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Best 10 Pizza Stones

As Of March 2021

Do you want to take your pizza making to the next level? Do you aim for a crispy, gold-bottomed crust but you fail to do so? Well, we know exactly what you need! A pizza stone!

A single tool can get you from so-so to wow, just like that! Use it in your gas grill, oven or open fire to create mouth-watering results! And it’s not just for pizza! Bake bread, cookies & so much more!

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1 ROCKSHEAT Pizza Stone & Bread Baking Stone on grill

Best Overall Pizza Stone

  • Make pizzeria-like homemade pizza with crispy crusts as it evenly distributes heat
  • Bake more than just pizza, like bread, cookies & biscuits
  • Made to last as it’s heat-resistant to tolerate up to 800°C
  • Convenient to hold & carry with built-in handles
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2 Hans Grill Pizza Stone Set on grill

Best for Restaurant-Quality Results

  • Use your pizza stone anywhere from your home oven to bbq, grill or hob
  • Fast preheating & baking pizza as it has the perfect thickness of 1.5cm
  • Authentic Italian pizza at home with a recipe book included
  • No accidental burns thanks to its wooden paddle
3 BKC Pizza Stone for Oven or BBQ on grill

Top Choice for Gift

  • This ultimate baking pizza & serving tools set comes in a premium gift box
  • Long-lasting, high-quality cordierite pizza plate with wooden pizza peel board
  • Safety first with a serving rack for no burns
  • Effortless cleaning to use at home or when camping
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4 ROCKSHEAT Pizza Stone & Bread Baking Stone on gril

Top Choice for Easy Transport

  • Bake homemade pizzas like a pro as it evenly distributes heat
  • High versatility as you can also make bread, cookies & biscuits
  • Use it on your next camping trip as it’s designed for easy transport
  • Healthy, food-grade stoneware with no harmful substances
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5 Harcas Pizza Stone on white background

Ideal for High Durability

  • Durable set with a heavy-duty baking stone & bamboo pizza peel board
  • Safe to use & serve your creations with the peel board’s long handle
  • Be creative & bake anything from muffins to fruit tarts & bread
  • Versatility as it can also be used as a serving plate
6 Blumtal Pizza Stone with Paddle making bread

Ideal for Brick Oven

  • Perfect for your brick oven as the set has a shaft that extends to 85cm long
  • Preheats within minutes for quick-cooking & baking
  • No more moist centres & burned corners as it’s a cordierite stone
  • Use it in your oven or grill to make top-notch pizza & bread
7 ProCook Pizza Stone on kitchen coutertop

Best Budget Pizza Stone

  • It’s a durable ceramic pizza stone made to last for years with proper care
  • Effortlessly hand clean your stone with soapy water
  • Perfect for singles as you can bake personal pizzas due to its 28cm diameter
  • Great quality stone with a 1-year warranty
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8 Navaris XL Pizza Stone for Baking on grill

Top Pick for Versatile Pizza Stone

  • Ideal for get-togethers as it’s both a pizza stone & a serving plate
  • Versatile to bake more than just pizza-like bread & tarte flambée
  • Sturdy & stable made by cordierite material
  • Forget frozen pizzas with this stone that can withstand up to about 400°C
9 DARMAI Pizza Stone in oven

Top Pick for Thermal Conductivity

  • Robust design that is thermal shock resistant up to 787℃
  • Great pizza results with crispy bottom crusts thanks to even heat distribution
  • Healthy all-natural formulated cordierite stone to bake your pizza dough
  • Just rinse it with water to keep it clean
10 BKC Pizza Stone for Oven or BBQ on white background

Ideal for User-Friendly

  • Superb quality cordierite plate that doesn’t crack in high heat & hot ovens
  • Forget your pizza pan & elevate your pizza craft with this large stone
  • Use to bake bread or tortillas in your oven or grill
  • Up your game with new recipes from the included book

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Bring The Brick Oven Flavour To Your Table With The Best Pizza Stones

Have you found great pizza dough recipes but the end results are not what you anticipated? Been there, done that and now we are here to help you achieve that perfect, golden crispy bottom crust you so long for in your pizza. If you love pizza as much as we do, you will love these pizza stones we have for you. All we want is to help you make tasty, crispy and stone-baked pizza from the comfort of your own home so you can spoil your family and friends with mouth-watering results at your next get-together.

Are you a bread fan, too? A pizza stone is made to bake so much more than just pizza! Yes, you heard, right! If you are looking to elevate your bread making experience, this tool is the perfect fit. Amongst other things, you can bake tortillas, flatbread, cookies, biscuits and muffins.

Find out all you need to know about pizza stones in this comprehensive buying guide before adding one to your cart. There is a wide variety of pizza stones out there, but we are here to make everything clear, so you don’t need to spend hours searching for the perfect one.

What is a pizza stone?

It is a cooking tool that helps you create golden and crispy bottom crusts in your pizza instead of soggy and pale. There are round and rectangular stones in the market that are used to create a super hot cooking surface to help you achieve that crunchy texture with the soft beadlike interior. Because they are high temperature resistant and moisture - resistant help you attain that crispiness and softness. Not only in pizza making but also when you make bread, cookies or even pies.

A great addition to your kitchen and your bbq tools to assist you in elevating your next dinner or garden party!

Why do you need a pizza stone?

Forget the frozen pizzas or endless delivery orders. You can now enjoy your favourite Italian brick oven pizza from the comfort of your home! The pizza dough is really easy to make, and we all have the materials required to make our pizza from scratch. All that can not only save you money, but it is also a healthier choice for you and your family.

Make one in a matter of a few minutes and enjoy it over the new blockbuster movie on the telly or gather up some friends and share! The choice is yours! Either way, the result will be mind-blowing, and the taste mouth-watering!

What types of pizza stone are there?

There are different types of pizza stones to choose from based on your needs. Here is our list:

  • Cordierite

Most of them are made by cordierite because it distributes heat evenly and will not burn your pizza dough. Cordierite stone is very durable and will rarely crack from the temperature difference. It falls under the ceramic stone category, but it is more heavy-duty.

This material is lead-free and non-absorbent, and when it comes to thermal conductivity, it is by far the best choice. It can easily handle extreme temperatures as it’s not likely to break when you take it from hot temperature to cold instantly.

  • Clay

This material is mostly found in the baking stone. Clay ones are made to deliver the same quality a stone oven offers. They are perfect for delivering that golden, crispy texture in your pizza dough. How? It has the ability to absorb all the heat from the oven and then pass it to the pizza you are baking. Also, it dismissess any moisture from the dough to create a pizzeria-like result.

The only downside to clay stone is that it needs more time to preheat and cleaning it is not a walk in the park. Plus, you don’t want to drop it because it will break to a hundred pieces.

  • Ceramic

It is an excellent choice for beginners, so if you have just started your pizza craftsmanship, this might be the best type for you. Super simple in use and cleaning them is a breeze. Hand wash them once they have cooled off with soap and water, and you are good to go!

Although they are convenient, they do tend to crack quite easily. Plus, this type of stone does not contribute heat as well as the other two; it can be a great upgrade from your pizza pan.

  • Cast Iron

Many people opt for cast iron for their pizza stone. They are iron-carbon compounds, and the reason people prefer them is because they will not break or crack, and they heat up really fast. They can also be used on the grill or griddle, or if you want you can even use your available iron skillet.

They usually come with handles on both sides and are easy to move in and out of the oven as long as you wear gloves. But they only work well up to a temperature of 200 degrees C in the oven; hence they are not as effective as the options above.

  • Steel

Last to join the list of stones is the baking steel. Steel is similar to cast iron; the only difference is that it heats up even faster than cast iron. At lower temperatures, it will bake your pizza evenly as it conducts heat quickly. Stone made by this material is considered to be durable and long-lasting.

On the cons side, they are heavier; hence, they are more challenging to manage in the kitchen and more expensive than other materials.

What should you look for when buying a pizza stone?

You need to consider a few features when you are in the market for a pizza stone. Here is our list to help you decide faster and more correctly.

1. Type

Depending on your intended use and budget, they will help you decide on the type of stone you need. If you aim to use the stone in your oven frequently, then a cordierite pizza stone might be the right choice for you. It is durable, heavy-duty and budget-friendly. A great choice if you want to bake bread, too, aside from pizza. Cast iron and steel are on the table in terms of durability, but they might be on the pizza stones’ expensive side.

2. Size

Pay attention to both the dimensions and the thickness of your pizza stone. For starters, make sure it will fit in your oven to avoid any disappointment. Then, check for the stone’s thickness as this will impact how well it performs in retaining heat. Bear in mind that the larger the stone, the heavier it will be, hence the more difficult it will be to manoeuvre.

3. Shape

Most commonly the pizza stone is either round or rectangular. The rectangular stone is a more preferred option if you want more versatility as it provides a larger surface area for you to make different sizes of pizza at one go. The round ones are the perfect pick if you aim for making personal pizzas.

4. Weight & Thickness

Although, a lighter stone is easier to move around the kitchen or when grilling you might want to consider it twice. The heavier the hot stone is, the more mass it has and the hotter it can get. Heavier stones equal thicker stones, too. But, be aware that the heavier and thicker it is, the longer it will need to heat up. The thickness is what will ultimately help create this brown, crunchy bottom crust.

5. Price

You don’t have to break the bank to buy a pizza stone. You can find affordable stones in a price range of 8 to 20 pounds. Higher quality pizza stone and stone sets vary among 25 to 40 pounds more or less depending on material and variety of accessories. Not bad, right? A small price to pay so you can enjoy the pizzeria-like homemade pizzas, right?

Do I have to preheat my pizza stone?

Yes, you’ll have to preheat your pizza stone well before you can use it if you want to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. Most require about one to two hours to turn to hot stone before using them. If you don’t preheat the stone, then the result at the end will be no better than the one it was when you were using your baking sheet or pizza pan.

Why does my stone look discoloured or dirty, after cleaning it?

Your pizza stone will never look as clean and pristine as the day you brought it home. The discolouration is part of the process and it is totally normal. The stains and smudges actually turn your pizza stone to nonstick over time! Cool, right? It is essential to clean all types of pizza stone mildly and a word to the wise: don’t use soap. You don’t want your next pizza to taste like soap, do you? You can use a spatula or a scraper to remove big chunks of debris off the stone’s surface once you finish cooking and rinse with water. You may use a soft sponge if you like to help the cleaning process.

If you want to have less cleaning to do, consider spreading olive oil or flour on the stone’s surface to avoid dough sticking all over, and to be able to remove your pizza or bread easier once baked.

What else can I use my pizza stone for?

The pizza stone is highly versatile and can be used to improve your baking experience. Besides delicious pizzas, you can also bake bread, flatbread, tortillas, cookies, biscuits, tarts and pies. You name it! So many possibilities and recipes to try! With this tool, you will improve your cooking results and receive admiration from friends and family!

Always keep in mind…

A pizza stone will improve your pizza making, and it will not stay there! It will help you improve your bead, pies, cookies and biscuits, so you and your loved ones can enjoy more! This purchase is what’s missing from your cupboard. Wait no longer to benefit from this versatile and useful tool. Who doesn’t like a golden, crispy crust on their pizza?

Upgrade your bbq get-togethers and dinner parties with the help of the pizza stone! Pick yours and enjoy all its perks. Find the best pizza stones there are here and happy shopping!

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