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Best 10 Cocktail Making Sets

As Of March 2021

Treat yourself with a cocktail after work without stepping out of the house. Stay warm & cosy with a drink on one hand and an exciting book on the other. Or call over some friends and have fun!

Ready to unravel your mixology skills with a stylish cocktail making set and entertain your guests next time? We are here to help you choose the best one for you! Are you interested to learn more?

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Best Overall Cocktail Making Set

  • Well-equipped set with multiple accessories suited for the most demanding cocktail aficionados
  • Made to last and to help you create your favourite cocktail recipes with precision
  • Keep your home bar neat & tidy thanks to its wooden display stand
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#2 Cocktail Making Set Choice

  • Perfect either you’re a pro or a rookie as it comes with a recipe book so you can make all the classics
  • Stylish cocktail making set built to impress & to last
  • Care-free usage as it has a two-year manufacturer replacement warranty
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Best Cocktail Making Set for Beginners

  • Ideal set for beginners as it comes with a manual describing the functionality of each tool
  • Effortless cleaning as you can place all tools in the dishwasher once you’re done mixing
  • Outstanding kit with 17 pieces of tools to create any recipe you wish
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Best Value Cocktail Making Set

  • Mix your drinks perfectly without worrying about splashes or leaks
  • Most efficient with a cheat sheet on its unique shaker to help you create all the classics
  • High-quality materials that are long-lasting & don’t absorb any odours
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Top Shaker for Ergonomic Design

  • Impress your guest with your bartending skills using this premium quality shaker
  • Less aching hands more joy in the mixing thanks to its ergonomic design
  • Worry-free usage as it comes with a 2-year warranty
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Top Pick for Gift

  • A fabulous gift for all occasions that will excite any cocktail enthusiast
  • Flavorful cocktail drinks to delight even the most demanding flavour buds
  • Handy with multiple tools for a variety of recipes
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Ideal Choice for Her

  • Upgrade your barware with this elegant stainless steel with copper finish look cocktail kit
  • Treat yourself & your guests to some delicious homemade cocktails with this versatile set
  • Start mixing right away with a recipe book included
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Best Kitchen Statement Piece

  • Essential kit for mixing tasty drinks for you & your friends
  • Display all the tools neatly & use them easily thanks to its bamboo stand
  • Premium built with a bonus tube brush tool for thorough cleaning without scratches
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Great Choice for Pros

  • Mixing is a piece of cake as you can grab the tools you need easily thanks to its rotating stand
  • A must-have with 18 pieces of tools to make any cocktail you want at the next house party
  • Ideal for bar & home use due to its heavy-duty & premium built
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Premium Cocktail Set for Home Bar

  • Fully-equipped set to get you started so that you can enjoy all your favourite drinks
  • Top-quality tools for an aspiring mixologist that are easy to clean
  • Get inspired & create many recipes thanks to its recipe book with rich photographic material

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How to Pick the Best Cocktail Making Set

If you want to blow some steam after work, but you don’t want to step out of your front door, then maybe it’s time to equip your very own home bar. To start, you’ll need to purchase a stylish, high-quality, versatile cocktail making set and your go-to alcoholic beverages. Not a pro?

Worry not, because most cocktail making sets come with a recipe booklet to get you started. They include recipes and some even have a short walkthrough on how to use each tool, perfect for a starter. Ready to delve into the world of mixology, and why not create your very own signature cocktails? Nothing can keep you from enjoying a happy hour now and then at home.

Why Should I Own a Cocktail Making Set?

What are the things that make a house a home? It is the furniture, the lighting, the kitchenware, the tableware and the barware! A cocktail kit has all the tools you need to create delicious cocktail recipes. The primary tool is the shaker, and the reason you need it is to enhance the mix of flavours of your drink and to create tasteful drinks, like martinis or margaritas!

They are an affordable way to make your own drinks and enjoy them at home. Plus, they look really cool on display or a bar trolley.

What Tools should I look for?

Depending on which one you’ll choose, there is a difference in the tools that are included in the kit. So, to help you, we have gathered a list of the tools you need to have to get started. Any extras are simply a plus!

1. Cocktail Shaker

Have fun mixing your cocktail ingredients and look cool. Your choice sits between a cobbler shaker or a Boston cocktail shaker. A cobbler shaker is the most traditional one and is the best cocktail shaker to have at home bars. It is a three-piece construction with a built-in strainer. Professional bars need speed and style. This is best achieved when using a Boston shaker. This shaker is a two-piece construction and requires a separate strainer. It is the bartenders' choice because it is less prone to getting stuck so you can mix ingredients in a better way.

2. Jigger

Precision and consistency are essential when making drinks. A good jigger is a very helpful tool to create flavourful cocktails. It is available in different styles and sizes, but the most important thing is that it helps you make the most sought-after cocktails easily.

3. Strainers

There are three main strainers to use behind the bar - Hawthorne, fine mesh, and julep. The Hawthorne strainer is the most commonly used since it creates no mess and you can hold it with one hand. It is composed of a slotted piece of circular metal fitted with a coiled spring along the circular base and is fitted into the top of the shaker to strain out the drink into your glass. This way, the melted ice cubes or unnecessary foam will not fall on your glass. The other commonly used strainer is the fine mesh that you might encounter in many cocktail kits for home.

4. Bar Spoon

A bar spoon also called mixing spoon, is a long-stemmed spoon with a bowl that looks like a teaspoon in size. This is designed like this in order to be able to stir well the drinks even in tall and narrow-bottomed glasses.

5. Muddler

It is a must-have when making cocktails like mojitos, and Old Fashioned or even more modern strawberry smash. It is used to muddle herbs to release its aroma or fruits to release its flavours.

These are the basic ones that almost all kits have. Furthermore, there are other tools to assist you even more with the cocktail process, such as a citrus juicer, a channel knife, ice tongs, pourers for the bottles and more, that are an advantage if you don’t have additional products at home. Don’t forget to get beautiful glasses to compliment the drinks.

Keep in mind that bartending is both a science and an art, so choose your tools carefully if you wish to enjoy flavourful drinks.

What Material Should You Choose?

We would be lying if we said the material doesn’t matter. Of course, it matters - both in durability and ease of cleaning. Most are made of stainless steel. Some cheaper models are plastic, but you might want to stay clear of these. They make an awful noise when you are shaking with ice. Lastly, copper barware has come in style. Keep in mind, though, that as stylish as copper might look it does require some care to stay good looking and they cannot be washed in a dishwasher.

Shaken or stirred?

Well, a shaken drink is colder, and it is better diluted with water. On the other hand, a stirred drink is less chilled, but it has a stronger taste. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal taste preference on how you’ll mix your drink.

How To Measure Your Recipes In Parts?

You bought your kit, and you got a question. A very logical question and we are here to help! A single measure is 25ml, and a double is 50ml. How to measure accurately then? You need to get your jigger! The most experienced mixologists might be able to pour ‘by eye’, but if you want to ensure that your cocktails are balanced and delicious, a measuring jigger is essential.

Most cocktail recipes write the quantities in millilitres, shots or splashes which are all very straightforward. However, do you need to measure a cocktail that uses parts? Then, consider one ‘part’ to be of any size, as long as the other ‘parts’ are equal. For instance, if one full jigger counts as a part and you need one part, then you pour one full jigger. For 1½ parts, pour one and a half jiggers, for two parts would be two full jiggers etc. Easy, right?

Always keep in mind…

Mixology is both an art and a science. With that being said, you need the right tools to make the most of it. Whether you are an aspiring bartender or a cocktail enthusiast, you need to choose the cocktail making set that will brighten your happy hour. Don’t forget to look for the right tools and the material of those tools that will allow you to enjoy your barware to the maximum!

Pick yours today, and get the following home party to the next level! Shake things up with one of these elegant cocktail sets and tasteful recipes! Which one is your favourite?

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