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Best 10 Chopping Boards

As Of March 2021

If you love cooking & want to upgrade your kitchen equipment, you’ve come to the right place! Cooking requires chopping meat, veggies or fruits for the most part, which can become quite a hassle in the absence of proper tools.

A chopping board or a cutting board will be an awesome pick to streamline your cooking experience. Many questions might be whirling in your mind right now! But, keep reading & you’ll learn all you need to know about chopping boards!

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Best Overall Professional Grade Board

  • Highly durable backed by its 100% organic bamboo design
  • It prevents any sharp knife marks thanks to its rigidity
  • No smell or water damage as it has a non-porous, antibacterial design
  • Easy to handle & carry due to its lightweight design
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#2 Chopping Board Choice

  • Easily carve meat with the help of its meat grip on one side
  • It doesn’t slip as it has non-slip feet and soft-grip sides
  • It can be washed as it has a dishwasher-safe reversible design
  • Robust high-quality thanks to its durable plastic construction
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Best for Stability While Usage

  • Prevents cross-contamination between food items thanks to the 6 colour-coded mats
  • High quality food-grade antibacterial design thanks to the bamboo wood
  • No more liquid spilling thanks to its raised edges
  • Outstanding stability due to its rubber feet
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Ideal for Preventing Juice Spillage

  • Say goodbye to spillages on the work surface due to the juice groove
  • Superior surface grip backed by its 4 rubber feet
  • Stain-resistant & easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe
  • High-quality personalised performance backed by its BPA free plastic design
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Best for Hasslefree Use

  • Sturdy structure thanks to its natural bamboo design
  • Spacious for cutting all veggies thanks to its large dimensions
  • Effortless cleaning as it has a washable design
  • Store it neatly as you can hang it in the wall by the carved hanging hole
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Ideal Dishwasher Safe Chopping Board

  • Hassle-free cleaning after use due to its dishwasher safe design
  • Safe to use carving board made from BPA free plastic
  • No dulling of a sharp knife as it has a smooth cutting surface
  • Don’t worry about spillage as it features a juice groove
7 chopping board on kitchen counter with bread

Ideal for a Luxurious Look

  • Superior handling thanks to its rounded edges and edge-grain design
  • Unmatched quality as it is made from solid European timber
  • Store it anywhere in your kitchen thanks to its compact design
  • Choose the convenient size for you as it comes in two sizes
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Ideal for Double-Sided Use

  • It offers an attractive look boasted by its transparent design
  • Cut veggies or carve meat as it has a reversible (double-sided) design
  • Maintains stability during use due to its non-slip feet
  • Don’t worry about liquid spillage; it has drip catcher for that
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Best Chopping Board for Gift

  • Prevents cross-contamination as it has multiple cutting boards
  • Indexed boards allow for easy identification for veggies, meat or cooked food
  • Highly durable as it has a tough bamboo cutting surface
  • Hand-wash cleaning after each use is a breeze
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Ideal for Preventing Cross-Contamination

  • Cut veg, non-veg, or cooked food with 4 dedicated & coloured cutting surfaces
  • Prevent cross-contamination by using the dedicated boards
  • Pop them in the dishwasher once you finish
  • Choose as per your need from the available sizes & colours

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Enhance your Cooking Experience by Upgrading with a Chopping Board!

Food prep is a time-consuming task, but it is always worth it in the end. What if you could save time while cooking food? It would be so lovely, wouldn’t it? You would be able to handle more tasks in less time and also spend more time with your family

So, why not invest in a piece of equipment that can ease your cooking experience? If you follow us on this, then a wooden cutting board or a chopping board will be the best product to add to your kitchen tools. Here is everything you need to know about chopping boards!

Why do I need a Chopping Board?

A chopping board is a much-needed piece of equipment for cooking. You must have experienced some issues while cooking in your kitchen like improper cutting of veggies, multiple kitchen tools for different types of cutting, juice spillage while cutting, and whatnot.

All of these issues can be seamlessly resolved by a chopping board. And that’s the reason you really need a chopping board or wood cutting board. Not only it will ease your cooking process, but it will also serve as a great piece for serving the dishes.

Other than this, it comes with some remarkable features that make its purchase more worthy. It is a piece of great equipment for the kitchen so you should choose it carefully. The next section will uncover some factors that you need to keep in check while buying a chopping board.

What to look for when buying a Chopping Board?

As a chopping board has a number of aspects like material, type, dimensions, etc., it becomes essential to closely examine all the features to make the best choice. Here are some of those factors:


The very crucial feature that you need to consider is the material! There are various types of boards in the market based on the material such as wooden, plastic, bamboo and rubber. Wooden boards can be of oak, teak, or acacia wood. All these are a bit less hard on the various kitchen knives, but they have great aesthetics. They are also expensive and heavy.

Plastic boards are best at handling sharp knives but don’t look as good as wooden end-grain board do. Plastic boards are durable enough for daily use. Bamboo boards are a great choice also as they have great looks and are durable, and tough against knives. Rubber boards are more prone to knife cuts and scratches, though they are cheaper and perform similar to plastic.

Ease of cleaning

The second factor that you need to consider is the ability to clean. Now, most of the boards that are made from plastic and bamboo are dishwasher safe. Hence, it is best if you buy one of these. Moreover, if the board is hand washable, it is necessary to check if it can be cleaned with soapy water. It helps in taking away odour from the board. Also, check that the board does not lose its colour.


Looks matter!! So, it is best to opt for a board that has beautiful aesthetics. After all, it should blend well with your kitchen interior. In this case, you should go for wooden or bamboo boards; they have the best aesthetics. Choose from face, end, and edge grain cuts of the boards. Moreover, if you could find a transparent plastic board, it will be better as a transparent board looks great.

Residual marks

It is pretty obvious that the use of sharp knives would affect the surface of the chopping board. Hence, it is best to choose the one that has high resistance against sharp knives. For instance, plastic and bamboo have high resistance against sharp edges and do not easily experience any residual marks. So, you can go for these boards as they can last longer without compromising their use and looks.


Apart from all the necessary factors, you should check if the board’s size is enough to cut veggies and carve meat easily. Moreover, it is also essential to check if you can easily lift it and store it. Wooden boards are usually heavier and are also bigger in size. Bamboo and plastic boards are lightweight, and size can vary based on your preference.

Other features

Other than these basic features, it is necessary for you to check if the board offer you some add-on features. Some of the bonus features can be a juice groove that helps collect the juices without spilling them on the countertop.

You can also look for raised edges that perform the same function as the juice groove. Check for anti-slip feet; they help in maintaining stability while you are working. A good chopping board also has a hanging hole that can be used for hanging the board.

Most importantly, you can check if the chopping board has multiple indexed mats. They can be used to avoid cross-contamination by cutting each food type on a different mat.

How to choose between different Chopping Board Types?

There are many types of chopping boards based on the material used, such as:


Wood is one of the best materials to choose from. Why? Well, first of it has brilliant aesthetics that enhance the overall beauty of your kitchen countertop. As it can be of various types of wood like oak, teak, maple, cherry, etc. you can get more eye-catching designs. Moreover, it is best to be used against sharp knives. It can take hits from sharp knives and can still go for long. These knife marks can be easily removed by sanding, plus, they can also heal automatically.

On a low side, wooden boards are a bit tough to handle as they are heavy. Moreover, due to their heavyweight, they can also be tough to carry and store. Wooden boards are also expensive.


Bamboo boards are another type of boards that can be used for chopping purposes. The best benefit of these boards is that they are antibacterial and eco-friendly. As bamboo grows faster, it is available at a lower price as compared to regular wood. Bamboo is also resistant to sharp knives, so that gives you another reason to invest in that. It is also lightweight.

One drawback that pulls bamboo down is the warping. It may warp if it is washed, it needs to be oiled to maintain shape and strength.


There are various key pros of choosing a plastic chopping board, such as lightweight design and durability. This adds the benefit of carrying and storing the board easily. Moreover, as compared to wooden boards, plastic can be cheap. Unlike wooden boards, plastic is easy to wash in a dishwasher which ensures hygiene.

The downside of a plastic board is the hard surface of it. Over longer use, sharp knives on the plastic board can lead to scratches and grooves, which can affect the overall look and functioning of the board. Polyethene and Polypropylene are the types of plastics used in the boards. Polyethene is flexible, whereas Polypropylene is not.


Rubber is just like plastic. It is cheap and has the required durability and strength. The only difference is that it is a bit more flexible than plastic. This is what makes it easy to carry and store. It is best to assign one rubber board to the meat while one to other eatables. This is because rubber boards come in sets.

Like plastic, rubber also tends to collect scratches, grooves and even cuts over time. Hence, it may become mandatory for you to replace it after sometime.

How much should you spend on a Chopping Board?

When you look for products online you will notice that you can get a lot of them based on their features and prices. And features are the pillar that supports the price of the product. If you are looking for a perfect number, that is a bit tough to shortlist. A good chopping board, though, can range anywhere between  £10.00 - £50.00.

Maybe even more, if the features are top-notch. However, the price of a board will also depend on the type of use. For example, if you are buying it for your home kitchen for long term use, it is best to make a one-time investment in the best product without considering the price factor. On the contrary, if you search for a short term product, go for a cheap one.

Is it unhygienic to use Chopping Boards?

No, it is not. If you have browsed the product list carefully, you might have noticed that most chopping boards are made from wood or bamboo possess antibacterial properties. Hence, they are not unhygienic to use. However, it is necessary to clean them on a timely basis. It is best to apply oil to the wooden boards to help them retain their properties and protection against water damage.

On the other hand, plastic can be harmful when it gets scratches and if not washed periodically. As BPA free plastic does not cause any damage to the food, it is best to opt for this in case of hygienic concerns.

How can I keep my Chopping Board like new?

There are many tips and tricks that you can use to make your chopping board look new, such as:

  1. Oil your wooden chopping board on a timely basis to prevent it against water damage and cracking. Keep the board dry before you apply any oil.
  2. Wash the board after each use with warm soapy water.
  3. For a glossy look, you can also use beeswax or any board cream.
  4. In case of scratches, use sandpaper to scrap them off.
  5. If decolouration occurs, use a bleach solution to clean the board and wash with hot water afterwards.
  6. Use mounts and racks to store the board and ensure there is no moisture while it is not in use.

Always keep in mind…

So, here we are with a butt load of information about the best chopping boards. After going through all this valuable information, one thing is sure that you will never opt for a less than best product. As this unfolds answers to almost every question in the most comprehensive way, you will end up getting the best deal on your chopping board.

As the product has countless benefits for your cooking regime, it is safe to say that it will be the best addition to your kitchen. Pick yours here and make cooking more comfortable and fun

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