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Best 10 Multimeters

As Of March 2021

Whether you are into DIY projects or a certified electrician, a contemporary digital multimeter, with its multiple functions and uses, will make your electrical tasks much easier, accurate and safer!

So, we researched the best multimeters currently available for you to invest in. Find the one that matches your level of experience and work at hand.

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1 Edasion XL830L yellow multimeter with cables and battery on a white background
Best Buy For Basic Needs
4.9 /5

An excellent choice for less experienced users and training purposes

  • Backlit LCD high visibility screen, ideal for dark places
  • The foldable stand enables you to work simultaneously
  • Overload CE rated protection that ensures longevity and endurance
  • Protective durable shell to avoid damage upon slipping from your hands
A blue ribbon about the Best 10 Rated choice
2 ULTRICSÂ FBA-0021-YB yellow multimeter on a white background
Compact Multi Functional Tool
4.9 /5

Best value for money with a lot of handy features

  • Excellent for industrial and DIY use thanks to its compact size
  • Gives accurate measurements, perfect for educational or research purposes
  • Thick rubber casing offers protection against splashes & minor bumps
  • The fold-out stand enables hands-free work
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
3 AstroAI red multimeter on white background with cables
Auto Ranging Feature
4.8 /5

Best hanging magnet option for extra convenience while working

  • Extensive capabilities make it perfect for commercial use
  • Easy measurements for both professionals & DIY-lovers
  • Ceramic fuse tubes offer double insulation ensuring your utmost safety
  • Handy back magnet sticks to any metallic surface for hands-free working
4 Beva red multimeter on a white background
Auto-shutoff feature
4.7 /5

Unique for its innovative comfortable grip

  • Large backlight display enables clear readings
  • Anti-interferential & anti-magnetic function for extra accuracy
  • Rubber cover for extra protection against liquids and drops
  • Energy-efficient as it automatically shuts down after 15-minute use
5 Fluke 117 yellow multimeter on a white background
Non-contact measurement
4.6 /5

A top choice for electricians and professionals of the field

  • VoltAler technology detects voltage without contact
  • Low input impendance averts false readings
  • Durable construction ideal for heavy-duty tasks
  • Perfect moulding that allows minimal dust to enter, promising longevity and high-quality performance
6 KAIWEETS black professional multimeter on a white background
Silicone protective case
4.6 /5

Ideal for users with no testing pen

  • Non-contact voltage detector, plus red light/sound alarm for live wire
  • Double insulation protects both the device and the user
  • LCD flashlight screen ideal for dimly lit places
  • Multi-functional use like vehicle inspection and electronic repairs
7 AstroAI Digital Multimeter on white background
Ideal For Commercial Use
4.5 /5

Excellent product for professional use

  • Εxcellent choice for professional users
  • High durability and advanced features enable it to be used commercially
  • Explosion-proof fuse made of ceramic ensures safe testing
  • Automatically shuts off after inactivity of 15 minutes
8 Neoteck NT8233D PRO black multimeter with cables and alligator clips on a white background
Buzzer Signal
4.5 /5

Good choice for low light or dark places

  • User-friendly, simple to operate
  • Buzzer for accurate continuity tests, plus 2 extra alligator clips included
  • 45º angle of the pull-out stand ensures a clear view
  • Non-slip plastic shell for strong grip that prevents damage on falling
9 Tacklife DM01M black multimeter with cables on white background
Home & Professional Use
4.4 /5

Advanced safety features multimeter

  • Backlight helps you while working in the dark or dim lighted places
  • Automatically shuts off for energy efficiency
  • Voltage NCV non-contact detector protects you from a shock
  • Single rotary switch easily allows for multiple measurements
10 Proster DT33C red multimeter on white background
Small & Lightweight
4.3 /5

An affordable product for versatile uses and testings

  • Small, compact and light design that is easy to carry around
  • Overload protection prevents damage if incorrect range is selected
  • Data hold function facilitates viewing and comparing measurements
  • Accurate temperature measurements thanks to brilliant probes

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The No 1 Digital Tool Essential: The Multimeter!

Whether you are a professional electrician or a DIYer who likes testing new inventions and ideas; or simply a homeowner who enjoys fixing things around the house, a multimeter can prove to be a very useful instrument - one that you cannot go without, to be perfectly honest.

And here’s why: It is a compact electronic tool which comes handy for various applications, like:

  • Testing the flow of current in a circuit.
  • Checking for any dangerous live wires.
  • Measuring voltage, resistance, temperature and amperage in any kind of home appliance or installation.
  • Repairing your car or motor engine.
  • Looking for any potential cargo leakages.
  • Checking any kind of motors and batteries.

That is, you are going to need it for each and every electric task, repair or installation you want to complete successfully!

But what’s also amazing about multimeters is their compact size and their multifunctionality, while they are quite affordable in the majority of cases, too. But the utmost benefit would be the advanced safety they provide for you during any electrical project you put your mind into.

And that’s what makes it an essential tool to own!

Why give Multimeters a Chance?

When working on any electrical task, a multimeter can help check numerous readings to ensure that the work done is accurate. With the latest models carrying backlit, LCD screens you no longer have to turn on a torch when in dim-lit or dark places, occupying your hands to see the results you need. You can easily check the continuity of a circuit, detect a short circuit and track a blown fuse, with a simple switch of a knob or by just pressing a button.

For those of you who are keen to fix electrical issues yourself at home or those of you who wish to further their learning and be trained on this scientific field, having a multimeter is the first step. Use it to primarily monitor features like resistance, current and voltage. Additionally, go on and check temperature, frequency, continuity, capacitance and test diode transistors.

And all this, with extreme accuracy and in risk-free way that will enhance your technical skills and enthusiasm!

What Should You Look for When Buying a Multimeter?

Finding the ideal multimeter can be quite an uphill task, especially when there are a plethora of options out there. Wondering how to choose the correct model for your needs? Feeling unsure about whether you even need a multimeter, in the first place? What features should you prefer and what features are not worth the price? Read on to know all of this and so much more.

From analogue to digital today, multimeters have become highly advanced. With portable options that have flashlights, working on electrical projects has become much safer and easier. Therefore, even if you consider yourself to be a newbie and are a little apprehensive about delving into electronics and electrical fixtures, a multimeter is a great buy to feel prepared and safe for the task ahead.

As for electricians and those of you who are more experience in the field, the value of a good multimeter never goes underestimated. From keeping your automotive in check to ensuring the wiring in your house or office is spic and span, a multimeter will help you track relevant issues in time so that you avoid any cargo leakage or short circuit.

Now, if you are still wondering whether to invest in a multimeter and start "that project", overthinking should not prevent you from taking action. That is even if you do not plan to pursue it professionally, having a multimeter at home will always come in handy with several small projects for which you would otherwise spend a substantial amount of money. So, gear up and find which multimeter is best for you!

Always Think About...

  • The clarity of the LCD screen is an imperative factor to consider when buying a multimeter. Make sure that it has a backlight so that the readings are easily viewable in dimly lit or dark spaces. Moreover, some LCDs can become unclear at certain angles, so make sure the one you’re using is clear at the usual angles that you need it at.
  • Another factor to consider is the maximum capacities which will help you determine the right multimeter for you—these need to resonate with the requirements of the projects you have in mind. For most domestic jobs, a standard multimeter should do. However, for more heavy-duty tasks, a more advanced and specialized multimeter may be required.
  • The data hold function is another important feature that a good multimeter has. This will help you in recording several different measurements without putting each down separately to remember. It is not mandatory to have in a multimeter, but it does make the job easier, especially when you don't have much space or a pencil to write down your metrics!
  • It is also ideal to purchase a multimeter that comes with a safety rating/certification. This will keep your projects safe for yourself and the system you are working on. It can avert fires and short circuits to happen. Invaluable, if we must add.
  • You must also know the accuracy of the multimeter. This depends on the level of accuracy you require for your project. While the general error limit, in any case, should be low, the exact level of digit preciseness can only be decided by you as per your needs. So, consider if you need it for a home-based project or in a professional setting to be totally sure.

A multimeter, no matter how new or experienced you are in the field of electronics, is essential for any light or heavy-duty task you aspire to delve into; or for any short circuit repair, you might need in your home or office.

Diligently deal with anything electric. Be uncompromising with your safety. Check among the best multimeters and find yours today!

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