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As Of March 2021

Caring for a baby can be a tedious chore sometimes, one that requires your absolute attention as a parent. But that doesn’t mean you have to carry your baby on your lap all the time!

A modern baby pram can loosen your hands, especially when you need to pop into the supermarket or enjoy a stroll in the park. Feel lightweight and “happy go about” again, without compromising your offspring’s safety and convenience!

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1 Cossato CT3926 Baby pram with flowers on white background.
Up to 2 children
5.0 /5

Max. Weight: 25 Kgs, Harness Type: 5 Point, Orientation: Front & Parent Facing, Item Weight: 21 Kgs

  • 3-in-1 design: pram, pushchair and carrying cot
  • Can be used as a single child travel system (3-in-1) or as a double/tandem for an older sibling
  • An extendable 100 UPF weatherproof hood with visor
  • Large bottom basket for baby bags, diapers, wipes etc.
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2 Kinderkraft 3-1 Set MOOV black baby pram and pushchair on white background
Strong and foldable
4.9 /5

Max. Weight: 22 Kgs, Harness Type: 5 Point, Orientation: Front & Parent Facing, Item Weight: 14 Kgs

  • Includes a car seat, a footmuff and a changing bag
  • Central braking system easy to control
  • Extendable hood against sun, wind and edgy objects
  • Generous basket at the bottom offers extra comfort
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3 Cossato Giggle Mix CT 4357 baby grey pram with flowers in white background.
Medium range budget
4.8 /5

Max. Weight: 15 Kgs, Harness Type: 3 Point, Orientation: Front & Parent Facing, Item Weight: 16.5 Kgs

  • Easily adapts into a pushchair, with a variety of accessories
  • Fits easily to an ISOFIX base for your car
  • Compact folding, convenient storage
  • Front wheels swivel for better movement
4 Hawk Rapid 4 Black pram and pushchair with holding bar and wheels
Comfy and compact
4.8 /5

Max. Weight: 25 Kgs, Harness Type: 5 Point, Orientation: Front Facing Only, Item Weight: 9.4 Kgs

  • Durable wheels in all kinds of terrains
  • Ideal for both infants and toddlers
  • Easy to fold and carry with one hand with the release loop
  • Height adjustable handle for even more convenience
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5 iSafe 77 M97L 9810 2-1 red beautiful baby pram in white background
Safety and comfort
4.7 /5

Max. Weight: 15 Kgs, Harness Type: 5 Point, Orientation: Front & Parent Facing, Item Weight: 12 Kgs

  • Boot cover with a zip and a rain cover fully secures the baby
  • Comfy reclining positions for sitting and sleeping
  • Inflatable swivelling wheels for any terrain
  • Foldable aluminium chassis for lightness and easy storage
6 Hot Mom 3-1 grey baby pram with a carycott in white background
360 ° stroller rotation
4.7 /5

Max. Weight: 13 Kgs, Harness Type: 5 Point, Orientation: Front & Parent Facing, Item Weight: 20.4 Kgs

  • Puncture proof rubber wheels durable on any terrain
  • Made of weatherproof leather, endurance and easy cleaning
  • A full set of rain cover, mosquito net, baby bath and car seat
  • Easily assembled, folded and stored
7 Silver cross pioneer 2-1 denim baby pram and pushchairon white background.
Lightweight & compact
4.6 /5

Max. Weight: 25 Kgs, Harness Type: 5, Orientation: Front & Parent Facing, Item Weight: 7.5 Kgs

  • 2-in-1 set: A pram for newborns, a pushchair for older babies
  • Puncture-proof tyres for city and country terrains
  • Comes with a cup holder, shopping basket and rain cover
  • Ventilated hood allows for freshness throughout the ride
8 Cyber CBX leotie Lux black pram and pushchair with leather holding bar
UPF50 Sun ray proof
4.5 /5

Max. Weight: 17 Kgs, Harness Type: 5 Point, Orientation: Front & Parent Facing, Item Weight: 15.9 Kgs

  • Easily stop sliding by using the foot brake
  • Adjust the handlebar's height for extra comfort
  • Foldable frame convenient for your storage facility
  • 3 adjustable seat modes to perfectly suit the baby’s needs
9 Zeo Mio 3-1 baby pram black in white background
Steady and sturdy design
4.4 /5

Max. Weight: 15 Kgs, Harness Type: 5 Point, Orientation: Front & Parent Facing Item Weight: 18 Kgs

  • Turns into a car seat and a baby carrycot
  • Swivelling wheels up to 360 ° for easy control
  • 4 adjustable backrest positions provide extra comfort
  • Extra rain cover, car seat, a diaper bag and a mosquito net
10 Junama roan emma 2-1 vintage baby pram and stroller in beige colour
Removable hood
4.3 /5

Max. Weight: 15 Kgs, Harness Type: 5 Point, Orientation: Front & Parent Facing, Item Weight: 14 Kgs

  • UV50+ leather hood with sun, wind and water-proofing
  • Foldable aluminium frame, light and easy to store
  • Height adjustable pushing-handles to suit your height
  • Extra eco-leather footmuff

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A Closer Look at the Top 3 Products

  • Suitable even for parents of two siblings
  • Large weight capacity, both for newborns and older kids
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The Cosatto CT3926 Wow XL 3 in 1 comes as one of the best in its category, for it is a smart combo of a stroller and a pushchair, with an additional buggy board: It works best for a parent with 2 young children. With the tandem carrying design, you can easily fit your two babies on either side of the pram at the same time, as long as they both don’t exceed the 25 kgs weight limit. It’s perfect for newborn babies, with a reclining ability to suit the sleeping-mode when they need a nap.

Since it’s a convertible 3-in-1 pram, you can adjust the sitting and lying positions to best fit your children’s spine development as they grow older. Besides, the extension is weatherproof to offer protection, with a visor and peephole, so you can always keep an eye on your baby. The pram uses the dual-density rubberised wheels, which are puncture proof for manoeuvrability and rough terrains.


  • Inbuilt step board for ride-along mode
  • Raincover included
  • A kit bag included for all of your accessories


  • Rather pricey, but it’s worth it
  • Not adjustable to a car seat
  • Footmuff not included
  • Easy charge and discharge brake with one button
  • Soft and peaceful inside environment for the baby
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This particular pram not only converts into a pushchair but also includes a whole set of handy attachments, such as a baby carrier, a car seat and a bouncer all in one! Soft and durable as it is, it provides comfort for your baby and longevity for you so you don’t have to buy anything more, once you get it. Although it might be considered heavy due to its iron built material, it certainly compensates for that with a central brake easy to adjust in just one move.

Designed to carry not only infants but fully grown babies, too, the Kinderkraft 3 in 1 Set MOOV model will serve you for the long run. An additional feature to consider is that there’s an integrated storage compartment at the bottom that offers safe and large storage space. It also comes with a changing bag for carrying everything you may need during your time outdoors with the baby.


  • Easily folded, compact design
  • Footmuff included for more warmth
  • Storage basket for more comfort


  • No ISOFIX base for the car seat
  • Wheels may suffer a bit after a while
  • Relatively heavy, but strong
  • Turns into a pushchair and comes with a lot of accessories
  • Lightweight and compact, easy to store
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Cosatto Giggle Mix CT4357 is a mid-range budget pram that suits your baby’s needs, from birth up until their neck is strong enough to ride on a pushchair and beyond. The pushchair option gives you the chance to easily bond with your baby using the parent-facing design. The frame is foldable, allowing you to carry it in small cars and keep it even in a medium for storage facility inside your home. It’s also lightweight, which makes it easy for you to carry it around.

With the array of included accessories, taking your baby around is about to get as convenient as it can be! It comes with a car seat so you can always bring the whole pram with you when travelling. Other accessories included are footmuffs and adaptors, which also saves you some extra cost. The lower part of the pram offers you a storage compartment, ideal for storing baby’s luggage or your shopping bags.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Car seat compatible with ISOFIX
  • Manoeuvres easily


  • Handle height not adjustable
  • The hood is not extendable
  • The basket could be bigger

Out in the world with your baby again!

Once you have delivered your baby, there is more to life for both of you in this world, from just staying in the house, following a strict hour to hour schedule! There comes the time that you feel the need to adjust again to “normal” life, tackle some quick errands, meet again with your friends! And, why not? Grabbing a cold or hot drink at the cafe and catching a breath!

Prams which can convert into pushchairs are a “must” if you wish to reclaim your freedom and start moving again. They allow you to bring your child along in almost every activity, while you are taking some fresh air, chatting with your mate and bonding with each other as a family.

Nonetheless, taking walks with a baby can be challenging, not just for you but for your little precious, too. When handled wrongly, you end up tired and irritated. And the same goes for your youngs, too: As soon as they feel uncomfortable or nervous about something, they will start tossing and turning since that’s the only way to show you that something is wrong. It could be the sitting position or sleeping style that upsets them, for example.

Luckily enough, prams and pushchairs sort all of these issues in a heartbeat! With a pram, you can freely walk around, keeping your baby safely bundled into it. So, what do you think? Ready to reclaim your life?

Why give prams a Chance?

For a start, prams and pushchairs allow the baby to enjoy the outside world in a comfortable position that does not affect their health and spine posture. You see, babies are not able to sit on their own, hence they need to be in a lying position, even when not sleeping. A pram easily sorts this out for you.

Secondly, prams also come with a convenient storage compartment. Going out with a baby requires you to bring around a bag with accessories, like diapers, food, wipes and other useful stuff. The bag can be heavy to carry around, but that storage compartment relieves you of this demanding labour.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Pram?

Getting the perfect baby pram can be a hassle, especially if you are new to the… “parenting sports arena”! There are many models and brands available in the market and the fact that baby prams are age-specific doesn’t make it any easier for you. When you decide to go shopping for a pram, be sure to be very specific in what you need to reduce the “features vs. value for money” stress.

The perfect baby pram makes it effortless for you to bring your baby out and about, while you are running an errand or just relaxing outside the house setting. All you have to do is set your baby safely in the carrycot, pack the baby bag in the storage basket down below and gently push towards where you need to go.

You should also look for a baby pram that is not only convenient during use, but also afterwards when you are back home again. How compact is it, or what is the size? How much storage space do you need for the baby pram when it’s not in use? The biggest consideration here is to look for a foldable one, to collapse to a compact size that matches your home storage capacity.

When you take into consideration your actual needs, combined with the best features you can find in the market, buying a baby pram will be an easier process for you. And as it is important for all new parents to spend carefree time with their baby, so we have taken time to recommend the best baby prams and pushchairs in order for you to achieve this!

Always Think About...

  • The weight capacity as well as the overall weight of the pram can vary. Some can accommodate a minimum weight of 10 kgs or less, whilst others may reach up to 25 kgs. In the second case, you will be able to further use it as your baby grows older and gains more weight. Both of these features affect the total weight you will end up pushing around.
  • Additional uses, like the ability to convert from a pram to a pushchair and a carrycot. The more adaptable the pram to any changing situation, e.g. your baby’s age and sitting needs, the less money you will have to spend, as you will stick with just one transferring system for a longer period. The good news is that most prams can convert to either a pushchair, carrycot, a stroller, or all of these, so there’s no need to worry at all!
  • Orientation, that’s the direction that the baby will be facing. Most baby prams have both the front and parent facing orientation. If you’re looking for a bonding moment with your baby, you need to get one with a parent facing orientation. Whichever orientation the pram offers, it needs to offer the best sleeping and lying position for your baby’s spine.
  • Accessories will make your work easier and save you the cost of buying these items separately. Useful extras to look for may include a carrying bag, storage compartment, car seat, rain cover, footmuffs, and an extendable canopy for protecting the baby against external objects.

No matter what your final choice will be, taking into account the useful information above may prove invaluable in terms of money and convenience for you in the long run. And we are happy to have helped to relieve some of your concerns so that you fully enjoy your new role as a parent!

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