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Best 10 Password Managers

As Of June 2022

Looking for a strong password that will keep your personal data safe has become a quest. Having numerous online accounts makes it even more difficult. It’s like every new day you need a new password for something! Time for a change! The best password managers are here!
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1 RoboForm password manager logo on a white background


4.8 /5

Protect your passwords with prices starting at $0

  • Easy password management & app security with multi-OS syncing
  • Password generator for unique ones when it comes to sensitive data
  • Store passwords and log into accounts with just a click
  • No need for writing billing & personal information due to AutoFill
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5 1Password password manager logo on a white background


4.5 /5

Secure your personal or Business passwords from just €2.65

  • Store unlimited passwords & work safely with instant, secure sharing
  • With easy setup & even easier user interface for everyone
  • Go back up to a full year & recover passwords that changed
  • Stay secure with alerts that will inform you in case of danger
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9 LastPass password manager logo on a white background


4.5 /5

Peace of mind with personal plans starting from free!

  • Stop worrying about data breaches due to dark web monitoring
  • From insurance cards to Wi-Fi passwords, everything is safe
  • Share your data effortlessly & simplify your shopping experience
  • Get the emergency access feature & rest assured about your data
high security ribbon
2 NordPass password manager logo on a white background


4.7 /5

Killer Deal! Summer Kickoff Sales Up to 70% off

  • Store secure notes, credit card details & shipping addresses in one place
  • Biometric options unlock password vault with fingerprint or Face ID
  • Password sharing with people you trust is easy & safe
  • Highly secure system that relies on leading technology
3 Dashlane password manager logo on a white background


4.6 /5

Super prices starting from $0 per month

  • Get an unlimited number of passwords on all devices
  • Reach a new level of security with the dark web monitoring feature
  • Still worried? No more with the two-factor authentication
  • Create & store unique passwords with one click - no more weak passwords
ribbon connection for unlimited devices
4 Keeper password manager logo on a white background


4.5 /5

Now With 30% Off On Keeper Unlimited & Keeper Family

  • Fast auto-filling feature saves you time while browsing
  • Two-factor authenticator: Touch ID, Face ID, U2F security keys like YubiKey & more
  • Save & restore previous records anytime you want
  • With secure file storage through the encrypted digital vault

A Good Password Isn’t Good Enough!

No matter who you are or what you like to do while surfing the Internet, there’s one thing that is absolutely essential. And that is your digital protection! You might have found yourself searching for a strong and unique password to keep your data safe. But then again, there are so many accounts that you probably have, that only one password isn’t enough.

How would you feel about having a vault of some kind that keeps all your passwords protected and safe? The only thing you need to do is remember just one master password. That’s all! And how would you feel about a service that generates unique and really strong passwords anytime you want, without the need of you to remember them by heart? Cool, right?

From mobile devices to desktops, there are so many sites that require a password. Even messaging apps which is the way that everyone communicates nowadays, need one too. And your operating system has nothing to do with it. Either you use an Android or an Apple iOS device your needs are still the same. And your desktop has the same fate. From Windows and macOS to Linux. From Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari to Opera and everything beyond.

It’s time to find the ultimate solution to the whole password problem. The best password manager services are here to save the day. Don’t feel overwhelmed with all the available options. We gathered the best ones and this guide will give you all the information you need to make the right choice. Have a look!

Who Needs A Password Manager?

A simple answer. Everyone! Digital and cyber security are some of the most important aspects of taking care of your personal information. Especially now that you live in an Internet-driven world where both individuals and businesses have everything online. That was the thing that led people to make attacks and steal sensitive data, go through your files and expose your identity. Scary, right?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways to protect yourself without the help of services that know how to handle them. And trying not to visit “strange” sites, isn’t enough. All those hackers or attackers have gotten better, smarter and stronger which made password manager services a necessity. The good news is that by finding the one that suits you best and covers your needs, you’ll stay protected no matter what.

What Is Cyber Security?

To put it simply, it’s software that works like a multi-tool and helps you cover as many threats as possible. All those different features work together to make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of people that want to access your information. Password management is one of those features but most of the time, it’s combined with:

  1. An antivirus & anti-malware software to identify and eliminate threats.
  2. A firewall to prevent both viruses and malware from reaching your device.
  3. A virtual private network (VPN) that covers your Internet identity
  4. Data breach notifications that help you know when a company that you shop at has been compromised in some way.
  5. Dark web monitoring alerts you when your personal data like your email has been stolen.
  6. Credit monitoring keeps you posted about any suspicious activity that is connected to your finances.

How Do Password Managers Work?

Let’s start from the beginning. A password manager will need a username and a password during your first sign in. So, let’s say that you log in to your email account for the first time after getting a service like this. The next time that you’re going to visit that same website, your password manager will remember your information and autofill the forms for you. No need to remember everything by heart and no need to waste your time.

Now, if you find yourself trying to think of a strong and unbreakable password but without any luck, then the manager can generate a unique one that’s really random. That way you have a great one, without the need to remember it and without any duplicates among your accounts. Plus, you can use it on more than one device so you can access your credit card and shipping information for example whenever you want. And don’t forget that some of them offer you a secure storage place where you can put really important files and items. 

Keep in mind that many password managers keep your master password so they can unlock the manager locally and not on a remote server. If though, it’s on a server then you have to know that it’s encrypted and the company can’t read it. Even though this keeps you more protected against data breach, it also means that forgetting your master password will lead you to a difficult situation. Why? Because the company won’t know it and won’t be able to give it back to you. So, just make sure that you won’t forget it, otherwise, you would have to set every password again.

How To Install A Password Manager - Simple Steps

Some of you might think that getting a service like this will be a little too confusing for them. Well, think again! Here you can see the easy steps that you need to follow to keep your data safe.

  1. Install the password manager service
  2. Set up the browser extension on your device
  3. Set up your user account and create a master password
  4. Import all data from your browser
  5. Install the mobile app as well (if you want)
  6. Add a two-factor authentication (if it’s available on your plan)
  7. Backup your data in the cloud
  8. Browse safely!

Free Version Plan VS Premium Plan?

It’s really appealing when you get something without having to pay for it. And people tend to choose free plans most of the time. But at what cost? There are some things that are so important that choosing the “free” way isn’t the best way. Password managers are one of those things. They’re a great tool that seems more and more useful the more passwords we have. The free plan can store your passwords (a limited amount) in a vault and keep them safe for you. And that’s that! But what happens with all the other extra features that enhance your security?

Free Plans

You log in, you save your passwords and the next time you visit those websites you can enjoy the auto-fill feature without the need to memorize everything. Which is a really good thing. You save time from typing your username and passwords again and again so you can do your job right away. Some of them also helo you generate new ones that are stronger than the ones that you think for yourself, because of their randomness. 

The downside though is that you can’t store unlimited passwords, you can’t use it on multiple devices and you don’t have the extra features that provide you all-around security even if you get one of the best free password managers.

Paid Plans

If you’re an individual then you might not find every single feature useful. Especially if you don’t really use the Internet as much as you could. But for those of you who use if for more than just emails and shopping, then a paid plan is a far greater option. If you have a business then there’s no question about the need to have one.

If you work with other people or you’re a part of a big family, giving access and sharing passwords is really essential. All you need to do is have everyone create a master password for themselves and voila! And if you think that this isn’t important then you don’t really know how unprotected you are when you send passwords back and forth in the basic ways.

Many of these services offer you the ability to sync your password vault across a number of different devices. So, if you’re someone with a laptop, a computer, a phone and a tablet, then you know how this feature saves you.

Don’t forget about the extra features that come with a paid plan. From antivirus, anti-malware and VPN to dark web monitoring and many more.

What To Look For When Choosing A Password Manager?

As you can imagine, not all password managers offer the same things. There are some aspects that you need to take into consideration before reaching your final decision. Take a look!


You can check every plan and find the one that offers you all you need. The one that can cover your needs. If you have a business or need a family plan, then you need to think it through and find which one of them serves your purpose best. And if you want a little bit more security then there are some great options that totally have your back.

Ease Of Use

Choosing a service with a user-friendly interface is really important if you want to make your life easier. Don’t forget to check the application as well. If you’re a techie then most of them will be pretty simple for you. But, if you are a part of a team or a family then you need to think about them too. 

Customer Support

Which service can solve your troubles right away? Which one has 24/7 support that will answer all your questions? If you really need someone to solve your troubles right away then there are several services out there that offer you all the information you need in an instant.


Your budget… your rules! This is how it goes! It’s true that some services are better than others. They offer more and they keep you more protected. But you might not want to spend that amount of money on something like this. It’s understandable! Just make sure that you don’t stay unprotected.

Extra Features To Look For?

On top of everything else, it’s really good if you could get some of the following benefits as well.

Parental Control

If you’re a parent then you know the struggle of keeping your kid away from things that they should see that are on the Internet. Limit the sites that they can visit and give them access only to those that are age-appropriate and will keep things kid-friendly.

File Encryption

People who send sensitive information like bank data via email can add an extra level of security with encryption software that protects them during those transfers.

Cloud Backup

There are some files that are really important to you. From photos to sensitive information. And you just keep them on your computer or smartphone without being secured. Backing them up in a cloud is a safe way to protect them from attacks and never lose them.

To Sum Up

Being totally safe while browsing the Internet is very important no matter who you are. Everyone has something that might be valuable to a “bad guy”. Don’t risk it anymore! Now with the best password managers, you can rest assured about your accounts and information. Upgrade your password difficulty and stay safe. No need to memorize everything. All you need is your master password and you’re good to go. This guide has all the answers to your questions and all the information you need to make the right choice. Have a look at our top picks and keep yourself protected!

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