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Best 10 Contact Lens Solutions

As Of June 2022

Do you wear contact lenses? Do you find yourself often blinking in discomfort after you’ve been wearing them for a long while? That’s a sign of tiredness and that your eyes may need a break. Remove your contacts and let them soak for a few minutes in a contact lens solution. They will feel much more moist & comfortable when you wear them again. Check the best ones here!

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1 Alcon Replenish Contact Lens Solution on white background

Alcon Replenish Contact Lens Solution

4.8 /5

Best Contact Lens Solution Overall

  • Maintain your contacts’ cleanliness as it’s a high-quality disinfecting solution
  • Save money as it comes in a 2-pack for weeks of use
  • Store them conveniently when not wearing them in the included case
  • Moisten your soft lenses when you’ve been wearing them for many hours
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2 ZEISS Lens Cleaning Spray on white background

ZEISS Lens Cleaning Spray

4.7 /5

Most Versatile Pick

  • Use it with your prescription glasses too as it’s fit for all surfaces
  • Enjoy better visibility with its grease & dirt-dissolving formula
  • Safe to spray even on cameras & microscopes for cleanups
  • Carry it hassle-free on the go thanks to its small shape
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3 Vizulize All in One Soft Contact Lens Solution on white background

Vizulize All in One Soft Contact Lens Solution

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Soft Contact Lenses

  • Prevent eye stings with its pH-balanced chemicals
  • Lower your eye pressure all day thanks to the isotonic materials
  • Switch your old & dirty lens case with its included new one
  • Stay comfortable longer with its dual lubricating & moisturising formula
4 Murine Contacts Refresh & Clean Eye Drops on white background

Murine Contacts Refresh & Clean Eye Drops

4.5 /5

Ideal for Hydration

  • Wear your lenses all day without blinking in discomfort
  • Re-wet the surface with the handy included eye drops
  • Remove dirt buildup that can be harmful to your eyes efficiently
  • Switch between prescription glasses & lenses worry-free as it can last up to 60 days
5 Kind Eyes Lens Cleaning Solution on white background

Kind Eyes Lens Cleaning Solution

4.5 /5

Best Portable Choice

  • Lessen your eyesore with its hydrating & moisturising formula
  • Keep your lenses in tip-top shape for weeks on end as it’s a 250mL bottle
  • Disinfect your lenses stress-free thanks to its high-quality materials
  • Relieve tiredness even when travelling as it fits in any bag
6 Quattro Contact Lens Solution on white background

Quattro Contact Lens Solution

4.5 /5

Ideal for Long Supply

  • Share it with your family as it comes in a 3-pack with bottles & lens cases
  • Multipurpose to use with 5-in-1 cleansing, disinfecting, storing, rinsing, rewetting & lubricating
  • Bring back your eye sparkle as it’s highly effective
  • Save money as it lasts up to 3 months
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7 Avizor GP Multi Contact Lens Solution on white background

Avizor GP Multi Contact Lens Solution

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Disinfecting

  • Store your lenses safely overnight by adding the solution to a lens case
  • Clean & disinfect hassle-free thanks to the squeeze bottle
  • Keep replenishing your case for up to a month with its 240mL capacity
  • Take it with you anywhere as it’s lightweight & compact
8 OPTI-FREE PureMoist Contact Lens Solution on white background

OPTI-FREE PureMoist Contact Lens Solution

4.5 /5

Top Travel Choice

  • Have peace of mind as it eliminates protein deposits from the front of the lens
  • Add it to your suitcase stress-free as its shape is suitable for travel
  • Lend one to your partner thanks to its set bottles & lens cases
  • Enjoy longer comfort all day with its moisture cushioning
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9 CooperVision Hy-Care Contact Lens Solution on white background

CooperVision Hy-Care Contact Lens Solution

4.5 /5

Best Organic Pick

  • Kill off any bacteria on the lens surface with its excellent disinfectant formula
  • Enjoy it for months on end as it comes in a money-saving 3-pack
  • Ensure no leaks come out with its tight-fitting lid
  • Lubricate & moisten the lens naturally with its hyaluronic materials
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10 Menicare Pure Multipurpose Solution on white background

Menicare Pure Multipurpose Solution

4.5 /5

Ideal for Hard Contact Lenses

  • Wet & soak your lenses to store them dirt-free while you’re sleeping
  • Clean your gas permeable lenses worry-free as it’s made with natural ingredients
  • Feels gentle around your eyes when you re-wear the lenses
  • Use it time & time again as it comes in a generous 250mL bottle

Moisten Your Eye Lenses With The Best Contact Lens Solutions

Are you someone who likes wearing contact lenses instead of prescription glasses? Do you often feel tired at the end of the day when you’ve worn them for too long? Don’t worry; the best contact lens solutions are excellent at cleaning, disinfecting and rewetting your contact lenses. Say goodbye to dirt and other atmospheric particles that may have come into contact with your lenses with just a few drops!

What is a contact lens solution? It is a chemical mix of elements that efficiently remove dirt buildup from your contact lenses’ surfaces. Anyone that wears lenses can agree that they are absolutely essential because they relieve strain and bring back eye moistness.

Are you interested in learning more about contact lens solutions? Keep reading to find out what the top features to look for are. 

  • Lens Type: The first thing to check is whether the solution is suitable for your contact lens type. Manufacturers will say if the solution is fit for all lens types or just soft or hard lenses
  • Size: Another factor to consider is what size you want to purchase. There are mini travel-sized ones (15-30mL) that can go through airport clearance worry-free to larger ones. The standard size is between 250mL to 360mL. 
  • Format: Also, contact lens solutions can come in spray or liquid format. The most popular is liquid because it’s an all-in-one product for cleaning, disinfecting, lubricating and rewetting. The spray types are mostly only for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Pack & Accessories: Some manufacturers include multi-packs within their packaging with two, three or more bottles. Also, some may include accessories such as a contact lens case for you to store your lenses conveniently. 

Binge-watch your favourite Netflix shows with your contact lenses all day and never feel any eye soreness! The best contact lens solutions are versatile to rejuvenate the moisture and keep you safe from harmful particles. Are you ready to wear your contact lenses comfortably from morning to night?

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