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Best 10 Digital Bathroom Scales

As Of March 2021

Did you know? There are bathroom scales that do so much more than just weighing. How can you achieve your optimal health goals if you are not tracking down your progress? After all, health is the most valuable good.

Whether you’re a technology enthusiast or an old-time classic kind of person, here you can find a variety of bathroom scales. Let us help you pick the best one for you. Start your health journey & achieve your weight goals today!
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1 eufy digital bathroom scale on white background
Progress on your phone
4.9 /5

Best Digital Bathroom Scale Choice

  • Improved sensors track accurately your health progress such as weight, bone mass, muscle mass and more
  • Keep your family healthy thanks to its multiple profiles
  • Easy access to your progress on an app
  • No charging time needed, just use three AAA batteries
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2 RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scales on white background
Safety Design
4.8 /5

#2 Digital Scale Choice

  • Achieve your weight goals & get healthier by tracking your progress with precision
  • Save energy & money with the auto on/off function
  • Easy to read anytime from any angle thanks to its LED display
  • Safe & stable due to its round corners & anti-slip padding
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3 Vitafit Digital Body Weight Scale with LCD Display on white background
Comfortable large platform
4.7 /5

Best Value for Money Option

  • Step up your health game thanks to its high precision weighing sensors
  • Comfortable with a large platform for all to use
  • Shuts off automatically seconds after showing your weight to save energy
  • Read clearly the indications thanks to its large LCD display
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4 Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale on white background
Private Individual Stats
4.7 /5

Top Choice for Wireless Syncing

  • Keep your health progress history on your phone
  • Stay inspired with easy-to-read graphs for your health progress & body composition
  • Great for the whole family with personalisation for each of the multiple users
  • Portable design so you can take it anywhere
5 Withings Body+ Wi-Fi Smart Scale on white background
Works with Alexa
4.6 /5

Best for all Family Members, Including your Baby

  • Automatically recognizes you & saves your weight history log
  • Weight your baby at home anytime, thanks to its baby mode
  • Stay motivated & reach your goals with accurate readings
  • Save money with long-lasting battery life
6 Fitbit Aria Air Smart Scale on white background
Connects to Fitbit App
4.5 /5

Top Choice for Smart Scale

  • Wireless connection for all members’ phones to the scale
  • Improve your health with workouts & diet as it connects to Fitbit app
  • Achieve your goals by accessing your history log anytime on your smartwatch
  • It’s simple and accurate in use for anyone
Ideal Gift Ribbon
7 Healthkeep Bluetooth Body Weight Bathroom Scale on white background
Compatibility with multiple Apps
4.4 /5

Top Choice for User-Friendly Smart Scale

  • Simple to use & view all your data on your phone from anywhere
  • Easy to read indications thanks to its LCD display on the scale
  • Suitable for all family members, even a newborn baby
  • Quick & simple sync with fitness apps like Apple Health & Fitbit
8 Healthkeep Smart Bathroom Scale on white background
Unlimited User Profiles
4.4 /5

Auto-Calibration Technology

  • Transform your body with 13 health & body consumption indicators
  • Track your bodyweight progress in fit apps & gain better nutrition habits
  • Share one scale with your family thanks to the unlimited profiles
  • No more toe accidents thanks to its round edges
9 HomeFashion Electronic Bathroom Scale on white background
Old-Style Digital Scale
4.3 /5

Best Basic Electronic Scale

  • Simple with the old-style tap on, ideal for anyone looking to buy a scale
  • No-fuss, no muss, keep track of your weight & aim for a healthier version of you
  • Great for anyone with a large capacity platform
  • Clear indications on LCD screen with Blue Backlight
10 Salter Ultra Slim Analyser Bathroom Scale on white background
Easy switch between metric & imperial
4.3 /5

Simple & reliable in monitoring your health

  • Ideal for daily use to help achieve your optimum health
  • Neat storage anywhere with its ultra-slim design
  • Get an accurate body analysis by setting in memory your profile
  • Be worry-free as it comes with a fifteen-year manufacturer’s warranty

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How to choose the best digital bathroom scale for you!

It’s amazing how different scales are from the times we were young. They’ve come a long way! Nowadays, they have become digital. And they have become smart. Interesting, isn’t it? No matter what, they will always remain our helpmates towards a healthier and more confident life.

Nowadays, other than just weight measurements, you can use them to show you a variety of indications that will allow you to make changes in the way you live. They can show your muscle mass, bone mass, body fat percentage, water percentage, and so much more with high accuracy.

Why are digital bathroom scales useful?

Digital bathroom scales will help you achieve your health & fitness goals. Imagine trying to lose weight, and you’ve hit a wall. Imagine your frustration. You are most likely to give up. Ring any bells? But at the same time, you are exercising. So, your muscle mass is heavier. Have you taken this into account? I bet not! You cannot reach your optimal weight loss, but there is a perfectly good explanation for it. Isn’t it great if you could read this indication and stop fixating over one number?

The human body is made up of so much more. Overall, monitoring your body measurements can be a very useful tool in healthcare. Being aware of how much fat, water, muscle and bone your body has can give insight on how close you are to achieving your health & fitness goals. Great, isn’t it? A digital bathroom scale can do all that!

Are digital bathroom scales better than traditional?

Traditional or mechanical scales are usually analogue and measure with springs while displaying weight on a dial. On the other hand, digital scales measure electronically and display weight digitally. With a traditional scale, you don’t get user memory or any fancy measurements such as blood pressure or body fat percentage. However, what you do get is a pretty accurate and instant weight reading. With a digital, you get even more accuracy. And accuracy is the key. So, if we had to choose between a digital or a traditional one, hands down, it would be digital!

What can smart scales analyse?

Smart scales are analyser scales and can analyse your body composition with high accuracy. Most can calculate body fat and muscle mass. What they practically do is they pass a painless electrical current by your body. Then they measure the resistance, or impedance your body has towards the current, as different tissues - bone, fat, muscle - will block the current at varying indications. Moreover, smart scales can also analyse the weight, BMI, body fat, visceral fat, lean mass, muscle mass, body water, bone density, and more. But, keep in mind that these indications are estimates.

You can also sync your data to your smartphone or/and smartwatch via Bluetooth or Wifi. Some are compatible with both ios and android software and various apps. This way, you can keep track of your progress anytime, anywhere.

Tip: You shouldn't use these features if you’re pregnant or have a pacemaker. Always, consult your doctor for the most accurate measurements.

What is BMI?

What does BMI stand for? It stands for Body Mass Index. It is a simple calculation using your weight in kilograms and divides it by the square of height in meters. It can show you whether you are on the overweight or underweight side of your body so that you can make improvements towards a healthier path. Overall, it is a good indication regarding your health progress.

What features should I look for before buying a digital bathroom scale?

Fear not because we are here to elaborate on all the key features you need to check before buying a digital bathroom scale. Here is all you need to know:


Most have a minimalistic design which makes them a stylish addition to your bathroom. Check for the platform size so it can be comfortable for all family members to use but also easy to carry around and store. You don’t want it to be bulky and heavy, do you? One more thing to look for is the round edges. This way, you will put an end to all those toe accidents that turned a weight moment into a cry for help. Especially if you keep your scale in plain sight, this feature would be great for you!

Scale Type & Measurements

Make sure you check whether it is just digital with electronic values or a smart scale too. Being digital doesn’t necessarily mean smart, so be aware. Another important thing to check is the scale’s body measurements. Choose the one that uses the measurements you are most comfortable with. Pounds or kilograms? Most have a converter that is easy to use, though, it is important to check this feature before you set your heart on the one.


Analyser scales are typically the smart scales. They are the most accurate ones, so check on the sensitivity and number of sensors. The more sensors with high sensitivity, the more accurate results it can give. This way, you know how accurate the metrics are and on what level. Analyser scales have a wireless connection to smartphones and can analyse various body measurements, such as BMI, body fat, bmr (basal metabolic rate) and more.


A smart digital scale can measure so much and give you a good picture of your overall health progress. One thing you might want to check regarding your scale is connectivity. Some connect with Bluetooth and others with Wifi or both with your smartphone or/ and smartwatch. This way, you can sync your data and keep track of your progress. If you want one scale for all, another great feature is the multiple users with private profiles.Τhus, you can all keep your data synced and private. Lastly, check about compatibility. Many are compatible with both ios and android software. Moreover, they allow you to have access and use multiple apps, such as Google fit, Fitbit, Apple Health, Myfitnesspal, and more to monitor your fitness & diet progress.

LED Display

Most digital bathroom scales have a Led or LCD screen that is bright and easy to read from all angles. Some have a backlight that makes it easier for you to view even in the nighttime. Check how big are the indications so every family member can easily read them, from the youngest to the oldest.

Battery Life

Check the type of batteries they require and the number of them. Some scales might ask for three or more AAA batteries but can last up to 18 months without change. Important to look is how long the batteries last and how easy it is for you to get these batteries. It helps if it has an auto on/off, so you don’t have to worry about shutting it down. This way, it saves energy when it is not used, and you can be carefree.

How much do digital bathroom scales cost?

Bathroom scales are mostly on the affordable side. Nonetheless, you can find some more pricey due to their functionality. Here are our findings:

Affordable Basic Scales

A digital bathroom scale can start from as low as 10 pounds up to 30 with more basic functionality but accurate body weighing. If you want to get all the fancy body compositions such as BMI, water percentage, body mass, muscle mass and more, you might need to consider spending a little extra.

Smart Analyser Scales

These smart scales are designed as stylish and multi-functional devices with high accuracy results. These are presented in the final product price. Their cost varies from approximately 30 to 90 pounds. Take into consideration the brand name, quality of materials, bioelectrical impedance analysis’s accuracy, connectivity and more. Depending on your health and fitness journey, you need to consider what features apply to your needs and spend accordingly.

Tips for use


Use your body scales to weigh-in at the same time every day – preferably first thing in the morning – for the most accurate comparable results


Use the body scales barefoot for accuracy

Flat Surface

Weigh-in with the scale on a flat level surface, preferably hard and avoid carpets

Always keep in mind….

Choosing the right body scale for you was challenging up to this point. You can now safely conclude based on what you’ve read on what features work best for you. Being healthy is important, so the more indications we can measure the better. For example, a smart scale that can analyse your body fat percentage can help you prevent high blood pressure, heart diseases or type 2 diabetes. Just be aware that a scale doesn’t replace doctor’s appointments.

Put your fitness and health back on track with weekly weigh-ins and accurate body composition measurements. Get better, feel better and make weight loss a piece of cake. Check weekly your weight, lean mass, visceral fat, water percentage and so much more and keep the history of your progress in various apps. Change your game to change your life! It’s in your hand. Get yours now.

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