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Best 10 Clothes Steamers

As Of March 2021

Removing wrinkles from your clothes can be a tough task, especially when you are in a hurry to go somewhere. Hence, you need equipment that can eliminate this hassle.

A cloth steamer will be the best option for you. You can also go for an iron, but a steamer is more convenient and does the job faster. Here is a comprehensive guide on some of the best clothes steamers for you.
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1 2020 New LCD Smart Clothes Steamer on white background
Quick preheating
4.8 /5

Power: 2000 Watts, Water Tank: 350ml, Steaming Time: 15 Minutes, Cord Length: 2.4m

  • Quick preheating in only 20 seconds
  • Uninterrupted ironing for up to 15 minutes
  • Revives your clothes, kills 99.99% of bacteria & removes odours - all at once
  • Professional settings to iron even the most difficult fabrics
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2 Beautural 722UK-0001 clothes steamer on a table next to a plant
Leakage protection
4.7 /5

Power: 1200 Watts, Water Tank: 260ml, Steaming Time: 15 Minutes, Cord Length: 2.37m

  • Safe for all types of fabrics so there’s no need to worry
  • Comes with a number of accessories to help you get started
  • Electric leakage and overheat protection enhances safety
  • 24-month warranty
3 Swan SI12020N clothes steamer being used by a woman
Overheat protection
4.7 /5

Power: 1100 Watts, Water Tank: 250ml, Steaming Time: 15-20 Minutes, Cord Length: 1.9m

  • Fit for upright steaming and flat ironing to cover your needs
  • Lightweight and compact design for portability and easy storage
  • Safe for delicate fabrics
  • Overheating protection system makes it super safe
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4 Philips GC362/86 clothes steamer being used by a woman
Smartflow heated plate technology
4.6 /5

Power: 1300 Watts, Water Tank: 70ml, Steaming Time: 10 Minutes, Cord Length: 2.5m

  • Easy to carry compact size makes it great while travelling
  • Fit for ironable and delicate fabrics
  • Smartflow heated plate technology for consistent steaming
  • Allows both vertical and horizontal steaming
5 WiredLux Clothes Steamer on a white table
Heats Up Very Fast
4.6 /5

Power: 900 Watts, Water Tank: 100ml, Steaming Time: 10 Minutes, Cord Length: 2m

  • Needs only 25” and you can start steaming away
  • A great travel companion thanks to its great compact design
  • One of the safest options of the market
  • You can use it both flat and vertical to suit your needs
6 MLMLANT Clothes Steamer steaming a shirt
Auto turn off
4.6 /5

Power: 1500 Watts, Water Tank: 250ml, Steaming Time: 20 Minutes, Cord Length: 2m

  • 5-in-1 multifunction steamer that works on all fabrics
  • Anti-leakage and overheat protection for extra safety
  • Automatically turns off when not in use
  • Stainless steel head fit is of top-quality materials
7 Swan Garment clothes Steamer on a white table
Normal and Jet steam choices
4.5 /5

Power: 1500 Watts, Water Tank: 300ml, Steaming Time: 15-20 Minutes, Cord Length: 2m

  • Compact and lightweight design so you can take it anywhere with you
  • Overheating protection so you can rest assured about your safety
  • 2-year warranty thanks to its quality
  • Kills bacterias and eliminates odours so that it can keep you healthy
8 Enowva clothes steamer next to some accessories
Shock and fire resistant casing
4.5 /5

Power: 1500 Watts, Water Tank: 280ml, Steaming Time: 10 Minutes, Cord Length: 2m

  • Includes 2 extra brushes so you can easily change them
  • Useful for both vertical and flat steaming
  • Shock and fire-resistant outer casing enhances safety
  • Lightweight and compact design for portability
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
9 PIRATECH Luxury Steamer on a white background
Powerful Motor
4.4 /5

Power: 1640 Watts, Water Tank: 260-500ml, Steaming Time: 15-25 Minutes, Cord Length: 2.4m

  • 7-in-1 different uses to cover every single one of your needs
  • Needs just 15” to get ready for steaming
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria and sterilises all your fabrics
  • One of the most powerful motors of the market
10 Tefal DT8150 clothes steamer being used by a woman
Two steam levels
4.4 /5

Power: 1600 Watts, Water Tank: 200ml, Steaming Time: 10 Minutes, Cord Length: 3m

  • Delicate and super turbo steam levels
  • Locking steam trigger makes it super comfortable to use
  • Door hook, fabric brush, and other add-ons to help you
  • Stable base adds convenience and gives you a sense of safety

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The Beauty of Clothes Steamers!

Wrinkled clothes can be really frustrating when you are heading out in a rush or preparing for a surprise outing. As ironing the clothes can take a lot of time, it is always better to consider other ways of getting ready faster. Hence, for those who want to utilize every second of their life productively, you need a clothes steamer.

A good clothes steamer will save you a lot of time along with making your clothes look brilliant. Now, no more need to carry that heavy iron in your hand to clear up wrinkles in your clothes. Get ready to use a steamer that will ease your task of ironing clothes.

Why Give Clothes Steamer A Chance?

Well, to be completely honest, there are multiple reasons for which you should consider getting a clothes steamer.  The very first one is that it reduces your hassle of removing wrinkles from your clothes. Moreover, unlike irons, you can use the steamer for steaming clothes both vertically and horizontally. You can comfortably stand and steam your favourite shirt while it's hanging.

Now, for those of you who are looking for something more. Steamers today come with various advanced features that will definitely make you give them a chance. The clothes steamers today have the overheat protection feature that prevents your hands from burning. Other than that, you can easily carry and handle them as they are compact and lightweight as compared to irons.

What Types Of Clothes Steamers Suit You?

Different types of steamers have different features, and that is what confuses the users while buying one. Now broadly, there are three categories in which steamers can be classified:

  • Handheld steamers: These types of steamers take less space than the standing steamers, but they have more capacity as compared to the travel steamers. These factors make them fit for those who have less living space.
  • Travel steamers: The travel steamers are a unique set of steamers that have a compact size and can be carried along in a suitcase or a carry bag with you. These are best to carry along on an outing.
  • Standing clothes steamers: Standing clothes steamers are big in size and feature a hanger to hang the clothes for steaming. They are used by professional steamers and are the most expensive among all.

All of these have different features and advantages; hence it is necessary for you to align your preferences with the features of the steamers before making your final pick.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Clothes Steamer?

To be very clear, it is not a cakewalk to buy a clothes steamer. As there are many products out there, you need to be perfectly sure about every aspect of the product as well as your preferences before making your choice. What are the specifications of the steamer? Does it have damage protection? Does it come with a warranty? One should enquire about these questions.

As a buyer, you should be well aware of the issues that you face with traditional products. For instance, if you are using an iron, consider its weight. If it is heavy, you should probably look for a lightweight steamer. Moreover, also check the fabrics with which you can use the steamer easily without damaging them.

If you are spending money, it is better to spend it on something that caters you with everything. Hence, it is crucial to look for a steamer that offers you convenience. Most of the steamers can be used for steaming clothes in a vertical position, consider these if they do. Also, look for features like auto-shutoff on overheating. Electrical equipment can go bad in case of improper power supply. The auto-shutoff feature can protect your steamer from damage.

All these features are crucial for a steamer; therefore, they need to be analysed carefully. Apart from these aspects, there are many other aspects that need special attention. Wanna take a closer look at those aspects? Go through the next section to discover them!


Always Think About...

  • Heat up time: Heat-up time is the time required by the steamer to heat up the water and produce steam. Look for steamers that have heat-up time in seconds. Most of them heat up in 15-45 seconds. This is the best as no one would like to wait for 10 or 15 minutes if they are in a hurry.
  • Steaming time: It is pretty obvious that more will be the steaming time, fewer refills will be required by the steamer tank. And with more steam time, you can steam more clothes at a time. Opt for the clothes steamer that has a steaming time of around 15-25 minutes.
  • Water Reservoir: Be careful while analysing the tank volume. If the tank volume is more, you will be able to steam more clothes at a time. On the other hand, the weight of the steamer also increases with water. So, make sure you go for a standing steamer if you want to steam more clothes at a time. However, you can choose handheld variants if you want to steam one or two pieces.
  • Accessories: It is a must to think about accessories before choosing the clothes steamer. Clothes steamers come with various accessories like brushes to steam sofas, curtains, etc. apart from clothes. To make a versatile choice, choose the one that has more accessories.

The choice of the perfect clothes steamer is entirely dependent on you. It is crucial to align all your preferences before making your final choice. Do comprehensive research, and we believe that you will find your ideal steamer for yourself. Check our guide now!

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