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Best Money Transfer Services

As Of June 2022

Do you want a cost-effective way that’s time-sensitive for sending money globally? The best money transfer services give you guaranteed peace of mind that your funds will reach their destination on time. No bank fees and the most competitive rates out there! And, you’ll always be able to track their route for extra security & protection. Check the best ones here!

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World Remit

4.8 /5

Transfer Money Worldwide! Over 130 Countries Available

  • Keep track of your transactions with the phone app
  • Complete your money transfers overseas in just a few minutes
  • Send as little as £100 as there’s no minimum limit
  • Choose from a variety of payment methods such as bank transfers, cash pickups or via mobile
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4.7 /5

Want to test it out? First 2 Transfers are Free!

  • Support your loved ones financially within an hour, even if they live across the globe
  • Deliver money even on weekend emergencies as it’s 24/7
  • Save up to 90% in comparison to bank transfers
  • Process your funds when you’re on the go with the app
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4.6 /5

£0 Fees on Any Money Transfer

  • Send multiple funds as there’s allowance up to $500,000 daily
  • Fit for your worldwide needs - delivers in 139 currencies to over 220 countries
  • Transfer your money on the same day due to the quick setup
  • Have peace of mind with an enterprise-grade security
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Send Money Overseas Securely Online With No Hassle

Do you have friends or family abroad that are in desperate need of some emergency funds? Are you struggling to find the best choice that will ensure that your money reaches them quickly? Digital money transfer services are the most secure and fastest way to send money across the globe. Many offer their services in most, if not all, countries and territories, allowing you to cover any remote destination. 

In just a few minutes, you can process your funds in a variety of payment methods including mobile, bank and wire transfers. People prefer digital money transfer services as they are more convenient to use on the go either via your smartphone or a computer. They eliminate the need to visit a bank or any other physical location. 

All you need is the recipient’s phone number, email address or banking info to initiate the transfer. In most cases, you can expect a speedy delivery either within the same day (often as quick as in 1 hour) or within 2-3 business days. The delivery time varies depending on the destination. Signing up for an account is required with most services, but it’s as quick as a 3-step process of personal information, email address and password.

Picking the best money transfer service should take into account the following criteria: 

  • Reviews - Check the company’s overall rating and reviews to find a trustworthy company
  • Fees & Exchange Rates  - Look for a service that has as close to no transaction fees as possible and a competitive exchange rate that will give you your money’s worth
  • Transfer Time -  Each service can deliver money at its own timing. Find one that matches your urgent needs as some can transfer it as quickly as within an hour, while others take 2-3 business days for some countries. 
  • Security - Digital services pose the risk of scamming or security breaches so check that your choice encrypts data well for your own peace of mind.

In times of need, you can be present for your loved ones even if they’re across the pond. Support them financially whenever there’s an emergency as fast as within a few minutes. The best money transfer services can give you reliable solutions even if you’re on the move. No need to rush to the bank! Send money effortlessly anywhere today!

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