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Best 10 Doll Houses

As Of February 2021

If you are in the midst of searching for the perfect gift for your daughter, or niece or friend’s kid, you can breathe a sigh of relief because here you’re about to find it.

Every little, and sometimes not so little, girl’s dream is a dollhouse. It’s the kind of gift that gets gasps of excitement & lights up faces. You can never go wrong with a dollhouse! Don’t waste another minute.

Check our guide!

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1 barbie doll house
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4.9 /5

Best Overall Doll House

  • It’s a great gift for 3-year-old kids & older
  • Comes with lots of doll accessories for limitless fun of role-playing & story-telling
  • Portable & plastic with two stories that open up widely for ample space to play comfortably
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2 modern doll house

#2 Doll House Choice

  • An excellent choice for 6-year-old kids & older
  • Immense fun with this wooden, multi-story house with a working elevator
  • More entertainment as they can play on both sides of the house with a mall backdrop at the back of the house
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3 cute portable wooden doll house
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4.8 /5

Top Choice For Young Children

  • Perfect first dollhouse gift for kids 3 to 6 years old
  • Realistic details to ignite your toddler’s imagination & wonder
  • Take it anywhere with you so your child can enjoy it even when you are away from home
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4 doll house country home
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4.7 /5

Ideal for Multiple Home Re-Designs

  • Perfect for kids between 3 to 6 years of age to boost their imagination
  • Play the architect by rebuilding the rooms in different designs so your kid will never get bored
  • For a wow effect create a warm atmosphere with its three working lights
5 little girl playing with doll house
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4.6 /5

Ideal Gift Choice

  • A timeless gift for kids age 3 to 8 years old
  • Tall & sturdy, wooden house for countless hours of exploring and creative play
  • Simple assembly that you can turn to a bonding activity for you and your child
Ideal Gift Ribbon
6 girls playing with doll house
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4.6 /5

Ultimate Gift for Peppa Pig Fans

  • Beautiful dollhouse for 3-year-old kids and up
  • Excite your child and let it explore its musical night lights & fun sound effects in various rooms
  • There’s a phone holder where you can place your phone, so Peppa & her family can watch TV
7 girl playing with large wooden doll house

Tasteful Hand Painted Doll House

  • Dreamhouse features make it a top choice both for kids age 3 to adults
  • An eco-friendly wooden dollhouse that will provide tons of enjoyment & years of imaginative play
  • This gold medal awarded house is the ultimate gift for your little girl
8 girls playing with doll house
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4.5 /5

Top Choice for Durable Doll House

  • A colourful house that will amuse kids of age 3 & up
  • Comes with many rooms & a balcony for your little one’s dolls to enjoy
  • Even the naughtiest kid cannot take it down as it’s built to last for hours to play
9 girl with doll house playing happy

Ideal Cosy Cottage

  • Premium cottage for children of age 3 to 8
  • A classic make-believe toy so your kid can have a non-stop adventure
  • Very detailed art wall & a furniture pack to design their dream home
10 colorful wooden doll house on white background
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4.4 /5

Timeless Colorful House

  • Your 3 to 10-year-old kids will have a blast playing & growing their imagination
  • Multiple wooden accessories are included for endless scenarios of role-playing
  • Luxury home look full of colour for children to instantly love

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Make Playtime Even More Special With A Doll House

Doll houses are a timeless and precious present to buy for that unique child in your life. Other looks - they do look fabulous in a kids bedroom- they help the child to become more imaginative, boosting their creativity and social skills by improving their communication skills. Make-believe toys are a great way for children to enhance their emotional intelligence and at the same time, have countless hours of fun!

They can also become a family tradition, where you hand down the doll house from generation to generation. Imagine playing with the same doll house your great-grandmother would play! Gives me goosebumps even thinking about it! Like a real house, it can be remodelled with new furniture. The main house, though, will remain the same and become part of a long line of girls’ playtime in your family. Maybe you could have a major impact on their lives, and what better way to start than a young age?

What is a dolls' house?

Most of you are familiar with what a doll house is, so we will keep it short. The doll house has been around for playtime for centuries. It’s a miniature version of a house with stairs or elevator, balconies, attic and furniture. They can be found in wooden or plastic builds.

It’s a pretend toy that helps your child’s development in more than one way. Very popular and beloved by girls but boys could enjoy them as well.

Why should all kids play with a doll house?

A kid can have numerous benefits by playing with a doll house, from hand movement skills to communication skills and emotional intelligence. Here we outline how a child’s development benefits from playing with doll houses.

Social Skills

It’s one of those toys where children can sit next to each other and play nicely. Kids can engage in role-playing with friends or siblings, and observe their behaviour in an entertaining way. They can talk for hours creating stories and having conversations that never end. Also, kids who play this pretend game tend to get along with peers far easier than those who don’t.

Emotional intelligence

Children are able to explore characters and personalities through their dolls and the dramas that unfold between them. Their stories are inspired by the scenes they encounter in their daily lives. This allows them to understand the world around them and more specifically, the family they belong to. They can process their thoughts and feelings better on a smaller scale such as a doll’s house, making this game quite therapeutic. By reenacting behaviours, they get a deeper understanding of the family dynamics, such as who is in charge or what the consequences are for misbehaviour. All their scenarios come from their everyday lives, and they can be played in repeat numerous times.

Fine-motor skills

This game requires great fine-motor skills and develops them significantly. The game requires moving furniture and dolls through the spaces in the house which needs delicacy, strength and precision in their hands and grip. If the house has moving parts such as shutters that open out or things to attach such as fences or garden gates, gross-motor skills join in as well as hand-eye coordination.

What makes a good doll house?

There are a few things that you need to be on the lookout for when you decide to buy a doll house.

Age Limitations

You need to check the recommended age so that you can choose a doll house your child can actually enjoy. Most are great for 3-year-olds and up, taking under consideration the fact that they no longer eat small toys. Some of the furniture and accessories can be a choking hazard, so you better be aware of that.

Quick & Easy Assembly

Some doll houses require a lot of tools and time to put together. In the meantime, your little ones anticipate their toy, and you can get frustrated. To avoid all that, pick one that will require minimal assembly or it will not require any tools. This way, you can turn the assembly time into bonding time with your child and enjoy it together.


In the market, you can mainly find wooden or plastic doll houses. Once you determine the material, you need to check the quality. Particularly for toddlers and young children, it is crucial to find toys that are made from non-toxic materials and allergy-free paints, because a lot of times they have the tendency to chew the walls or furniture. Safety should come before looks.


Some doll houses come with a wide variety of accessories when others come with very little to none. Some include dolls or little figurines when others don’t. Make sure you check to make the right choice based on your preference and your budget. If there are expansions to a doll house it might be nice to know beforehand, so you can plan the next gift! This way you can ensure that your kid will continue to enjoy the toy and you will get extra parent credits!


Dollhouses can be on the expensive side of the gift guide. Some of them also have a pretty large footprint. What’s important to make sure is that you don’t overspend your budget on a product that may soon need to be replaced. Another thing to consider is whether or not it is going to be a life-long acquisition or a temporary fun game. If you plan to hand it down from generation to generation, it might be worth it to spend a little extra on a timeless doll house.

A Final Word…

There is no other toy with such long-term potential. The children have limitless fun in the little worlds that they are able to create, and as we’ve seen it’s really good for them, too. You can never go wrong with a doll house for a child. If you want to give a memorable gift to a loved kid of your inner circle, then look no further. In this list, you will find a little girl's dream house. Spread the joy and be merry! Happy playtime!

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