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Best 10 Milk Frothers

As Of March 2021

Do you want to enjoy rich, glossy foamed milk on your cappuccino at home? Do you wish you could pour milk just like a barista? Well, now you can! By simply choosing the right milk frother for you!

Make microfoam froth milk for your latte, cappuccino or flat white at your kitchen like a pro. These devices are so much more than this though! You can also make hot chocolate or milkshakes for your kids to enjoy! Intrigued?

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Best Overall Milk Frother Choice

  • The simplest way to froth milk, hot or cold, for your coffee by pressing just one button
  • Smoothest milk texture thanks to its whisk
  • Effortless cleaning as all removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Compact design to fit in any kitchen cupboard
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#2 Milk Frother Choice

  • The fastest way to warm or froth milk in just 70 seconds
  • 3-in-1 as you can make cappuccino, latte or even hot chocolate
  • Free movement to serve your cups without the cord getting in the way
  • Cleaning is a breeze thanks to its non-stick interior
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Top Choice for High-Quality Froth Milk

  • Ultimate control of your milk’s texture with the push of a button
  • Carefree as it switches off automatically when your milk is ready
  • Untainted taste due to its stainless steel interior
  • Ergonomic grip to help you make latte art on your latte or flat white
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Top Choice for Multifunctionality

  • Convenient to foam milk & whisk eggs by changing the whisk heads
  • Make your favourite drinks within just 20 seconds
  • Eco-friendly as it comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Quality built & super easy to clean as it’s made by food-grade stainless steel
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Ideal Milk Frother for Alternative Milks

  • Top enjoyment of vegan choices as it froths soya, almond & coconut milk
  • Can make large quantity frothy milk to enjoy with guests
  • Comfortable grip so it doesn’t slip or ache when you are whisking
  • Trouble-free battery change as it just needs 2 AA batteries
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Top Choice for Handheld Frother

  • Silent to use when the family is asleep thanks to its low-noise motor
  • Energy-efficient as it has a rechargeable lithium battery
  • Control the texture of your milk & your mess due to its 3 different speeds
  • Portable & easy to store in your kitchen drawers
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Great Pick for Ease-of-use

  • From cold milk to hot milk within seconds with the use of a single button
  • Auto shut off feature so you can use the coffee machine at the same time
  • Cleaning is a piece of cake thanks to its non-stick interior
  • Perfect foamy milk at the optimal temperature
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Ideal for Quick & Quiet Operation

  • Perfect if you are in a hurry thanks to its fast heating system
  • Angled spout to help you master your latte art skills & minimize spillages
  • Start your mornings calmly thanks to its silent operation
  • Durable device with a 2-year warranty
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Top Pick for Manual Frother

  • Make filter coffee, tea or milk foam using just this one device
  • Mess-free as you can place both the carafe & plunger in the dishwasher
  • Heat resistant & microwave safe due to its high-quality borosilicate glass
  • Comfortable handle to hold while frothing
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Perfect for families

  • More than just a milk frother with 13 integrated programmes to choose from
  • Adjustable temperatures for great milk taste
  • Large capacity stainless steel container makes it perfect for families
  • Be your own barista as the spout allows you to pour precisely

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How To Kick Your Coffee Up A Notch With The Right Milk Frother

When autumn kicks in and the first brown leaves hit the floor, it is time to pour that velvety, creamy, foamy milk above your espresso. Would you like to enjoy the same coffee shop quality of your espresso-based beverages at home? Just because you don’t have a fancy coffee maker with a steam wand, doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of your favourite coffee drinks

Picture this: You walk into your kitchen on a rainy autumn day and go straight to your coffee maker. You turn it on and while you brew your espresso, you froth the perfect textured milk to pour on top of it and voila! You make yourself your favourite coffee drinks, like macchiato, cappuccino, latte or even flat white in a jiffy!

Do you wish to make more than hot drinks or coffee drinks? Well, many of these milk frothers can offer you so much more than this! You can make cold foam for your iced coffee drinks or prepare a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Moreover, some allow you to whisk egg whites, make milkshakes or smoothies and more. You just need to pick the best to serve your needs. 

We have all the information gathered just for you! Let’s get better acquainted with these heavenly send devices!

What is a milk frother?

It is a device that its primary function is to create foamy milk, hot or cold. It aerates the milk, creating a dense and silky microfoam. To achieve that microfoam, we need tiny bubbles to form during the process to make the milk texture lighter and increase its volume. In simple words, you will have creamy froth milk that will last longer on top of your drink.

It is one of those kitchen gadgets that doesn’t take up too much space on your countertop and elevates your morning routine. 

Types of Milk Frothers

There are different types of utensils to help you make foamy milk. Let’s have a closer look at each of them to help you determine which one would work best for you:

1. Electric Milk Frother

An electric milk frother is a device that looks a bit like a compact kettle and has a small induction ring in the base of the jug and a built-in whisk. They stand out due to their functionality – super easy to use, simply press the button and walk away. The machine will do its job and let you know when it’s done. Most come with different temperature settings, as well as the ability to control the texture of foam, depending on whether you want a flat white or cappuccino.

Their functionality doesn’t end at froth milk. Many models allow you to heat milk without whisking it (great for hot chocolate or simply hot milk) or make cold foam (good for milkshakes and smoothies).


  • Makes high-quality foamy milk compared to other types of frothers.
  • Super simple in use as you just add the milk and with the push of a button, it will automatically warm (or cool) and foam the milk.


  • Takes up more space than handheld milk frothers.
  • Can foam a limited amount of milk each time.
  • More challenging to wash, although some of their parts are dishwasher safe.

2. Handheld Milk Frother

The handheld frothers are wand-like gadgets that are simply motorised whisks that aerate milk by working at high speeds. They are cost-effective and space-efficient devices that can easily be stored away in your kitchen drawer. They are also small and operate with batteries, making them perfect for packing the frother with you when you travel or go camping.

They can froth both cold milk or hot milk and are very plain in function, as you are simply whisking the milk until you reach the desired consistency. Many come with more than one head whisks, allowing you to use it on whisking eggs or other food liquids when preparing food.


  • The most compact and affordable option.
  • Handy for other whisking tasks like eggs, matcha, and whipped cream.
  • The foamed milk is foamier, which is suitable for a cappuccino.
  • Effortless cleaning.


  • The batteries may require regular changing or may run out in the middle of foaming.
  • It is messier, as milk can spatter while whisking as there is no lid.
  • Less precise frothing with large bubbles instead of a glossy foam texture.
  • It doesn’t warm up the milk.

3. Manual Frother 

The manual frother or else, widely known as the french press is a multifunctional utensil that shouldn’t miss any kitchen. It consists of a glass (or plastic) jug with a plunger. Plain in use - you just add the ingredients in the jug and push the plunger down. For foamed milk, you pump the plunger up and down a few times until you get a thick texture. 

You can also use this device to make froth milk and brew filter coffee or tea and herbs.


  • Good quality velvety, frothy milk for cappuccino and latte.
  • It’s an inexpensive option for a milk frother.
  • Great for making filter coffee and teas or herbs.
  • Simplicity in use.


  • Needs strength to move the plunger many times up and down.
  • It takes a bit more time to froth the milk compared to the other types. 
  • Doesn’t warm up the milk. 

What should you look for in a Milk Frother?

There are a few features that are worth mentioning and sought-after when you go milk frother shopping. Check them out here: 


You need to consider what type of frother would work best for you. Your choice lies among electric milk frother, handheld milk frother and manual frother—each with their own functionality. Just think what you need next to your espresso machine and what space you have in your countertops, cupboards and drawers. Then pick the own that will untie your hands and gives you that professional-looking milk froth


Most of the devices, no matter the type, make both hot and cold froth for your drinks. A handy feature is controlling the warmed milk’s temperature because hot milk should not surpass the 70°C. If it does, then it gets burnt and starts to taste sour. So, for better texture and better-tasting foamed milk, this is a sought-after feature in electric milk frothers

Kinds of milk 

All milk frothers work great with dairy milk. But what happens when you want to make foam with soya, almond or coconut milk? Some models can make better foamy milk with these milk alternatives and can be a great addition to your kitchen if you are lactose-intolerant, vegan or you simply enjoy, say, a matcha latte with coconut milk. Keep in mind that the milk texture will not be as velvety as with dairy milk due to their consistency.

Tip: If you want to make cold foam use lighter milk, like 0% fat, whereas if you want to make hot foamed milk try using full-fat dairy milk for that wet-paint-look kind of foam. 

Corded or Cordless

Electric milk frothers are corded, but handheld and manual frothers are cordless. In the electric milk frothers check for the detachable base which will allow you to remove the jug from the base and pour freely in the cup. If you opt for a cordless one, then go for a handheld milk frother or a manual frother. The handheld wand-like frother usually has either a rechargeable battery or takes AA batteries. If you want a cost-effective one, then we recommend choosing the rechargeable one. If you think that having to charge it is too much trouble for you, then the one with the batteries or the manual one might be the right choice for you. Manual frothers don’t require electricity or batteries and can be used anywhere.


Each type of milk frother has additional functionalities. So, before reaching your final decision, consider what other functionalities you wish your frother to have that will make your daily life more comfortable. For instance, do you want to whisk your eggs and your milk for your spiced latte? Or do you want to make a hot chocolate for your kids as well as foamed milk for your cappuccino? Maybe what you need is to enjoy a nice cup of hot filtered coffee in the morning and an aromatic cup of herbal teas in the afternoon. Keep in mind all that and pick the one that will bring joy to your heart.


Most milk frothers can make foamy milk within a few seconds but bear in mind that factor. If you are usually in a hurry, then an electric one might be the best option for you as you simply press a button and it takes care of the rest. This way, you can prep your lunch box at the same time before you hit the road. If you are in the market for a device to enrich your coffee ritual, then a handheld or manual frother will do too. 


When it comes to electric milk frothers, a stainless steel jug calls quality and durability. Also, a non-stick interior can make cleaning effortless with a simple wipe. Dishwasher-safe parts like the frothing disc, plungers and whisks are definitely a plus to easy cleaning in all types of frothers. Manual frothers can be found with both plastic and glass carafes. If you want a clean taste of your foamed milk, opt for the glass jug. Just make sure that it is made by borosilicate glass that endures in temperature contrasts

What else can I use my milk frother for?

Well, you can use it to make hot chocolate to milkshake and tea. Depending on the type you will choose, there are many possibilities. For example, if you want to drink your macchiato in the morning and your hot chocolate in the afternoon you can go for an electric milk frother that will allow you to make both quick and easy— no need to store two different devices in your cupboards. One is enough! Great right? 

Can you froth non-dairy, lactose-free and plant-based milk?

We have good news for you. Yes, you can! You need to keep in mind that the texture of your milk will not be as creamy as with dairy milk, which is due to the consistency of the non-dairy milk. The milk’s reaction to heat and foaming depends on its proteins. Vegan milk contains different proteins than the lactose and whey proteins in dairy milk, so they behave differently at frothing.

Before buying any non-dairy milk, make sure to read the ingredients list. The additives in these products vary among manufacturers. Some add stabilisers to help milk deal with heating and foaming, though if you want a “clean” non-dairy milk, you might want to stay clear of them. Lastly, when reading the ingredients list, pay attention to the sweeteners and fats included in the milk. Too much fat or sugar can mask coffee flavours and make your coffee drink unpleasant. 

Pro Tip: Some baristas advise heating dairy-free milk to a slightly lower temperature than dairy milk to create better-textured milk.

What is the difference between cappuccino and latte?

The difference lies in the milk texture and taste. What we mean by that is: a cappuccino has even parts of espresso, heated milk, and foamed milk. A latte, on the other hand, has more heated milk with a thin layer of foam. If you notice, a cappuccino is foamy, while in a latte the espresso and heated milk are blended. 

A popular coffee drink that requires latte milk is the flat white, which is excellent if you want to start your day with a more intense cup of coffee. If you want balance in your flavour, opt for a cup of creamy cappuccino and if you wish for something lighter with a milky taste, then make yourself a latte

How to clean your milk frother?

Nowadays, cleaning your milk frother is a breeze. Most are dishwasher safe and have a non-stick interior to help drastically. If there is a non-stick coating, be extra careful to clean it with a cloth or the sponge’s soft side not to scratch it. In any case, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure you know which parts are waterproof and which are not. 

Lastly, always clean your milk frother after each use thoroughly and never use it with previous milk residues if you don’t want to upset your stomach.

Always bear in mind that…

The craft of coffee making is both an art and a science. It is not so simple to make the perfect microfoam milk for cappuccino or latte. If you want to make it as your favourite barista does in the coffee shop around the corner with the fancy espresso machine and the shiny steam wands, now you can. Thanks to these milk frothers you can stay in your PJs and enjoy your coffee drinks exactly the way you like it! And who knows? Maybe you’ll give your latte art a chance and actually make that good-looking tulip! 

Pick the one you feel will brighten your days and help you enjoy tasty frothy milk on your beverages, coffee-based or not! What are you waiting for? Find yours here and be a home barista today! It’s so fun and delicious!

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