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Best 10 Electric Blankets

As Of March 2021

Nothing can beat the comfort of a heated bed in winters, isn’t it? As it may take you more time to make it warm by sitting in it, what if there was a way to make it warm faster?

To address your need, we present to you the electric blanket! An electric blanket is a spot-on match for your cold bed problem in the winters. Do you want to learn more?

Check our guide!

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1 Monogram AllergyFree Heated Underblanket on white background

Best Overall Blanket

  • Super cosy with its cotton finish and a deep elasticated skirt
  • Heat as per preference with the 6 temperature settings
  • You don’t have to wait much, as it preheats in just 8 minutes
  • Protects from allergies backed by its HHL technology
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Best in terms of safety

  • Keeps you safe with the built-in overheat protection system
  • Easy to adjust the heat with the included 9 heat settings
  • Turns off automatically thanks to its auto shut off mode
  • Easy to clean as it’s machine washable
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Ideal for low heat use

  • Ultimate heat control with 3 heat settings
  • Durable construction made from polyester
  • Wash it easily thanks to its washable machine design at 40°C
  • Absolutely safe backed by the overheat safety protection
4 Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket on white background

Ideal for Low-Cost Use

  • Low-cost usage as it costs only 1p per night
  • Get a toasty bed quickly thanks to the ultra-fast heat up feature
  • Long-lasting backed by a 3-year warranty
  • Keep it warm as per your preference and body temperature, as it has 3 heat settings
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Top Choice for Gift Idea

  • Super comfy blanket as it is made from premium quality polyester
  • Get a cosy, toasty bed quickly backed the preheat time of 15 minutes
  • Adjust the heat as per your choice thanks to its 9 heat settings
  • Machine washable at 40°C as it is detachable
6 Mylek Electric Blanket King Size on white background

Top Choice for Dual Control

  • Ideal to be used as a mattress cover, thanks to its soft fabric
  • Durable and secure design as it has thin wires and an elasticated skirt
  • Personalised use thanks to its 3 heat settings and dual controls
  • Get your size, choose from the king & super king size
7 Slumberdown Quilted Electric Blanket on white background

Top Choice for Eco-Friendly

  • Easy to control with the 3 heat settings and timer
  • It ensures security with the auto shut off feature
  • It helps you save on power & bills as it has a low energy consumption
  • Simple to maintain due to its machine washable design
8 STAYWARM Superior Quality Electric Underblanket on white background

Best Budget Electric Blanket

  • You can easily secure it to the bed with its loops and ties
  • Safely warms up, thanks to its soft 500gsm polyester design
  • Heat it as much you like by the 3 heat settings
  • Cleaning is a piece of cake as it’s machine washable
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9 Glowmaster Electric Heated Throw Over Blanket on white ckaground

Top Pick for Comfortable Electric Blanket

  • Super comfortable with its luxury pile fabric
  • Sleep comfortably by setting a timer between 1-8 hours
  • Adjust as per your comfort level from the 5 heat settings
  • Keeps you safe & comfy with its overheat protection system
10 STAYWARM Double Size Electric Underblanket on white background

Best Detachable Design

  • You can simply machine wash it by detaching the controller
  • Safe to use at the lowest settings & preheat for 1-3 hours on high settings
  • Super soft to sleep on thanks to its polyester fabric
  • Adjust to your optimal temperature by the 2 heat settings

Get All Comfy & Cosy With The Best Electric Blanket

When winters arrive, there is no better moment than jumping into a blanket, duvet or a quilt. But, you need to wait for a long to make it warm from the inside, isn’t it? Now, imagine this! You got into the blanket, and it heats up in just a few minutes, or it is already heated before you climb in. How about that? It will be so cool and convenient, right?

So, let’s talk about electric blankets. Grab your hot water bottle, and let’s break it down! They should be the ultimate addition to your winter bed. All you need to do is just jump into the blanket and make yourself comfortable. If you are looking forward to buying one, check out the coming sections to help you choose the best one for you!

How do electric blankets work?

An electric blanket includes a series of thin wires that are interconnected and protected by the heat-resistant fabric coating. These wires provide steady heat to your blanket once it is plugged into the electric socket. The wires usually heat to the desired temperature, which helps you sleep or stay warm before bed.

Some of the users typically prefer to use electric linen for heating the bed only. On the contrary, others prefer to use the best electric blankets to stay cosy and warm throughout the night.

What features to look for when buying an electric blanket?

Heated blankets are the best option when you wish to stay cosy and warm in the chilly winters. However, the best electric blankets are those that include all the features that offer you the highest comfort level. Below, you should look for some of the features when purchasing a new electric blanket from online retailers or anywhere else.


A warm blanket is great, but if it is scratchy, it can keep you from enjoying the warmth of a heated blanket. Luckily, there are various heated blankets available for purchase in the market made from soft microfiber fabrics. These heated throws and soft blankets provide a cosy feeling to touch.

Also, there are sherpa-style under blankets that have faux fur and are fuzzy. The major benefit of using these polyester microfiber blankets is that they are machine washable, and their maintenance is easy. You’ll get a variety of material options to choose from, but it is best to keep the use, comfort and maintenance in mind while picking one.


Everyone has a different preference when it comes to relaxing and chill. Some people prefer to get onto the bed and sleep, while some are interested in lounging around the house. However, you should always consider whether you want a heated throw for your bed or something else.

Purchasing a comforter-size dual control electric blanket will be enough for your sitting space along with using less energy. You will get multiple size options in the throw blanket category in the market. Nonetheless, if you are focusing on finding an electric fleecy blanket to keep your whole bed warm, you should probably go for a twin size to king size blankets.

Dual Temperature Control

Having a heated blanket with dual temperature settings is beneficial if you’ll be sharing a blanket with someone else. It provides access to both you and your partner to have control over your area of blanket. By doing this, no one of both will feel too hot or too cold, and they can have different temperature changes according to their convenience.

Dual Control blankets are becoming more common in households. But the cost of these blankets is more than the single temperature versions. That’s because of the different temperature settings and convenience it provides to users.


The efficiency of electricity used by your heated throw blanket should also be an important point for consideration. The primary function of the blanket is to provide heat blanket’s nd warmness, but it should not use more than the required electricity.

A heating king size blanket that comprises the use of more than normal electricity to warm is considered highly inefficient. Not only this, but it can be a bit dangerous to use such blankets for long hours. Therefore, look for blankets that come with an overheat protection feature to keep your safety standards on top.

Additional Features

Finding the ideal electric blankets can be more simple by considering these features:

  • Preheat Time: You would not like to enter in cold blankets after the whole day hassle. Therefore, choose a blanket with a preheat time of 8 to 15 minutes that can provide you with a warm bed for a peaceful sleep. The preheat time can be more than 15 minutes but try to find one having between 8 to 15 minutes.
  • Temperature Settings: These settings are important as they provide you with comfortable heat levels for sleep. However, the basic temperature settings should be between 3 to 10 settings so that you can get the heat of your comfort level.
  • Timer Settings: This setting mainly comes in two different modes. The first one has a time range like 1 to 8 hours from which you can set any according to your convenience. However, the second timer mode has a specific number of hours like 1, 3, 4, 6, 10 or 12 hours. So, you’ll have to find one that suits your needs.

Are electric blankets safe?

Most people wonder whether using an electric blanket is safe or not. The answer to this question is yes; they are safe. That’s because most electric blankets available in the market come with automatic shut-off features to ensure users’ safety. The estimated time for throw blankets to get automatically turned off is between 2 to 10 hours.

Moreover, to be on a safe side, you should also follow the use and care instructions. Also, you can check the micro-fleece electric blanket manual. This will provide you with a rough idea of how many volt and heat levels it can handle from the power supply.

After checking the power supply, you can use a power adapter for the outlets serving higher voltage. This will help you avoid the overheating of the throw blankets and also prevent damage.

Can I use my electric blanket while sleeping?

Electric king size blankets are the ideal option to stay warm on those chilly winter nights. You can use them while sleeping but keeping all the safety tips in mind. The best electric blankets arrive with a feature of different heat settings so; you can keep the temperature settings at the lowest level while sleeping.

These temperature settings change the supply of voltage and maintain the warmth of the blanket. If you are planning to stay safe with high settings on, then investing in blankets with an auto shut off feature is the best thing. This feature will turn off the power supply to the over blanket after a specified period to maintain safety.

Do electric blankets raise your heating bill?

The electric blankets are a cheaper alternative to those heaters present in your house. If your blanket consumes 200 watts (wattage limit is mentioned in the user manual), then leaving it on for 10 watts uses two kilowatts-hour. The cost would be quite nominal, and it changes depending upon your location.

It can be a money-saving investment for you to purchase the heated throw blankets. That’s because they will let you turn the heat level down at night, leading to low use of energy and electricity units. Most users have this misconception that using electric blankets would be heavy on their pockets, but it is actually not.

How to take care of your electric blanket?

The first thing you need to do to take care of your electric blanket is to follow all the care and use instructions. Have a look over the user manual that comes along with your electric blanket for safety. Here are some extra tips to consider.

  • You should always try to keep your super king size electric blanket spread out evenly.
  • Ensure that it is not assembled in a ball position on the side of the bed as it can damage the thin wires.
  • Always unplug your warm bed blanket when not in use and neatly fold it to keep it in intact condition.
  • In case of any brown spots, you should instantly look for a replacement as it is a sign of overheating.
  • You can purchase a mattress protector to keep your memory foam mattress safe from the damage caused due to heat from the blanket.
  • The temperature settings should be kept according to the power supply and heat requirement.

Can I wash my electric blanket in my washing machine?

The older model of the electric blankets needs hand washing while the newer ones can be machine-washed easily. The larger blankets come with a disconnectable plug that allows you to wash your electric blanket in the machine. On the other hand, the smaller heating pads do not come with a detachable wire, so they need to be hand-washed.

The electric faux fur blankets can be washed in a machine but not in the same manner as the regular ones. Below are steps for washing heated throw blankets safely in a machine.

  • Get rid of loose debris or dust mites from your electric blanket.
  • Disassemble the cable cord and power control of blanket
  • Put it in the washing machine and select the water temperature settings as per the user manual (mostly it is 30°C or 40°C)
  • Dry the electric blanket in the dryer and hang it evenly spread

Can I tumble dry my electric blanket?

It is possible to tumble dry the electric blanket as long as the heat level is low in your dryer. Usually, it is suggested to keep it in the dryer for 2 minutes and after that spread it in the sun for a better drying process. If your dryer doesn’t have a low heat settings mode, then it is best to let the blanket dry naturally.

Always keep in mind…

So, right about now, we can say that an electric blanket is the absolute investment to make for winter. It will not only keep you warm, but as per studies a person sleeps faster in the warm environment, and an electric blanket can help you with that.

If you are planning to buy one, this guide has all the information to help you decide best which one is the right one for you. Keep all these factors in mind, and we are confident you’ll make the right choice! Find your best electric blanket, and feel the difference each night!

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