineas

Clay chimineas are the originals in this category, and they remind us of traditional Mexican terracotta ones. They are more likely to break than other types, so take extra good care. And if you’re someone who drops things often, maybe go for another material. Or, at least use some resistant paint every couple of months to strengthen your clay chiminea. Resistant paint coats the chiminea and protects it from wear and tear.

  • Cast Iron Chiminea

Cast iron chimineas are a durable and robust option. They are less likely to break like clay ones and can handle high temperatures. These can be used for grilling and cooking too.

The one thing to keep in mind about cast iron chimineas is that they rust easily. But don’t worry! All you have to do is buy a rain lid or a heavy-duty rain cover. A rain lid or rain cover can protect it from rain and rust. Cast iron chimineas are good patio heaters that keep your outdoor space in high temperatures for hours on end on those cool summer evenings.

  • Stainless Steel Chimineas

Stainless steel chimineas are good, lighter weighted options than cast iron chimineas. They are equally as good for cooking and BBQ grills. Steel chimineas have a modern and minimalist design, making them the perfect choice for a minimalist home. Metal chimineas are also very modern and stylish, with a dark, edgy look.

Where Should You Place A Chiminea?

You can use a chiminea in your outdoor space so you can put it on your patio or backyard. In any case, make sure you put it in the opposite direction of the wind. That way, it’s safer to contain a fire. You don’t want the wind facing your chiminea because the fire could expand faster.

Chimineas should be placed on top of a heat resistant surface to avoid accidents. Wood surfaces or grass in your backyard are at a higher risk of catching flames. Add fire safe options like concrete or stone underneath. That way, if the fire crackles from your chiminea and it lands on the ground, you won’t be at risk.

How Do I Light A Chiminea?

Lighting a chiminea should be straightforward, but always be careful and use heat resistant gloves to protect your hands. For starters, make sure you have placed it at the correct spot and that it’s away from hazards. If you’re not too sure how to start a fire, you should read the instructions that come with it. To light a chiminea, you just have to follow the same steps as a fireplace. Use some paper and some kindling to set up your firepit, and when the fire starts growing, add some more fuel.

If you’re using a clay chiminea, wood-burning will give you high temperatures. Just remember to use dry wood instead of wet. If you’re using a cast iron or steel chiminea, charcoal is the right fuel type to add to the kindling. After that, all you have to do is fuel it. The fuel will burn until you no longer add any more.

When you want to clean your chiminea, let it cool down completely before putting your hands close to the mesh door to avoid injuries. A completely cooled down chiminea is safer and gives you rest in mind when you want to clean the interior.

Is It Safe To Use A Chiminea?

Totally! Chimineas are much safer than a fire pit or a large bonfire in your outdoor space. Fire pits and bonfires are more exposed than a chiminea, and fire can expand quicker. Chimineas, however, are safer because they have a mesh door that contains the fuel inside.

The only risk that a chiminea could have is a possible fire expansion if left unattended, but you can prevent that by taking extra caution and being careful. Generally, though, chimineas are very safe, and it’s rare to see that happening. Some safety tips can help you make them even safer.

  • Put your it in a safe location, away from easily flammable surrounding objects
  • Set it up so that it’s stable and standing on safe ground textures
  • Use the correct fuel depending on the type of chiminea
  • Avoid chemicals that can be a hazard
  • If your chiminea doesn’t come with one, buy a spark guard. It fits in the chimney and protects sparks from flying out
  • Light small fires that are better managed
  • Avoid sitting close to it because it emits high temperatures
  • Clean it when it’s completely cold to avoid buildup
  • Always, keep children away from it
  • Use sand instead of water if you want to put out a fire safely

How Much Do Chimineas Cost?

Chimineas range in cost because their material can be different. There are some inexpensive metal or cast iron options that can be lower than £100. Most, though, cost above £100 and can reach upwards of £300. Stainless steel is usually more expensive and versatile in design. Be prepared to spend more on steel chimineas because they are heavy duty and more durable. Clay chimineas are a great value option in the low one hundreds and come in many different colours and designs. These traditional Mexican designs are unique in colours and can brighten your outdoor space without breaking your bank. 

Final Thoughts

Summer evenings are coming, and you don’t need to worry about your next BBQ. Next time you have your friends over, no breeze will stand in the way of the fun! Level up your BBQ grill session with the best chiminea and make it the centrepiece of your outdoor space! Gather around the fire with your loved ones for a warm and cosy atmosphere. 

No need to grab a blanket! Just add some fuel and relax beside your chiminea all year round! Take some time to review our buying guide, do your research and pick the best chiminea for you.

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