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Best 10 Espresso Machines

As Of March 2021

Having the perfect cup of coffee at the perfect time is a blessing. An even bigger blessing is to have whatever type of espresso or cappuccino shots that you like in the comfort of your home.

As technology gets more and more advanced, it has become possible to prepare advanced and complicated beverages at home if you are willing to invest in them. Espresso machines are just one such example.
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1 Sage SES878BSS espresso machine in a kitchen
Intuitive Interface
4.8 /5

Capacity: 2 litres, Weight: 12.4 kg, Dimensions: 40.6x35.4x12.38cm, Material: Stainless steel, Programmable, Dual-Cup Mode

  • Perfect temperature within seconds due to its thermojet heating system
  • Integrated conical burr grinder with adjustable grind size and dose
  • Optimal espresso extraction with a digital temperature control
  • Hand texturing of micro-foam milk for maximum taste
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2 Lavazza A Modo Mio Tiny espresso machine on a wooden table
Tiny But Shiny
4.7 /5

Capacity: 0.75 litre, Weight: 3.44 kg, Dimensions: 18.7x32.1x31cm, Material: ABS plastic

  • Transparent water tank so that level of water can be seen at all times
  • Compact design easy to store and carry
  • Single-button used to switch it on and off and to prepare coffee
  • Slow extraction to maximize flavour
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3 De'Longhi Dedica EC685BK espresso machine on a black table next to a coffee cup
Adjustable Cappuccino System
4.7 /5

Capacity: 1 litre, Weight: 4.2 kg, Dimensions: 33x30.27x14.89cm, Material: Plastic, Programmable, Dual-Cup Mode

  • Option to froth or steam milk and choose from amongst cappuccinos, machiatos and caffe lattes
  • Can control every step during the process from the start to the end
  • Manual descaling system making it easy to clean
  • Can create a velvety milk foam
4 Swan SK22110BLN espresso machine on a wooden table
Large Detachable Water Tank
4.6 /5

Capacity: 1.2 litres, Weight: 3.58 kg, Dimensions: 28.49x20x31.49cm, Material: Stainless steel, Dual-Cup Mode

  • Can make coffee within minutes using self-priming system
  • Can use both easy serve espresso pods and ground coffee
  • Froth made exactly the way the user wants due to its steam pressure control
  • Possible to make iced tea by simply adding ice
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5 De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM 4200.S espresso machine next to breakfast
Integrated Grinder
4.6 /5

Capacity: 1.8 litres, Weight: 10.5 kg, Dimensions: 37.5x28.5x36cm, Material: Plastic, Programmable, Dual-Cup Mode

  • 7 adjustable coarseness levels for beans to get ground
  • Adjustable milk frother making it possible to make creamy and dense foam
  • Descaling, cleaning and rinsing programs available and dishwasher parts
  • Slim and elegant design making it look attractive
6 De'Longhi Eletta ECAM 44.660.B espresso machine making a latte
Latte Crema System
4.6 /5

Capacity: 2 litres, Weight: 11 kg, Dimensions: 26x46x36cm, Material: Stainless steel, Programmable, Dual-Cup Mode

  • Easy to operate with a touch button used to prepare a variety of coffee types
  • Easy to choose between cappuccino, caffe latte and latte macchiato
  • Perfectly creamy milk foam using LatteCrema technology
  • Descaling, cleaning and rinsing programmes
7 De'Longhi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Eclipse Touch EDG736S espresso machine in front of a purple wall

Capacity: 1 litre, Weight: 3.5 kg, Dimensions: 33.2x27.4x32.1cm, Material: Plastic

  • Elegant and stylish design to compliment stylish interior décor of your kitchen
  • Easy to use with intuitive touch technology
  • Advanced open/close mechanism not common in other models
  • Easy to clean after preparing a variety of cold and hot drinks
8 De'Longhi ECP33.21 espresso machine on a wooden table
Advanced Milk Frother
4.5 /5

Capacity: 1.1 litres, Weight: 4.91 kg, Dimensions: 24x18.49x30.49cm, Material: Stainless steel, Programmable, Dual-Cup Mode

  • Can use E.S.E pods and ground coffee
  • Adjustable milk frother which means possible to make cappuccino and latte
  • Water kept at the exact required temperature due to thermoblock technology
  • Removable double drip tray so that tall glasses can be used after
9 Melitta SOLO E950-222 espresso machine on a wooden table
Intelligent Integrated 3 Setting Steel Grinder
4.5 /5

Capacity: 1.2 litres, Weight: 8 kg, Dimensions: 45.5x20x32.5cm, Material: Stainless steel & plastic

  • Choice between 3 brew temperatures and 3 coffee strengths
  • Adjustable height of spout making it possible to use cups of different heights
  • Shut down and stand-by modes making the appliance energy-efficient
  • Easy to clean and keep the procedure hygienic
10 De'Longhi Scultura ECZ351BG espresso machine on a gray table
Customized Espresso
4.4 /5

Capacity: 1.4 litres, Weight: 4.1 kg, Dimensions: 30x24.19x30.49cm, Material: Plastic, Programmable, Dual-Cup Mode

  • Rich smell and nut coloured cream on top
  • Can make a variety of beverages containing milk
  • Dishwasher safe removable drip tray making it easy to clean
  • Can accommodate two full-sized cappuccino or espresso cups

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Espresso Machines

  • It has an integrated conical grinder
  • It has an intuitive LCD display interface
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The Sage SES878BSS is a remarkable barista-style coffee at the comfort of your home. It has an intuitive LCD display – something that is not so common in other models of espresso machines. The LCD screen shows you the exact processes of grinding and extracting so that you can make your coffee exactly the way you want it to be.

Its thermojet heating system gives the ideal temperature for espresso to get transformed into steam within 3 seconds. Its integrated conical burr grinder has an adjustable grind size and dose so that you get the right amount of coffee and maximum flavour. There is low-pressure pre-infusion at first and then the pressure is increased to draw out all flavours for a tasty cup of coffee.


  • Large capacity
  • LCD display interface
  • Quick heat-up time


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • No compact footprint
  • It has a slow extraction process that maximizes flavour
  • It has a single button used for all operation
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The Lavazza A Modo Mio Tiny Espresso Coffee Machine is the best buy for you if you love coffee and keep traveling as well. It is compact with a small water tank so that it is easy to store as well as carry. It is extremely easy to operate it with the help of a single button used to turn on or off the machine as well as to prepare coffee.

This appliance has a removable cup rest and dishwasher safe parts making it easy to clean. It uses a thermoblock system for turning up the temperature of the water which means the machine is ready within seconds to prepare your coffee. It has an adjustable cup rack allowing for two different heights possible to be set. The water tank is transparent with maximum and minimum indicators so that the water level can be viewed at all times.


  • Compact design
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Simple to operate


  • Small water capacity
  • Noisy
  • Coffee not so hot
  • It has an adjustable cappuccino system
  • It has a manual descaling system
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The De’Longhi EC685BK gives you the ideal cup of coffee to brighten up your mornings with a rich and strong smell and nut coloured cream covering the top of your cup. It has an adjustable cappuccino system so that you can either froth or steam your milk to make either cappuccinos, macchiatos or caffe lattes.

The machine gives you the option to control and set every step in your coffee-making process, whether it is tamping ground coffee, selecting the temperature, or setting the length. It has a slim and elegant design which will go with your kitchen no matter how you have set it otherwise. It is easy to clean with a manual descaling system as well.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean
  • Double drip tray


  • Not very long-lasting
  • Difficult to twist and engage coffee holder
  • Boiler too hot for a while

Cappuccinos, Macchiatos and Lattes at Home!

Are you a coffee addict? Do you feel the need to go out to have coffee every now and then despite having it regularly at home? What do you think is missing at home and how can you fix it?

You need an appliance at home that will provide you with a mug of espresso or cappuccino that is as fancy and as rich as the one you can get from outside. And that is exactly why you need to give espresso machines a chance.

By owning an espresso machine you will definitely save your money. You will be able to fulfill your addiction to have the perfect mug of coffee with a foamy layered top sitting at home without making much effort. Also, this would mean you don’t need to keep checking your favorite coffee parlors to see when they are open and when you can visit it the next time. Purchasing an espresso machine would free you of all such concerns.

So what are you waiting for? If you keep reading the pros and cons without taking action, it would only make you double-minded. Keep in mind that having an espresso machine at home or even at your workplace is a luxury that not many can afford. So if you can afford it, make the purchase as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on anything!

Why Give Espresso Machines A Chance?

You can conveniently choose whether you want a cappuccino, a macchiato or a caffe latte every time you turn towards your espresso machine to make yourself a cup of coffee. You just need to let the machine heat water so that coffee beans can be ground for your espresso shots to be ready in front of you within minutes.

Espresso machines also have milk frothers that let you froth or steam milk so that you are in direct control of how much cream you want on top of your mug. This means you can also use your espresso machine to make other kinds of beverages that are based on milk, whether they are hot or cold.

What Should You Look For When Buying An Espresso Machine?

Buying simple coffee machines is even difficult enough because of too much competition in the market. When trying to do research about espresso machines, it can get even more confusing as due to the separate type of features that come in espresso machines, it is hard to differentiate between various models.

It can definitely be convenient and fun to own an espresso machine. But for that, you need to have clarity in your mind for what exactly you would like to have. Depending on your requirements, it is possible to select a particular model. But make sure you don’t rush into any decision!

We are here to guide you so that the fancy advertisements all over the internet do not entice you to buy something that doesn’t lie under your requirements. You need not  to worry when consulting us and our guide. The last thing we want is for your money to go to waste.

If you are still confused regarding the need of this appliance, we would say that you have definitely not read up much about it. If you would have, the decision would not have been so difficult for you considering how useful an espresso machine is for someone who loves espresso shots regularly.

Always Think About...

  • One of the most important features to consider while deciding which espresso machine to get is the amount of coffee you would get prepared in one go. If you want to use this machine alone, it is not that much of a problem. But if multiple people want to use the same appliance, make sure that the number of cups given by the machine is large enough.
  • You should consider the dimensions of the appliance before purchasing it and decide according to the space that you have. If you already work a lot in your kitchen and have plenty of different appliances, you wouldn’t want the place to look too crowded due to your espresso machine. Limited space means you should buy a relatively smaller model.
  • Also, take into account the pressure at which the machine works. The pressure can affect the extraction process and the overall process to make your espresso and hence its taste. You shouldn’t compromise on the taste otherwise the machine would lose its purpose. Taste and flavor should be your top priority.

Still confused? Don’t be! We have prepared our guide for people like you who have made up your mind about having an espresso machine with yourself but can’t seem to be sure which one to get. Our guide is exactly what you need. We have included all details and insights after having researched properly. So start reading our guide as soon as possible!

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