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Best 10 Electric Shavers

As Of March 2021

Be the best version of yourself! Who doesn't want that anyway? Having a well-groomed beard can get easier than ever. Of course, it can when you have the right equipment in your hand: The perfect electric shaver for you!

Just a simple thing like that can make you look top-notch and handsome without any hassle. After all, looking good makes you feel good as well. Let's find the ideal one for you and groom away!
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1 Philips New Series 3000 S3233/52 electric shaver used by a man on a blurred background
27 self-sharpening blades
4.9 /5

Shaving time: 60 minutes, Power source: Rechargeable battery, Number of blades: 27, Charging time: 60 minutes

  • Comes with a pop-up trimmer for your moustache and sideburns
  • The 3-level battery indicator keeps you updated about the power supply
  • Spacial waterproof design, made for both dry and wet shave
  • 5D pivot heads for gently shaving along facial contours
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2 Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010s blue black electric shaver on a bathroom counter with a bar of soap in the background
Sensitive & Powerful
4.8 /5

Shaving time: 45 minutes, Power source: Rechargeable, Number of blades: 3, Charging time: 60 minutes / 5-minute quick charge

  • Its ergonomic grip provides convenient and secure use, even with wet hands
  • Easily accesses hard-to-reach areas for an all-round shave
  • Specialised micro-comb captures more hair in one go
  • Pressure-sensitive & retractive blades for advanced skin protection
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3 Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s electric shaver washed under running tub water
Wet & Dry Shave
4.8 /5

Shaving time: 45 minutes, Power source: Rechargeable battery, Number of blades: 3, Charging time: 60 minutes / 5-minute quick charge

  • Retractive & pressure-sensitive blades for worry-free strokes
  • 5-minute quick charge mode for a quick shave
  • 100% washable for easy cleaning and suitable for a wet shave at the same time
  • Inbuilt precision trimmer, ideal for shaping moustaches and sideburns
4 Braun Series 7 7898cc electric shaver used by a young man with white t-shirt on a grey background
Rechargeable, with a charging station
4.7 /5

Shaving time: 50 minutes, Power source: Rechargeable battery, Number of blades: 3, Charging time: 60 minutes

  • Safe to use in the bathtub or while showering
  • 5 comfortable shaving modes for seamless results
  • Sturdy construction can last up to 7 years
  • It comes with a cleaning brush and a travel case
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5 Braun Series 9 9340s black electric shaver used by a young man with black t-shirt on a grey background
2 specialised middle trimmers
4.7 /5

Shaving time: 60 minutes, Power source: Rechargeable battery, Number of blades: 5, Charging time: 60 minutes / 5-minute quick charge

  • 100% waterproof making it easy to clean under running water
  • Powerful Li-ion battery lasts 20% longer than usual batteries
  • Sonic vibrations glide over your skin for extra comfort
  • 5 shaving elements, plus many cutting actions ideal for all types of hair
6 Philips Series 5000 S5270/06 black electric shaver held by a man on a greyish background
Use in the shower
4.6 /5

Shaving time: 40 minutes, Power source: Rechargeable battery, Number of blades: 5, Charging time: 60 minutes / 5-minute quick charge

  • Advanced blade technology for 10 times fewer nicks and cuts
  • 5 directional contour detect perfectly adjusts to your facial curves
  • The precision trimmer is ideal for your moustache and sideburns
  • Waterproof design, 100% safely washed under running water
7 Philips 9000 Series S9711 electric shaver while used by a young man who is shaving with white foam in front of a mirror
Smart Clean PLUS System
4.6 /5

Shaving time: 50 minutes, Power source: Rechargeable battery, Number of blades: 32, Charging time: 60 minutes / 5-minute quick charge

  • The flexible head moves in 8 directions for optimum comfort
  • 100% waterproof design for both wet and dry shave
  • Smart Clean technology automatically cleans and dries the shaver
  • The 5-minute quick charge feature allows for a quick one-time shave
8 Philips PQ203/17 Travel black electric shaver on white background
Ideal for travelling
4.5 /5

Shaving time: 60 minutes, Power source: Rechargeable battery, Number of blades: 2, Cordless 2AA battery shaver

  • Lightweight & comes with a carrying pouch for storage
  • Floating heads adjust to the contours of your face for a gentle shave
  • Self-sharpening blades deliver an excellent shave for up to 2 years
  • Ideal for travelling as it offers 60 minutes cordless shaving
9 Braun Series 5 50-B1200s black and a man's hand holding it on a grey background
5 minutes charge for 1 full shave
4.4 /5

Shaving time: 50 minutes, Power source: Rechargeable battery, Number of blades: 3, Charging time: 60 minutes / 5-minute quick charge

  • Precision trimmer included for moustache and sideburns trimming
  • 100% waterproof for both wet and dry use
  • Long-lasting battery - 5 min quick charge is sufficient for 1 full shave
  • The flexible design adjusts to the contours of the face
10 Philips Series 6000 S6650/48 black electric shaver in use by a man shaving with white foam
Multi-precision blade
4.3 /5

Shaving time: 60 minutes, Power source: Rechargeable battery, Number of blades: 3, Charging time: 60 minutes / 5-minute quick charge

  • Smart blade design for one-stroke, seamless cuts of hair and stubble
  • Anti-friction rings prevent skin irritation
  • Includes a nose trimmer and a travel pouch for convenience
  • Lightweight and 100% waterproof design, for safe use during shower

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Electric Shavers

  • 27 self-sharpening blades allow for a 1 stroke, clean-cut shave
  • 5 directional pivot heads help you enjoy an easy flowing shave
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This state of the art product from Philips has many features that make it one of the best electric shavers. The very first is the multi-directional pivot head that adjusts brilliantly as per the contours of your face, enhancing the comfort level of your shaving. Besides, this battery-powered model delivers 60 minutes of uninterrupted shaving, which is a great thing, especially if you find yourself in a hurry and want detailed results.

But what’s also important is that this shaver comes with a pop-up trimmer that allows you to groom your moustache and sideburns, too. Moreover, you can use the 3-level battery indicator to keep an eye on the level of battery left. Lastly, you can use this shaver for both wet as well as a dry shave.


  • Self-sharpening diamond blades
  • Built-in trimmer
  • Battery-powered cordless function


  • No quick charge option
  • Needs more charging time
  • Not sturdy enough
  • Micro Comb feature to gently capture more hair in one move
  • 50 minutes of cordless shaving with no performance loss
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The most exciting thing about Braun Series 3, ProSkin 3010s electric shaver is the Micro Comb system that ensures close and smooth cutting, with fewer moves and thus, less skin irritation. Moreover, the shaver can be used even while enjoying your shower, as it is 100% waterproof and safe- provided that you unplug the cord while doing so!

This electric shaver will surprise you with its precision, due to the agile head which is designed explicitly for hard-to-reach head areas, like under the nose, your neck contours and your sideburns. But what’s also striking is the pressure-sensitive blades that automatically retract to protect your skin. As a whole, it could make for a safe and reliable choice.


  • Easily rinsed under running water
  • 5 minutes quick charge
  • Excellent movement control


  • Foils need regular replacements
  • Less quick results if it's used with foam
  • Cutters may wear off quickly
  • A 5 minutes charge is enough for a full and quick shave
  • An ideal machine for shaping moustaches, sideburns and beards
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The core reason that places this product among the best is the 3 independently floating shaving elements which provide you with a gentle and easy shave, even to the most tricky facial areas. Moreover, you get 45 minutes of uninterrupted shaving, without any performance loss, whilst you can safely use it even when enjoying your shower!

What’s more, the precision trimmer comes in a pop-up design, which makes it very easy for you to control the movement and get the results you expect. Its electric razor is of high quality and promises endurance and accurate performance for your maximum convenience. But the pressure-sensitive skin protective technology of retractive blades comes as a useful addition to enhance your looks, without unnecessary cuts and bleeding during the process. Waterproof as it is, the Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s is a delight to have in your shower, grooming yourself in no time!


  • Sufficient running time
  • 100% waterproof design
  • 3 independent shaving elements


  • No multidirectional heads
  • High charging time
  • Shaving lasts a bit longer

Get rid of your conventional shaving equipment...yesterday!

Being a man has never been neither simple nor easy, especially when it comes to your grooming routine that is part and parcel of our hectic modern way of life! But, let’s be honest. It’s not just about the hassle of hair entanglement, half-cut hair, cuts and other small issues while shaving, isn’t it? It has to do with our confidence and sex appeal, factors that we have never ignored insofar - and why should we do it now?

So, if you are looking for a reliable and effective smart machine to level up your game, then maybe it’s about time you updated your old shaving equipment for a new one! One that will attend to your grooming needs effortlessly and fast: Why not choose an electric shaver?

That is, what if you could shave anytime, anyplace, at your own pace? And do it so without any fear of cuts, bleeding or stylistic errors? Well, there are some electric shavers out there that you can rely on to upgrade your current shaving gadgets. Check out for the specifics by reading ahead!

Why give Electric Shavers a Chance?

Looking at your current shaving equipment, you may discover that some nice-to-have features are currently missing. Cordless and safe use during your shower, for example. Or, longer-lasting batteries, without the need to recharge every little while. And so many more advanced technological elements that could make a real difference in your everyday shaving routine. Hence, if you want to upgrade, this is the time to hit the bull’s eye!

Look below for the features that can best meet your needs and budget, while reassuring satisfactory results. So, would you give electric shavers the chance they deserve?

What Type of Electric Shaver suits you?

  • Rotary Shavers: These are the most recent version of shavers as they can be used to cut even the smallest hair of your beard or moustache. These shavers include 3 to 4 rotating heads that need to be moved circularly for maximum benefit. They are ideal for those who don’t have much time to groom themselves in the morning.
  • Foil Shavers: These are a bit different than the rotary ones, as they have a thin foil covering the oscillating blades. Moreover, this particular design makes cutting neat, gentle and harmless to the skin. The limited contact of the blade on the skin causes less irritation and hence, fewer cuts.

What Should You Look for When Buying an Electric Shaver?

When you go online to buy an electric shaver for yourself, it may become a bit difficult as there are many choices based on different features. So, you need to have some knowledge before you step into the buying phase.

There are many features that can act as a deciding factor for you. For instance, if you are a working professional and do not get much time for grooming, you can go for a rotary shaver. However, if you have enough time before work, go for a foil one.

If you are more of a travelling person, you can easily opt for a battery-operated version of the shaver; you can carry it anywhere. But be cautious about the battery level. Make sure that you take a look to other things like low battery charge time, high shaving time, or battery supply LED indicator which are great features to consider when opting for an electric shaver.

Always Think About...

  • Type: The very first feature that you need to consider while opting for an electric shaver is its type. As described above, there are two types of shavers that you can choose from. As per your preference, you can go for either the foil or rotary electric shaver.
  • Charging time: One crucial factor that you need to pay utmost attention to is the charging time of the shaver. If it is a battery-operated electric shaver, you will have to consider the charge time. Make sure it gets charged in 45- 60 minutes maximum, as customer experience shows that to be an invaluable feature to have.
  • Running time: If you don't use the shaver on a daily basis, then it will require more time for you to trim your beard after some days. Hence, you must check how much running time the shaver provides. Go for something between 50 to over 60 minutes.
  • Accessories: Along with the shaver, it is also necessary to check if you are getting any extra accessories. Most of the shavers come with accessories like nose trimmer, precision trimmer, charging stand and a travel bag for extra comfort and portability. These additions can come rather handy along with the electric shaver, especially if they are included in the initial price.

Purchasing an electric shaver doesn’t have to be daunting for you, despite the various product details you’ll have to take into account. We hope that our product selection and comparison will help you explore some crucial aspects in depth so that you can make a perfect choice!

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