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Best 10 Footmuffs

As Of March 2021

Buying a stroller or a pram for your baby is one thing. But getting accessories that make your baby feel comfortable is another. Especially during the cold season, when it’s all chilly to take the baby out.

Footmuffs are a must-have for these periods of time. Designed like a sleeping bag to keep the baby all covered, warm and cosy, they will change your strolls for the better!
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1 Babycurls fleece lined cosytoes red black footmuff in white background

Size: 100 x 45 cm, Harness Style: 5 & 3 Point, Material: Fleece, Wind & Water Resistant

  • 2 non-slip grips, ensures that the footmuff does not slide
  • The detachable becomes a liner too
  • Perfect for any weather, water and windproofing design
  • Extra padding liner for more warmth and comfort in winter
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2 Fairybaby cosytoes grey footmuff with stripes
Adjustable gear
4.8 /5

Size: 89.99 x 50,02 cm, Harness Style: 5 & 3 Point, Material: Cotton, Wind & Water Resistant

  • Adjustable gear for better fitting baby’s size
  • Removable front, it doubles to a seat liner for warm weather
  • Exposed foot side, convenient as the baby grows taller
  • Non-slip backside holds the baby in place
3 The little universal 24 pink black footmuff in white background
Extra quilting
4.7 /5

Size: 90 x 40 cm, Harness Style: 5 Point, Material: Fleece, Wind & Water Resistant

  • Extra quilting design for more warmth during cold weather
  • Water and wind-resistant outer lining, for all seasons
  • Machine washable material for easy and fast cleaning
  • Easily unzip the front to provide a warm seat liner
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4 Olobaby luxury padded warm pink grey footmuff in white background
2-in-1 Design
4.7 /5

Size: 110 x 50 cm, Harness Style: 5 and 3 Point, Material: Cotton, Waterproof

  • 2-in-1 design, it easily converts to a seat liner
  • Versatile footmuff fitting prams, car seats and strollers
  • Ideal for both babies and toddlers, XXL size
  • Extra quilting, mink-like lining, extra warmth and soft feel
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5 Zamboo grey-black footmuff in bright backgorund
Machine washable
4.6 /5

Size: 100 x 45 cm, Harness Style: 5 and 3 Point, Material: Fleece & polyester, Wind, Dirt & Water-Resistant

  • Easy clean in the washing machine, up to 40°C
  • Anti-slip backside nubs prevent the footmuff from sliding
  • Use the top as a blanket, play mat or a changing pad
  • Dirt-resistant foot area stays clean even with the baby’s shoes on
6 Baby Zen YOYO Colorful set of 6 footmuffs black blue red pink brown in white background
Carrying bag included
4.6 /5

Size:L 39 x 17 cm, Harness Style: 5 Point, Material: Polyester, Dirt-Resistant

  • Has its own bag for safe carrying and storage
  • Inbuilt hood for protecting the baby’s head
  • Dirt-proof inner lining, the baby can keep shoes on
  • It’s machine washable for easy cleaning at 30°C
7 Contanzo Erico all seasons grey white footmuff with stripes in white background
Stroller straps
4.5 /5

Size: 37.59 x 24.61 cm, Harness Style: 5 Point, Material: Fleece, Wind, Dirt and Water-Resistant

  • Includes stroller straps that keep the footmuff from sliding
  • Detach the front panel to get a soft seat liner on warm days
  • Water, wind and dirt-resistance durable outer fabric
  • Lined with toughened zips, closes up when not in use
8 Boogaboo Universal emperial red footmuff in white back groundin bright backgorund
4.4 /5

Size: 98.04 x 46.99 cm, Harness Style: 5 Point, Material: Polyester, Water-Resistant

  • Bamboo charcoal treated fabric for a dry and comfy baby
  • Adjustable cord for protecting the baby’s head
  • Detachable cover for extra comfort when it’s warm
  • Max. weight capacity 15,7 Kg, for babies of most age groups
9 Taococco fleece lined snuggly black and white footmuff with hood
2 way zipper
4.3 /5

Size: 94 x 50 cm, Harness Style: 5 Point, Material: Linen & Velvet, Water-Resistant

  • 2-way zipper, extra space for the baby to stretch freely
  • Has a strap for fixing footmuff in place
  • Both hand and machine washable for easy cleaning
  • Comes in 3 colours, easily matches your stroller or a pram
10 Silver Cross Dancing Daisy cute pink grey footmuff in white background
Detachable top side
4.2 /5

Size: 92 x 42 cm, Harness Style: 5 Point, Material: Polyester, Wind & Water-Resistant

  • The detachable design turns into a seat liner on warm days
  • Fleece inner lining for warmth and softness
  • Water and wind-resistant outer linen, use it all year round
  • Liner and footmuff fit 5-point harness strollers and prams

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Footmuffs

  • Provides a large comfy size, as the baby grows
  • The extra padded inner lining keeps your baby warmer
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Babycurls Fleece Lined Snuggly Cosytoes universal fitting footmuff comes in a large size, larger than most of the other options in the market. Its inner lining is super soft, providing a smooth feel for your baby's skin. The inner fleece lining is also extra padded, for some extra insulation and warmth. With dirt, water, and wind-resistant outer cover, this footmuff will ensure it endures hot and rainy conditions and keeps your baby sheltered.

The bottom is lined with 2 non-slip grips that prevent the baby from sliding down. Let your baby enjoy soft and comfortable rides by converting the top cover to a seat liner. Better still, you have 5 colourful options to choose from, so you can easily find a footmuff that integrates with your current baby pram, stroller or pushchair. 


  • Easy to attach
  • 5 colour options
  • Adjustable fitting positions


  • Non-slip grips not strong enough
  • Incompatible with some major strollers
  • You may need to put off the baby’s shoes, not dirt-proof
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Non-slip bottom keeps the baby firmly in place
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The three adjustable gear options of the Fairy Baby Cosytoes footmuff are one of the features that make it a great accessory for your stroller or pram. It’s a universal fitting footmuff with both 3 and 5 harness points to perfectly fit the majority of strollers and pushchairs. The premium 2-In-1 design lets you unzip and convert the top layer to a seat liner.

With a zipper at the bottom, you can always keep the foot side open so your baby’s feet are free to kick around and stretch. The outer cover is wind and water-resistant, so you can use the footmuff all-year-round indoors and outdoors. It’s also machine washable, giving you an easy time to keep it clean.


  • 3 adjustable gears, flexibility
  • It’s affordable and cosy
  • Adjustable harness


  • Not hand washable
  • Not dirt-resistant
  • If the bottom stays open, the baby may catch a cold
  • Universal fitting footmuff for strollers and pushchairs
  • Easily removable front panel for versatile use
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The Littles 24 Universal Fit footmuff is a universal harness style one, ideal for almost all prams, strollers and pushchairs in the market. It has extra quilting and inner fleece lining to keep the baby perfectly safe and warm during winter. The inner linen is so soft that your baby has a smooth, no irritating skin feeling when covered with the footmuff.

This footmuff is resistant against water and wind for usage throughout the year. This is a 2-in-1 footmuff with a detachable font. Once you unzip it, you can use the front panel as a cosy and warm seat liner on warm days. It’s also machine washable, for fast and easy cleaning. 


  • Affordable and reliable
  • Multiple colour choices
  • Warm enough all year round


  • No anti-slip nubs
  • Could be a bit warmer, but still OK
  • Rather a small size, best fitting newborns and 1-2 years old

Keep your Baby Warm and Cosy with the perfect Footmuff!

How much does your baby enjoy the outdoors? Their cute little faces filled with smiles when riding through the streets or parks. Does the cold weather deter you from taking your baby out? With the cold season fast approaching, there’s a need to find a brave solution!

Every travelling system in the market, from strollers to baby prams lacks one thing basic for the protection of your baby against the cold: This is the gap which footmuffs are here to fill in! Designed to keep your baby safe during winter, they are here to make you worry less and enjoy your stroll in the park more! They come in different sizes and materials so that you can choose the one which is perfect for you.

Why give Footmuffs a Chance?

Once you get the perfect footmuff, going out in the cold will no longer be a worrying chore. While the stroller or pram provides you with a safe carriage system, the footmuff will keep your baby all warm and comfortable, with a smooth feeling of protection around the body. And, it will also come in handy during the warm season, too. All you have to do is detach the front panel when it’s hot and sunny so your baby doesn’t heat up. Then, you can double that front panel to provide a soft seat liner for the stroller or pram.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Footmuff?

Settling for the perfect footmuff can be exhausting, albeit necessary. But then again, having a new family member is what matters the most! Useful questions to ask yourself to help you in your purchase could be the following: “Will this product be age-appropriate for my baby?? What size of footmuff will suit your sweetheart best? What other features should I take into account?”

First, take a deep breath. Then, think about your baby’s age and size for a start. While there is no one-size-fits-all footmuff, these vital factors are the best guides for a long-serving footmuff.

If you are a regular travelling parent, think about how many times you need to use the footmuff. This will probably be throughout the year, so a pram that meets your needs during the warm and cold seasons is invaluable. This will save you the hassle of carrying other accessories, like light paddings or cushions for liners.

It’s also good to think about cleaning. Keeping your baby warm is not the only goal: It is equally important to ensure that your baby’s skin health is not compromised, too. Is it a machine or hand washable? Or can you wash it using both methods? The faster and easier it is for you to keep it clean, the better. A washing machine saves you time during the cold weather so you always have a fresh footmuff to rely on.

Outdoor activities are very healthy for the baby and you, creating a bonding moment for you both. But when it’s freezing, your many layers of coats do not work for the baby. We have meticulously looked for the best footmuffs that ensure that you and your baby get to enjoy the outdoors the forthcoming cold season, with less worry and more fun!

Extra tip:

If you are using a car for your transportation, bear in mind that sometimes, multiple winter coats and additional blankets prevent the seat harness to be closely wrapped around your baby's body, reducing  safety during the drive. So, dress up your baby in multiple thin layers, put the blanket on top and lastly, warm the car a few minutes before you start driving for the park.

Always Think About...

  • The size, which will determine how long the footmuff needs to be to serve you. You will find different sizes of footmuffs, and if you are not careful, your baby might not fit too well. Most footmuffs can work for babies till the age of 2, but larger sizes ensure your baby’s feet are comfy as they grow.
  • The harness type and holes available on the footmuff. They need to match with the harness type of your pram or stroller for perfect fitting. While some footmuffs come with a 3-point or 5-point harness type, others might have both. But, to be on the safe side, it’s best to go with one that has a universal harness type.
  • The material, not only for warmth and the soft feel to the skin but also for durability and matching with the stroller or pram. The most common materials are cotton, fleece and polyester. Although you need to settle for a durable and comfortable one, you also need to consider how well it fits the pram or stroller for an integrated design.

We understand how important it is for you to find the right equipment for your baby’s needs. That’s why we offer you this in-depth information, to make your footmuff shopping run as smoothly as possible. Your satisfaction most likely will be your baby’s satisfaction in the long run. Let our buying guide and top choices lead you to the one perfect footmuff that will keep your beloved child smiley and warm.

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