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Best 10 Hair Masks For Damaged Hair

As Of June 2022

Do you want to bring back the smooth and shiny look to your damaged hair? Are you looking for a high-quality product that will make you feel like you just stepped out of the hair salon? With the best hair masks for damaged hair, you can replenish the nutrients in your roots and rejuvenate that shiny, glossy look! No more breakage; enjoy your nourished, moisturised and smooth new do!

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1 OLAPLEX No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask on white background

OLAPLEX No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask

4.8 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • Get just the right amount for your hair length with its airless pump mechanism
  • Enjoy shiny & smooth hair in just 10 minutes after its application
  • No stress to use it thanks to the sulfate, phthalate & parabens-free formula
  • See healthy hair results with its bond-building technology
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2 OSMO Intensive Deep Repair Mask on white background

OSMO Intensive Deep Repair Mask

4.7 /5

Ideal for Large Capacity

  • Improve your scalp’s health & minimise frizziness with its patchouli oil
  • Bring a shiny feeling to your hair thanks to the jojoba extracts
  • Moisturise & rejuvenate the cuticles as it’s a hydrating treatment mask
  • Keep it for months on end as it’s 1.2 litres in capacity
3 John Frieda Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner on white background

John Frieda Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner

4.6 /5

Top Pick for Frizzy Hair

  • Fortify your hair & reverse up to 90% of its damage
  • Tame any frizziness level with its strong & effective formula
  • Apply it worry-free on coloured hair as it’s non-harmful
  • Say goodbye to split ends thanks to its protection against breakage
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4 OLAPLEX Hair Perfector No.3 Repairing Treatment on white background

OLAPLEX Hair Perfector No.3 Repairing Treatment

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Hair Strengthening

  • Lather your scalp with it as a bond builder before shampooing
  • Restore your hair’s bonds to their original state with the olaplex technology
  • Share it with others in your family as it’s suitable for all hair types
  • Perfect for the eco-conscious as it’s vegan & cruelty-free
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5 BoldPlex 3 Bond Repair Hair on white background

BoldPlex 3 Bond Repair Hair

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Curly Hair

  • Strengthen each hair strand with its bond-building treatment
  • Treat hair damage hassle-free with its conditioning & moisturising
  • See long-lasting results as it’s a large bottle fit for multiple applications
  • Test it through any season of hairstyle as it’s suitable for all hair types
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6 Herbal Essences biorenew on white background

Herbal Essences bio:renew

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Bundle Set

  • Restore a smooth and eye-catching shine with the shampoo & conditioner set
  • Repair pent up damage thanks to the antioxidant aloe & sea kelp
  • Transform your do into a beautiful look with its argan oil extracts
  • Show off your green thumb as it’s made of 90% natural ingredients
7 Bleach London Reincarnation Mask on white background

Bleach London Reincarnation Mask

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Coloured Hair

  • Improve your hair’s elasticity with its hydrating formula
  • Lessen colour fading thanks to the micro wheat proteins & sunflower seed extracts
  • Apply it daily as a conditioner for smooth & shiny results
  • Rejuvenate your bleached hair’s colour vibrancy after just a few applications
8 Cantu Natural Deep Treatment Masque on white background

Cantu Natural Deep Treatment Masque

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Dry Hair

  • Eliminate breakage with just a few pumps as it pierces through the scalp
  • Activate better hair elasticity thanks to the deep treatment masque
  • Enjoy a soothing scent post-shower as it has shea butter extracts
  • Embrace your natural hairstyle with its repairing of overprocessed hair
9 Kerastase Genesis Masque Reconstituant on white background

Kerastase Genesis Masque Reconstituant

4.5 /5

Ideal for Hair Breakage

  • Reduce hair loss thanks to its anti-hair fall fortifying masque treatment
  • Detangle messy hair thanks to the ginger root, aquaxyl & Edelweiss native cells
  • Treat weakened hair into a healthy & soft new do
  • Bring it with you stress-free on trips as it’s compact at just 200g
10 Herbal Essences Argan Oil Repairing Vegan Hair Mask on white background

Herbal Essences Argan Oil Repairing Vegan Hair Mask

4.5 /5

Ideal for Antioxidants

  • Deeply nourish unhealthy hair back into its original & glowing state
  • Moisturise & feed the scalp with nutritious, plant-based antioxidants
  • Coat your hair in its sweet-smelling oriental spices & vanilla scents
  • Put your eco-friendly self forward as the jar is recyclable
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Rejuvenate Your Hair’s Shine With The Best Hair Masks For Damaged Hair

Do you have weakened and dry hair that’s starting to look a bit unhealthy? Have you recently used permanent hair dye and want to repair, smoothen and nourish your coloured hair? There are tons of hair remedies available that you can either DIY or purchase to match your needs. If you’ve tried hair oils in the past, you can agree that they leave your hair looking shiny and smooth, but they don’t deal with the long-term problems of damage and breakage. 

That’s where the best hair masks for damaged hair come in to save the day! Applying a hair mask on wet hair as part of your shampooing and conditioning routine can help you see results even after the first few applications. Use a hair mask 1-2 per week, and you will enjoy a refreshed look as if you just jumped out of the salon! Want to learn more about the features to consider on a hair mask? Keep reading below!

  • Hair Type: One of the first things to consider when looking for a hair mask is what type of hair the mask is best suited for, as it’s not one size fits all. The product description will say if the mask is suitable for all hair types or just subcategories such as bleached, dry, frizzy, curly or coloured hair.
  • Size: The mask packaging’s size is also essential to consider as it will help you save money in the long run while also improving or limiting its portability. There are many different sizes available, from 100mL to over 1L. The smaller sizes allow you to take the hair masks with you on trips without taking up too much space in your suitcase. But, the larger ones will last longer without you having to restock on them.
  • Ingredients: Check the ingredients to make sure they’re suitable for your needs in terms of allergies, preferred scents as well as benefits. There’s a huge selection of aromas to pick from, but popular ones include avocado, patchouli, argan oil and more. If you prefer a fruity or floral aroma, you can find options with coconut, lavender, vanilla, oriental spices and shea butter, to name a few.
  • Formula: Ensure you pick an ethically produced hair mask that uses cruelty-free ingredients, preferably with plant-based nutrients and a vegan formula. Also, look for non-harmful indicators such as hair masks made without parabens, sulfates or phthalates.

Watch your hair transform in just a few weeks with the best hair masks for damaged hair! Taking your hair care routine seriously with some high-quality products will bring that shiny and gorgeous look to your hair. No more costly treatments at the hair salon! Take matters into your own hands effortlessly. Are you excited about your new, soft and glowing hair?

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