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Best 10 Dash Cams

As Of March 2021

Every car owner wants their car safe, whether driving or parked. Better still, we all look for a way to have evidence during any theft or accidents. With the right equipment, you can have all this.

This is where a dash cam comes into the equation. Who would not like a small piece of equipment that records incidents and saves you the trouble of engaging your memory? You’ve come to the right place if you’re shopping for one.
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1 Claoner DC002AB dash cam on a white background
Reverse Mode
4.8 /5

Front and Rear Camera Type, 170° Wide Angle Front and Rear Lens, SD Storage Card, 1080P Resolution

  • A reverse mode for a clear and secure reversing
  • Waterproofed rear camera with LED lights for clear vision when dark or rainy
  • Motion detectors that automatically records any shakes or collisions
  • Emergency locking mode that saves important footage
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2 Orskey S680g dash cam on a white background
Night Vision
4.7 /5

Front Camera Type, 170° Wide Angle Front Lens, 32GB SD Storage Card, 1080P Resolution

  • Superior night vision for high-quality videos
  • Large LCD screen of 3-inches for better display of the footage
  • Seamless looping for recording 1-5 minute videos while overriding old footage
  • An emergency lock design for important footage
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3 Apeman C420D dash cam on a white background
SD Card Included
4.6 /5

Front and Rear Camera Type, 170° Wide Angle Front and Rear Lens, 32GB SD Storage Card, 1080P Front and 720P Rear Resolution

  • Comes with a 32GB Class 10 SD card that saves you money
  • 720P waterproofing on the rear camera for usage during the rainy season
  • Loop recording feature that automatically overrides old footage
  • G-Sensor for saving crucial video footage like accidents
4 Apeman C550A dash cam on a white background
Waterproof Protection
4.6 /5

Front and Rear Camera Type, 170° Wide Angle Front and 130° Wide Angle Rear Lens, 32GB SD Storage Card, 1080P Front and 720P Rear Resolution

  • Rear camera has waterproof protection enhancing its durability
  • 24/7 protection using the park mode monitor that monitors incidents
  • 3-inch long screen large enough for a better view of the footage
  • Night vision for clear image when it's dark
5 Claoner Dash Cam on a white background
Built-In G-Sensor
4.6 /5

Front Camera Type, 170° Wide Angle Front Lens, 32GB SD Storage Card, 1080P Resolution

  • Built-in G-sensor for auto-locking current video in case of an accident
  • Automatically turns on the park monitoring mode when car is switched off
  • Suction mounting design for any surface
  • Auto-turn on in case any motion is detected close to the car
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6 AUKEY DR02-EU dash cam on a white background
GPS System Feature
4.6 /5

Front Camera Type, 170° Wide Angle Front Lens, 128GB SD Storage Card, 1080P Resolution

  • GPS system feature for recording longitude, latitude, and speed
  • Comes with a 3M mounting sticker and cable clips for easy mounting
  • Emergency mode for recording incidents like sudden stops and sharp turns
  • Long-lasting battery that can up to 20 hours
7 Peztio Q1-1000 dash cam on a white background
Emergency Lock
4.5 /5

Front Camera Type, 170° Wide Angle Front Lens, 32GB SD Storage Card, 1080P Resolution

  • An emergency lock design that locks and saves video in case of severe bumps
  • Built-in WiFi for automatic upload of videos to your devices
  • The ultra-wide lens angle covers up to 5 lanes at once
  • 24-hour packing guard for improving security
8 Garmin Dash Cam Mini on a white background
Built-In WiFi
4.5 /5

Front Camera Type, 140° Wide Angle Front Lens, 256GB SD Storage Card, 1080P Resolution

  • Built-in WiFi connection will automatically upload saved footage
  • Auto sync feature for controlling and playing back footage from 4 devices
  • An automatic night mode that adjusts during the night
  • Small and tiny enough to go unnoticed when on the dashboard
9 Orskey S900 dash cam on a white background
Waterproof Camera
4.5 /5

Front and Rear Camera Type, 170° Wide Angle Front and Rear Lens, 32GB SD Storage Card, 1080P Resolution

  • The rear camera is waterproof for durability during rainy season
  • Night vision for high-quality videos at night
  • Loop recording feature for automatically overwriting old videos
  • Parking monitor that works for 24 hours and records emergency videos
10 IIWEY DC01 dash cam on a white background
Parking Monitor
4.4 /5

Front and Rear Camera Type, 170° Wide Angle Front Lens, 32GB SD Storage Card, 1080P Front Resolution Resolution

  • 24-hour parking monitor automatically detects sudden collisions
  • Cams automatically turn on and have a seamless loop for overwriting videos
  • Emergency video locking that prevents overriding of important videos
  • 3-inch screen large enough for great view

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Dash Cams

  • Small-sized and occupies small space
  • An easy to use and setup cam
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Are you looking for a high-end dual dash camera? This Claoner model is a worthy investment. Both cameras have high video footage of 1080P with wide angles of 170° and 130°. This ensures you have a clearer view of most lanes on the road, avoiding blind spots. Also, the cameras deliver high-quality footage in low light situations so you can safely drive at night. Speaking of which, the large 3-inch wide LCD screen provides you with a wider viewing area of high quality.

The camera has a looping design for overriding old and unwanted footage to create space for the new one. However, it has an emergency lock that locks and saves footage of accidents or any important footage. You’re the only one that can delete this, which helps save proof for any accidents. The 24-hour parking mode monitor ensures there’s someone keeping an eye on your car when in park mode.    


  • Waterproofed rear camera
  • Long cables
  • Inbuilt battery for emergency backup


  • SD card not included
  • High price tag
  • Footage quality could be better
  • Affordable front dash camera
  • High-quality videos and images
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If you’re only looking for a front dash camera, this Orskey dash cam is a great choice. It is well priced and has all the qualities you need from a dash cam. The Sony sensor and high-end chip coupled with the high-resolution camera will give you clear footage, even at night or when driving in the rain. The camera has a wide viewing angle of 170°, avoiding black spots and covers over 4 lanes.  

It's a reliable dash cam, even when the car is on park mode courtesy of the motion detection and park mode monitor features. The viewing of real-time footage is also made better using the large 3-inch LCD screen. This camera will automatically lock and save emergency or important footage like accidents. Although the seamless looping design will override old footage, it will keep your emergency footage until you delete it yourself.


  • Easy to set up
  • Night vision design
  • Auto turn on and off design


  • Suction cup can be weak
  • Does not come with the SD card
  • Inbuilt battery not long lasting
  • High-quality front camera footage
  • Well priced dual dash cam
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This is one of the most affordable dual dash cameras in the market, especially for anyone who is on a budget. Both cameras offer quality video footage of 1080P and 720P that you can use as evidence in case of any accidents or thefts. The camera’s advanced sensor also enhances the quality of the video in low light, even when driving at night. It comes with an inbuilt battery that helps in backing up footage during an emergency.

Thanks to the 170° Wide Angle lens on both cameras, you have a wider view of at least 6 lanes without giving you any dead angles. It has a park monitoring mode that automatically starts recording any movements when the park is parked. And, you don’t have to worry about memory since the loop recording design overrides old footage with new ones. It has an emergency auto-lock function for saving emergency videos but does not override these.


  • Comes with the SD card
  • Easy to set up
  • Adjustable mounting angles


  • Small screen size of 2-inches
  • Rear camera footage not very clear
  • Loop recording jams sometimes

Putting Your Driving and Your Car’s Safety First

We all exercise safe driving, for ourselves and others on the road. But does it hurt to be a little bit more careful? Knowing what is in front of or behind your car? Does it hurt having a “night guard” for your car when it’s on park mode?

Of course, not. That’s why we recommend getting the best dash cam for your car. Think of it as your car’s 24/7 “guardian”. Prepare to start protecting yourself, loved ones, and other riders on the road. As well as your precious machine.

Why give Dash Cams a Chance?

While your driving proficiency is not to be questioned, it goes a long way knowing you have extra equipment that you can rely one when on the road. Think of it as an extra set of eyes to enhance your safety when driving and that of your car when not driving.

If you can have a wide view of the lanes, cars, and everything in front or behind your car, even at night, it will definitely help increase your safety. Whether you are driving during the day, at night, in winter when the roads are all dark and clouded, you can rely on a dash cam to provide you with a clear view. And, if you are in the taxi business, you can always have footage of your passengers in case anything happens.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Dash Cam?

Finding that perfect dash cam will not be an easy journey, especially since the market is full of hundreds of options. How much should you spend on a dashboard camera? What minimum features should an ideal one have? The process will, of course, involve a lot of research and careful consideration of all options at your disposal.

The best dash cam will always have your back, quite literally if you go for a rear dash cam. Even with the many options in the market, most dash cameras will meet the bare minimum feature’s qualifications. That saves you some money, especially if you’re looking for a budget-friendly one.

Which will, of course, make it more difficult for you to choose the perfect dash cam for your car, but also means there’s something in the market for you. Consider all the minimum features you would like, what is your preferred budget, and what type of dashboard camera you want.

You probably need a front dash cam, a rear one, or a model that comes with a front and rear option. We understand how overwhelming the decision will be, that’s why we’re here. We’ll walk this journey with you, get you the perfect product, and help you enhance your driving safety.

Always Think About...

  • The type of dash cam you need is important, depending on what view you are looking for. Do you want to see the front or the backside of your driving? It can be 1, 2, or 3 channels. A one channel dash cam is for the front-side only, while a 2 channel one can be front and rear or front and the interior. With a 3 channel dash cam, you can have a view of the front, rear, and the interior.
  • Auto on and off feature, which saves you the time and the energy you’d spend fumbling with buttons. Such an auto-cam will turn on or off and start recording when you power the car on or off. This feature can also apply to the parking mode, where the camera will automatically activate when any motion is detected close to the car when it’s in parking mode.
  • Seamless loop feature can also be important, whether it’s a budget dash cam or not. With this feature, the camera will overwrite any new footage with the new one so you do not have to keep freeing space on the MicroSD card.
  • Emergency auto-lock, which will work well with the looping feature. It will auto-lock and save important footage like when your car gets into an accident. With most dash cams in the market, the looping feature will not override important footage unless you delete it.
  • Viewing angle of the camera lens also matters. The more you can see from any direction the safer it is when driving. Danger can occur from any direction, and a wider lens angle gives you a wider view of what is behind or in front of you. Most dash cams have a lens of 125° and 175° lens angle, which can cover 4 to 6 lanes and reduces blind spots.

There is a dash cam in the market for everyone, including you. It’s just waiting for you to figure out what features you need and where you need to place it. With our excellent recommendations and your research, you can start shopping with the confidence of a knowledgeable shopper. Happy shopping and safe driving!

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