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Best 10 Golf Club Sets

As Of June 2022

Are you looking to replace your set of golf equipment? Or perhaps, you are hoping to start golfing your weekends away. Maybe you want to introduce your kids to this elite game while they’re still young & make a junior Tiger Woods. Whichever the case, you need to invest in a reliable set of golf clubs. Allow us to help you choose the best golf club set for you!
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1 Ben Sayers M1i Junior Package Set on white background

Ben Sayers M1i Junior Package Set

4.8 /5

Best Golf Club Set Overall

  • Protect the 14° driver high-loft with the included head cover
  • Position all the golf clubs safely with the 4-way divider
  • Stay hydrated with its mesh bottle holder for your water
  • Convenient pop-out stand bag for holding the bag in position
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2 Inesis Golf Kit 7 Clubs on white background

Inesis Golf Kit 7 Clubs

4.7 /5

Ideal for Athlete Players

  • Play for hours comfortably with its rubberized & ergonomic grip
  • Complete set of 7 golf clubs, irons, hybrid, driver, wedges & putter for all your golfing needs
  • Strong & durable steel shaft for your strong physique
  • Wide clubface for maximum forgiveness on
3 Ram Golf Accubar Golf Clubs Set on white background

Ram Golf Accubar Golf Clubs Set

4.6 /5

Top Choice for Gifting

  • Titanium driver with a sweet spot so you can hit bombs off the tee
  • Achieve high-flying shots with the #3 & #5 fairway woods
  • Sink more putts with the lightweight blade putter
  • Stainless steel sand wedge for hitting long shots with more control
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4 Young Gun ZAAP BIRDIE Junior Kids Golf Clubs Set + BAG on white background

Young Gun ZAAP BIRDIE Junior Kids Golf Clubs Set

4.5 /5

Ideal for Little Players

  • Stand bag with auto-popping legs for setting up on any terrain
  • Lightweight stand bag with dual-shoulder strap for cosy carrying
  • Keep clubs dry when its raining with the included rain hood
  • 6 irons with a cavity back that offers maximum forgiveness
7 Confidence Golf Junior Clubs on white background

Confidence Golf Junior Clubs

4.5 /5

Best for Children

  • Includes a golf bag with rain hood, divider & exterior pockets
  • 2 irons with cavity back to achieve more forgiving
  • Roll into the puts effortlessly with the aligned putter
  • Get your young one into golfing with a new set of lightweight golf clubs
Ribbon For Kids
5 Wilson Ultra XD Graphite Package Set on white background

Wilson Ultra XD Graphite Package Set

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Beginner Golf Clubs

  • Lightweight graphite shafts for consistent & great performance
  • Organise your clubs thanks to the pockets & dividers in the stand bag
  • Head covers & rain hood to guard clubs against elements
  • High-quality golf set with all-weather grips & 1-year guarantee
for beginners ribbon
6 Confidence Power III Golf Club Set on white background

Confidence Power III Golf Club Set

4.5 /5

Most Affordable Set

  • Legal 460cc driver head for more forgiveness & large sweet spot
  • Get your long approach hits right with the 24° hybrid wood
  • Carry bag with auto-popping legs & padded strap for comfort
  • External pockets to safely store your personal items when playing
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8 Wilson Profile XD All Graphite Golf Set on white background

Wilson Profile XD All Graphite Golf Set

4.5 /5

Best Accessorised Set

  • Comes with an umbrella to shelter you from weather changes
  • Includes a free golf society tee pack to wear in all your games
  • Comes in a deluxe stand bag with dividers to organise & store the clubs
  • Complete beginner set made with durable steel & graphite
9 MacGregor DCT3000 Golf Set on white background

MacGregor DCT3000 Golf Set

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Unisex Set

  • High-quality stainless steel irons for high handicappers & beginners
  • All weather golf set to play with any time of the year
  • Matching head covers to protect the 4 hybrid & woods from elements
  • A durable nylon cart bag with several exterior pockets
10 Wilson Golf Men's Ultra Plus Package Set on white background

Wilson Golf Men's Ultra Plus Package Set

4.5 /5

Ideal for Lightweight

  • Better roll & distance control with the blade-style putter
  • Larger sweet spot thanks to the cavity-backed irons
  • Lightweight carry bag with adjustable straps to suit your needs
  • Stand bag with self-activating legs to suit any surface you place the bag

Best Golf Club Sets to Tweak Your Golfing Skills

The world of golf is nothing short of confusing, especially for a beginner. It is even worse when you are shopping for golf equipment, golf push carts and golfing clubs to be precise.

Believe us when we say that the vast array of golf club sets in the markets is suitable for your options but a tad bit overwhelming. You need to understand the different types of golf clubs and their role, from achieving a precise swing speed to knowing the perfect clubhead speed from various positions. Do not even get us started on the handicappers, from high handicap to mid-handicap golfers and what golf clubs are suited for you.

Not to worry, though; our top picks and an extensive buying guide are here to fill all the blanks you are feeling right now. Whether you are looking for a starter set to begin your golfing journey or you need new clubs to up your game, we’ve got you covered!

Why do you need a golf club set?

The best golf clubs sets will come with a collection of a putter, wedge, woods, irons, and hybrid. But is it necessary to have all these types of golf clubs? The answer is yes. Regardless of the number of golf clubs in the set, you will need the different golf clubs to survive a complete game on any golf course. You can hit the golf ball from a short distance, long-distance or even the bunker with such a collection. If you want to play golf, just like any other sport, you need to have a full set of tools to make the most out of your game. 

How many clubs come in a full set?

A complete set of golf usually has 14 clubs. This is the maximum number of golf clubs should have and is recommended for pro and intermediate players. But there are some sets with 11 or 12 golf clubs. It does not mean the set is not complete.

These are actually the best sets to buy as a beginner. You can still buy the complete set of 14 clubs if you are looking to make a one-off purchase. The only difference is the cost for the additional 2 or 3 golf clubs. If you are set on playing golf, then why not invest in a full set of golf clubs

What should you look for in a golf club set? 

There are a few features you should consider when purchasing a golf club set. Here is our list to help you with the decision and speed up the process of searching for each one: 

1. The Thickness of the Grip 

It needs to be as comfortable as possible, not too thin or too thick for your grip. A thin or thick grip will affect the swing's gripping impact and even restrict the movement of your hands when taking the swing.

When considering the correct grip, ensure that your left hand's ring and middle fingers are holding the club and your thumb is touching little spaces of the touching pad. If your grip is too big, your fingers will not be touching your thumb, meaning it's not the right golf club for you.

2. The Shaft 

It is the circular post that connects to the head of the club. The key things to keep in mind when comparing the right shaft are your body type, height, and strength. The general rule of thumb is to get a longer shaft if you are tall and a short one if you are not that tall.

Also, keep in mind the flex of the shaft. A stiff shaft leads to lower ball flight and distance loss. On the other hand, soft shafts lead to ballooning which also leads to loss of distance. The best way to tell whether the shaft flex is stiff or soft, pay attention to how the club slices the ball.

Stiff flexes will slice it to your right while soft ones slice the golf ball to the left. Since your swing determines the level of stiffness, we recommend seeing a professional who can help you choose the right flex for you.

3. The Club Head

For maximum use of your golf clubs, it is best to have different club head sizes. Whatever size you use will mostly depend on your playing skills and level. But, most manufacturers offer golf club sets with varying head, midsize, midsize, and standard sizes. The type of clubhead to choose between these will significantly depend on your playing skill level.

4. Hosel

It not only connects the club head and the shaft, but it also helps determine the club's lie angle. The lie angle is the angle between the shaft and the club's sole.

Some golf clubs will have an adjustable hosel, including hybrids, fairway woods and drivers. It allows you to adjust the setting of the loft to suit your height and swing. The other types, wedges, putts and irons, will have a preset lie angle, but it doesn't mean they are not ideal for golfing. If you get one that matches your height and accommodates your swing, you are good to go.

What are the different types of golf clubs? 

There are 6 different types of the golf club to choose from when you are in the market for a golf club. Let’s get acquainted with each one and why you need them. 

  • Drivers

It is the longest golf club, making it the ideal choice for long-distance shooting. Golf clubs are measured in cubic metres, and the largest driver head one is allowed to have a 460cc driver. Most drive golf clubs to have carbon composite or titanium materials. These are lightweight compared to steel, allowing the manufacturer to increase the golf club's head.

When settling for any driver golf club, check the manufacturing date to ensure it is still legal for competitions, mainly if the manufacturing dates predate January 2008. The current maximum allowed Coefficient of Restitution is 0.83. It loosely translates to a rebound speed of 83mph if you hit the ball at 100mph. Anything higher than this is considered illegal.

  • Putter 

Putters are the opposite of drivers and are the golf clubs you need when shooting the ball at a short distance and low speed. It comes in hand when you are close to the hole and want to hit the golf ball straight into the hole.

There are 3 main types of putters, blade, mallet and half mallet. The mallet putter type is heavier than the rest, helping you align the golf ball for accuracy. Putters come in different lengths but will range from 84cm to 90cm.

  • Wedge

You can also use a wedge for short distance shots, chipping, pitching or when you need to get the golf ball out of the bunker. There are different wedge golf clubs, which one can use for each of these shots. The pitching wedge (PW), with a loft of 46 to 50 degrees, is best for shots into the green of about 120 yards. The Approach or Gap Wedge (AW/GW) has a larger loft than the PW of 50 to 55 degrees.

You will need a sand wedge (SW) for playing in the bunker, which has a loft of 54 to 58 degrees. Finally, there is the lob wedge (LW), with a loft of 60 to 64 degrees. It is the best for making high flights but from a short distance.   

  • Irons 

Most green's on golf courses have a small design with slopes and ridges, making it pretty difficult for golfers to score when hitting with a driver or wood golf club. The secret to scoring on such golf courses is using irons. The irons design makes it possible for you to hit the golf ball at a high trajectory, which lands it on the green at a downward but steep angle. This ensures the ball does not have a soft landing when the golf ball rolls far away.

The club heads of irons are smaller and thinner than that of drivers and woods, which improves your accuracy. Irons can have a cavity back for maximum forgiveness, making them ideal for a beginner golfer. If you are more skilled, you can settle for one with a blade head or other designs.

An iron set will mainly include the 9-iron, 8-iron, 7-iron, 6-iron, 5-iron and 4-iron plus a pitching wedge. Some sets of irons might omit the 3-iron and include the approach or gap wedge. Others, like the 8-iron set, might consist of the approach or gap wedge as part of the set.

The shaft of irons varies from graphite to steel, with the graphite shaft being the best choice for women's golf, seniors, or beginner golfers.

Also, keep in mind that the more the number of irons, the more the lofts. In that sense, the 9-iron will have more loft than the 4-iron, meaning the 9-iron hits the golf ball higher and is easier to control than its counterpart. However, it will have a shorter hitting distance than the 4-iron. That's why you need a complete golf club set of irons to cover you across all golf courses.

  • Fairway Wood 

These are similar to drivers but differ in several ways. For starters, the fairway wood has a club head of 140cc to 180cc and a shallower face. This keeps its center of gravity much lower, allowing one to get the golf ball airborne from the rough or fairway. Third, some fairway wood models will enable you to hit from heavier rough or divots, something that drivers do not offer.

If you are looking for an alternative for your long iron or are having a hard time with long approach shots, a fairway wood golf club is the best choice.

  • Hybrid Clubs

Some people struggle with long irons, and a hybrid club helps bridge that gap between the short irons and the woods. To improve your contact, especially if you are a beginner golfer, a hybrid club is what you need. You can use it to replace the 3-iron or the 4-iron for maximum forgiveness on off-centre shots.

How long can you keep a golf club set for?

The standard life expectancy of a golf club set is anywhere from 3 years to 10 years. How long your club set will last will solely depend on how often you go golfing and how well you maintain and take care of the set.

If you are a frequent golfer, you can expect your set to wear off faster than that of a golfer who golfs a few times every year. If your set of golf clubs start to wear out, consider replacing them even if they have not lasted for long. Why? Because a worn-out set of golf clubs will definitely affect your performance on the course and will not let you enjoy the game as much. 

What’s the best way to clean your golf club set?

As mentioned above, cleaning and maintaining your set of golf clubs will most definitely ensure you get the most out of them. Golf equipment is pretty expensive, even for the affordable models, so here is how to ensure you clean yours well, depending on the type of club:

Cleaning Irons

  1. Fill your bucket with warm water such that it covers the clubhead and does not touch the grips or shaft. Ensure the water is warm, not hot, which can loosen the clubhead and the shaft. 
  2. Add two or three teaspoons of mild detergent or soap and mix. 
  3. Immerse the dirty irons inside the bucket for five to ten minutes to loosen the clubs' dirt. If the clubs are dirtier than expected, you can leave them in the water for fifteen to twenty minutes. This makes cleaning it much more manageable. 
  4. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, take out the scrubs and scrub them, one by one. Ensure you scrub every part of the head, from the bottom to the top, front and back sides. 
  5. After ensuring that the clubs are well cleaned, run some clean water over the clubhead to remove the dirt and extra soapy water. Again, ensure the water does not touch the shaft or the grip of the golf club. 
  6. Dry each of your golf clubs with a clean and dry towel. 
  7. Apply some chrome or steel polish and gently rub each golf club to give it a shiny effect. You can leave it on for a minute.
  8. Then, wipe off any extra polish on every golf club.

Cleaning Metal Woods 

Unlike the irons you immerse in water, metal woods, like fairway woods and drivers, should never be immersed in water. The cleaning process is a bit different. 

  1. Pour water into a bowl and mix with two teaspoons of mild soap or detergent. 
  2. Use a soft and bristle brush. Dip it into the bowl with water and scrub the clubhead carefully, ensuring you do not get it too wet. 
  3. After cleaning, dry all the clubheads with a clean and dry towel.

Cleaning Wooden Clubs

Like metal woods, wooden clubs are pretty sensitive, too. You should never submerge yours in water, and neither should you use a brush to scrub. 

  1. With your bucket of water soapy water (again, use a mild detergent or cleaning soap), dip a clean cloth.
  2. Use it to wipe the clubhead until all the dirt is off carefully. 
  3. Once it is clean, use a different dry cloth to wipe away the remaining bits of water on the clubhead. 

Cleaning the Shaft 

Just because you can't dip the golf club's shaft into a bucket of water doesn't mean you can't clean it. In fact, cleaning the shaft is also very important and will determine how long your clubs last. Use a clean but damp cloth to take off any grime and dirt, and dry it using another dry towel. If rust has been unforgiving to the shafts, spray some vinegar on the shaft and wipe it with a cloth. Ensure you are not using a rough towel or cloth, which can cause scratches. 

Cleaning the Grip

The grips are also crucial as the dirt and sweat from your hands easily get soiled. Use a damp cloth, then rinse the grip with clean water. The water should still be warm, not hot. After rinsing the grip, dry it with a towel. If some of the water dripped to the shaft, ensure you wipe it so it doesn't rust.

How much should you spend on a golf club set?

It is no secret that golf club sets are expensive, especially when you go for some brands that professionals use. The truth is, some brands make taylormade golf clubs for professional players, which can make them pretty expensive. But there are affordable models for beginners and intermediate level players that will not have you getting deeper into debt so that you can fit into the workgroup that goes golfing every Friday afternoon.


Affordable golf club sets will cost you about £68 to  £100. These are primarily for beginners, kids and teenagers. The set might not be a complete piece set of 14 clubs. Some have lower than the expected number of 11 or 12 golf clubs for clubs. You will find most with about 7 or 9 golf clubs, which is not an insufficient number of kids or a beginner. The sets will also come with a stand bag that holds your clubs when you are not playing. 


With a mid-range budget of over £100 to about  £200, you will get a complete set of golf clubs. If not, it will probably have 11 or 12 golf clubs. This is the price point to keep in mind if you are looking for a golf set to improve your skills. These will also include a stand bag and covers for most, if not all, the clubs.


High-end models will cost you over £200 to about  £400. All our selected high-end picks go for about £380 and have more than just a complete set of golf clubs. These include a stand bag or a cart bag, with several exterior pockets for storing all your valuables on the course and other accessories like tees and umbrellas. The clubs might also include individual weather-proofed covers.


Are you ready to hit the ground running during your next golfing lesson or game? Our well-researched buying guide for the best golf club sets is here just for that! From golf clubs for beginners to the best clubs for an athlete, affordable and high-end options suit any price point. Stay ahead of the market with our complete buying guide, and you will know exactly what to look for. 

Happy shopping & happy golfing!

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