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Best 10 Football Balls

As Of June 2022

Do you enjoy playing football? Would you like your children to grow up and be the next Harry Kane or Phil Foden? Help them build those dreams and give them everything any football star in the making would want. Who knows, maybe they’ll even compete in a Euro final! What's the first thing they will need? A football ball, of course! Check the best football balls here!

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1 Mitre Impel Training Football on white background

Mitre Impel Training Football

4.8 /5

Best Football Ball Overall

  • Practise your skills at home as it’s a lightweight training ball
  • Kick it around with your children thanks to its excellent control for all ages
  • Play for many hours as it has a hard-wearing construction
  • Select 1 of 11 vibrant colours to show off your personality
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2 adidas Men's Unifo Trn Soccer Ball on white background

adidas Men's Unifo Trn Soccer Ball

4.7 /5

Ideal for Resistance

  • Train just like the top European football players with the official Euro 2020 ball
  • Spot it effortlessly even at night thanks to the reflective colours
  • Feels like a feather on your boot with the light & high-quality build
  • Inflate it in seconds & dribble with precision & control
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3 Nike Pitch Team Training Football on white background

Nike Pitch Team Training Football

4.6 /5

Top Choice for Durability

  • Run through the field faster thanks to its smooth & glossy outer layer
  • Pick between 5 different colours to match your style
  • Pass it on to your siblings as it has a highly durable TPU casing
  • Get out on the pitch rain or shine thanks to the reinforced rubber design
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4 NIKE Pitch Premier League Football on white backgorund

NIKE Pitch Premier League Football

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Accuracy

  • Play with the official 2019-20 Premier League match ball that stars like Marcus Rashford used
  • Nail corner shots thanks to the fantastic directional flight
  • Show it off to your friends as it has a unique 12-panel design
  • Have fun with your coworkers as it’s the perfect adult size
5 Senston Football Match Ball on white background

Senston Football Match Ball

4.5 /5

Ideal for All Weather

  • Stay in the game whatever the weather may be as it’s 100% resistant
  • Never hurt your feet when kicking thanks to the soft PU skin
  • Engage in your favourite sport right from the box by inflating it with the included pump
  • Bring it with you anywhere by putting it in the carry net
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6 Nike Flight Premier League Ball on white background

Nike Flight Premier League Ball

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Aerodynamics

  • Recreate goals from the 2020-21 Premier League as it’s the official ball
  • Catch all headers thanks to its high stability
  • Hit the sweet spot as the 4 fused panels help you target better
  • Keep your pace steady no matter the weather with its all-conditions control technology
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7 Mitre Unisex's Final Recreational Football on white background

Mitre Unisex's Final Recreational Football

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Futsal

  • Perfect for advanced footballers that like to play on hard surfaces
  • Choose 1 of 8 eye-catching designs to add a pop of colour to the game
  • Handle tricky passes with confidence thanks to the soft-touch foam
  • Inflate it hassle-free with the convenient ball pump
8 Nike Premier League Pitch Ball on white background

Nike Premier League Pitch Ball

4.5 /5

Best Unisex Choice

  • Create your own knockout tournament at home just like the FA cup
  • Carry it with no strain as it’s very light
  • Gift it to your children & watch them improve their trick shots
  • Shoot with precision even from the other side of the pitch with the fused panels
Ideal Gift Ribbon
9 Nike Flight on white background

Nike Flight

4.5 /5

Ideal for Power Shots

  • Amazing feel on your foot thanks to the textured surface for consistent kicks
  • Show off your pride with its England national team colours on the ball
  • Throw deep crosses efficiently with the Aerowsculpt technology
  • Send the ball right where you aim as it has moulded grooves
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10 Senston Football on white background

Senston Football

4.5 /5

Best Non-Slip Choice

  • Stay comfortable through your training session thanks to the soft-touching material
  • Versatile to play indoors or outdoors with excellent resistance
  • Keep it for years free from wear & tear with its leather sewing
  • Always kick straight shots as it has a butyl-made strong bladder

Enjoy Playing Footie With The Best Football Balls

Do you want to practise and improve your footie skills? Is your garden large enough for you to host your friends over for some competitive matches? Set up your football goal, give the keeper the goalkeeping gloves and start a fun shootout with the best football balls

There are so many options out there for any type of play, both indoors and outdoors. With vibrant and eye-catching colourful designs, you can find exactly the one to your liking. Choose one today and get your little ones out on the pitch. Any proud parent would love to see their children grow up and be the next biggest football star in the UK.

Are you interested in learning a bit about the features to consider before purchasing your football ball? Read below to find out more! 

  • Type: Depending on what play type you are interested in, various choices are available, including training balls, match balls, and futsal balls. Training balls are more affordable than match balls, while futsal balls are specially made for indoor football. 
  • Colour: Do you want to show off your individuality? Luckily, there are so many options colour wise for you to pick exactly to your personal preference. Common colours include neon ones as they are better visible from far. 
  • Material: Most, if not all, football balls are made with a soft-touching material, EVA foam and PU. For durability, pick the ones that have leather sewing so that they are hard-wearing.
  • Accessories: Many manufacturers include accessories with the balls such as carry nets, needle adapters and ball pumps so that you can inflate them hassle-free.

Get a football ball today and start practising to improve your skills and be your team’s MVP at the next match. Follow the likes of great football players worldwide and kickstart, no pun intended, your career right from your home! Will you send a low pass or a long cross to your teammate?

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