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Best 10 Mixers

As Of March 2021

If you are a kitchen enthusiast and love to bake cakes, cookies, and muffins, you must be aware of the hassle of mixing and kneading. Yeah, it can become messy to mix those batters if you don’t have the right appliances in your kitchen.

If we look for appliances, there are many of them out there, but the best one is the electric mixer. Along with just mixing batters, you can also use the electric mixers for kneading the dough.
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1 Kenwood HM220 mixer making pastries
Beater Interlock System
4.8 /5

Power: 120W, Speed Settings: 3, Weight: 750g, Material: Stainless Steel & Plastic

  • The beater interlock system allows for safe and stable mixing
  • Three-speed settings allow for mixing of variable density
  • Comfortable moulded handle for seamless handling
  • The sturdy metal construction provides durability to the appliance
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2 Aucma Stand Mixer on a kitchen island
6.2 L large bowl
4.7 /5

Power: 1400W, Speed Settings: 6, Weight: 5kg, Material: ABS Plastic & Stainless Steel

  • The mixer comes with a 6.2 L large bowl for large quantity mixing
  • Tilt-head design for easy installation of the bowl and other accessories
  • The mixer comes with multiple accessories
  • FDA approved and comes with a 1-year warranty
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3 Kenwood HMP30.A0S mixer on a white background
Compact design
4.7 /5

Power: 450W, Speed Settings: 5, Weight: 1.32kg, Material: Plastic & Stainless Steel

  • Compact & lightweight design makes it easy to hadle without getting tired
  • The high 450 W motor makes your kitchen tasks extremely easy
  • Powerful Stainless Steel beaters provide immense durability
  • Thumb controlled speed feature adds convenience
4 LINKChef HM-1020 mixer mixing some eggs
It comes with 2 Stainless Steel dough hooks
4.6 /5

Power: 250W, Speed Settings: 5, Weight: 1.14kg, Material: Stainless Steel

  • The Stainless Steel Body adds immense durability
  • The motor of the appliance is powerful yet not noisy
  • The overall package also includes dough hooks along with the beaters
  • 5-speed settings for batters of variable density
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5 Dualit 89300 mixer next to some brownies
Retractable cord
4.6 /5

Power: 400W, Speed Settings: 4, Weight: 1.3kg, Material: Chrome

  • Retractable cord that can be neatly plugged into the mixer itself
  • Comes with accessories like flat beaters, dough hooks and balloon whisks
  • Beater ejection button adds convenience
  • Easy to use with the sturdy grip handle
6 Kenwood KVC3100 mixer next to some delicious sweets
Non-stick baking tools
4.6 /5

Power: 1000W, Speed Settings: Dial Knob, Weight: 7.3kg, Material: Stainless Steel

  • The non-stick baking tools included with the appliance ensure smooth mixing
  • Accessories like K-beater, balloon whisk, and dough hook for multiple operations
  • Large 4.6 L bowl for high volume mixing
  • White colour improves the overall look of your kitchen
7 Amazonbasics MJ-KM8001W mixer next to some eggs
7-speed settings
4.5 /5

Power: 800W, Speed Settings: 7, Weight: 5.8kg, Material: Plastic

  • Comes with 7-speed settings for mixing of any type of dough
  • Headlock lift makes the fitting of accessories and bowl super easy
  • Comes balloon whisk, C-shaped dough hook and a beater
  • Non-slip suction feet for stability while working
8 KitchenAid Artisan 5KSM125 mixer next to some fruit
11 Wire Whisk
4.5 /5

Power: 300W, Speed Settings: 10, Weight: 11.7kg, Material: Die-cast metal

  • The flat beater is made from aluminium and coated with non-stick nylon for normal as well as heavy mixtures
  • 4.8 L bowl allows easy and convenient mixing
  • All the accessories of the package are dishwasher safe, thus hassle-free cleaning.
  • 5-year warranty
9 Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer next to sweets
Mixer with K-beater
4.4 /5

Power: 1000W, Speed Settings: 6, Weight: 10.9kg, Material: Stainless Steel

  • K-beater that helps in thorough mixing of dough other creations
  • The 5 Litre glass bowl improves the overall look of the mixer
  • You can also get various optional attachments for added functionality
  • All the accessories are made dishwasher safe
10 Kenwood HM680CR mixer on a kitchen island
Safety interlocking
4.4 /5

Power: 350W, Speed Settings: 5, Weight: 3.7kg, Material: Stainless Steel

  • The interlocking function allows for secure fitting of the components
  • The handle ensures a perfect grip over it while using
  • Splash guard prevents accidents that may happen
  • The handle allows for convenient transfer

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Mixers

  • Ergonomic Handy Design with an ejection button
  • Beater interlocking system adds safety while using the mixer
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This will be the perfect choice for those who want a lightweight and handy mixer for their daily kitchen needs. The Kenwood electric mixer has a low power 120W motor that can easily handle low power mixing and whisking tasks of yours. It has three-speed settings for your varying kitchen needs. The speed of the mixer can be easily controlled with the help of your thumb while using the mixer.

The feature that makes it stand out from the others is the beater interlocking feature. In this, you can easily lock the beater to the bowl and use it while ensuring stability. To keep the performance of the beater completely efficient, it has a cooling system along with the motor. This helps in keeping your electricity bill less and your dishes delicious.


  • Durable Stainless Steel beaters
  • Beater interlock system for safety
  • Comfort fit moulded handle


  • Not for heavy-duty tasks
  • No additional accessories
  • May get noisy after some time
  • A sturdy and handy choice for multiple purposes
  • Firmly stands even at high speed, due to its anti-slip design
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If you need a durable and safe way to bring forth your pastry aspirations, this Aucma model will win you at first sight: It perfectly mixes everything you pour in and it is specifically designed to keep the ingredients in place, with no splashes and unnecessary mess on your counter. It can also easily get through even the most demanding recipes, due to its 6-speed levels and 3 mixing tools: whisk, dough hook and mixing beater.

Besides, Aucma stand mixer is highly safe, thanks to an in-built chip sensor that automatically shuts down the device to prevent overheating. It also comes with dual hands, so it’s easy for you to hold and clean after the “chef’s work” is successfully done.


  • A strong motor made of pure copper
  • It doesn’t slip easily, even at high speeds
  • With ABS housing system


  • Heavy
  • Large size
  • Cannot grind small quantities of spice
  • One of the most powerful motors at this budget
  • Very smooth results in different types of recipes
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Get ready to explore all those recipes that you wanted to try. With this mixer, even some heavy doughs will be a walk in the park. With a powerful motor like this, you have nothing to worry about. You can choose between the 5 different speeds that it can provide you with, and create a smooth and perfect result just in a couple of minutes. Mixing and whisking were never that easy. Plus the super durable and strong stainless steel beaters and kneaders that are included will leave you speechless.

Its compact design not only makes it super comfortable and easy to use, but it also makes it extremely easy to store it when you don’t need to use it. The detachable beaters help you with the whole cleaning process without adding any troubles in your daily routine. Plus, enjoy the anti-splash guard of this little miracle and you’ll never see a spill flying around. No accidents! Only great recipes and flavourful pastries!


  • Powerful motor
  • Top-quality materials
  • Value-for-money


  • Heavier than others
  • Buttons could be placed differently
  • A little noisy

Mixers for Hassle-Free Baking Experience!

Baking is a hobby for many of us, and no one can know the hassle of mixing and kneading better than baking enthusiasts. It takes a lot of effort to make that single cake that we gobble in a matter of minutes.

So, to keep the hassle of mixing, folding and kneading in the kitchen at a low, it is essential to have an appliance like a mixer. A mixer can save a lot of your time spent in manual mixing of eggs, flour, water, etc. Here is everything you need to know about the electric mixers.

Why Give Mixers A Chance?

Well, to be completely honest, there are many factors that make mixers one of the essential elements of your kitchen. How? It takes a lot of effort of yours to knead the dough manually with your hands. With a mixer and dough hooks, you can do that all without using your hands.

Moreover, if you have surprise guests at your home, it may take you more time to prepare food for all of them. Hence, an electric mixer can save you a lot of time and effort in such situations. Other than these, there are many other reasons that support the purchase of an electric mixer.

What Types Of Mixers Suit You?

  • Standing mixers: These types of mixers are best for busy cooks, as they do not need any hands while functioning, one can put the ingredients in the mixer and walk away while it does the job for you. They mix the ingredients evenly and can last for a relatively long time.
  • Hand Mixers: Unlike stand mixers that can only be used while keeping them in one place, hand mixers are handy and can be carried anywhere you want to use them. Hand mixers are easy to use, but they are not as powerful as the stand mixers. Moreover, you need to move your hands for mixing or whisking the ingredients, unlike stand mixers. You can also adjust the speed of mixing in hand mixers. They wear out faster than the stand mixers.
  • Hand/Stand Mixer: This is the third category that is a combo of the other two mixers. You can easily combine the hand mixer with the stand mixer if required; if not, you can use the hand mixer as a separate unit for light-duty tasks.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Mixer?

Well, there are many attributes that need to be analyzed before making the final choice of mixer. First off, check your requirements on what kind of dishes you generally bake or plan on baking. Based on these, it will be easy for you to choose the best mixer for your kitchen.

Now, there are many ingredients that can be mixed in a mixer, and based on the type of mixer, the intensity of mixing also varies. For example, if you have opted for a stand mixer, you can use it to mix heavy or more ingredients at once, like bread dough, cake dough, etc.

On the other hand, with a hand mixer, you can only mix light ingredients like eggs, cream, curd, etc. Apart from this, there are many other ingenious aspects that you need to look for before buying a good mixer. For example, the ability to auto shut-off after use and interlocking.

Lastly, there are some basic features that are must to be in the good mixer. In the coming section, we are going to take a quick look at those features. Make sure you closely analyze these features based on your requirement and buy the best mixer for yourself.

Always Think About...

  • Material: The initial and foremost thing that is necessary to check in a mixer is the material. You need to check if the material is strong enough to handle the heavy mixing of the mixer. Make sure it has a beater made of metal so that they do not break easily and last long.
  • Speed Settings: As you may need to mix and whisk ingredients of various densities, it is necessary to verify if the mixer has speed settings. Working at a higher speed can save you a lot of time and effort rather than doing it manually by hand. Most of the mixers have at least 3-speed settings.
  • Accessories: While buying a mixer, it is important to check if the mixer comes with added accessories like a whisk, beater, and dough hook. These accessories come handy while mixing and kneading different ingredients in the mixer. If you get these accessories, it is good; if not, it is recommended to buy them as they will enhance the functionality of the mixer.
  • Power: Based on the type of mixer you are buying and the type of usage you have, it is necessary to see if the mixer has enough power to satisfy your needs. For example, if you are fond of baking bread and cakes, you need a mixer with a higher power.

There are many products out there and believe me; it can be very confusing to choose the best among them. To make it simple for you, we have created this comprehensive guide that will elaborate every aspect related to the mixers. We hope it helps you in the best possible way.

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