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Best 10 Gaming Chairs

As Of January 2022

Let’s start with the basics! Are you a PlayStation or an Xbox fan? Or maybe more of a PC type? No matter what console you choose for your gaming adventures, there’s one thing that every gamer has in common. The need for the best gaming chair! Total body support for long hours of gameplay is just the beginning. Gaming chairs know how to turn your experience into something more. Never had one? What are you even doing? Don’t waste any more time and find the perfect one for you!
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3 GTFORCE Turbo Blue Leather Racing Sports Office Chair on white background

GTFORCE Turbo Blue Leather Racing Sports Office Chair

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Lumbar Support

  • Relax & put your feet up on the extendable footrest
  • Improve your posture with the adjustable lumbar cushion
  • Glide around your hard floors worry-free as the wheels are scratch-resistant
  • Rock back & forth in peace as it has a tilt lock mechanism
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5 Razer Enki on white background

Razer Enki

4.5 /5

Most Comfortable Choice

  • Safe to sit on it for hours on end thanks to the aluminium base
  • Customise the back to your comfort up to 150 degrees
  • Enjoy luxurious resting on the premium memory foam cushion
  • Stress-free to cover parts & repairs with the 3-year warranty
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5 Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Series Premium Gaming Chair on white background

Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Series Premium Gaming Chair

4.5 /5

Top Leather Choice

  • Built to withstand wear & tear with its scratch & stain-resistant materials
  • Wipe it down effortlessly as it's made of PVC leather
  • Release pent up tension with the 160-degree reclining back
  • Personalise the armrests to fit your arm's width
5 Vinsetto Stylish Racing Chair Recliner on white background on white background

Vinsetto Stylish Racing Chair Recliner

4.5 /5

Ideal for Footrest

  • Support your spine & neck fully with the neck & back pillows
  • Move around your desk comfortably thanks to the 5 caster wheels
  • Bring a sleek aesthetic to your gaming setup with the black PU leather
  • Never feel tired as it has a 170-degree reclining position
9 Razer Iskur gaming chair on a white background

Razer Iskur

4.5 /5

Top Pick By Professional Gamers

  • Have total control over your moves with the 4D adjustable armrests
  • Hours of gameplay won’t wear down the durable materials
  • The lumbar curve supports and protects your spine for ideal posture
  • Super comfortable high-density cushions that hug your body
3 GTPLAYER gaming chair on a white background

GTPLAYER Gaming Chair

4.6 /5

Top Choice For A Mid-Range Product

  • Extra support & comfort combined with stability & mobility
  • Feel comfortable with the padded back and seat that are ergonomically designed
  • Adjust the height and armrests and choose the reclining from 90°-170°
  • Worry-free purchase with a 1-year warranty
8 BraZen Pride gaming chair on a white background

BraZen Pride

4.5 /5

Top Choice For Better Sound Experience

  • Enjoy two speakers and a subwoofer that makes your experience amazing
  • Compatible with PlayStation, PC, Nintendo and Xbox consoles
  • Store it easily thanks to its premium foldable design
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty so you don’t need to worry at all
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10 Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair on a white background

Corsair T3 Rush

4.5 /5

Most Breathable Option

  • Stay comfortable for hours with its breathable soft fabric
  • Relaxing foam lumbar support keeps your body in the right posture
  • Adjust the 4D armrests to suit your needs for better gameplay
  • Solid steel frame for safety & stability combined with easy glide
4 noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair on white background

Noblechairs EPIC

4.5 /5

Best Sports Car Inspired Design

  • Feels like a luxury sports car thanks to its inspired designed
  • Extra soft feel & optimised for extra breathability and comfort
  • Use it as a desk chair with such a minimal and classy design
  • Stay stable & safe for a lifetime with its sturdy steel frame
2 play haha. Gaming Chair on white background

play haha. Gaming Chair

4.7 /5

Ideal for Lumbar Support

  • Wide & comfortable for any body type to fit snugly on it
  • Adjust the height to your liking for hours of non-stop gaming
  • Release back tension with its rocking back & forth function
  • Stress-free to enjoy as it comes with a 1-year warranty

Spend Non-Stop Hours Gaming By Using a Gaming Chair

Are you an avid gamer who spends all day and night playing video games? Do you want to level up your gaming experience? You need to invest in a gaming chair! You will see that not only will you have added comfort, but your gameplay will also improve thanks to no more physical strain.

For someone who likes to spend long periods of time in front of their monitor, the best gaming chairs will be life-saving and fantastic ergonomic options. They are high-quality seats that offer an improved experience for all gamers.

A premium gaming chair will allow you to have long gaming sessions with your friends online without having to take a break for stretching. A complete gaming setup is a pro player’s move, so there are many ways you can improve your current setup. Gaming headsets, dual monitors, RGB light keyboards, you name it! Now is your time to make the moves to be a pro-league player.

Why have an office chair when you can play on a high-end gamer’s chair as all esports fans do? PC gaming enthusiasts vow that they have seen great improvement in their gaming skills since buying a gaming chair. So, what do you think? Are you in, or are you out? Do you want us to let you in on the secrets of how to pick the best gaming chair? Keep reading to find out.

Why do you need a gaming chair?

Unlike the traditional office chairs, gaming chairs are eye-catching in colour and have great lower back support. For an increased price tag, the benefits are endless, especially for reduced body strain. Some areas that a gaming chair is better than a standard computer chair are highlighted below.

1. Support

There is such a big difference in gaming chairs’ support compared to regular office chairs. There is a head pillow on the headrest for added support. Some chairs have neck pillows that allow you to release some of the built-up neck strain. It’s always more enjoyable of a gaming experience when you have added comfort. Removable cushions have adjustable lumbar support, something that a traditional office chair lacks. A footrest is a great way to keep your feet straight. Fully extended feet increase blood flow towards your lower limbs.

2. Design

Any style gaming chair is undeniably cool. The colours and sleek design makes them a gamer’s dream chair. Some of them have leather interior to match racing style games. They are designed so that you feel much more comfortable than on a classic office chair. You have the option to pick from many different upholstery styles and fabrics, such as softweave fabric or high-end PVC leather.

3. Build Quality

A solid build quality makes these chairs very worthy of a purchase. Even if we only look at their fabric, the majority are leather and have steel or iron frames which is a far superior build to office chairs. They also have very durable bases and caster wheels. Their high-quality build makes them sturdy and able to hold a lot of weight.

4. Adjustment

The best part about gaming chairs is how adjustable they are. There is a lot of ease of motion to lift the armrests down or sideways. Most of them have recliner capabilities and height adjustment to match any desk height. The seat height adjustability is also great because you can control how far off the ground you want the bucket seat to be. Gaming chairs are extremely ergonomic and comfortable thanks to the adjustable armrests and memory foam lumbar pillows.

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What Features Should A Gaming Chair Have?

Even if you are a beginner gamer, looking at the top features that your chair should have will make you look like a professional gamer when you buy one. These are critical features that all pro players look for, and the rest is a matter of personal preference.

1. Size & Dimensions

Imagine buying a chair only to see that it doesn’t fit well with your desk or in your room. Check the product’s description for the chair’s height, width and length. It would be a shame to buy a product that you wouldn’t be able to use in your space. An adult gamer has to fit in the chair they are going to use, so always keep in mind that size matters and should be looked at.

2. Build

A better chair built with high-quality materials is going to last longer than one with low-grade ones. Overall, gaming chairs are pricier than office chairs, so do some research and see which one is worth the money you will spend.

The frame should be a good way for you to understand if the product has excellent build quality. Metal and steel frames have longevity, whereas plastic is bound to break sooner. A durable base is also essential to look for. Wide aluminium bases are the best and most likely to have a long lifecycle. Wide caster wheels are also high-quality build features to have. Aim for a minimum of 7cm wide caster wheels because anything less than that won’t be enough. A narrow caster wheel offers less stability and, as a result, more chances of you tipping over.

Wouldn’t you hate it if the chair’s lumbar cushion was flat after a few months of continuous chair use? A memory foam lumbar pillow that shapes its mould around the gamer is the highest quality type, so you should look for it when possible.

3. Weight Capacity

Not all gaming chairs have the same weight capacity. Consider your weight and height as another factor that will determine the chair type you get. If you want a chair with large weight capacities, try and find one labelled as big and tall.

Don’t think that all chairs can handle your weight. That is not the case. Some are ideal for lower weight limits, such as up to 80kg. Others are ideal for gamers weighing anywhere from 70-100 kg. Some heavy-duty options can hold up to 200kg.

4. Console Compatibility

If you’re a gaming newbie, you might not know that some chairs have Bluetooth and USB connectivity abilities. You can connect your gaming console to your chair in some cases. Always look out for this in the product description.

Wouldn’t you love to connect your chair’s speakers to your console and have an authentic racing experience? Racing chairs are a perfect example of how cool console integrations can be. The one downside to this is that they are usually an added cost to a gaming chair’s standard design, so you should expect this as a premium feature.

5. Ergonomic & Adjustable

As we mentioned earlier, the biggest pro to gaming chairs is how adjustable and ergonomic they are. The main reason someone who spends so much time gaming would want a gaming chair is better support. Your back strain and neck strain can be long-term if you don’t find a better solution quickly. See below some critical features for an ergonomic and adjustable experience.

  • Lumbar Support: Adjustable lumbar support helps shape the chair to match your body to the max. Even a basic lumbar pillow will be better than nothing because it offers relief to your spine.
  • Adjustable Armrests: Adjustable armrests can offer better elbow support while you’re in the middle of a very crucial game. Your fingers are constantly moving around the keyboard, so armrests that you can move in any direction will relieve wrist tension.
  • Curved Backrest: A tall backrest that covers your entire back, spine and neck is the best support for your entire upper body. Office chairs do not usually reach higher than your neck, leaving your head hanging in the air with minimal support.
  • Reclinable Tilt Mechanisms: We always fidget around on our seat to try and improve our body posture. A reclinable tilt mechanism can automatically adjust your backrest for instant body tension release.

How much should you spend on a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs are high-end desk chairs that have high-quality materials and build. You are bound to spend more on a chair like this than a standard one, so you should expect a bumped price.

Affordable Chair

You can compromise on some features and find a solid choice if you’re on a tight budget for less than £100. Beginners can choose a budget-friendly chair within this range and work their way up to pricier ones. They might not have the best lumbar support or the most adjustable backrest, but you can still find improvements from standard office chairs of the same price range.

Average Price

An average price of a good quality gaming chair can be anywhere between £200-400. If you consider the added ergonomic support features’ health benefits, this price is worth the investment. Most within this price range have all the necessary ergonomic features mentioned above and are excellent for intermediate gamers who spend hours playing.

High-Quality Chair

Pro gamers like to spend more on premium quality chairs that can go over £400 apiece. These types of chairs come with added features like Bluetooth connectivity and further adjustments. It’s a matter of what you want out of your chair and what your budget is. Want to have a full 4D experience with shakes and vibrations? This will probably be a premium-priced chair.

What are the different types of gaming chairs?

There are different types of gaming chairs available to match various game types, in case you didn’t know. Have a look below to find the one which is right for you.

1. PC Gaming Chairs

The most common type of chair that anyone thinks of when you say this term. This option is a classic for someone who plays most of their games in front of their PC. They are very comfortable for your hands, wrists and back.

They have a high and upright back that can recline thanks to tilt mechanisms. They remind us of a car’s seats because of their leather interior but are not to be confused with racing chairs.

2. Console Gaming Chairs

Console gaming chairs are best used for console gaming. You don’t necessarily need to use them with your Xbox or Playstation console, but their design is optimised for the ground. You might see them as rocker chairs, too, because they rock back and forth in their L-shape. They are smaller in size than PC gaming chairs and lower, also, so you wouldn’t be able to game that well on PC with them.

One cool feature of these chairs is that they have USB ports that allow you to charge your controller while playing. They have high-tech specs, which make them a somewhat pricier alternative to PC gaming chairs. It depends on which platform you play most of your games on.

Are all gaming chairs fit for everyone?

Not really. Three factors will determine your choice the most: the gamer’s weight and height as well as the chair’s material. Keep those in mind and read below to find the right fit for you.

1. Pick a chair that’s optimal for the gamer’s weight & height

You should always check the weight limit capacities before buying a chair. That way, you can avoid accidentally breaking it. You want to pick a chair that is perfect for your body shape.

For example, let’s take a female gamer. They prefer chairs with a wider bucket seat because their body shape is generally wider to the hips than male gamers; that area requires more space.

On the other hand, male gamers prefer chairs with wider and taller backrests to support their broad shoulders and overall height. A child gamer should buy a chair that is not too large or too small to fit.

Body shapes are not all the same, and that’s what you should think about when buying a chair. Some gaming chairs are not ideal for heavier gamers. A narrow seat will be tight for someone with larger thighs. Before you buy a chair, measure your areas that you think would need additional space. Buy a chair that will be wide enough and comfortable for endless hours of use.

2. Always remember that support matters

Gamers are not necessarily only children anymore. We see a growing number of adults spend their free time gaming, so, naturally, good posture is a vital health factor. A gamer in their 50s should be more aware of the potential poor posture effects. You should take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from neck strain, back pain and sore wrists and elbows.

Extra cushioning as part of your headrest or backrest will offer more support. A removable lumbar cushion that sits on your lower spine straightens it out and keeps you upright throughout your entire gaming session. Adjustable handles prevent awkward hand positioning that could lead to wrist injuries and sore tendons.


Do gaming chairs improve posture?

Absolutely! The tall build of the backrest in combination with the adjustable ergonomic design offers maximum comfort. There is no better way to improve your posture than with a gaming chair. The lumbar cushion, footrest and recliner abilities of the chair give you enhanced spine support for relief and minimum strain.

Gaming chairs reach inclination angles of up to 165 degrees so that you can tilt backwards for extended periods. Want to support a specific area of your back? Detach the backrest cushion and place it wherever you desire. Feel your elbows and wrists locked in place? Adjust the armrests higher for improved 90-degree keyboard strokes.

Tips on how to use a gaming chair

Want to get the most out of your gaming chair? There are some pro player’s tips that will show you the best practices all professionals follow. It’s best to create a healthy routine that will make using your gaming chair a natural and unforced habit. Check the top tips below!

  • Adopt a neutral sitting position with your lower back and hips as close to the backrest as possible.
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor for less risk of numbing and better blood circulation.
  • Keep your lower back flat with a lumbar pillow to prevent injuries.
  • Always try to relieve the stress of your back muscles for an improved overall body posture.
  • Even if your posture is excellent, standing up for a few breaks will be best.
  • Lift the adjustable handles so that they are even with your desk. You always want your elbow to touch a surface.
  • Switch between leaning back and standing upright for some small back stretching motions
  • Avoid slouching forward or letting your whole weight on the chair

Final Thoughts

Gamers take your gaming to the next level with the best gaming chairs out there! We found the best options for you to consider so that you can spend as much time as possible playing without feeling tired! Our buying guide checked what top features a gaming chair should have and what types are available. We’re positive it gave you all the information to make a choice that matches your personal needs. So what’s next? What are you waiting for? There are so many game titles waiting for you to play them. Buy a gaming chair and let the fun begin!

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