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Best 10 Monocular Telescopes

As Of June 2021

Do you enjoy going out in the wilderness? Are you an avid bird-watcher who thrives off of nature’s wildlife? Any hunting, hiking or camping trip is a great opportunity to bask in the beautiful landscape that Mother Earth has to offer. Grab a pair of the best monocular telescopes and check bright & gorgeous imagery! No need to get too close to the action; they work from afar. Find them here!

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1 AUCEE on white background


4.8 /5

Best Monocular Telescope Overall

  • Enjoy vibrant images with its large field of view
  • See things when it’s pitch black outside due to its low-light night vision
  • Continue bird watching when there are light showers thanks to its waterproofing
  • Hold it firmly by placing the included hand strap
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2 Gosky on white background


4.7 /5

#2 Best Choice

  • Have the best scenic views on your next hiking adventure
  • Take on many wilderness explorations conveniently with the hand strap
  • Keep your gaze fixed longer with the quick-relieving twist-up eyecup
  • Versatile to use with your smartphone’s camera lens
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3 ARPBEST on white background


4.6 /5

Ideal for Hiking

  • Convenient to capture steady shots with the tripod & smartphone holder
  • Appreciate nature’s beauties by looking up to 1km away
  • Fits in your pocket & bring it anywhere as it’s compact & lightweight
  • Perfect for those wearing glasses with the twist-up eyecup
4 Gosky Titan on white background

Gosky Titan

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Bird Watching

  • Spot every tiny detail by zooming up to 12x closer
  • Record wobble-free videos by attaching the smartphone holder
  • Deliver crisp images as if you’re a National Geographic photographer
  • Never slips out of the palm of your hand with the striped rubber armour
5 Jinhuaxin on white background


4.5 /5

Best Choice for Hunting

  • Sitting at the upper levels in a stadium concert? Bring these & join the party!
  • Take HD phone photos by using the tripod
  • Stay comfortable when checking out wildlife thanks to the rubber grip
  • Keep it dust-free when storing by placing the lens cover
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6 Gosky Skyhawk on white background

Gosky Skyhawk

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Wildlife Watching

  • Don’t shake off debris to prevent damage - it’s 100% dustproof!
  • Hassle-free to take with you by tucking it in the carrying bag
  • Handle any tough weather like a champ as it’s sturdy
  • No need to wear contact lenses as it works with prescription glasses too
7 Wingspan Optics Explorer on white background

Wingspan Optics Explorer

4.5 /5

Best Fogproof Choice

  • Travel with a leakproof telescope by storing it in the mesh carrying case
  • Continue viewing non-blurry images by wiping it down with the microfibre cloth
  • Pick out objects in the distance with its 12x magnifying lens
  • Light as a feather to hold on long hikes
8 Emarth on white background


4.5 /5

Top Choice with Hand Strap

  • Enjoy night hikes as it has low-light level night vision
  • Use it with one hand from the strap without fear of dropping it
  • Hook it with your smartphone via the tripod bottom connector
  • Feel mesmerised by viewing flora & fauna up to 8x closer
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9 Hawke Endurance ED on white background

Hawke Endurance ED

4.5 /5

Ideal for Worry-Free Usage

  • Adjust the focus to your liking by simply twisting the knob between two turns
  • Perfect for misty morning treks with its nitrogen seal
  • Hang it from your neck to carry hands-free with the lanyard
  • Have peace of mind when using it as it has a lifetime warranty
Forever Warranty Ribbon
10 ROXANT Grip Scope on white background

ROXANT Grip Scope

4.5 /5

Best for Wide Angles

  • Go whale watching on a boat thanks to its high-end optics
  • Record shake-free videos even with one hand as it has a steady grip
  • Use it with or without eyeglasses due to the removable eyecup
  • Keep both of your hands free by carrying it via the neck strap

Check Out Beautiful Sceneries & Wildlife with the Best Monocular Telescopes

Are you a nature lover? Do you like spending time outdoors engaging in sports, including hiking, trekking, and more? Any serious outdoors enthusiast can agree that the right type of camping equipment and gear is necessary for your safety and overall wellness when you're out in nature. For example, a high-quality pair of walking poles is required so that you stay balanced and protected. But, besides the must-haves for safety reasons, there are other types of gear that you should invest in for recreational purposes too. A monocular telescope is one such excellent piece of equipment you should look into.

The best monocular telescopes are handy photography electronic devices that you can use on various outdoor adventures, including hiking, camping, bird-watching, wildlife watching and other activities. Some even like to bring them to ball games and concerts where they're sitting in upper-level areas. That's because they give you a better viewing angle with premium magnifying abilities up to 12 times closer than normal

Are you interested in learning a bit more about what a monocular telescope should have? Stay with us to find out more!

  • Large Field of View (FOV) - The best monocular telescopes have a high-quality field of view up to 1000 yards (1km). That means that you can view objects as far away as up to 1 km like they were right next to you.
  • Premium Light Transmission - Most, if not all, monocular telescopes have a 99.5% light transmittance. They can show in the brightest possible way clear and crisp images. Some are even able to see things in low-light by indicating that they have night-vision abilities. 
  • Waterproof/Fogproof/Dustproof/Shockproof Design - The highest quality monocular telescopes are the ones that have one or all of the above features. These features ensure that your telescope stays moisture, dust, debris and shock-free. 
  • Accessories -  Accessories are a money-saving way of getting some awesome products included in a bundle instead of buying them separately. Many monocular telescopes have a tripod or smartphone holder, a carrying bag, neck or hand straps, and a cleaning kit.

Take a long and meaningful look into nature's most beautiful and scenic landscapes using a monocular telescope. The best ones are guaranteed to give you fantastic views with crystal clear imagery, unlike any other binoculars or telescopes. Are you ready to explore and get up close and personal to nature’s wildlife?

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