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Best 10 Cricket Bats

As Of June 2022

Are you looking for some light physical activity that you can enjoy playing with your friends or family? Cricket is a unique sport that’s safe for kids and adults to play! But, what kind of gear should you buy as a starting point? A top-quality cricket bat is the ultimate must-have before you hit the field. Check the best ones here!

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1 KOOKABURRA KAHUNA 4.0 on white background


4.8 /5

Best Cricket Bat Overall

  • Give your little ones the best summer outdoor fun as it comes in sizes for kids 10-14
  • Swing the bat that even Jos Butler himself enjoys
  • Perfect for serious cricketers with its English willow
  • Have a steady hold of it thanks to the vertex grip
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2 Gunn & Moore Kids' Mini Cricket Set on white background

Gunn & Moore Kids' Mini Cricket Set

4.7 /5

Ideal for Toddlers

  • It's never too early to start with this bat fit for kids up to 4 years old
  • Unbox & play right away as it’s a set
  • Train your little one with 2019 World Cup Champion Ben Stokes’s favourite bat
  • Bring the game indoors when it’s raining due to the small size
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3 Ram Cricket on white background

Ram Cricket

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Soft Ball

  • Take them to the street, beach or park as they’re lightweight
  • Handle without strain thanks to the soft rubber chevron grip
  • Control your shots comfortably as it has shock absorption
  • Start your little one’s cricket career early by picking 1 of 6 sizes
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4 Gunn & Moore Unisex-Youth Cricket Bat on white background

Gunn & Moore Unisex-Youth Cricket Bat

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Kids

  • Gain confidence as a newbie with this Kashmir bat before upgrading to a wooden one
  • Enhance your all-round stroke play thanks to its light weight
  • Hit that sweet spot perfectly as it has a concave back profile
  • Introduce sportsmanship with 1 of 6 bat sizes
Ribbon For Kids
5 Gray-Nicolls Powerbow Inferno Cricket Bat on white background

Gray-Nicolls Powerbow Inferno Cricket Bat

4.5 /5

Ideal for Vibrant Colours

  • Perfect for front foot players as it has a low sweet spot
  • Select the right fit for your height from size 0 to harrow for non-stop play
  • Withstands any hard hits due to the durable Kashmir willow
  • Pick up with ease thanks to its weightless feathered toe
6 KOOKABURRA Beast 9.0 on white background


4.5 /5

Top Pick for Hard Ball

  • Reduce cracks & spits with its non-oil pro shield face cover
  • Ready to use faster - just knock it in & get out on the field
  • Let your kids show off their skills with its sizes from 0 to 2
  • Ideal as a starter bat as it’s made of lightweight Kashmir willow
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7 Gray-Nicolls Oblivion Stealth on white background

Gray-Nicolls Oblivion Stealth

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Sharp Blade

  • Host some friendly competition by picking 1 of 2 adult sizes
  • Bat some balls on the day it arrives as it comes pre-prepared - only knock it in!
  • Bring your A-game thanks to its powerful quick hand speed contouring
  • Pack it to go effortlessly as it’s light
8 GM Cricket Unisex Child Cricket Bat on white background

GM Cricket Unisex Child Cricket Bat

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Sturdy Grip

  • Inspire your kids’ athletic dreams with this Ben Stokes signed bat
  • Enjoy unbeatable game performance as it has a tough & resilient surface
  • Swerve all the shots by holding the dynamic grip handle
  • Comes in bat size 3 for little ones at Key Stage 2
9 KOOKABURRA 10.0 PACE on white background


4.5 /5

Ideal for Linen Handle Finish

  • Light as a feather as it weighs less than 1kg
  • Choose from a variety of sizes from 0 to short handle
  • Become the next generation’s pro junior or lady player thanks to its comfy chevron grip
  • Versatile to practise & hit both soft & hard balls
10 New Balance Cricket Bat on white background

New Balance Cricket Bat

4.5 /5

Ideal for Advanced Cricketers

  • Build your team’s innings with a wide shot selection
  • Play for years to come as it has a toe guard for damage protection
  • Nail superior bat ping & speed thanks to its English willow
  • Pick up this premium bat endorsed by England’s leading run-scorer Joe Root
Best Quality Ribbon

Elevate Your Game With The Best Cricket Bats

Do you like playing sports with friends and family? Have you ever watched a cricket match and wanted to try it out for yourself? Well, it’s not too hard to get the game going. With the best cricket bats, you have power, a solid grip and endless hours of fun playing in the park, beach or your backyard. 

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the UK, dating back to Medieval times. Nowadays, many people in the Commonwealth enjoy playing the sport as a fun pastime or even in competitive settings. If you’re looking for ways to show off your craftsmanship, starting with a cricket bat is an excellent way to build strength, endurance and stamina.  

Do you want to know a bit more about the must-haves of a cricket bat? Check below!

  • Size - The first thing to look at is the size. The player’s height breaks down cricket bat sizes. 
    • Size 0: Up to 1.20m
    • Size 1: Up to 1.29m
    • Size 2: Up to 1.37m
    • Size 3: Up to 1.44m
    • Size 4: Up to 1.50m
    • Size 5: Up to 1.57m
    • Size 6: Up to 1.63m
    • Harrow: Up to 1.68m
    • Small Mens (SM): Up to 1.75m
    • Short Handle (SH): Up to 1.88m 
    • Long Blade (LB) / Long Handle (LH): Above 1.88m
  • Handle - There are three bat handle types; oval, semi-oval and round. Oval is the most popular choice because it has better hand control and less pressure. Semi-oval is a middle ground between the oval and round. Round handles are better for those preferring to play more with the bottom hand.
  • Bat Face - There are two bat face options; round or flat. A round face is the most common for cricket bats as it lowers the chances of damage on the edges. Flat faces allow you to press the bat lighter for an improved sweet spot.
  • Sweet Spot - The sweet spot is where you mostly strike the ball to get ultimate power out of your shot. Check if your cricket bat will have a high, mid, low or extra-low sweet spot. Their difference is that high sweet spots are better for back foot players, mid sweet spots are suitable for front and back foot players, and low or extra-low are best for front foot players.
  • Toe Shape - The three most common toe shapes are square, semi-square and round. Square toes increase the sweet spot area and a lot of people like them. Semi-square toes aren’t as likely to get damaged, which is why some prefer them. Round toes are the most popular shape because they are durable when you’re tapping at the crease.
  • Material - Cricket bats are either made of Kashmir or English willow wood. Kashmir is heavier than English willow, better for beginners with a solid ping off the bat and more affordable. English willow is lighter, preferred by advanced players and has a superior ping of the bat. It’s also a more premium material from a price perspective.

Get ready to show off your mad cricket skills at the park with the best cricket bats! Challenge your friends to a game and play bowler or batsman. We’re sure you’ll love spending time outdoors, engaging in sports with your loved ones! So, what’s going to be? Who’s taking the first pitch?

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