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Best 10 Pet Ramps

As Of June 2022

IInterested in making certain areas of your house or vehicle easily accessible to your pets so that they feel at ease and you also do not have to make much effort to get them in? f that is the case, you are most definitely looking for pet ramps! They are easy to place and use and they will definitely make your pets love you even more!
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1 Pet Ramp for Dogs Cats Rabbit on white background

JanetrtDiers Dog Pet Ramp

Non-Slip Surface
4.8 /5

Weight capacity: 150 kg, Colour: Black, Wooden Dimensions: 70x35x30/40cm

  • Raised edges and non-slip carpet surface for added safety
  • Convenient to be used in a car, van, or even be bed or sofa
  • Can be folded and locked for easy storage
  • Rapid assembly and dismantling possible just in a couple of minutes
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2 PetSafe Happy Ride Telescoping Pet Ramp on a white background

PetSafe Happy Ride Telescoping Pet Ramp

Adjustable Sizing
4.7 /5

Weight: 5.9 kg, Weight capacity: 180 kg, Colour: Grey, Dimensions: 183x43x10cm

  • High-traction surface and side rails so that there is no slipping
  • Easy to lift and carry due to light weight
  • Can be used for vehicles of different sizes
  • Easy to slide in and lock for easy storage without wasting time

PetSafe Happy Ride Extra-long Telescoping Dog Ramp

Textured Surface
4.7 /5

Weight: 8 kg, Weight capacity: 140 kg, Colour: Grey, Dimensions: 3.49 x 12.49 x 123.97 cm

  • Raised edges for added safety of your little friend
  • Large weight capacity to accommodate heavy or multiple pets at a time
  • Easy to lift and carry due to lightweight
  • Textured surface and easy grip for added security
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4 PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp on a white background

PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp

Adjustable Size
4.6 /5

Weight: 5.26 kg, Weight capacity: 80 kg, Colour: Black, Dimensions: 40.6x19.8x80cm

  • No slipping or falling due to the high-traction surface and side rails
  • Easy to lift and carry due to light weight
  • Strong aluminium material making it durable
  • Can be used for vehicles of different sizes
5 Laura James Portable Folding Dog Pet Ramp placed on a vehicle

Laura James Portable Folding Dog Pet Ramp

Protects Joints Of Pets
4.6 /5

Weight: 4.5 kg, Weight capacity: 40+ kg, Colour: Black, Dimensions: 156x41x10cm

  • Anti-slip coating and rails on the side for added safety
  • Accommodates pets with arthritis and pain in joints
  • Helps pets that can't jump high enough to reach their destination
  • Rapid assembly and dismantling due to its practical folding mechanism
6 Gr8 Home Black Portable Dog Cat Pet Ramp on a white background

Gr8 Home Black Portable Dog Cat Pet Ramp

For Smaller Dog Breeds & Older Dogs
4.6 /5

Material: Plastic, Weight capacity: 20+ kg, Colour: Black, Dimensions: 39x15.5x157cm

  • Can keep pet ramp folded using a locking hook
  • Easy to store and transport due to the ability to fold in half
  • Good for pets with arthritis or hip/joint problems
  • Can accommodate dogs who struggle to jump
7 Pet Gear Travel-Lite Tri-Fold Pet Ramp on a white background

Pet Gear Travel-Lite Tri-Fold Pet Ramp

For Senior Disabled Post Surgery Pets
4.5 /5

Weight: 7.26 kg, Weight capacity: 90 kg, Colour: Brown, Dimensions: 71x16x4cm

  • Suitable for both home-use and for travel
  • Can be used in any weather without damage
  • Supports pets that have hip and joint problems
  • Gives access to places that are hard to reach otherwise
8 Pet Gear Travel-Lite Bi-Fold Full Ramp placed on a vehicle

Pet Gear Travel-Lite Bi-Fold Full Ramp

Slip Resistant
4.5 /5

Weight: 5.44 kg, Weight capacity: 68.04 kg, Colour: Black/Blue, Dimensions: 167.6x40.6x10.2cm

  • Compact storage due to easy folding option
  • Portable due to the attached handle
  • Steady and stable due to rubber grippers on the bottom
  • Sure footing due to slip-resistant surface
9 Pet Gear Travel-Lite Tri-Fold Dog Ramp placed on a vehicle

Pet Gear Travel-Lite Tri-Fold Dog Ramp

Compact and Foldable
4.4 /5

Weight: 6.58 kg, Weight capacity: 90.7 kg, Colour: Green, Dimensions: 180.3x40.6x10.2cm

  • Great for moving around thanks to its compact design
  • Fold it easily just in seconds and store it instantly
  • Very stable and steady to help your little pet climb up
  • Slip-resistant surface adds extra safety
10 Rosewood Folding Dog Travel Ramp on a white background

Rosewood Folding Dog Travel Ramp

No Scratching
4.4 /5

Weight: 2.7 kg, Weight capacity: 35 kg, Colour: Grey, Dimensions: 40x20x40cm

  • Dog mobility assisted in and out of vehicles
  • Ideal for dogs of all sizes
  • Perfect grip onto the vehicle due to plastic feet molded with soft rubber at the end of the ramp
  • Compact design for easy storage
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Make your Pet's Life Easier!

Many people love pets and consider them to be part of their family. Pets also have favourite spots inside homes and they like to travel with you wherever you go! They also deserve vacations after all! But how would you make sure that they are able to get into their designated spaces easily?

You guessed right! You are looking for pet ramps which would make it easier for them to climb into their seats either in the house or in your vehicles. There are a few things that seem to be so trivial but they significantly affect your comfort and ease. Pet ramps are one of those items!

You might be confused about whether to get pet stairs or pet ramps. Stairs can have many advantages too, especially in terms of safety and non-slip surfaces. But if you want a portable and foldable item, pet ramps are the actual solution. There's no need for placing it in a certain place and can't move them, right? That's why pet ramps are super easy to move around and can be used in different vehicles or places inside your home.

These pet ramps can help you overcome different health issues that your pets have. Especially if they have arthritis, many pet ramps are designed in such a way that climbing is pain-free and their situation does not worsen.

Your pets would also see and realize that you truly care for them. After all, you would only purchase something just for them if you really want them to feel comfortable and to avoid any uneasiness for them. There is no better way to make them happy than to give them such a practical gift!

Why give Pet Ramps a Chance?

Once your pets get to know that these ramps are for them to use, wherever you place them they would automatically understand that this is where you want them to be at that time. Not all pets can jump and climb into places and in those situations, these ramps would act as a blessing for sure.

Especially pets that have issues in their joints or bones and have difficulty in making too much movement would appreciate a ramp for themselves. Such physical illnesses in pets are often ignored but if you are someone who truly cares for their pets, you will make it a point to not only notice such issues but think of solutions to cater to these things.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Pet Ramp?

Once you are convinced that you need to buy a suitable pet ramp for your pet, how will you decide which one to purchase? How would you determine which feature is important and which is not? The market is full of so many options that it would just leave you confused if you just look at all of them without any idea of your requirements.

Luckily for you, this is why we are here for you. We would not let you spend money on something that is either not worth it or something that you do not need. We would strictly see which features are important for you according to your pet and the frequency of use of the ramp and then shortlist models from various brands.

Just imagine how happy you would make your pet! No more jumping, clinging, struggling to climb. No more pain in joints and bones. Getting inside a vehicle and getting out would become as easy as a ride. Due to these advantages, pet ramps have become quite common for pet owners to have these days.

If you have read so far, it means you are seriously in need of this item. Do not let your doubts confuse you and stay convinced that it will definitely be on benefit to you. Our guide can further guide you about the specifications so that you don’t back out now until you get a model that is perfect for you!

Always Think About...

  • The first thing that you need to check while deciding which pet ramp to get is the weight capacity that it can bear. Then taking into account the weight of your pet, you can see if it will be able to withstand it. Even though usually the weight mentioned by the manufacturer is correct, it is always better to keep a safe gap between the mentioned weight capacity and the weight of your pet to be on the safe side.
  • If you plan on changing the position of the pet ramp often, better choose something lightweight so that you can easily lift it and carry it wherever you want. This situation will most likely arise if you have more than one vehicle and you intend to use the same pet ramp for all of them.
  • Depending on the size of your pet, do check if it will conveniently be able to climb the ramp with the dimensions that it has. Do not only go after the weight capacity as there are a few models that have a large weight capacity but their width is so small that pets with weights on the higher side would find it difficult to climb it.

We have prepared a suitable guide that you will find beneficial with respect to all aspects. It mentions all details, specifications as well as pros and cons along with the cost in it. Trust us, you wouldn’t need to consult anything else once you see our guide. Let's check it out together!

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