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Best 10 Inversion Tables

As Of March 2021

Are you suffering from back pain that doesn’t let you enjoy your life to the fullest? No need to worry anymore! Time to turn a new page and try a different approach!

With the best inversion tables, you can say goodbye to suffering once and for all. Now you can do all the things you love with the people you love without feeling any discomfort.
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1 YOLEO Gravity Inversion Table on a white background
High-Quality Inversion Therapy Table
4.8 /5

Best Overall Inversion Table

  • High-quality memory foam of the backrest will fit your body perfectly
  • Heavy-duty inversion table with a steel frame that will keep you totally safe
  • No height problems thanks to its adjustable headrest
  • Relieve pressure and release muscle tension naturally
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2 HOMCOM Gravity Inversion Table on a white background
Helps With Blood Flow Right From The Start
4.7 /5

#2 Best Inversion Table

  • Foldable design helps you save space when you’re not using it
  • Improve your posture and blood circulation while decompressing your body
  • Foam rollers on both sides of the headrest enhance your safety
  • Height adjustment makes it a great choice for families
3 Teeter EP-560 Hang Ups Inversion Table on a white background
Great Lumbar Support
4.7 /5

For Deeper Decompression

  • The lumbar pad keeps your body stable and relieves lower back pain
  • With acupressure nodes to relieve chronic pain
  • Choose the inversion angle that suits your needs at your own pace
  • Super easy to assemble and fold so you won’t lose precious time
4 BWUK PRO Gravity Inversion Table on a white background
Ergonomic Padded Handlebars
4.6 /5

Top Ankle Holding System

  • Extremely good padded backrest keeps you comfortable
  • Top-quality health gear for neck pain & back pain relief in minutes
  • Great choice for athletes that want to increase their flexibility
  • Ankle locking system keeps you secure even in an upright position
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5 Sportstech Inversion Table on a white background
Great Balance System For Exercises
4.6 /5

Top Choice For Athletic People

  • Ergonomic ankle system and belt keep you totally stable
  • Variety of safety features make it one of the best options in this aspect
  • You can do push-ups, dips, pull-ups & bench tips due to its design
  • Construction of great durability and long-lasting life
6 HOMCOM Stretching Inversion Table on a white background
Save Space With Its Great Design
4.6 /5

Best Budget Inversion Table

  • Space-saving design makes it perfect if you don’t live in a big house
  • A value-for-money option of great quality
  • The adjustable and padded ankle support enhances safety while inverting
  • Stimulate your circulation just in a couple of minutes
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
7 Bigzzia Inversion Table on a white background
Great Weight Limit
4.6 /5

Top Protection System

  • Large weight capacity inversion table relieves everyone’s pain in seconds
  • Very easily reached ratchet ankle locking system for easy usage
  • Ideal choice for people with high blood pressure
  • Adjust the position with a strong pin system while staying safe
8 Z ZELUS Gravity Inversion Table on a white background
Removable Lumbar Pillow For Your Comfort
4.6 /5

Most Comfortable Inversion Table

  • The removable headrest lets you adjust it however it suits you
  • The lumbar bridge relieves low back pain efficiently in minutes
  • Secure ankle lock system and belt enhance safety features and keep you secure
  • Padded with memory foam to hug your body perfectly
9 Kemket Inversion Table on a white background
Remote Controlled Multifunctions
4.5 /5

Best Massage Inversion Table

  • Massage pad provides a feeling of relief instantly and calms you
  • The advanced heat of the vibrations reduces stress & back pain
  • Store and transport it whenever you want thanks to its wheels
  • Surelock system for added safety even when you’re in upright
Pros choice product ribbon
10 ISE Inversion Table on a white background
Great Customer Service And Technical Team
4.5 /5

Best For People Who Suffer From Heart Diseases

  • Top choice for people who suffer from sciatica and herniated disc
  • Airsoft ankle holder that is easily adjusted to your needs
  • Invert it in different angles and find the one that relieves you
  • Ergonomic design & high-quality construction keeps you stable

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You Won’t Find A More Efficient Pain Relief Than Inversion Therapy!

If you’ve never had back pain or sciatica then you really don’t know how uncomfortable it can be. But if you had then it’s okay. You belong to the 80% of all adults that suffer from various types of body aches sometime during their life. It’s really common. And if you think about our modern way of living then it’s not something that should surprise you at all. Either you sit at your office all day and you start having a bad posture, or you move around so much that your body reaches its limit.

An interesting example is people who run. Especially those who run a lot, like marathon athletes. Lower back pain is a price that you pay if you push yourself. And what if you had an injury in the past that makes you suffer from chronic pain? You know that there’s a certain point that when you reach it, medication doesn't do the trick anymore. And you shouldn’t be in constant need of painkillers, right? 

So what’s the deal? Is it a lost cause? Don’t worry too much about it! Now there’s a way to relieve all this pain without the need for medication or other non-natural solutions. The answer is simple… The best inversion tables can save the day. By finding the ideal inversion table for your needs, you can kiss back pain goodbye for good. By taking care of your body, fixing your posture and start having a light but regular exercise routine, then you won’t suffer from pain again.

How Does An Inversion Table Work?

The whole mindset behind inversion tables is the inversion theory itself. What is this? Well, by using the force of gravity it helps to relieve the force of the disks in the spinal cord. That’s why, when spinal traction therapy came into this world, it became very popular from day one. So, when you get on an inversion table and start changing the angle, this helps in stretching the spinal cord and helps you fight back pain and many other health issues.

This whole upside-down position gives blood circulation a boost. Better blood flow shows in many types of research that helps you deal with pain more effectively. Plus, the whole circulation improvement provides some kind of lubrication between spinal disks. That way all your movements are smoother and you can avoid injuries.

What Are the Benefits Of Inversion Tables?

Inversion therapy might be popular for back pain relief but the truth is that it doesn’t stop there. The benefits of inversion are so many that will make your life better than ever. Have a look!

Back Pain Relief

Back problems cause great discomfort to many people nowadays. Just a couple of minutes on an inversion table every day can help you with the healing of sciatica, pinched nerves, bulging discs and many more. While inverting, gravity helps with the decompression of your spine and allows your body to start its healing process. Plus, it provides you with muscle relaxation which helps in seeing results faster.

Blood Circulation

Having trouble with swelling on your feet? Maybe with varicose veins? No need to worry anymore. Inversion therapy helps with blood flow. By improving your blood circulation, not only your body can fix its own problems but you also help it remove various toxins more effectively.

Brain Function

You might think that this can’t be true. Well, first of all, better circulation helps your brain work more efficiently. This boost of oxygen that rushes to your brain brings a lot of nutrients with it. Stimulate the function of your mind and increase your clarity in a few minutes. People who have trouble focusing will be blown away with how good this works.

Stress Relief

If you’re in a bad mood or you feel really stressed and want to fight that feeling in a natural way, then you need some endorphins. The “happy hormone”! Inversion causes a rush of endorphins in your brain that help you relax. Relieve depression and give yourself a good mood just in a couple of minutes.


Do you want to have a beautiful face that glows? Help your skin be at its finest with inversion therapy. All the blood that goes straight to your face hydrates it and enriches it with many nutrients. Go check yourself in the mirror after a couple of sessions and you’ll see the difference right away.

Joint-Pain Relief

By doing inverts a couple of times per day, you help in the lubrication of your joints. Not only you relieve them from any pain that you might have but you also help in avoiding injuries. A well-lubricated joint moves smoothly and helps you keep going.

Energy Boosting

What is energy? Do we take it from our food? Yes! But for making this possible our bodies need oxygen. Everything runs on oxygen! That’s why by boosting your blood flow, more oxygen reaches all your muscles and your organs and everything works at top speed. You’ll feel the energy flowing through you.

Breathing Improvement

Gravity makes your body a little uncomfortable in the beginning. By doing so, it forces it to learn to work a little bit differently. It makes it stronger. By strengthening your diaphragm, your breathing becomes better. Bigger breaths are full of valuable oxygen!

Flexibility & Posture

Have you ever felt like being a hundred years old after sitting all day? And you know what makes you feel that way? Bad posture! Sitting in front of a computer can’t be good for your body, right? By improving your spinal health and condition, you help your body learn to keep the right posture. Mixing it with improvement in flexibility will make you feel like a whole new person. Bending and reaching won’t give you any trouble ever again. All these little movements of your spine make your body stronger day by day.

How Long Should I Invert For?

This isn’t a question that can be easily answered. If you’re a beginner for example you need to start with short periods of time and only for a few times per day. That way your body will become used to it without being stressed. You can increase the time of inverting step by step while paying attention to the feeling that you get while you’re doing it. If you feel any discomfort then cut back a little bit. The angle plays a major role as well. Don’t start right from the upright position. Give it some time!

Inverting slowly can also help with how you feel. This isn’t a roller coaster in a theme park. Take your time and make sure that you feel comfortable in the angle that you’re in. If you feel any pressure in your head or in another area then go back to your natural position. Slowly! Some days you might feel a little more confident with the angle that you choose. Some others, not so much. It depends on your condition each day.

What To Look For When Buying An Inversion Table?

Weight & Height

Let’s start with your body weight. You need to make sure that the inversion table that you choose has the right weight limit for you. That way you can be sure about its stability. Don’t risk it and don’t cause yourself some type of injury. If you intend to buy one for the whole family then you need to find one that works for everyone. The same applies to the height limit. Go for one with adjustable headrest and height! Those work best for everyone.


As always… goes first! Inversion tables can be very helpful in pain relief but they could be a risky situation if used in the wrong way. Make sure that the product of your choice is FDA approved and also has many safety features. Ankle locks, handlebars, belts, etc. Who doesn’t want to feel safe while upside down?


The biggest aspect of comfort lies in the quality of the backrest and its material. High-quality foam paddings won’t let you down. They can withstand your body weight and actually hug your core. On the other hand, high-density foam provides both comfort and support for your back. They work similarly to bed mattresses.


Many frames aren’t made to provide stability. When it comes to very cheap models, that is. Go for one with a broad base and not a narrow one. The quality of the frame material also plays an important role as well. Always check the manufacturer’s information before purchasing one.

Assembling & Storaging

The installation process might be a hassle for some. They do come with instructions, but sometimes they aren’t that clear to follow. If you want to avoid such troubles make sure that you choose a product with easy assembling. And if you’re running short on space then there’s an option for you too. Most of them are foldable and they don’t take up much space. So you can easily store them or move them around.

Is It For Everyone?

Asking your doctor would be the safest way to know if you’re able to use an inversion table or not. There are some medical conditions that might be of high risk. For example, people who have some kind of eye-related issue like hypertension, retinal detachment or glaucoma aren’t advised to use inversion therapy. Also, people who might suffer from fractures shouldn’t use one until their body is fully healed. Finally, pregnant women also face the same restriction.

Always Have In Mind…

If you’re suffering from chronic pain that won’t let you live your life to the fullest then it’s time for a change. This inversion table review is all you need to get to know these little miracles. They are designed to make you feel good and provide all the help you need without letting you down. Don’t take another painkiller. You know it won’t work! This time a different approach is what will change the game.

The best inversion tables are out there and are waiting for you to check them out. This guide has all the information and insights you need to get started. An all-natural solution with a range of benefits for you and your loved ones. Don’t waste another day suffering from back pain. Turn a new page! Live your life happily!

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