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Best 10 Ear Thermometers

As Of February 2021

Taking one’s temperature with an ear thermometer is one of the most accurate methods of telling if your body’s functions are normal. While it is mostly recommended for newborns and young children, it’s also ideal for adults.

Although this is true, you also need a reliable thermometer for this. Now more than ever, there is a need to have a working and trustworthy one in the house, that every family member can use.
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1 Braun IRT6520 ear thermometer on a white background
Age Precision Feature
4.8 /5

Probe, ℃ and ℉, Stored Temperature Readings: 9, 34℃ - 42.2℃

  • Age precision feature so you can adjust according to the person’s age
  • Large LCD display screen with nightlight for usage in the dark
  • Auto-shutoff after 60 seconds for battery saving
  • Comes with a storage case for safer storing and easy portability
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2 Braun IRT6020 ear thermometer on a white background
Precise Position
4.7 /5

Probe, ℃ and ℉, Stored Temperature Readings: 1, 34℃ - 42.2℃

  • Precise position function for confirming it’s in the right spot
  • Pre-warmed tip for comfort & better accuracy of the results
  • 21 disposable probe covers so you can rest assured about hygiene
  • It’s both BPA and latex-free making it safe for everyone to use
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3 Braun IRT3030 ear thermometer on a white background
4.6 /5

Probe, ℃ and ℉, Stored Temperature Readings: 1, 34℃- 42.2℃ (93.2℉- 108℉)

  • Auto-shutoff function after 60 seconds of inactivity saves the battery
  • Uses disposable latex & BPA-free probe covers
  • Safety lock at the battery door ensures kids don’t tamper with it
  • Comes with 21 lens filters and a probe protection cover
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4 Mosen MDI901 ear thermometer on a white background
Fast Display Speed
4.6 /5

Probe & Infrared, ℃ and ℉, Stored Temperature Readings: 32, 99.5℉ - 100.4℉

  • Fast display speed of 1 second shows the temperature immediately
  • Mute & unmute function for when the baby is sleeping
  • Has a forehead mode, room mode & a surface mode for multiple usages
  • 3 backlit colors for temperature alert with red for high fever
5 Mosen H54A ear thermometer on a white background
Large Memory Storage
4.6 /5

Probe & Infrared, ℃ and ℉, Stored Temperature Readings: 40, 32℃ - 42.9℃

  • Has a large memory function storing 40 sets
  • 3 backlit colors & beeps for different temperatures, green, orange and red
  • 4-in-1 thermometer you can use by forehead & on objects and liquids
  • Easy to use since it has only 2 buttons where each has 2 functions
6 Beurer FT 70 ear thermometer on a white background
Speaking Mode
4.5 /5

Probe, ℃ and ℉, Stored Temperature Readings: 10, 34℃- 43℃ (93.2℉- 109.4℉)

  • Volume adjustable speaking mode function for better reading in the dark
  • Multiple usages including liquids, and objects
  • Waterproofing design for safer cleaning, enhancing hygiene
  • Glass and mercury free thermometer ensuring your safety
7 Braun IRT302 ear thermometer on a white background
Silent Mode Feature
4.4 /5

Probe, ℃ and ℉, Forehead, 35℃ - 42.9℃ (95°F - 109.2°F)

  • Has a silent mode feature for using when the baby is sleeping
  • Comes with 11 disposable lens filter for long usage
  • Has double usage, through the ear or the forehead
  • Colour coded large LCD display screen for easier reading and interpretation
8 Braun IRT4520 ear thermometer on a white background
Pre Warmed Tip
4.4 /5

Probe, ℃ and ℉, Stored Temperature Readings: 8, 10℃- 40℃ (50℉- 104℉)

  • Pre-warmed tip that helps reduce cooling effect & increase accuracy
  • Simple setup and design for easy removal of the lens filter
  • Comes with a protective case with a storage compartment for lens filter
  • Comes with 2 AA batteries saving you from the trouble
9 IProvèn DMT-316 ear thermometer on a white background
Dual Measuring Points
4.4 /5

Probe & Infrared, ℃ and ℉, Stored Temperature Readings: 20, 86℉- 104℉

  • Doubles as a forehead thermometer with a quick display of 3 seconds
  • Comes with a soft pouch for cleaner and better storage
  • Displays the temperatures quickly in about 1 second
  • Bright backlit for easy reading of temperatures in the dark
10 Manun ear thermometer on a white background
High Fever Alert
4.3 /5

Probe & Infrared, ℃ and ℉, Stored Temperature Readings: 9, 0℃- 100℃ (32℉- 212℉)

  • Has 8 buzzes and lets you know with its fever alert
  • Dual usage for taking temperature through the ear or by the forehead
  • Fast temperature display time of 1 second
  • Large backlit LCD screen with large and readable numbers

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Ear Thermometers

  • Large memory capacity
  • Suits all ages
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While most ear thermometers are ideal for all ages, this Braun model has an age precision feature that adjusts the fever levels according to the age of the target. If you are looking for the most accurate temperature measurements for everyone in your house, this is the model you need to get. The color-coded backlit display will always show you whether you need to be worried about one’s temperature level or not.

For more accuracy of the temperatures, the thermometer has a prewarmed probe tip. It helps reduce any coolness that might skew the results, and also increases comfort. If you’re using it on a baby, the large display screen with nightlight helps you take the temperature in the dark without waking up the baby. This thermometer also helps you keep track of the past temperature readings, thanks to the 9 memory data capacity.


  • Auto switch off
  • Carrying case included
  • Batteries included


  • Readings tend to vary
  • Probe covers are expensive to replace
  • The backlight is very bright
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for all family members
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This Braun ear thermometer is ideal for newborns and adults, in case you’re looking for one that suits all family members. While it stores only the last temperature, you can still record daily temperatures. The probe tip is pre-warmed to ensure comfort and accurate results. It is also latex and BPA free, thus ensuring your family is safe from any plastics.

For more accurate results, you need to use a new lens filter every time. Lucky for you, this thermometer comes with 21 lens filters, which saves you some money during the initial use. The probe is quite delicate and if mishandled it can break, or if not stored well, can accumulate dirt and dust particles that are unhygienic. To sort this, the thermometer comes with a protection cap for covering the probe when not in use.


  • Battery included
  • Exact positioning feature
  • Fast reading display


  • No age precision feature
  • Small memory capacity
  • Lacks color code for fever alert
  • Affordable
  • Fast display of results
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This model is one of the most affordable Braun thermometers, and we know that Braun does not disappoint. It will give you quick results. In fact, the display speed is 1 second, so you don't have to wait around for the results. It has an audio fever indicator, which helps you in interpreting the results. A high temperature will have 4 beeps, meaning you should be worried and probably contact a health specialist.

It has a large LCD screen for better display of the results, making it easy for you to read. For increased hygiene, it uses a disposable probe cover so you can always use a new cover every time and saves you the time you’d otherwise waste disinfecting the thermometer. It’s also BPA and latex-free. To help save the battery, the thermometer will automatically shut off after 60 seconds of inactivity.


  • 21 probe covers included
  • Comes with 2 batteries
  • Easy to use


  • Probe not pre-warmed
  • Has no age precision tech
  • The display screen has no backlight

Ear Thermometer Shopping Made Easy

Keeping track of your hourly or daily temperature needs a reliable method. Why? Because a little misread and you will be running all over in panic mode. While it could be a normal fever or none at all, the first thought in mind could be the worst-case scenario. Especially during these times!

And we all know panicking only worsens the situation. Which is why we are here to help you get the best reliable ear thermometer for your family. There are many thermometers in the market to consider, but an ear thermometer should top that list.

Why give Ear Thermometers a Chance?

Ear thermometers could use have probe or infrared to take the body’s temperature. Most will use disposable probe covers or lens filters where you replace every time you have to take one’s temperature. This, of course, enhances the accuracy of the results.

More than that, it ensures that you observe maximum hygiene, especially when using the thermometer on more than one person. Another reason to give this product a chance is because taking the temperature in-ear gives you more accurate results than by forehead or underarm.

What Should You Look for When Buying an Ear Thermometer?

Buying an ear thermometer will not be easy, and the many product reviews from users can also get confusing. Ultimately, what you need matters a lot when deciding on the right product for you or your household. Questions like who will be using the thermometer and why you need one in the first place need to top your list.

The accuracy of the thermometer is the first thing you need to consider. While not everything will be 100% accurate, a small margin of error can be tolerated. Ensure that you go through available details from the manufacturer and online reviews to see the accuracy level of the thermometer that catches your attention.

You also need to consider how deep into your pocket you want to dig. Some ear thermometers will go for hundreds of pounds while others will cost you less than 50 pounds. But you do not have to spend a fortune to get an ideal ear thermometer. Most of our recommendations meet this price target, and they are used even by health professionals.

Also consider any health concerns like hygiene levels and use of plastic materials. An ear thermometer with disposable lens filters or probe covers is more hygiene and ideal for usage by many people. At the end of the day, you need to have an ear thermometer that is reliable and as accurate as possible. And we’re here to help you in this buying journey.

Always Think About...

  • Pre-warmed probe tip, which helps in enhancing the accuracy of the results. A cold tip can be quite uncomfortable not only for the baby but also for you as an adult. Also, the coldness tends to skew the results of the temperature. For a win-win situation, consider getting an ear thermometer with a pre-warmabale probe tip.
  • The memory storage level, which determines how much of the past data you can keep in the thermometer. Some will only show you the last temperature while others can store 30+ temperatures. The larger the memory capacity of the thermometer the easier and time saving it is for you, rather than relying on manual entry.
  • If the ear thermometer uses disposable probe covers or lens filters. It helps determine the hygiene levels of the thermometer, where one with the disposable ones is more hygienic than the one with a washable probe. This way, you can always change the lens filter or the probe cover when using the thermometer on a different person. This also helps in increasing the accuracy of the results. If the probe does not use disposable covers or lens filters, ensure that the thermometer is waterproof. It enhances its durability from the constant washing.
  • Finally, consider any accessories that come with the thermometer. The more the accessories, the cheaper it is for you. Some of the accessories to consider are the batteries, probe covers, lens filters, and a storage compartment. The storage compartments make it safe to store the thermometer and keeps it away from children.
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