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Best 10 Laser Printers

As Of June 2022

Wondering whether you need to buy a laser printer? The truth is, no matter how digital we go, there are instances where we can't avoid physical documents (hello, accountants and lawyers). Even at home, you probably want to hold a physical document and highlight the necessary bits. But where to print? Never have to squint your eyes to read the prints with the best laser printers. Check them out here!

We did the

1 HP Colour LaserJet Pro on white background

HP Colour LaserJet Pro

4.8 /5

Best Laser Printer Overall

  • Fast printing with the auto 2-sided printing
  • Seamless digital control via app and voice interface
  • No internet? Connect mobile phone via integrated USB port for printing & scanning
  • Use with peace of mind with the robust security system & a 3-year warranty
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2 HP Neverstop Laser Printer on white background

HP Neverstop Laser Printer

4.7 /5

#2 Best Choice

  • No running out of connecting options with the ethernet & wireless features
  • Save money with the added toner for printing up to 5000 pages
  • Simple & clean toner replacement- no worrying about messes
  • Organise your printed & scanned documents on the HP App
3 HP Laser Printer on white background

HP Laser Printer

4.6 /5

Best for Home Office

  • Multi-functional for printing, scanning & copying
  • No need for extra space on the office table with the compact design
  • Start printing immediately with the included toner
  • Bulky printing with ease, thanks to the high speed & large capacity tray
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4 Xerox Wireless Laser Printer on white background

Xerox Wireless Laser Printer

4.5 /5

Best for Quick Printing

  • No worrying about document security with the secure printing features
  • No more waiting with the rapid & double-sided printing
  • Wireless connectivity for printing from any connected device
  • Lightweight & small-size for perfecting fitting in a home office
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5 HP Colour Laser Printer on white background

HP Colour Laser Printer

4.5 /5

Ideal for Colour Printing

  • Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud & Mopria are compatible for printing items in cloud storage
  • No more waiting on a slow printer with the rapid printing design
  • Crisp clear & colourful printouts with the HP toners
  • Super compact design for fitting the printer in any small space
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6 FL Brother Laser Printer on white background

FL Brother Laser Printer

4.5 /5

Top High-End Pick

  • No waiting around with the fast printing of up to 31 pages in a minute
  • Add an extra tray to meet demands as your business grows
  • Keep costs low with the long-running high-yield cartridges
  • Choose control option from touch, USB or Wireless choices
7 Canon i-SENSYS Laser Printer on white background

Canon i-SENSYS Laser Printer

4.5 /5

Ideal for Security Features

  • Print sensitive items, thanks to the PIN release function
  • No waste or mess when replacing toner with the auto seal removing technology
  • Ergonomic control pads & a large LCD screen for visibility
  • Save time with the fast and two-sided printing design
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8 Brother Mono Laser Printer on white background

Brother Mono Laser Printer

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Ease of Use

  • Have a busy office? Connect multiple users & devices for printing
  • See your instructions clearly with the backlit LCD
  • No more laborious paper changing with the automatic 2-sided design
  • No time wasted refilling papers with the large tray capacity
9 Brother All-in-One Laser Printer on white background

Brother All-in-One Laser Printer

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Businesses

  • No compromising on print quality & at a fast speed
  • Meet all your business needs with the print, scan, copy & fax features
  • Use printer in a busy office with the WiFi, wired & NFC connectivities
  • Enjoy hassle-free control with the LCD touchscreen
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10 Kyocera Ecosys Laser Printer on white background

Kyocera Ecosys Laser Printer

4.5 /5

Ideal for Eco Printer

  • Enjoy a quiet working space with the low-noise design
  • Print documents & photos from App or cloud storage with ease
  • Save the environment with the Ecosys technology & sustainable parts
  • Worried about document safety? Be at peace with the password protection
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Print Crisp Clear Documents With The Best Laser Printers

Are you losing money printing at the local cafe? Or wasting the better part of your day waiting for slow printers? The best laser printers are the answer to all your printing owes. Whether you are printing in monochrome colours or need coloured prints for your vacation pictures, you can now print your documents fast and enjoy digital control while at it! 

Looking for features to consider when buying a laser printer? Check it out below! 

  • Usability: Are you buying a printer for home or office use? And, what's your printing capacity?  If you are a busy bee with a load of printing jobs in a day, you’ll need a different printer instead of someone who uses it once in a while. No matter how much you’re willing to spend on a printer, it is best to go for one that matches your printing needs, even if the price is lower than that fancy printer you are already eyeing. 
  • Connectivity: We are no longer in the old age where printers are only connected to ethernets. Now, there are wireless connected printers, with others having USB ports for connecting to your smartphone. Others use Bluetooth to connect to smart devices like tablets, mobile phones, and even computers. And, if you are a photographer, some laser printers don't even need ýou to remove the memory card from your action camera! But in this case, a photo printer might also be an excellent fit for you. Lastly, we’re not forgetting cloud technology, where you can print remotely by connecting your printer to the web. 
  • Printing speed: Can you see any "ppm" on the product description? That's the paper print per minute. It tells you how many papers the printer can print in a minute. Of course, the more pages it can print in a minute, the faster the printer. And you certainly need one that doesn't leave you standing by for ages! Fortunately, most laser printers are fast, with many printing at least 9 to 25 papers in a minute
  • Print quality: What about the quality of the prints? Yes, laser printers are your best bet when printing high-volume documents than inkjet printers. But, what's the specific printer's DPI (dots-per-inch)? DPI indicates the number of individual ink dots the printer or toner releases in a single print area. You certainly need a printer with a high DPI for more precise prints. Also, is the printer monochrome (only one colour), or can you print in different colours
  • Size: Most importantly, do you have enough space for a printer on your work desk or office? Laser printers come in various sizes, with some having a bigger footprint than others. If you have a large printing capacity in the thousands range, maybe consider a stand-alone computer. Compared to the compact sizes that can sit comfortably on a table, these will even handle more demanding jobs with the multiple paper trays
  • Duplex feature: This is where the printer prints on both sides of the paper. It could be manual or automatic. Either way, it saves you money and paper usage. But, the automatic models are much better as it keeps you from turning the papers manually for printing on the other side. 
  • Security: Are you worried about printing sensitive documents? Some laser printers are password or PIN activated, meaning you have to input your code to print. With this, you are assured to be suitable by the printer in the office when you print your "secret" documents. Also, do not forget that most laser printers are digital, exposing you to the ugly world of hackers! *The chill*. So, consider what safety measures the printer has to ensure you have little to no exposure to malware

You can now bid adios to your slow and old school printer! Get yourself (or small business office) the best laser printers from our selected top picks. They feature budget-friendly models to high-end laser printers for your busy office setup. Ready to start printing at the comfort of your home?

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