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Best 10 Monitor Stands

As Of June 2022

Are you working in a tight office space? Do you want to clear some items off your desktop in a compact way? Work with better ergonomics by placing your computer screen on one of the best monitor stands! Your eyes will thank you in the long run! They are versatile to rotate, swivel or even hold other items too. Check the best ones below!

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1 Amazon Basics Height-Adjustable Display Stand on white background

Amazon Basics Height-Adjustable Display Stand

4.8 /5

Best Monitor Stand Overall

  • Switch the height to your liking so that you work for hours on end
  • Keep books, gaming consoles & more beneath it in the wide storage space
  • Ensure your screen is wobble-free thanks to the non-skid feet
  • Place any office equipment you want on it as it can hold up to 10kg
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2 BONTEC Dual Monitor Stand on wooden desk table with dual monitors

BONTEC Dual Monitor Stand

4.7 /5

Ideal for 360° Rotation

  • Maintain your desk space tangle-free with the intuitive concealed wiring design
  • Perfect for any adult with its 43cm height adjustability
  • Work however you prefer thanks to the vertical & horizontal rotation
  • Elevate your gaming experience as it can handle up to 27-inch screens
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3 HUANUO Monitor Arm with Laptop Tray on white background

HUANUO Monitor Arm with Laptop Tray

4.6 /5

Top Choice for Monitor & Laptop Mount

  • Lower your neck & eye strain thanks to the variable adjustments
  • Increase your productivity by working from your laptop & monitor simultaneously
  • Ready to use in under 10 minutes with the straightforward instructions
  • Declutter your desk with its space-saving design
4 group of coworkers working on the HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

4.5 /5

Ideal for 32-Inch Screens

  • Keep it for years worry-free thanks to the durable & long-lasting construction
  • Improve your posture with the height adjustment feature
  • Switch from one app to the other hassle-free with its dual-arm design
  • Save over 80% of your desk space for your other personal items
5 HUANUO Monitor Stand on white background

HUANUO Monitor Stand

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Mesh Ventilation

  • Select 1 of 3 height adjusting levels to match your comfort
  • Prevent your device from overheating with the convenient mesh holes
  • Protect your desk from damage thanks to the anti-skid rubber & non-slip feet
  • Start typing in less than 1 minute as it has a simple installation
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6 BONTEC Wood Monitor Stand Riser with office accessories on white background

BONTEC Wood Monitor Stand Riser

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Offices

  • Add some elegant touches to your desk space with its wooden design
  • Speed through 8-hour workdays comfortably with its ergonomic build
  • Answer calls in seconds by keeping your phone in the built-in slot
  • Organise your office supplies neatly in the 2-tier compartments
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7 man using the HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Adjustability

  • Stay efficient for longer periods with the dual monitor mounting system
  • Share your screen with your coworkers effortlessly thanks to the swivel
  • Take on coding software like a pro by turning it in portrait mode
  • Install it in just 3 steps - no extra tools needed!
8 man using the VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

4.5 /5

Ideal for Cable Management

  • Enjoy a tidy workspace thanks to the included cable clips
  • Fix it firmly to your desk by using either the C-clamp or grommet mount
  • Relieve your spine by standing as it can rotate, swivel & tilt
  • Upgrade your setup as it can hold up to 27-inch screens
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9 laptop on HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser with books beneath it

HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser

4.5 /5

Most Versatile Pick

  • Maintain a clutter-free office by lifting the platform to fit more items under
  • Let your computer stay cool with the mesh holes for better airflow
  • Place even heavy-duty printers on it thanks to the 20kg capacity
  • No chance of desk skid marks with the non-slip rubber feet
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10 Suptek Dual Monitor Mount with dual monitors mounted on it horizontally

Suptek Dual Monitor Mount

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Vertical Stand

  • Multitask with confidence by using 2 monitors at once
  • Hide wiring out of your way with the neat cable tidies
  • Watch live sports broadcasts simultaneously as it can handle up to 20kg
  • Put it together in no time as it comes with all mounting accessories

Better Ergonomics & Less Strain With The Best Monitor Stands

Do you spend a lot of time on your computer? Are you looking for an ergonomic and healthier way to work in front of a screen? Nowadays, many jobs have us sitting for extended periods, leading to neck, eye, and spine problems. The best monitor stands help you adjust your computer’s screen so that you can work comfortably for longer periods and relieve some of that pain.

Some like to purchase them for their gaming monitors to play video games with more convenience. Others use them for multitasking while working by setting up dual monitors. Whatever your personal preference may be, there's an option out there waiting for you to add ergonomics and increase your productivity. 

What features should the best monitor stands have? Check below!

  • Number of Monitors: The first thing to check is how many monitors the stand can handle. Some are meant for just one, while others have a dual monitor mounting system. Monitor sizes can range from 11 inches to over 32 inches, depending on the model.
  • Height Adjustability: Most monitor stands have some form of height adjustability. The single monitor stands have up to 3 height levels, while the dual monitor stands can reach up to 60cm, allowing you to work in a standing position
  • Rotation: Do you prefer working in landscape or portrait orientation? If you like flipping your screen vertically, check if your monitor stand has a 360-degree rotation mechanism
  • Swivel: Swivel is a handy feature to have when you're in an office setting as it allows you to turn your screen right and left. For the most functionality, try to find one that has up to a 360- degree swivel. 
  • Tilt: Tilting your screen can help reduce your eye strain as it adjusts the light's reflection on the screen. Many monitor stands have a 90-degree tilt function to make working easy on the eyes. 
  • Weight Capacity: The small monitor stands have a weight capacity of up to 10 kg, but dual monitor stands can handle up to 20kg at once. 
  • Non-Slip Feet: To ensure that you don't damage your desk, look for monitor stands that come with anti-skid rubber or non-slip feet. That way, there won't be any chance of a wobbly accident that could ruin your office desk. 
  • Storage Space: Some monitor stands have compartments or storage space beneath the stand so that you can store other items to declutter the rest of your desk space. These compartments can hold smartphones, office supplies and more.
  • Cable Management: Do you want a tangle-free setup? Many monitor stands include cable management features that contain any loose wiring in an organised way. 
  • Mesh Holes: If you buy a single monitor stand or one that you can place your laptop on, try to pick the one that has mesh holes at the bottom for better airflow and proper ventilation to prevent overheating. 

Boost your productivity and work non-stop by purchasing one of the best monitor stands. Take on photo editing software, coding, and multitasking like a pro at home or the office. Are you ready to relieve your eyes, back and neck?

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