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Best 10 Hair Straighteners

As Of March 2021

Feeling fed up with your entangled hair? Do you waste precious time getting your hair look smooth and shiny before every party or work meeting? Hair is supposed to make us feel beautiful, not troubled!

And this is what a hair straightener will do for you! It will simplify your beauty routine and resolve all of your styling issues in no time. Try different hairstyles and give an exceptional boost to your appeal with a hair straightener!
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1 GHD Original Styler Professional Ceramic hair straightener on white background

Heat-up time: 30 seconds, Weight: 0.72 kg, Auto shut-off/sleep mode: Yes, Universal voltage: Yes

  • Automatic sleep mode for additional safety
  • Considerable cable length for extra convenience
  • Versatile use with different options like straightening and curling
  • Advanced ceramic coated plates for a smooth and professional finish
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2 Remington Shine Therapy Advanced Ceramic S8500 hair straightener on white background
Moroccan Argan Oil & Vitamin E
4.9 /5

Heat-up time: 15 seconds, Weight: 0.6 kg, Auto shut-off/sleep mode: Yes, Universal voltage: Yes

  • 9 different temperature settings for optimal results
  • Suitable for sensitive or damaged hair
  • Even pressure on hair to avoid any damage
  • Extra protective ceramic plates infused with Moroccan argan oil & Vitamin E
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3 Remington Keratin Protect Intelligent Ceramic S8598 hair straightener on white background

Heat-up time: 15 seconds, Weight: 0.8 kg, Auto shut- off/sleep mode: Yes, Universal voltage: Yes

  • 5 different temperature settings for excellent results
  • Even pressure on hair so that hair remains healthy
  • Storage pouches included with heat-resistant lining
  • Ceramic coated plates with keratin and almond oil for silky and healthy hair
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4 Remington Ceramic Straight 230 S3500 hair straightener on white background
Extra Protection And Lesser Static
4.7 /5

Heat-up time: 15 seconds, Weight: 0.533 kg, Auto shut -off/sleep mode: Yes, Universal voltage: Yes

  • 30-setting variable temperature wheel for professional results
  • Tourmaline ionic and smooth glide plates, for 4x more protection
  • Can straighten more hair in one go
  • Extra hair shine with less static electricity
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5 Cloud Nine The Wide Iron Hair Straightener Gift Set hair straightener on white background
Even Temperature Distribution
4.7 /5

Heat up-time: 20 seconds, Weight: 1.1 kg, Auto shut-off/sleep mode: No, Universal voltage: No

  • Wide plates for better catering to thick hair
  • 7 temperature settings offer you a variety of choices
  • Anion technology locks in hair moisture
  • Luxury carry case and protective heat guard included
6 GHD Platinum+Styler White Professional Smart hair straightener on white background
Predictive Technology For Perfect Results
4.6 /5

Heat up-time: 20 seconds, Weight: 0.4 kg, Auto shut-off/sleep mode: Yes, Universal voltage: Yes

  • Precision-milled plates with an ultra gloss coating for 20% shinier hair
  • Elegant and lightweight design, for easy style control
  • Long cable length that can reach far away switches
  • Automatically turns off if not used for 30 minutes
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7 GHD Max Styler Professional Ceramic hair straightener on white background
Advanced Ceramic Heat Technology
4.6 /5

Heat-up time: 30 seconds, Weight: 0.8 kg, Auto shut-off/sleep mode: Yes, Universal voltage: Yes

  • Perfect temperature of 185 °C for a beautiful result
  • Wider, smoother and contoured ceramic plates which cater to more hair in one go
  • Universal voltage so that it can be used anywhere
  • Can create waves and curls in addition to straightening the hair
8 KIPOZI Pro Hair Straighteners 2 in 1 hair straightener on white background
30 Seconds heat-up
4.5 /5

Heat-up time: 30 seconds, Weight: 0.99 kg, Auto shut-off/sleep mode: Yes, Universal voltage: Yes

  • Has the option to curl hair in addition to straightening it
  • Nano-titanium plates for quick and even heat up
  • Suitable for all hair types without causing damage
  • Has constant temperature distribution that reduces moisture loss
9 Toni & Guy Wide Plate XXL hair straightener on white background
10 LED Variable Heating Settings
4.4 /5

Heat-up time: Few seconds, Weight: 0.721 kg, Auto shut-off/sleep mode: Yes, Universal voltage: Yes

  • Reduced damage with advanced ionic tourmaline plates
  • Perfect for your trips and travels thanks to its universal voltage
  • Its wide plates make it suitable for thick hair
  • Automatic shut- off after 60 minutes for added safety
10 Remington Pro Ceramic Extra Wide Plate hair straightener on white background
Suitable for long & thick hair
4.3 /5

Heat-up time: 15 seconds, Weight: 0.5 kg, Auto shut-off/sleep mode: No, Universal voltage: Yes

  • Wide plates to cater to more thick-textured hair in one go
  • Smooth coating of the plates for faster and better results
  • Even heat distribution to avoid damage and breaking of hair
  • Variable temperature adjusted to different hairstyles and hair types

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Hair Straighteners

  • Smooth and professional finish through ceramic heater technology
  • Optimum performance while travelling with its universal voltage
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The GHD Original Styler Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener is the model most bought by customers due to its advanced and convenient features. It is a multi-purpose appliance that can be used to straighten your hair as well as to curl it. It also gives you an option to make flicks or waves at the ends of your hair or, if you want, apply it to cover your hair to its full-length.

Its ceramic heater technology allows for a smooth and neat finish to your hair, making you ready to go anywhere with an elegant look. It has a 2.7 m long cable so that you can conveniently style your hair even when the switch is a little far away. For added safety, it also has an automatic sleep mode that turns the heaters off if the appliance is not used for 30 minutes. As a whole, it makes for a trusted choice!


  • Multi-functional
  • Long cable length allowing mobility
  • Not heavy and so easy to work with


  • Rather expensive
  • A bit longer heat uptime
  • Simple plates without extra gloss
  • Best suited for people with damaged hair
  • 9 temperature settings available for optimal performance
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The Remington Shine Therapy Advanced Ceramic S8500 Hair Straightener is one of the most popular models as it is an advanced option from the most known brand for straighteners. Anyone can use it, but it is also well suited for people who have damaged hair. Moroccan argan oil with Vitamin E is infused into its plates so that the least damage is done to your hair, even after repeated use.

It has a digital temperature display with an option to select from amongst 9 settings for the temperature required by the user. It also heats up quickly in only 15 seconds and shuts off automatically after 60 minutes of being unattended. Besides, it has advanced ceramic coated floating plates so that even pressure is applied on the hair during use. It makes for an advanced option, highly protective of your hair.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Quick heat uptime
  • Lightweight


  • Can straighten a thin strand at a time
  • Not easy straightening of hair’s ends
  • Screen flickers after plates heat up
  • The intelligent heat protection adapts to the optimum temperature
  • Plates infused with keratin and almond oil for smooth, shiny hair
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The Remington Keratin Protect Intelligent Ceramic S8598 Hair Straightener has useful and safe features, making it a popular choice amongst those who love their hair straight. It has 5 temperature settings so that the user selects the most appropriate one. Moreover, it comes with a fast heat-up time of around 15 seconds, so that the straightening process can start as soon as you'd like.

Besides, it automatically shuts off upon detecting that the appliance is not in use. Its enhanced ceramic coated plates are infused with keratin and almond oil to give you beautiful, smooth, shiny and healthy-looking hair. The floating plates also ensure that even pressure is applied to the hair, avoiding any unnecessary damage.


  • Affordable for most
  • Short heat uptime
  • In-built heat protection system


  • Heavier than other models
  • Pulls hair at times
  • Difficulty in pressing the buttons

Your hair beauty matters: Opt for a hair straightener!

Styling one's hair is a great passion for many. While some like to keep experimenting all the time, others change their usual hairstyle only on special occasions. Whether you are a hairstyling enthusiast or not, everyone wants their hair to look presentable, especially when they wish to attend a wedding or another formal gathering of importance like a Saturday night out, a job interview and… the list could be endless!

The simplest and most common trend that has stayed on top continuously over the years, while so many others have declined, is to have straight hair. Not only do they look good and suit almost everyone, but they also make one’s hair look neat in such a way that you can be all dressed-up with minimal effort.

With a hair straightener, you can create a slim and elegant style quickly without much hassle. The compact size of the appliance also can easily fit into your bag so that you can carry it around and straighten your hair before leaving one place, heading to another!

Most manufacturers nowadays aim to make hair straighteners that can easily be connected to any switch available worldwide. The heat-up time has also been significantly reduced in most models so that one is able to get perfect results as fast as possible.

Why give Hair Straighteners a Chance?

When there is already so much to do, you don’t want to waste any more time making different hairstyles, let alone regularly. Straightening your hair is a great way to look professional and ready for any occasion without even having to do much. The best thing about straightened hair is that they suit formal as well as informal occasions. Hence, if this is the style you prefer more, a hair straightener may be the appliance to look for, as a useful everyday addition to your beauty routine!

Especially those of you who have a corporate job and have to work every day could find a hair straightener beneficial. No time to think daily about what hairstyle is best suitable for every occasion, we bet. So, just straighten your hair to make them look neat and...off you go!

What Should You Look for When Buying a Hair Straightener?

There are so many different models -even by the same manufacturers- with minor differences in their specifications. When you have to buy something that you would come to use so frequently, you should try your best to get the model which is the ideal for you. So how would you know which one is it?

Even though hair straighteners may appear to be the same, that is not actually the case. Even your hair type is involved in the process. Heat emissions tend to create a sort of static electricity that pulls hair instead of smoothly straightening it. Hence, proper research is needed before you purchase one. You don’t want to get disappointed after spending your money.

How much does the heat-up time matter to you? Would you be using it just at home or take it outside with you as well? In the latter case, how compact is the design and would it easily fit into your carrying bag? Also, would the hair straightener be able to tolerate different voltages from different switches?

You need to answer all these questions in order to select an appropriate model for yourself. If, however, this is your first time purchasing a hair straightener and you are not too familiar with the specifications of each product, don’t worry! Consult our detailed guide and gain a better understanding!

Always Think About...

  • Always take into consideration the time that the hair straightener would take to heat up to start the ironing process. If you are someone with a super busy schedule, even a few seconds matter! You should make this feature a priority in choosing a model if you are always in a hurry!
  • You should also check the weight of the hair straightener if you plan to carry it in your bag at most times. You don’t want a single appliance to make your entire bag heavy. A slight difference in weight can make a significant difference in how convenient the device is for you!
  • Do you keep travelling outside your country or mostly stay in your locality? If you are someone who loves travelling, you should make sure that the hair straightener accepts universal voltage for sure. If it doesn’t, you are surely going to get into a fix when you go abroad, only to find out you don’t have an easy and quick hairstyling option!

So what are you waiting for? Purchase a hair straightener and make your life easier! We have included all the relevant details in order for you to decide in our reliable and up-to-date guide. So choose a model and get started!

With so many options nowadays on what to do with one’s hair, it can get confusing whether one should purchase a hair straightener or some other fancier appliances, like a curler or a trimmer. But if you look it from a utility perspective, a hair straightener would be used more frequently. Not only is straight hair always in fashion but it is also the most convenient and easy way to dress up. So, don’t wait any longer and give your appeal a boost!

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