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Best 10 Electric Heaters

As Of March 2021

Winter season might be tough for some of you and we are here to help you prepare for the cold. Apart from unpacking all your long-stored warm clothes, you will need heating equipment for extra warmth.

Why an electric heater? Well, wouldn’t you like a heating system that saves you the energy of lighting the fireplace, in case you have one? Get ready to get yourself one using this electric heater buying guide.
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1 Daewoo Hea1139ge electric heater in a living room
All Year Use
4.7 /5

Type: Fan Heater, Freestanding, Wattage: 2000W, Settings: 2, Room Size: Small & Medium-Sized, Safety: Overheat Protection

  • Ideal for all year use thanks to the cold, hot, and warm settings
  • Thermostat control for choosing between 1000W-2000W enhances efficiency
  • Safety cut out feature switches it off when overheated
  • Lightweight and small with a carrying handle
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2 Igenix IG9514 electric heater in a living room
Safe and Secure
4.6 /5

Type: Halogen Heater, Freestanding, Wattage: 1200W, Settings: 3, Room Size: Small and Medium-Sized Safety: Auto Shut-off Warranty: 3 Years

  • Has a cut out switch for safety, that switches it off when tipped over
  • Choose between three different settings to suit your needs
  • Small, lightweight and compact for portability and heating small areas
  • Easy to use for everyone
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3 Pifco PE129 electric heater on a white background
Fan Only Feature
4.6 /5

Type: Fan Heater, Freestanding, Wattage: 2000W, Settings: 2, Room Size: Small and Medium-Sized

  • Ideal for all-year use with the cooling feature providing cool air when it’s hot
  • Safety cut off feature keeps you always protected
  • It has a handle on top which makes it super portable
  • Very reliable with great results
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4 Dimplex OFRC15N electric heater in a room
Quick Warming Time
4.6 /5

Type: Radiant Heater Freestanding Wattage: 1500W Settings: 2, Room Size: Small and Medium-Sized, Safety: Overheat Protection, Warranty: 3 Years

  • Quick warming time for instant heating of the room when turned on
  • Integrated castor wheels and carrying handles for easy portability
  • Overheating safety feature switches it off automatically when overheated
  • With frost setting for protecting the plants
5 Duronic HV101 electric heater on a white background
Programmable Thermostat
4.5 /5

Type: Radiant and Convection Heater Freestanding Wattage: 2500W Settings: 3, Room Size: Small and Medium-Sized, Safety: Overheat Protection, Tip-Over Auto Shut-Off

  • Programmable thermostat to achieve your preferred temperature
  • Overheat function protects the heater, enhancing safety
  • Tip-over protection feature that automatically switches it off when tipped
  • 3 heat settings of 1000W, 1500W and 2500W to choose from
6 Futura FCV2000 electric heater mounted on a wall
IP24 Rated
4.5 /5

Type: Convection Heater, Wall Mountable / Freestanding, Wattage: 2000W, Settings: From -5°C to 35°C, Room Size: Small, Medium and Large-Sized, Safety: IP24 Protection, Warranty: 2 Years

  • Has IP24 rating for protection against splashes when installed in the bathroom
  • Auto open window detection switches it off if temperature drops by 5 degrees
  • 24-hours and 7-day timer for setting preferred settings
  • Has a 1.5m long cable to give you options
7 Ansio Electric Heater on a white background
Remote Control
4.5 /5

Type: Space Heater Freestanding Wattage: 2000W Settings: 2, Room Size: Small and Medium-Sized, Safety: Tip-Over Auto Shut-Off, Warranty: 2 Years

  • Remote control enables to control the heater from a far distance
  • Low noise level of 58dB for quiet heating at night
  • Has a memory function that remembers your previous heating choice
  • A timer for 1 to 24 hours for starting or stopping the heater
8 Dimplex 402TSTI electric heater in a living room
Programmable Timer
4.4 /5

Type: Convection Heater, Freestanding, Wattage: 2000W, Settings: 1, Room Size: Small and Medium-Sized, Safety: Frost Protection

  • Has a 24-hour programmable timer gives you total freedom
  • Frost protection that protects any plants in the house against cold weather
  • Mechanical timer gives you full control on heating between maximum and minimum
  • Has a long cable for flexibility
9 Schallen Electric Heater in a living room
Tip-Over Safety Switch
4.4 /5

Type: Convection Heater, Freestanding, Wattage: 2000W, Settings: 3, Room Size: Small and Medium-Sized, Safety: Overheat Protection & Tip-Over Auto Shut-off

  • A tip-over safety switch that switches it off automatically if tilted or falls
  • Adjustable thermostat for dialling preferred temperature and shows temperature
  • Offers you 3 heating options to choose from 800W, 1200W and 2000W
  • Slim and lightweight
10 Amos Electric Heater on a white background
Overheating Protection
4.3 /5

Type: Convection Heater, Freestanding, Wattage: 2000W, Settings: 3, Room Size: Small and Medium-Sized, Safety: Overheat Protection

  • Overheating protection automatically switches it off for safety
  • Lightweight and slim for portability and manoeuvring within the house
  • Power indicator light that shows you when it’s on or off for extra safety
  • 3 power settings to suit your needs

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Electric Heaters

  • Compact and very portable
  • Affordable heater and cooler
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While other electric heaters are only ideal for providing heat during the cold seasons only, this Daewoo heater offers all-year-round usage. It has hot, warm, and cold temperature settings that you can rely on throughout the year. During the cold season, you can choose your preferred heating temperature between the 2 available ones, 1000W and 2000W.

It’s quite portable, thanks to its small size, lightweight, and the carrying handles. Its compactness means you can place it on any surface, floor, or on top of a table. It also features a thermostat control design that turns it on or off automatically when temperature changes, thus enhancing its energy efficiency.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • All-year-round usage


  • Not ideal for large areas
  • Has no timer
  • Has no overheat protection
  • Portable and compact design so you can move it around easily
  • Energy-efficient for low electricity bills
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This Igenix IG9514 electric heater is ideal for anyone who needs a small and portable electric heater for small to medium areas or rooms. It has three heat setting of 400, 800 and 1200W, and a warm fast feature for instant heating when turned on. The control system uses a variable thermostat, which helps in saving energy. Since it is also electric and oil-free use, it helps you save up to 9% of your energy, leading to lower power bills.  

The heater is easy to use, with a plugin and go design. It also has user-friendly buttons for switching it on or off and deciding with which setting you'll go. The auto shut off function ensures the heater will automatically shut off when tipped over. This enhances your safety in case of power issues.


  • Lightweight
  • Auto shut off feature
  • 3 different setting


  • Not for large rooms
  • Not the most beautiful
  • Halogen bars aren't easily changed
  • Small and compact yet very efficient even in medium-sized rooms
  • Extra cooling feature for all seasons
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This Pifco PE129 electric heater is exactly what you need. It’s a fan heater so it will heat the whole room pretty quickly. You can choose between two different settings between 1000 and 2000 Watts to suit your needs each time. It might look small but it's very powerful and it can do the job like a pro! Plus, it comes with an adjustable thermostat and has a cool air option for hot days.

You don't have to worry about your safety at all. This heater has a cut-out feature that enhances your protection against accidents. Its compact and portable design is completed with a carrying handle at the top that makes your life even easier. Take it in any room! Even your workplace!


  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install


  • Not programmable
  • Not suitable for very large rooms
  • Only fan setting

Turn the Heat Up with an Electric Heater!

The cool and freezing season is a nightmare for some people. A warm sweater or trench coat does not easily provide all the warmth you need. As you prepare for the season, it’s about time you start getting yourself ready for the unpleasant weather.

What you need is a reliable and efficient heater, and electric heaters are highly recommended. Get your pen and notebook and let’s get you an electric heater for this coming cold season.

Why give Electric Heaters a Chance?

In addition to your heavy and warm clothes, electric heaters also come in hand when it comes to keeping you warm during the winter season. For starters, an electric heater will keep your room warm but at a lower cost.

Especially when you are going for a heater that is not oil-filled. It saves you money for constant maintenance and also the energy. Lower energy bills can only make you happier! Isn't that right?

What Should You Look for When Buying an Electric Heater?

Unfortunately, getting the perfect electric heater will not be an easy journey. Without careful consideration, you might find yourself going for a heater that’s not fully electric. But, with a narrowed list of what you are looking for from an electric heater, narrowing down to the ideal heater will not be as overwhelming.

While all-electric heaters provide a warm and cosy environment during winter, the level of heat provided can matter. Are you looking for a heater that only provides you with one heating option or one that gives you a couple of options to choose from? The more heating you have, the more flexible you can be with the heat level in the room.

Look for an electric heater whose heating capacity suits the size of the room you want to heat. The heating capacity is usually determined using the wattage (W). generally, a square-footage of a room will require about 10W of heat. Common electric heaters have about 2500W, meaning they can cover up to 250 square meters.

In return, the cold season will pass by smoothly, without getting to your skin. When the cold becomes unbearable and you have no fireplace to rely on, you can always turn on your electric heater for a comfortable and warm night. Don’t waste any more time, and let’s get you an electric heater before the demand skyrockets.

Always Think About...

  • The type of electric heater. An electric heater can be a convection heater, radiator heater or a space heater. Convector heaters are ideal for large rooms as they disperse heat across a wide range. These can be freestanding or wall mountable. A radiant heater is ideal for small spaces and instant heating on particular spots. Space heaters use a fanning system to blow heat in any area, especially small spaces.
  • The size and portability of the electric heater. First, the space you need the electric heater to cover will determine the best size you need. And, if you need an electric heater that you can move easily with from one room to another or when travelling, you need to consider getting a highly portable heater. Some portable models have carrying handles while others have wheels.
  • Energy efficiency rating, keeping in mind that you need an electric heater that will not increase your power bills by a high percentage. Compare the EER rating on your preferred choices, and other additional features that help reduce power usage like low wattage, power-saving modes, thermostats, and the use of a programmable timer. 
  • In addition to the above, also consider the available safety features that help keep you safe when using the heater. Features like a cool-to-touch surface that enables you to handle the heater when it’s hot. Or overheating protection and tilt-protection that switch the heater off when it overheats or is tilted.

Find the perfect electric heater now! Cover your needs like never before and enjoy a warm winter that doesn't cause you any discomfort at all! We have all the information and insights that you're going to need. Pros and cons are right here for you! Check our guide and you'll surely find the ideal one for you!

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