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Best 10 Infrared Thermometers

As Of March 2021

Infrared thermometers are the most hygienic thermometer for taking temperatures, especially when taking body temperatures of different people. But, they are used not just on bodies but also on objects.

Why do you need one? Well, who doesn't like a fast and accurate thermometer for taking temperatures with? Whether you are cooking in the kitchen, working with electronics, or feeling unwell, this is what you need.
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1 IDOIT Infrared Thermometer on a white background
Large Data Memory
4.8 /5

Usage: Body/Objects, ℃ and ℉, 34℃- 43℃ (93.2℉- 109.4℉), Accuracy: ±2°C, Distance: 0-5cm

  • Has a large storage memory of the last 10 temperature readings
  • 3 different backlight colours, red, yellow and green for fever levels
  • Fast temperature display rate of about 1 second
  • Multi usage for different ages and also objects like liquids and food
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2 Wellington WXJ-13 infrared thermometer on a white background
Newest Technology
4.6 /5

Usage: Body/Objects, ℃ and ℉, 34℃- 43℃ (93.2℉- 109.4℉), Accuracy: ±2°C, Distance: 1-5cm

  • Has a memory function that recalls the last 50 temperatures
  • Silent mode so you won't disturb your little one during night time
  • Fast reading response with display time of 1 second
  • With the latest technology for efficiency
3 Grborn Infrared Thermometer on white background
4.7 /5

Usage: Body/Objects, ℃ and ℉, 32℃- 43℃ (89.6℉- 109.4℉) Body, 0℃- 100℃ (32℉- 212℉) Objects. Accuracy: ±2°C, Distance: 1-15cm

  • Use it for different tasks, fever to food and objects just by pressing a button
  • Precise laser technology for repeatable and more accurate results
  • Large backlit display screen with large letters for easy reading in the dark
  • Quick results in a second
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4 Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 infrared thermometer on a white background
Large Reading Range
4.6 /5

Usage: Objects, ℃ and ℉, -50℃- 550℃ (-58℉- 1022℉), Accuracy: ±2% or 2°C, Distance: 1-36cm

  • Has a wide reading range that works even in extreme temperatures of -50℃/-58℉
  • Comes with a 9V battery, saving you money and usage out of the box
  • Locking feature that ensures the temperature you take is saved
  • Multiple usage on different things
5 KKmier Infrared thermometer on a white background
Colour Change And Alarm
4.6 /5

Usage: Body, ℃ and ℉, 32℃ - 43℃ (89.6°F - 109.4°F), Accuracy: ±0.1°C, Distance: 1-8cm

  • Has backlit colour change to red and an alarm for fever alert of 38℃(100.4℉)
  • Automatic power-off design after 30 seconds helps save its energy
  • Multi-use for different age groups and items like baby bottle or rooms
  • Bright LCD display screen
6 Sovarcate Infrared thermometer on a white background
Auto-Shutoff Function
4.6 /5

Usage: Objects, ℃ and ℉, -50℃- 300℃ (-58℉- 572℉), Accuracy: ±2% or 2°C, Distance: 1-16cm

  • Auto shut off feature after 15 seconds of inactivity for saving battery
  • Low battery indicator to keep you posted
  • Fast temperature display speed of 0.5 seconds for quick results
  • High distance spot ratio for taking temperature from the same spot
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7 AXHKIO infrared thermometer on a white background
4.6 /5

Usage: Objects, ℃ and ℉, 35℃- 42.9℃ (95℉- 109.2℉), Accuracy: ±0.2℃/±0.3℃, Distance: 1-3cm

  • Lightweight and portable with multi-usage for body and objects
  • Automatically stores previous 32 temperature data
  • Uses LED display backlights for better usage and readability in the dark
  • Has an auto shut off function after 15±5 of inactivity
8 Femometer DET-306 infrared thermometer on a white background
Fast Display
4.5 /5

Usage: Body/Objects, ℃ and ℉, 35.5℃- 42℃ (95.9℉- 107.6℉), Accuracy: ±2°C/ ±4°C, Distance: 1-3cm

  • Has a fast display speed of 1 to 2 seconds
  • A memory recall feature that will keep the last 10 readings
  • Fever alert feature that shows different temperature rates
  • Affordable with a cleanable probe rather than disposable covers
9 Bosch Infrared Thermometer on a white background
3 Emission Values
4.5 /5

Usage: Objects, ℃ and ℉, -30℃- +500℃, Accuracy: ± 1°C, Distance: 1-15cm

  • 3 emission values for using on different materials for more accuracy
  • Wide temperature range for measuring many surfaces including freezers and ovens
  • Inverted backlight display with previous and current readings
  • Has continuous mode for live feed results
10 Jumper FR202 infrared thermometer on a white background
Volume Mode
4.4 /5

Usage: Body/Objects, ℃ and ℉, 0℃- 100℃ (32℉- 212℉), Accuracy: ±1°C/±2°C, Distance: 1-5cm

  • Volume mode for muting and unmuting for quiet usage when the baby is sleeping
  • A wide LCD display screen with large numerals for easy reading
  • Has a memory recall feature that keeps the last 20 temperatures
  • Has a fever alert feature

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Infrared Thermometers

  • Ergonomic grip makes it very comfortable
  • Instant reading so you don't waste precious time
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If you're looking for an infrared thermometer to keep your family checked and also use it for other tasks like meals' temperature, then this is the best one you can get. Surely the price is higher than other options but that's because the quality of this one is amazing. Take your fever and check the results in just a second and with great accuracy.

The fever alarm will let you know instantly if you need to worry about the situation. Take your baby's temperature during night time without disturbance thanks to its silent mode. You can also see the temperature of its milk bottle and complete other tasks like this easily. Don't waste any time and stay protected!


  • Easy to use
  • Alarm System
  • Fast Results


  • A bit pricey
  • Smaller display than others
  • Others store more data
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Body and objects thermometer
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This Wellington model is an ideal thermometer for anyone who is looking into getting a thermometer that works on body and object targets. It has a mode button where you change the preferred mode, between those. It uses the two units of temperature measurements ℃ and ℉. It’s also quite accurate, with a variance level of ±0.2℃ for body temperatures and ±0.3℃ for objects.

It’s quite easy to use with only one operating button. If you are using it on the body, you only need to stand 10-50mm from the target and take the temperature by the forehead. It has a memory storage function, and stores the last 50 temperature readings. It has LED backlights for easy reading in the dark.


  • Auto-shut off function
  • Fast display speed
  • Has a fever alarm


  • Low temperature range for objects
  • Battery not included
  • Materials could be better
  • Wide temperature range with colour indication
  • Easy to use and take results just in a second
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If you are looking for a model with a wide temperature range this is the best choice for you. It has both ℃ and ℉ measuring units and has an accurate variance of ±2% or 2°C. The temperature range covers both body and object temperatures for daily use. Check the results just in 1 second!

If you spot a high fever then the colour indicator will let you know right away with red being the serious one. It's quiet so you won't face any trouble while taking your kid's fever while they're asleep. A practical thermometer that ensures you stay healthy and without the need for contact which makes it even better.


  • Colour indication
  • Fast response time
  • High precision


  • Not great for objects
  • Quality could be better
  • Display could be bigger

Point and Shoot with Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometers are quite versatile equipment. From usage in the culinary art to medical and automotive industries, among others. It’s this versatility that places them among the top types of thermometers you should have at home or work.

When it comes to taking the temperature of a body or an object, one thing is for sure; the need for reliable equipment for the job. It’s not an easy journey, searching for the best, but you’ll find recommendations that are available in the market to choose from in here.  

Why give Infrared Thermometers a Chance?

Infrared thermometers are the most reliable and you can count on them if you want to take accurate temperatures. Whether you want to test if the dish you are making is hot or cold enough, how your car’s engine is performing or whether your body temperature is at an alarming fever level.

And that’s not all! The temperature display speed of the infrared thermometer is top-notch. Just point at your target and in less than a second you’ll have the results. While others take longer, this type will likely not take more than 2 seconds.

What Should You Look for When Buying an Infrared Thermometer?

Going through a buying guide and customer reviews will make it easy for you to choose an ideal infrared thermometer. But, you also need to know what it is that you are looking for when buying one. But it's possible that most of the recommendations that you'll see will be like treading through murky waters.

When buying an infrared thermometer, you should look for one that aligns with your budget. If it’s not for daily or regular use, you don't need to go above your budget for an expensive product while there are many budget-friendly ones in the market that are also effective and reliable.

Also, look for a thermometer that has a high display speed. The faster the reading rate the quicker you can move on to doing other things. The good news is that infrared thermometers have a high-speed rate, with some display the temperature in a fraction of a second.

Have you finally come to decide what is it that you need from a thermometer and why you need it in the first place? You are now ready to start shopping for your ideal thermometer. In return, you are assured of an accurate reading of temperatures for whatever target, body, or object.

Always Think About...

  • Usage, because an infrared thermometer can be used on an object or body. Some are made only for objects or body usage but there are some that you can use on both. Depending on what you need a thermometer for, you should be careful enough to read the packaging for usage and how to change the reading mode in case it works on both objects and people.
  • Accuracy level is also important, and the more the accuracy level the more reliable the thermometer. While the accuracy from all thermometers will not be 100% a low variance level is tolerable. Going for a trusted brand or a brand you have used before can be a good way of ensuring your thermometer of choice is reliable. Also, go through the reviews to confirm whether other buyers have problems with it.
  • Measurement unit, either Celsius (℃) or Fahrenheit (℉). The packaging of the thermometer will always state the measuring unit available. Most infrared thermometers in the market have both units of measurements, with a guide on how to change. This makes it possible for you to change to your most convenient unit.
  • Memory feature, to help you store a number of the previous temperature readings. This feature comes in hand when you want to keep track of various readings, especially body temperature. It also saves you the time it takes to do it manually.

What are you waiting for then? Our guide will take you along a beautiful researching trip for the best infrared thermometer for you. We have the pros and cons and all the insights and information that you're going to need to make the perfect decision. Don't waste any more time! Come check what we have for you!


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