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Best 10 Personal Alarms For The Elderly

As Of June 2022

Feeling insecure when you’re home alone or out for a walk? Looking for a way to protect yourself and let your family know when you’re in danger? Look no further! The best personal alarms for the elderly are here. Have peace of mind wherever you are, enjoy every moment worry-free and in case of an emergency, just push a button! Check our list and find out more.

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1 Powbee Personal Alarm

Powbee Personal Alarm

4.8 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • Carry it in your pocket along with your keys as it’s lightweight
  • Scare away attackers & burglars with its super-loud sound
  • Versatile since you can use it as an emergency light at the night
  • Use it worry-free of its quality thanks to its 1-year warranty
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2 SureSafe Personal Alarm

SureSafe Personal Alarm

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Home Use

  • Not just an alarm but also calls your family in case of an emergency
  • Wear it comfortably as a wristband or a pendant
  • Use it indoors or in the garden thanks to its 50m range
  • Take a shower while wearing it care-free as it’s showerproof
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3 SureSafeGO 2 Personal Alarm

SureSafeGO 2 Personal Alarm

4.6 /5

Best Option for GPS

  • Even if you can’t reach it, it’ll automatically call for help with its fall detection system
  • Not only call your nominated contacts but also talk to them directly
  • Enjoy a walk in the park care-free thanks to its GPS tracker
  • No need for installation as it doesn’t require a landline
4 Acticheck Personal Alarm

Acticheck Personal Alarm

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Wristband

  • You won’t even notice you wearing it as it’s extremely lightweight
  • Everything at a touch of a button; SOS, fall alarm & “I’m ok” check
  • Go for a swim with it or take a shower since it’s waterproof
  • Set it up in a flash, thanks to its comprehensive user guide
5 Liotoin Wireless Personal Alarm

Liotoin Wireless Personal Alarm

4.5 /5

Best Pick for Powerful Signal

  • Let your family know if you’re in danger wherever you are due to its high-frequency signal
  • It’ll last for years to come thanks to its solid construction
  • Not just 1 transmitter but 3; there’s one for all your family
  • Adjust the volume according to your needs; choose from 5 sound levels
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6 Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm

Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Mobile Phone Connectivity

  • Send real-time information if you’re in danger thanks to its GPS tracking
  • Always have a stable connection with its advanced Bluetooth
  • Never run out of battery as it lasts for an entire year
  • Keep your family informed & up to date from its free mobile app
7 Lifeline24 Personal Alarm

Lifeline24 Personal Alarm

4.5 /5

Best Option for Design

  • Wear it like a watch on your wrist as it’s stylish & compact
  • You can take it with you on the beach since it’s waterproof
  • You won’t have to press a button as it auto-detects slippages & falls
  • Use it indoors or outdoors thanks to its 100m range
8 Daytech Caregiver Pager Personal Alarm

Daytech Caregiver Pager Personal Alarm

4.5 /5

Most Compact Option

  • Never feel insecure as its loud sound will make you noticeable even from a distance
  • Use it indoors or put it in your bag & pocket for peaceful walks
  • Pick the ideal ringtone for you from 55 different options
  • Use it daily without charging as it has long-lasting batteries
9 Liotoin Caregiver Personal Alarm

Liotoin Caregiver Personal Alarm

4.5 /5

Best Pick for Family Use

  • In case you’re lacking strength, don’t worry due to its soft touch screen
  • Versatile as you can hang it around your neck or mount it on a wall
  • Rest assured of its quality as it comes with a 1-year free service
  • No need for extra expenses as it includes 2 receivers & 3 transmitters
10 Noyzie Personal Alarm

Noyzie Personal Alarm

4.5 /5

Top Option for Loud Siren

  • No-fuss on activating it; just pull the lid
  • Keep away attackers & burglars thanks to its super-loud sound
  • It fits everywhere with ease; handbag, pocket, keys or belt
  • For an extra touch of security, it features a strong LED strobe light
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Never Feel Insecure Again; The Best Personal Alarms For The Elderly Are Here!

Worrying if you fall in the middle of a walk or the shower while having no one to help you? Want something to cover your back in case of an emergency? You came to the right place! Stay calm as we’ve got you covered. The best personal alarms for the elderly come to the rescue.

Never feel insecure again wherever you are, indoors or outdoors. With a touch of a button, alert your loved ones to come and assist you. Keep them always with you as they’re lightweight and compact. More importantly, they provide you with 24/7 security so that you never feel helpless again.

Finding the right personal alarm can be quite an uphill task. That’s why we came up with a small list of all the basic features that you should always have in mind while looking for one.

  • Ease of use: That’s the most important thing as we understand that older people want a device as convenient as possible. Look for alarms that can be activated with a touch of a button or simply by pulling a lid. That way, you’ll waste no time on unnecessary moves. 
  • Sound levels: Since we’re talking about security, the device must transmit high-frequency sounds that can penetrate walls. The more, the merrier. Alarms that can reach up to 130db of noise are an excellent choice. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the product matches your needs.
  • Range: Along with the sound levels comes the range. Signals that can reach more than 100 meters are great. That way, you can leave your transmitter at home while enjoying a walk in your garden or around the neighbourhood. 
  • Compatibility: Lightweight and compact devices should be amongst your top choices. Something small to fit in your pocket along with your mobile phone or wear as a pendant or wristband should be sufficient. You want something to carry every day with ease, so size does matter.

No time to waste! You’re ready to pick the best personal alarm for you or a loved one! From now on, you’ll never feel insecure again, and you’ll always have someone to watch your back in case of an emergency. What are you waiting for? Find yours today!

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