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Best 10 Lawn Mowers

As Of March 2021

For many people mowing the lawn is one of the most tedious and tiring routine household tasks. For others is a de-stress activity that brings them closer to nature. But who doesn’t like a well-groomed lawn? You can achieve the quest for the perfect lawn with the help of a lawn mower. Do you want to find the right one for you?
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1 Bosch lawnmower corded electric white background
Powerful Motor Blade
4.8 /5

Best Lawn Mower Overall

  • Its cut adjustment feature suits many lawn conditions and is ideal for all seasons
  • GrassCombs ensure neat results along edges and walls
  • Its big grass box reduces the need for emptying frequently
  • Ergonomic folding handles make it great for compact storage
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2 Flymo electric cordless lawn mower white background

Best Flexible Lawn Mower

  • Its dual lever handles let you operate with either hand for flexibility
  • Its integrated rear roller creates a neat finish to your lawn
  • Has cable storage hooks so you can quickly wind the cable
  • Its tongue-design grass box makes it easier for you to remove
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3 Flymo corded electric lawn mower white background
For Different Lawn Conditions
4.7 /5

Best Lawn Mower For Small Gardens

  • Make quick & easy adjustments with its height cut dial
  • See when the grass box needs to be emptied through its vision window
  • Designed to cut close to walls means less trimming around edges for you
  • Floating on a cushion of air makes it highly manoeuvrable
4 Flymo lawnmower cordless white background
50-Litre Grass Box
4.6 /5

Best Space Saving Lawn Mower

  • Save floor space with this vertical storage mower
  • Create a neatly striped finish to your lawn with its integrated rear roller
  • Easy and quick to change heights with just a single lever
  • See when the grass box needs emptying through its grassbox indicator
5 Bosch battery lawn mower white background
Foldable And Mountable Handles
4.6 /5

Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower

  • 7 stages to set grass length with one simple button push
  • Special blades cut grass perfectly, collect and shred leaves for easy disposal
  • Comfortable working posture for all body sizes
  • Quiet garden working thanks to its advances ProSilence technology
6 Bosch corded lawn mower white background
Great Battery Life
4.6 /5

Best For Medium Gardens

  • Able to deal with the toughest grass conditions with its high-speed motor
  • Its sharpened blade delivers a clean cut to your lawn
  • Easy storage thanks to its stackable box & double-folding handles
  • 6 cutting height settings to adjust the cut to your needs
7 Flymo cordless lawn mower white background
Large Capacity Grass Bag
4.5 /5

Best Long Cable Lawn Mower

  • Worry not about reach in your garden thanks to its 10m cable
  • You can tackle your lawn with ease with its powerful 1200W motor
  • Save time emptying grass clippings with its large grass box
  • Great flexibility & manoeuvrability thanks to its dual lever handles
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8 Worx battery lawn mower white background

Best For Dense Grass Lawn Mower

  • Designed to cut close to edges - less trimming for you
  • Its 6 height settings lever gives you the cut you want
  • Automatically adjusts its power to tackle even the most difficult grass conditions
  • Store with ease as its compacts down on size when not in use
9 ALCO battery lawn mower white background

Best Single Speed Lawn Mower

  • Choose between 7 different mowing heights to adjust the cut to your needs
  • Ideal cordless mower for small gardens with robust performance
  • Work easily with its ergonomic handlebar & ball-bearing wheels
  • Informs you when it’s time to empty its collecting bag
10 Flymo corded lawn mower white background

Best Lightweight Lawn Mower

  • Its metal blade gives you a neater cut of good quality & long-lasting
  • Mow your lawn in comfort with this lightweight mower
  • Move around your garden worry-free thanks to its 10m cable
  • Tackle gentle slopes & dumpy gardens with ease thanks to its 1400 W motor

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Keep Lawn In Shape With The Best Lawn Mowers

It’s a sunny day, and you can’t wait to go out in your garden? That would be the case if your lawn did not look like a page of the jungle book!

Lawn mowers are here to save the day! Having the wrong mower could make mowing the lawn a necessary evil. But the right one can make the whole process more pleasure than hard work. Wanna find how to choose that life-changing mower?

Keep on reading and manage to find the best grass trimmer for you!

Why Do we need to use a lawn mower?

No matter the square metres of your garden, having a great looking lawn is something that most homeowners desire. Having the garden of Eden is a reason to be proud of itself. But apart from that, did you know that there are various reasons why it’s essential to mow your lawn regularly?

1. Effort and time

Have you ever tried cutting the long grass in your lawn manually? The right lawn mower reduces the amount of effort you need to put into it. You have just to move it or simply use the push-button. It also takes little time to do so. If you’re interested in saving your time, a lawn mower is your saviour.

2. Stronger Grass

Stronger Grass: Grass, unlike you or me, doesn’t eat. We eat food, whereas a plant prefers photosynthesis. The leaves of the grass ‘catch’ sunlight to power this grass plant ‘factory’. Having a bigger leaf area and lots of sunshine gives you healthy and green grass. This means the closer you keep your lawn, the faster the grass grows! When you cut it regularly, the healthiest grass shoots will flourish. The weak shoots will be left behind.

3. Even Growth

Have you ever seen a patchy and uneven yard? We are sure you don’t want yours to look like this! Uneven growth is what causes this common lawn problem. Fortunately, there is a solution, and this is a regular mowing. Having a lawn mower helps you cut your lawn easily. Do it frequently and maintain a beautiful yard.

4. Mulching

Mulching lawn mowers help maintain a healthy and green lawn. They produce fine mulch by re-circulating and re-cutting the grass clippings under the mowing deck, which returns to the ground. There, it rapidly decomposes, putting precious nutrients back into the soil. This helps save on chemical forms of fertiliser and provides an environmental benefit to your garden. Consequently, you have no clippings to dispose of, which happily means no more rotting grass in your garden. Most mowers have a primary mulching feature and can mulch your lawn with every mowing if the grass isn’t overgrown.

5. Fast Recovery

Lawns face several problems such as inclement weather and disease all the time. Overcome these inevitable annoyances with a well-maintained lawn. A lawn that receives regular mowing will recover much more quickly than an unhealthy one. Give regular love and care to it, and see how fast it can go back to tip-top shape.

6. Clear leaves

A significant majority of mowers can also chew up leaves. They can either bag them for you as you go or cut and spread them onto the lawn to get back into the soil. As a result, you end up with a tidier yard, without the need to use a leaf blower or do all that gather work.

Types of lawn mowers

You can classify lawn mowers according to the power source they use. Some use gas or are petrol-powered, while others use electric power or rechargeable batteries.

1. Walk-behind lawn mowers

The walk-behind lawn mowers need manual pushing. What makes them more effective than the push reel lawn mowers? The cutting blade moves with the help of the motor. In case you have a large garden and find pushing a mower difficult, a self-propelled model would be a better option for you. Driving themselves forward when you press the handlebar, they take some of the hard work out of mowing.

2. Gas Powered lawn mowers

Gas-powered lawn mowers, as the name suggests, use gas as a fuel source. When opting for this type of lawn mower you need to consider the tank capacity and the gas consumption. If you choose a mower with a big tank you can save a few refills during mowing. Petrol lawn mowers are powerful but tend to be loud and heavy. They need an annual maintenance check-up and a supply of gas and oil.

3. Petrol-powered lawn mowers

These are the best choice for large gardens. You can find them in both push and self-propelled varieties. Although they usually cost less than electric lawn mowers, you might spend more on fuel and maintenance in the long term. Bear in mind that petrol lawn mowers are just like your car! They will need servicing, and you will need to check and top-up the oil.

4. Electric lawn mowers:

Electric lawn mowers are either corded or cordless. Here's what you need to know:

  • Corded lawn mowers: Most lawn mowers mainly get power from electricity. Corded mowers stay plugged into electrical outlets as you mow. You will need a charging point and perhaps an extension cord. They are the best choice for small and medium-sized gardens. They are also smaller, cheaper and easy to store.
  • Cordless lawn mowers: Rechargeable cordless models are hassle-free and offer more freedom, but they may need a recharge mid-mow. They are very lightweight and manoeuvrable and can run for about an hour. There are mowers with smaller batteries available. Compromising battery capacity might mean needing hot-swapping batteries in the middle of the job. Modern lithium-ion batteries are lighter and last much longer than traditional nickel-cadmium versions, but they are more costly. A brushless motor could be a better option. A model with this motor means that the battery power is usually increased.

5. Robotic lawn mowers

Robot lawn mowers look similar to robot vacuums. Unlike petrol mowers, they emit no emissions because a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery powers them. You can have the most hands-off mowing experience by automatically mowing the grass within a specified boundary area. Nearly all robotic mowers are quiet and are becoming more popular these days. Thanks to the advanced technology that is getting better day by day, and they can now even recognise obstacles. A few models out there let you use your phone as a remote control. You can guide the mower to certain areas for spot maintenance and use Amazon’s Alexa voice commands to start and pause mowing. Some models even “self-park” into a charging station after mowing. Learn more about the best robotic lawn mowers here.

What to Consider Before You Buy a lawn mower?

Once you determine the type of mower you’ll want, you should be mindful of plenty of other considerations.

Cutting Width

The cutting width refers to the lawn mower area in a single attempt. Put a high emphasis on the cutting width before you choose a lawn mower. Have in mind that the larger the cutting width, the easier it will be for you to mow the entire lawn. There are three types of cutting width: standard-cut, wide-cut and trimming. Some mowers can only support one kind of cutting option, others two, some all three. Depending upon what you are trying to accomplish and how frequently you mow your lawn will determine what's ideal for you.

With or without grass collector (grass bag-grass box)

The grass collector’s capacity will dictate how often you need to stop mowing to empty its collection box. Bear in mind that if you choose a mower with a large collection bag for your large lawn, this can have its advantages and disadvantages. Yes, you will need to make fewer trips to the compost heap, but a full bag will make the mower heavier to operate. Also, consider that you should opt for the bagger if you're cutting a lot at once. That's because allowing clumps to sit on the lawn's surface causes more patches of unhealthy grass. It is advised to collect grass clippings rather than leaving them on the lawn.

Bonus and advanced features

For cordless electric walk-behind machines, some have removable batteries, which makes storage and charging simpler. As for the clippings, if you can’t decide between mulching or clipping bags, there is a solution. Many mowers let you switch among these modes with the pull of a lever.

Size of the mower

Not all mowers have the same size. Check the available space you have for it, and then choose wisely. Robot lawn mowers come in many sizes, as well as petrol and electrics. You can store almost all electrics vertically in a cramped garage. Some gas models have special engine seals that allow for upright storage, too, without the risk of oil or gas leaking out. About the size of the mower, you should also consider your size. If you are exceptionally tall or small, check whether the mower’s handlebar has a different user height adjustment.


When it comes to lawn mowers, you need to look for a full guarantee to ensure if something goes wrong, you’ll be covered. Most products have a one year warranty, but some can have up to 5 years. Always have in mind that some products don’t.

Wheel size

Wheel size is essential for the surface you plan to use them on. Consider both the front and rear wheels. If you’re going over rougher surfaces, you’ll want taller rear wheels. If you have an uneven lawn, choose a machine with large tires. And always, choose one according to the terrain of your garden!


The lawn mower is a long term investment worth making. Choose a long-lasting and robust mower that will be able to withstand damage and pressure.

How much should you invest in a lawn mower?

Let’s imagine you found the perfect lawn mower for you, considering performance, comfort and durability. Of course, you’ll have to consider your budget when weighing these features out. Lawn mower models start at a few hundred pounds and can go up to some thousands.

Standard reel, or cylinder mowers, are affordable and you can find them for roughly £50 to £70. Electric and gas push mowers can go from £50 to £300. But have you ever heard of the phrase “Spending more upfront may save you in the long run”?

Many people confuse value for money with the upfront cost of the lawn mower. Sure enough, the lawn mower’s upfront cost is important, but it can save you a lot of money long term. For example, instead of buying petrol by the litre, you can just charge the mower to an outlet. Electric lawn mowers are economical to power, but they’re also less expensive to maintain. For gas lawn mowers, you have to pay for engine tune-ups, oil and fuel filter and spark plug replacements.

Are you still wondering if it’s worth spending a few extra pounds on a lawn mower? High-end mowers have easy-rolling ball bearing wheels, durable composite and top-quality engines in addition to extra features available. They come with a more extended warranty too. Save money in the long run with a mower that will last longer and need fewer repairs. We are sure you’ll make the right choice for you based on your needs.


If you own a garden, having such a machine is undoubtedly a necessity. And this comprehensive buying guide can help you decide the best option for you. So, now that you've learned all you need about, it's time to invest in one!

The perfect lawn mower is somewhere out there, in the market, waiting for you! The only step you need to take is to decide which one fulfils your requirements. Let's find you the one!

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