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Best 10 Electric Toothbrushes For Kids

As Of March 2021

Having trouble with your little kids when it’s “brushing your teeth” time? It’s true that most children don’t really enjoy the whole process. So, convincing them to do it might be hard sometimes. And promising sweets and chocolate ruins the whole thing!

Dental health is a very essential thing from a very young age. That’s why you need to find a way to teach your kids the right way. The good news is that there’s an easy solution! The best electric toothbrushes for kids are here to save the day!
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1 Oral B Star Wars and Frozen Kids Electric Toothbrushes on a white background

Best Overall Electric Toothbrush For Kids

  • Help your kid clean their teeth thoroughly with the rotating powerhead
  • Extra-soft bristles for a gentle and smooth experience
  • Get 4 replacement heads for a long period of healthy smiles
  • With Disney characters like Frozen, Cars, Princesses & Star Wars
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2 Fairywill Kids electric toothbrush on a white background

#2 Best Electric Toothbrush For Kids

  • Your kid will enjoy clean teeth with a battery life of 21 days
  • Comes with a cute design and soft bristles for smooth cleaning
  • Let your kid choose between 3 modes depending on their needs
  • Brushing teeth in the right way with a 2-minute timer
3 Oral-B Junior Kids electric toothbrush on a white background

Top-Pick For Extra Soft Cleaning

  • 30sec buzzer as an alert for the kid to shift brush to another side
  • Has a stand for stability when charging on any surface
  • Enjoy long-lasting battery life for a week with perfect smiles
  • With extra-softer bristles that are gentle both on teeth and gums
4 Philips Sonicare for Kids With Extra Stickers kids electric toothbrush on a white background

Best Application Feature

  • Use the interactive app for an amazing personalized cleaning
  • Choose from a variety of stickers that your child will love
  • Gentle but very effective cleaning every time that is smooth
  • Encourage your kid with the app rewards for better cleaning sessions
5 Oral-B Stages Kids electric toothbrush on a white background

Most Popular Pick By Parents

  • Perfect for your kid’s hands thanks to its ergonomic design
  • Amazing results when cleaning chewing surfaces where cavities appear
  • Lightweight design makes it easy for your kid to use it daily
  • Choose your favourite characters from Frozen or Star Wars
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6 Colgate Kids electric toothbrush on a white background

Super Easy To Use

  • Make your kid’s life easier with its slim handle that it’s perfect for small hands
  • Easy on/off button that is easily reached when they want
  • With AAA batteries - no need to think about charging
  • Have fun with the Minions and make every cleaning great
7 Xen-Labs Marvel kids electric toothbrush on a white background

Best Budget Electric Toothbrush For Kids

  • A value-for-money option for great cleaning sessions every time
  • Easy to handle and use thanks to its lightweight construction
  • No worries about your kid’s teeth and gums with its soft bristles
  • Ideal design with Marvel heroes to encourage your kids
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8 Foreo Mini 2 kids electric toothbrush on a white background

High-Quality Product

  • Now your kid can remove plaque and have a gentle cleaning session
  • Made from top-quality materials that will last for many years
  • Try the sensitive set for even gentler cleaning for younger ages
  • Comes in many colours so you can let your kid find the one
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9 Philips Sonicare for Kids electric toothbrush on a white background

Top Pick For Smart Cleaning

  • Educate your kid through the app for better cleaning
  • Musical alerts let your kid know when to move to the next quadrant
  • Comes with a timer that helps kids train to the recommended time
  • 98% of parents say it makes it easier for kids to brush their teeth
10 Brush-Baby KidzSonic kids electric toothbrush on a white background

Best Pick For First Electric Toothbrush

  • Perfect choice for kids between 3-6 years old that never used one before
  • Lightweight and small so it’s great for small hands
  • With flashing lights that make the whole cleaning experience more fun
  • All you have to do is change batteries when they run out

There’s no questioning it when it comes to the importance of your kid’s dental health. Especially when they’re very young and their oral health evolves. It’s true that kids need more effective plaque removal and cavity protection. That’s why Oral-B introduced this amazing product that makes brushing fun and amazing for healthy and happy smiles.

Let the pressure sensor inform you about your child’s cleaning habits and educate them about the right way. Connect it to the app for insights and find the silver lining between happy times and effective brushing. Make sure they don’t overdo it and check for the 2-minute timer. And the best part? Personalize it with the stickers of their favourite characters!

Forget about your daily battle with your kids when it comes to cleaning their teeth! It’s a fact that kids just won’t be happy about it. And the way to trick them into doing it is giving them a fun and playful way for it. With Fairywill Kids your struggles belong in the past! It’s cute and efficient, plus you don’t have to pay a fortune for it! The soft bristles take care of every inch of their teeth without hurting their sensitive gums.

Charge it via USB port and enjoy up to 3 weeks of cleaning sessions without worrying about battery life. And if the brush heads need changing you can always get more at a very good price. Another great feature is that this electric toothbrush pauses every 30 seconds and gives you a beep. What’s that? The alert your kid needs to move to the next quarter of their mouth. It’s simple! It’s fun! And it does an amazing job!

As your kid gets a little bit older, they need something for their needs. The ideal option for kids that are older than 6 years of age is by far the Oral-B Junior Kids. It has a lot of similarities with the adult model but it's specially designed for more sensitive teeth and gums. A product of top-quality at an amazing price that makes a fantastic job.

Its battery can last up to 10 days when used twice a day for two minutes. Which is what you should aim for! The soft bristles clean your kid’s teeth deeply and remove the plaque without hurting the gums. Even though you won’t find cartoons on it, it comes in a variety of colours so your kid can choose what suits them! Play the “you’re big enough now” card!

Final Verdict

Time to kiss all your struggles goodbye! It shouldn’t be like a World War in your house every time you ask your kids to brush their teeth! Make your life and theirs as well, easier than ever and get them the right electric toothbrush for their needs. If your kid is around 3 years of age then you really can’t go wrong with Oral-B Stages Power Kids With Extra Heads or Fairywill Kids. They’re efficient and cute at the same time! They won’t be able to resist them!

Now if you have a kid that’s a little older you should consider Oral-B Junior Kids or Foreo Mini 2 which exceed in quality! They are a bit more “grown-up” in style but they can accompany them for many years! Just make sure that you change the brush heads every now and then!

One thing’s for sure! Brushing their teeth can be super fun so you don’t need to be overwhelmed with their reaction. Try this and you won’t lose! Here you can find the best 10 picks, so narrow down your options depending on your needs and start shopping!

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