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Best 10 Dumbbells

As Of February 2021

Ready to get fit? The ideal way to train your body is to do it on your own terms. All you need is to find the right fitness equipment! Right? No matter your fitness level, it’s time to do some weightlifting. The best dumbbells are here for you!

The right dumbbell set can turn your home workouts or your gym into fitness paradise! That’s why weight training is so popular after all! Don’t wait another minute and build muscles!
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1 Anchor Adjustable Dumbbells Weights on a white background

Best Overall Dumbbell Set

  • Get a set of dumbbells & a barbell at the same time
  • Durable spinlock system for extra stability on different weights
  • Adjustable dumbbells are ideal for reaching your fitness goals on your pace
  • For many muscle groups both on the upper and lower body
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2 Body Sculpture Smart Dumbbell Tower on a white background
Great Starter Pack For Home Gym
4.7 /5

#2 Best Dumbbell Set

  • Non-slip design enhances safety even when you’re sweaty
  • Variety of fixed weight so you can keep up with your fitness level
  • Ideal option for pilates & lighter weight training sessions
  • Perfect starter pack of hand weights for starting your home gym
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3 York Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Free Weights Set on a white background

Best Adjustable Set Of Dumbbells

  • Cast iron dumbbells for muscle mass workouts of all fitness levels
  • With many weight plates so you can adjust it however you like
  • Spinlocks keep you safe during free weights at all times
  • With carrying case so you can easily store them and transport them
4 Fitness Mad Neo Dumbbells on a white background
Great Secure Grip
4.6 /5

Best For Beginners

  • Neoprene coated makes your grip perfect for extra stability
  • You can use them while doing cardio for more intense workouts
  • Toning was never easier for beginners that need to build their muscle mass
  • Great if you want to do pilates & yoga home workouts
5 Proiron Pilates Neoprene Dumbbells on a white background
4.6 /5

Best Budget Dumbbells

  • A value-for-money weight option to start your home workouts
  • Iron weights on the inside with rubber coating on the outside for a great grip
  • Choose between a weight range to suit your fitness needs
  • They are a bit flat so you won’t find them rolling away
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6 York Fitness Single Dumbbell on a white background
Choose To Get 1 Or Create A Pair
4.6 /5

Best Hexagonal Neoprene Dumbbell

  • Hex dumbbell of top quality with an amazingly good grip that won’t roll around
  • Choose to get one or create your own pair of dumbbells
  • Ideal for therapy use in case you need them for physiotherapies
  • Get sweaty and then clean it easily just in seconds
7 Power Block Pro 32 dumbbells on a white background
For More Experienced Lifters
4.6 /5

Best Powerblock Dumbbells

  • With adjustable weights to follow you along on your progress
  • Replace all dumbbells just with a pair with a great weight range
  • Store them just in a couple of seconds until your next workout
  • Perfect for more experienced lifters for building muscle mass
8 Proiron Adjustable Dumbbell Set on a white background
Choose Between Dumbbell & Barbell
4.6 /5

Best 2-in-1 Design

  • Super comfortable with ergonomic designed knurled handle grip
  • Turn it into a barbell and enjoy a wider variety of exercises like deadlifts
  • They have great versatility and can adjust however you like
  • Top-quality weight set that will last a lifetime
9 Phoenix Fitness Dumbbells on a white background
Ergonomic Design
4.5 /5

Best For Pilates & Yoga

  • Soft grip coating makes cleaning a super easy process
  • Ergonomic design for extra comfort during your workouts
  • Ideal choice for pilates and yoga enthusiasts of all levels
  • Get your muscles moving and your heart pumping with a great warm-up
10 Bowflex 552i Single Adjustable Dumbbell on a white background
Combine All Dumbbells In One
4.5 /5

Widest Variety Of Weights In One Item

  • You can have 15 different weights into one unique design
  • Save space with compact design and wide weight range
  • The unique dial system is super easy to use so you don’t lose your flow
  • Choose a single dumbbell or create a very ergonomic pair

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Weightlifting At Its Finest! Grab A Pair Of Dumbbells And Let’s Do This!

Are you a fan of working out? Do you feel like lunges and push-ups can’t give you the results that you want? Time to add some weights to your daily routine! One of the most popular ways of training for many years. It’s about time you chose the best set of dumbbells of the market. Get a full-body workout with a wide variety of exercises easier than ever.

If you’re one of those people who want to create a home gym, then you’re in the right place. After all, creating your own space where you can work out at your own pace and whenever you want is amazing. No need for driving to the nearest gym! No need to leave the comfort of your home! And guess what’s more… No need to pay another expensive gym membership ever again! The right gym equipment is the way to do it.

This guide isn’t made only for home users. If you’re a gym owner, you’re going to find great options as well. You might have a clearer picture of the features that you’re looking for but why say “no” to a little bit of help? The thing is, that no matter who you are or what you do, if you want to stay fit and train your body, this is the place to be! Let’s have a look together!

Why Do I Need The Best Dumbbells?

Have you ever set some fitness goals? Maybe as a New Year’s Resolution! And then after a couple of weeks, you give up and never keep that promise to yourself? This doesn’t have to be the case anymore! Now that you can easily have a training session on your own terms, there’s no excuse! Just by getting a simple piece of fitness equipment, you can improve your lifestyle in general. Strength, stamina, muscle mass and everything in between.

Weightlifting isn’t only for CrossFit athletes and bodybuilders. No matter your fitness level, free weights are a great way for toning your body and getting all your muscle groups to work together. That’s where the best dumbbells come to save the day. Your home gym could never be completed without them. Even if you’re a fan of yoga or pilates, adding hand weights in the mix will only take you one step ahead.

One of the most versatile bits of equipment among all of them. Ask your personal trainer or anyone who works in a gym, and they will tell you that dumbbells have many benefits. No need to limit your exercises and lift only your bodyweight. Add a little bit more, and you’ll see faster and greater results. Plus, you can use them even when you don’t have much space to move around, which is really cool!

So why dumbbells and not some other kind of equipment? Why not kettlebells? It’s better to start your home gym with the basics. You can use your pair to train both your upper and lower body with a huge variety of exercises. Squats, deadlifts, bicep curls, lunges with extra weight and triceps training. And those are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s no limit on what you can do. All you need is motivation!

What To Look For When Buying A Dumbbell?

Buying the first pair of dumbbells that you see isn’t the right way to do your shopping. There are a couple of things that you should take into consideration before spending your money. Let’s have a look!


The classic type that rolls around whenever you place it on the ground can be quite frustrating. Think about getting hexagonal dumbbells that stay in place. That way you won’t lose your flow while training and of course, you won’t have any accidents if they move around and cause you to step on them.


Choose wisely depending on the exercises that you want to perform. If you go too heavy, you might miss out on a couple of them because of the difficulty. And if you go too low, then you might not feel the burn of exercising. That’s the problem with fixed ones. Maybe think about getting an adjustable set so you won’t face these issues.


Rubber-coated ones might not be the most eye-catching, especially if you’re a man, but they do protect your floor from any damages. Plus, they have a better grip if your hands get sweaty. The downside though is that you have limited options when it comes to their weight. Iron-cast ones look a little more aggressive, and they are made for tougher exercises.

What Type Of Dumbbells Suit You?

There are several types of dumbbells that you could think about buying. But what are their differences? And which type is the best one for your needs? Time to make everything clear right here right now! 

Fixed Weights

You have probably seen this type in any gym as it’s the classic one. Its name is based on the fact that you can’t change its weight. Typically you can find them being from 1 to 5kg. They are the cheapest option in the market but they do the job for some. You might not progress easily with them as you can’t add more weight, but for certain types of workouts, they are ideal. Pilates, yoga and many more tend to be the time that they shine. That’s why you can get more than one set and create a collection of different weights that suit your needs.

Adjustable (Standard)

If you want to invest in something better for your home gym, then this is the right choice! Rubber dumbbells are okay, but they’re not the best for those of you who want to take it one step further. With the adjustable sets, you can add or remove weight plates to each dumbbell quickly and easily and suit the needs you have on different exercises. Greater range of lifts in a second! You’ll see your muscles getting stronger way faster that way.

Adjustable (Selectorised)

The premium type of dumbbells among all. As you can imagine they are adjustable because once more you can add and subtract weight plates depending on what you need. This time though it’s extremely easy. You just turn a dial while the dumbbell is sitting in its stand. Cool right? And much quicker than the traditional way. Plus, they can reach higher weight limits and you can combine all your dumbbells into one set. Which is a great way to save space as well! That’s why they’re way more expensive than all the others.

How Much Does The Best Dumbbell Cost?

Cheap Dumbbells

Depending on the type and the weight, dumbbells come in different price tags. The cheap ones are mostly the rubber and neoprene fixed options that weight from 1 to 5 kgs. If you’re a beginner or want to add a little bit extra on your yoga and pilates training, you can find ideal options for 10-30 pounds. There’s no need for spending more.

Mid-Range Dumbbells

Iron-cast dumbbells that are also adjustable tend to be a little more pricey. Don’t forget that you can add or subtract weight plates however you want. This alone makes them a better option for someone who wants to invest. You can find them from 50-150 pounds depending on their weight and the extra plates that come with it.

High-End Dumbbells

If you’re a gym owner or a bodybuilder, then you might want to check this category out. Amazing construction that can take the most hardcore training sessions. They’re made with a great weight capacity that only super-humans can lift! Powerblocks also make their appearance here. Being the most premium of all. They start at 150-200 pounds, and they can reach up to a thousand.

What Should You Look For When It Comes To The Grip?

You might have seen people around gyms using pairs of gloves while lifting to protect their hands. Is this the right thing to do? There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. It’s true that lifting a set of dumbbells might be more comfortable for some. Plus, you don’t get callouses while at it! Have in mind that gloves add an extra layer between you and the handle which can weaken your grip. Choose wisely depending on your taste!

By having a nice and strong grip of your dumbbells will ensure that you have the right posture during training. Also, the number of maximum reps could be bigger. The right grip makes sure that you won’t injure yourself, especially when you lift a good amount of weight. That’s why you should look for a type of knurling that suits your hands and make you feel comfortable while working out. Depending on the type, this could be a big game-changer for you.

Always Have In Mind…

If you’re a fan of lifting and want to start living healthier, then this is your chance. Having a fitness lifestyle has so many benefits that you won’t even believe it. See the best version of yourself come to life and live every single day with more energy and a fantastic mood. Get a full-body workout and see your strength, stamina and muscle mass reaching a new high.

The best dumbbells for you are somewhere among our options! Don’t waste any more time. We have all the information and insights you’re going to need to make the right purchase. Read our guide and start your adventure! Seize the day and lift some weights!

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