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Best 10 Gaming Monitors

As Of March 2021

A brilliant time to be a gamer! Why? Because now you can enjoy your favourite games like never before. Getting the best peripherals to upgrade your game is an important thing in a gamer’s life! So if you feel like you could use some “levelling up” then you’re in the right place!

Don’t worry about complicated choices! Here you can find the best gaming monitors and make your rig look at its finest. Crystal clear image, stunning refresh rates and top smoothing technologies are here for you.
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1 GIGABYTE G32QC Curved 3‎1.5" (2560x1440p) gaming monitor on a white background

Best Overall Gaming Monitor

  • High contrast ratio & great colour accuracy especially in dark rooms
  • Responsive gaming due to low input lag and 165Hz refresh rate
  • The Picture-by-Picture mode is perfect for multitasking & streaming
  • Natively compatible with FreeSync and NVIDIA’s G-SYNC
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2 Samsung Odyssey G7 Curved 32" (2560×1440p) QHD gaming monitor on a white background

Top Pick By Pro Players

  • With native 240Hz refresh rate and great response time
  • With deep blacks and great contrast ratio for crystal clear image
  • Supports Freesync variable refresh rate technology and NVIDIAs G-SYNC
  • Has an RGB illumination to upgrade your gameplay and decor
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3 Samsung QLED CRG9 Curved 49" (5120x1440p) gaming monitor on a white background

Best Large Curved Gaming Monitor

  • Use it as one 49” monitor or a dual side-by-side 27” QHD
  • Perfect HDR content display with reduced input latency & 120HZ refresh rate
  • Adjust the height, tilt it and swivel it for maximum comfort
  • Connect multiple sources via HDMI, 2 DisplayPort & USB 3.0
4 ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q 28" (3840x2160p) gaming monitor on a white background

Extremely Flexible Viewing

  • A very affordable choice for a 4K monitor of great quality
  • Brilliant brightness levels and accurate colours for crisp visuals
  • With a 5 milliseconds response time and a refresh rate at 60Hz
  • One of the most ergonomic of the market with great flexibility
5 ViewSonic ELITE XG270QC Curved 27" (2560x1440p) QHD gaming monitor on a white background

Very Gentle Curve

  • 8-bit colour & 3ms grey to grey response time for pro gaming
  • With refresh rate at 165Hz & deep blacks without detail falloffs
  • Stylish with RGB lights at the bottom to match your aesthetic
  • Nearly bezel-less on the sides & top for an immersive picture
6 Alienware AW2521HF 24.5" (1920x1080p) gaming monitor on a white background

Best Budget Gaming Monitor

  • Great motion handling & low input lag both at 240Hz & 60Hz refresh rate
  • With wide viewing angles which is perfect for co-op games
  • Handles reflection and has a clear image even in bright rooms
  • Sharp image due to its smaller size and higher pixel density
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7 LG UltraGear Curved 27" (3840x1600p) gaming monitor on a white background

Top Pick For Best Quality

  • Excellent response time with clear motion and reduced blur
  • With low input lag and a refresh rate at 144Hz that delivers great quality
  • It supports FreeSync variable refresh rate technology & G-SYNC
  • Great quality build combined with wide viewing angles
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8 Dell QHD S3220DGF 31.5" (2560x1440p) QHD gaming monitor on a white background

Curved Design For Limited Space

  • Impressive curved design with good reflection handling & deep blacks
  • Fast refresh rate at 165Hz and very low input lag
  • The native FreeSync support reduces screen tearing for clear images
  • Enjoy a good contrast ratio which is perfect for dark rooms
9 ASUS ROG Swift PG259QN 24.5" (1920x1080p) gaming monitor on a white background

Brilliant Refresh Rate

  • Amazon motion handling and an even greater response time
  • Clean and smooth time with an exceptional refresh rate of 360Hz
  • Enjoy a nearly tear-free image thanks to the G-SYNC & FreeSync support
  • With great ergonomics and wonderful wide viewing angles
10 Samsung SR35 24" (1920x1080p) gaming monitor on a white background

Very Popular Choice

  • Almost bezel-less from the sides & top for a better experience
  • Great colour settings & image contrast ratio that bring games to life
  • AMD Radeon FreeSync reduces tears & shuttering to your image
  • Very low input lag & no ghosting effect during gameplay
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One of the greatest gaming monitors without the need for a huge budget! With an amazingly good dark room performance, it delivers an immersive gaming experience that other products are jealous of. The high contrast ratio and colour accuracy brings every game to life and gives the gamer a brilliant feeling no matter the type of game. Add the low input lag and the 165Hz refresh rate and you’ll have a crystal clear image without tears and shutters.

It supports HDR10 and has a great picture even though there’s an absence of local dimming. The resolution’s on point for its size so you won’t feel disappointed at all. Trust us on this! Plus, it comes with a couple of USB ports and extra gaming features. Oh! It also has a Picture-by-Picture mode which is a nice addition especially if you’re a multitasker or if you enjoy streaming videos.

Let’s start by saying that it has an incredibly good refresh rate that reaches up to 240Hz and is combined with an amazing response time. What any gamer would want, right? The motion is so clear that it will blow your mind! Plus, it supports FreeSync variable refresh rate (VRP) technology and it’s also certified by NVIDIA when it comes to G-SYNC compatibility.

The picture is very clear and has a good contrast ratio without losing any colour accuracy. Right out of the box that is! So you won’t have to manually calibrate anything! Now, about quality, it’s very well-built and it has a curve at 1000R which might not be perfect for everyone even though you get used to it pretty quickly. When it comes to the extras, it has a Picture-by-Picture/Picture-in-Picture mode and an RGB illumination that upgrades your aesthetic and decor.

If you’re looking for an ultra-wide monitor then you should make sure to check this one. Samsung provides a great monitor for immersive gameplay and also allows you to do other tasks with multiple windows. The reflection handling is more than enough and it gets really bright to overcome any glare without troubles. So, if you’re used to playing in a well-lit room then you won’t be disappointed at all with this one.

Even when the images move really fast, you can see that it is very smooth and clear thanks to its refresh rate and quick response time. Add the variable refresh rate technology to that and you get a huge reduction in screen tearing. Another great advantage of this monitor is its HDR experience which has to do with the wide colour gamut and high peak brightness levels. Space might trouble you as it’s really large but if you don’t face any limits then you should go for it!

Final Verdict

Looking for the best gaming monitor can be quite overwhelming for some especially if you haven’t thought about what you’re really looking for. But, there’s no need to worry now that you’re here! This guide has something for everyone. From high-end gaming monitors to more budget-friendly options that will help you take your gameplay into a whole new level. Just enjoy yourself and have the time of your life!

You can’t really go wrong with a product like GIGABYTE G32QC Curved 3‎1.5" (2560x1440p) which is something that most people can afford. The value-for-money monitor that everyone would like to have! Now, if you want to feel a little more like a pro, then you should have a look at Samsung Odyssey G7 Curved 32" (2560×1440p) QHD. A big brand for big gamers! Finally, if your budget won’t stop you then there’s no questioning it! Samsung QLED CRG9 Curved 49" (5120x1440p) is a gaming monitor that will give you a feeling like no other!

Have a look at our top 10 picks and find the ideal one for you!

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