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Best 10 Hair Dryers

As Of March 2021

Do you want to feel like it’s salon day every day of the week? Who doesn’t wish to have sleek straight hair? Or voluminous blow dry hair? Or beautiful curls? Above all, we want our hair to be healthy!

Leave your bad hair days behind you by choosing from a variety of hair dryers that will allow you to wear different hairstyles each day quick and easy. Gain your confidence and flair back today. How?
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1 Remington Ionic Hair Dryer on white background.
Conditioning Hair Dryer
4.9 /5

Best Hair Dryer Choice

  • Extra smooth hair thanks to micro-conditioners released through airflow
  • Smooth & radiant hair due to the ionic, tourmaline & ceramic technology
  • Suitable for styling both straight or curly hair
  • Easy to clean removable air filter for peak performance
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2 Remington Lightweight Hair Dryer on white background.
Eco-friendly mode
4.8 /5

#2 Hair Dryer Choice

  • Glossy and frizz-free hair due to the removable anti-static ceramic ionic grille
  • Blow-dry your hair in no time with this powerful hairdryer
  • Eco-friendly mode to save energy while styling
  • Store the blowdryer neatly by the hang-up loop
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3 TRESemme Fast Hair Dryer on white background.
4.8 /5

Best travel hair dryer

  • Comfortable and light for the whole family to handle
  • Take it anywhere with you thanks to its compact design
  • Give extra volume to your roots with its concentrator nozzle
  • A real time-saver as its strong airflow dries your hair in the blink on an eye
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4 Innoo Tech Hair Dryer on white background.
Less heat damage
4.7 /5

Capable of multiple hair styling

  • Great motor for blow-drying and styling your hair fast
  • Various hairstyling with two different concentrator attachments and a diffuser
  • Goodbye frizzy hair thanks to ionic conditioning
  • Protect your hair thanks to multiple heat settings and speed settings
5 Remington Proluxe Ionic Hair Dryer on white background.
Most powerful hair dryer
4.7 /5

Perfect for straightening your hair

  • Sleek straight hair with this ultra-narrow concentrator nozzle
  • Long-lasting blow-dry with the Cool shot function available
  • Silky hair thanks to ionic conditioning
  • Be worry-free with a 5-year guarantee, plus 1 extra year if you register the product online
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6 Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer on white background.
Flawless shine
4.6 /5

Good choice for healthier hair

  • Dry your hair in no time with the quick-dry nozzle
  • Give volume to your curls with the diffuser attachment included
  • Adjust the temperature and fan speed of your styler for healthy hair
  • Designed to retain the moisture balance in your hair & make them shine
7 BaByliss Hair Dryer on white background.
4.5 /5

Top choice for frizz-free hair

  • Hair with no frizz due to the ionic technology
  • Control over your hair drying with various speed and heat programs
  • Fast-drying in a couple of minutes due to the powerful airflow
  • Easy and comfortable to handle every day as it is super lightweight
8 Dyson Hair Dryer on white background.
Smart hair dryer
4.5 /5

Best high-tech styler

  • Precise heat and speed settings for less hair damage
  • Easy to put on and off the magnetic attachments for more styling
  • A smoothing nozzle for you to create shinier & sleeker looking hair
  • Smart and fast-drying thanks to the high-powered digital motor
9 Ghd helios Professional Hair Dryer on white background.

Ideal for fast-drying

  • The strong motor is drying hair effectively and quickly
  • Advanced ionic technology for 30% more shiny hair
  • Narrow concentrator nozzle for better straightening results
  • Low sound experience to use even when everyone is asleep
Pros choice product ribbon
10 ghd Air Hair Dryer on white background.
Professional results
4.3 /5

Great choice for an ergonomic design

  • Cut your drying time in half with this efficient hair dryer
  • Both left-handed and right-handed user-friendly dryer
  • Good hair day with no more flyaways and frizz
  • Tailor your blowout based on your hair type with multiple settings available

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Do you wish to have salon-worthy hair 24/7? Choose the best hair dryer for you.

Every woman’s dream is healthy long shiny hair with an alluring hair motion. Do you find yourself battling with frizz control and static electricity? Do you struggle with hair damage and more often than not pay a visit to the hairdresser for the occasional trim? Do you want smooth and glossy hair without having to use hair straighteners, too? The answer to these questions is pretty simple. You need to choose the best hair dryer based on your hair needs.

You probably have one already, but is it the right one? And how would you know? Fear not as we are about to give you all the necessary information to help you choose the next one as a pro.

You fear the words ceramic or ionic technology and think to yourself “I just want a hair dryer”, but deep down you don’t want just any hair dryer. Because then you will not have the desired results, now will you?

For instance, if you have fine hair, you might want to choose a hair dryer that has more than one heating setting and ionic technology to prevent your hair from unnecessary damage. If you want a smooth glossy finish, ceramic technology can distribute heat evenly and make your hair look irresistible.

So, before setting your heart on a new hairdryer, let us help you on what features you need to look for and how much to invest in your ideal styler because your hair deserves a daily pampering.

Which key features should you look out for when buying a hairdryer?

Below, we explain some common features to help you decide which ones you feel are most important to you. 

  • Ceramic technology

Some hair dryer models have grills that use ceramic or tourmaline technology that helps distribute mild heat for a more smooth, glossy finish. It is undoubtedly good hair care to choose a ceramic hair dryer. The ceramic heating elements will add shine to your hair and reduce static and frizz.

  • Ionic Technology

How does it work? The ionic hair dryers create negative ions that break down water molecules allowing your hair to keep their moisture balance and speed up the drying process. Ionic technology prevents hair damage in high heat and speeds and reduces flyaways giving your hair a glossy, frizz-free look.

  • Motor

The more powerful the motor, the more heat it will produce. The more heat it produces, the more fast-drying it offers. You can find a range of wattage that showcases the powerfulness of the motor. Anywhere between 1,500W to 1800W is fine, although you can find even low-cost models with 2,000W, which is great. Professional hair stylists prefer anything above 2,000W.

Lower- wattage motors are mostly recommended for travel use.

  • Lightweight

The weight of the hairdryer can be a deal-breaker factor, because who wants an aching arm in the middle of a blow-dry? Drying your hair should be pampering time instead of an unbearable choir. Choose a lightweight hair dryer with an ergonomic handle to help you enjoy your time with your hair.

  • Attachments

Do you want to enhance your natural curls? Or add volume to your blow-dry? Or create a sleek straight hair result? If you want it all, then choose a hair dryer that has both a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser. Pick the right concentrator nozzle for your hair.
If you wish sleek straight hair, then choose the one with the narrow concentrator nozzle that will control the airflow to smaller sections of your hair. If you want your blowout to add volume, then go with the broader concentrator nozzle and aim for the roots.
Choose one that comes with a diffuser, if you want to dry your natural curls slowly or go for a more wavy look. The prongs hold small sections of your hair to add volume to the roots.

  • Heat and Speed settings

Choose the one with different heat and speed settings to have better control over your blowout. Use less heat and speed to blow-dry your hair more naturally and prevent hair damage. Protect your hair from split ends and dryness by protecting them from heat.
Use higher temperatures and speed to fast-drying your hair when you are in a hurry, and you want quick results. If you have thick hair that are more resilient to heat, then you can consider using the higher temperature and speed setting. No matter what, always take into consideration your hair type and quality, as well as the result you are aiming for.

  • Cool Shot function

Most hair dryers have the cool shot button that allows you to set the hairstyle for a long-lasting result. What it practically does is it lowers the temperature of your hair and closes the hair cuticles. This results in smoother hair with more shine. The styling will last longer and look better, too. So, why not give it a cool shot?

  • Removable Air Inlet

Most blow dryers have a mesh filter at the back which protects your hair from getting caught in the motor and holds dust. If not cleaned frequently, then it will affect the airflow and will cause your styler to overheat. For your hair dryer to function properly and efficiently each time, make sure to clean the mesh filter often.

  • Hanging loop

Some models have a hanging loop near the cord that helps you store your hairdryer in plain view and use it whenever you want. Simply hang it to let it cool down and save time from trying to untangle the cord each time before use.

  • Power Cord

Consider the area where you blow out your hair. Is there an outlet nearby? If there is then you are good even with a shorter cord. In the case where there is no outlet nearby then you might want to check the meters of the hair dryer’s cord you are thinking of buying. It can vary from 1.5 meters to 3 meters long.

Tip: Make sure not to tangle the cable or twist it around the hairdryer for storage as it can cause damage to the internal wiring and create a fire risk.

How much should you spend on a hair dryer?

Let’s state the obvious. You need to choose a hair dryer within your price range. You can find good quality hair dryers on various budgets. Pick the one that is best for your hair.

  • Basic-Affordable

Prices begin for as low as 10 pounds up to 400 pounds. You can find a basic hair dryer at around 10-40 pounds. If you use it mostly for drying your hair and not styling, it should be more than perfect for you. Nowadays, you can find hair dryers with high-wattage motors and attachments at these really affordable prices.

  • Professional

Hair dryers that offer a more professional result cost around 40-100+ pounds. They usually have ionic or ceramic or tourmaline technologies, more speed settings and heat settings as well as a cool shot button. If you want a hairdryer that promotes healthy, shiny hair with no static and frizz, then you might want to consider spending a little extra.

What type of hair dryer suits my hair type best?

  • Fine hair

Thin, flyaway hair is more sensitive to heat and has less volume. To protect your hair from damage choose a blow dryer that has ionic or ceramic technology and more than one temperature settings for control. To style them in a voluminous blow-dry choose a hair dryer with a wide concentrator nozzle and aim for the roots.

  • Thick hair

Thick hair is heavy hair, and a blowout takes time. To fast dry this type of hair choose a hair dryer that has a powerful motor and various heat and speed settings. Thick hair is more durable to heat, compared to thin hair.
Use a hairdryer with a slim concentrator nozzle to smoothly dry your hair from top to bottom.

  • Curly hair

Proud for your natural curls? Give them a bouncy look with a hairdryer that has ionic technology to keep the moisture balance in the hair and to create smooth curls. A diffuser with a low-speed setting will help you retain your curls vivid and smooth while drying.

  • Frizzy hair

Prone to frizz? Then you might want to check out a hair dryer that has ionic or ceramic technology that reduces static electricity and frizz letting your hair all smooth and glossy. Check the attachments for a narrow concentrator nozzle and try not blowing your hair around too much but instead dry it in small sections.

Why is ceramic technology important?

Ceramic technology is a heating element that in addition to a powerful motor, can make a huge difference in the drying result. This element provides infrared heat that causes less hair damage, compared to metal-based heating elements. Moreover, it heats up fast, and it evenly distributes heat for a smooth finish with less static.

Why is ionic technology important?

It is a common word used in hair tools and the case of blow dryers. Its ability to create negative ions that break down water molecules helps your hair to keep their moisture balance. It allows your hair to dry faster and remain healthy. Manufacturers claim that it protects hair, improves shine and reduces static and frizz.

The best hair dryer is here to help you tame your hair and conquer the world with confidence.

Now, you have all the knowledge to choose the best hair dryer based on your needs, hair type and budget. It is easy to get lost in a tornado of information with buzzwords flying around the internet that you don’t seem to understand.

That’s precisely why we gathered all the essential information for you to help you decide which one you need to up your hair game. Own the healthier, shiniest, smoothest hair as if you just walk out of your hairstylist’s salon every day of the week. Grab yours and feel the difference.

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