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Best 10 Rice Cookers

As Of March 2021

Can simplicity reach perfection? Of course, it can! That’s why a simple thing like rice can reach a whole new level and upgrade every single one of your dishes.

How to make the perfect fluffy rice? Well, now that you can get the best rice cookers of the year it’s easy peasy! Amazing flavour without a hassle.
Check our guide!

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1 Yum Asia Bamboo Rice Cooker on a countertop
Multi-Phased Cooking Cycles
4.8 /5

Best Overall Rice Cooker

  • Cook all types of rice and achieve the best taste and texture
  • Keeps the nutrition value and the aroma intact so you can have a delicious meal
  • LED display is user-friendly easy when choosing the program you want
  • Big capacity makes it ideal for families
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2 Tefal All-in-One CY505E40 rice cooker next to a delicious dish
25 One-Touch Programs
4.7 /5

#2 Best Rice Cooker

  • Dishwasher safe parts make cleaning a walk in the park
  • Designed to keep you safe with a one-button steam release
  • Schedule it as you like and enjoy a warm dish thanks to its timer
  • Choose the program you want and leave the rest to it without hassles
3 Russell Hobbs 19750 rice cooker on a black surface
Large Capacity Bowl
4.7 /5

#2 Best Budget Rice Cooker

  • Large capacity makes it a perfect choice for families
  • The non-stick removable bowl lets you serve it right away
  • You can easily clean it in a couple of minutes without trouble
  • Comes with a couple of accessories to make your experience even better
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4 Yum Asia Panda Mini Rice Cooker next to a bowl or rice
Compact Design
4.6 /5

Best For Space-Saving

  • Great choice for smaller kitchens where you need to save space
  • Choose between the 7 ways of cooking and enjoy a flavourful meal
  • Amazing taste, texture and aroma thanks to its top settings
  • Start cooking just by pressing a button - very user-friendly
5 Morphy Richards 460020 rice cooker on a countertop
Lightweight & Shutterproof
4.6 /5

Best Option For Families

  • See-through lid helps you cook your meal exactly how you want
  • The dishwasher safe parts make cleaning easier than ever
  • Lightweight & shatterproof design for easy cooking without accidents
  • Large capacity lets you cook for your whole family in one go
6 Geepas Rice Cooker next to some delicious rice
Value-For-Money Option
4.6 /5

Best Budget Rice Cooker

  • Choose between 3 functions and prepare your delicious rice
  • The tempered glass lid lets you monitor the progress of your meal
  • Nonstick coating in the inner pot so you can clean it easily
  • Ideal for small kitchens as it saves space and is stored easily
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7 Cookworks Rice Cooker on a white background
Fluffy Rice Every Time
4.6 /5

Most Simple To Use

  • Enjoy perfect rice without worrying about the results thanks to its functionality
  • Cool-to-touch design makes sure you won’t face accidents
  • Keep warm function lets you enjoy it whenever you want
  • Glass lid is a big plus if you want to keep an eye on it
8 Reishunger Rice Cooker and Steamer on a countertop

Best For Wholegrain And White Rice

  • Never burn another dish thanks to its cooking pot design
  • Amazing results in wholegrain and white rice and Japanese sushi
  • Keeps your rice warm after cooking so you can always enjoy it
  • Stylish and minimal design which is easy to use
9 Sage BRC600UK rice cooker on a white table
Multi-Cooker for Families
4.5 /5

Best At Risotto Dishes

  • Perfect option for risotto lovers that want the best flavour
  • Super large capacity multi cooker, is a top choice for families
  • Easy cleaning thanks to serving bowl that reduces dish use
  • You can steam other foods like vegetables, poultry, seafood etc.
10 Tefal Cool Touch RK1568UK rice cooker on a wooden table
Super Safe Cooking
4.4 /5

Best At Easy Cleaning

  • Knows the exact cooking time depending on the water so you can rest assured
  • Completely safe cooking sessions without troubles
  • Cook up to 20 cups of rice in one session - great for families
  • Dishwasher safe parts make the cleaning process extremely easy

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Cooking Rice Like a Pro! Bring Your Chopsticks!

While Asia has the first place in rice consumption worldwide, rice has grown on Europe as well these past years. And you might not know how to use a pair of chopsticks, but that doesn’t make rice any less delicious. Only if you know the right way to make it! So, if you’re a food lover that knows how tasty dishes could get with rice on the side, then this is your time to shine. All you need to do is get the best rice cooker in the market.

What are you fond of? White rice, brown rice, risotto, long-grain, short-grain or maybe basmati? No matter which one is your favourite, an electric rice cooker will make it perfect for you and your family. Cooking rice might be easy for some. But the truth is that most people don’t really know how to make a meal with delicious fluffy rice. And that’s why the right kitchen appliance is essential.

Time to eliminate all the effort and hassle of staying in front of a cooking pan and waiting for your meal. The whole cooking process will take you only a couple of minutes. Just grab your uncooked rice, measure the cups of rice you need, add some water and voila! This is it! Simple, right?

Cooking rice is some kind of art for many people. Who doesn’t love their chicken tikka masala after all? - Please, try it if you haven’t already! - The next question is “how can I choose the best rice cooker for my needs?”. And this is where this guide comes to play! It’s only logical to want to spend your money on something that totally worths it. Read below and you’ll surely find the one.

Why Do I Need The Best Rice Cooker?

You might say that a rice cooker isn’t one of the go-to kitchen appliances like a pressure cooker, an air fryer, a slow cooker and many others. But this is far from the truth if you’re someone who enjoys cooking rice quite often. And then you might say that you don’t have enough counter space for everything, but there’s always an answer.

One thing that the best rice cooker can offer you, is the ability to leave your rice unattended and go do your other tasks, while it cooks it perfectly. And once you’re done with everything else, you don’t have to worry about your meal being cold, as the keep-warm function does exactly that! Now, you can have fluffy rice without any culinary skills at all! 

So, this is the time to prepare your sushi rice and let your inner chef come out to play. Serve all those delicious dishes to your loved ones and amaze them. From an Italian risotto to a Spanish paella and then to the other side of the world where China and Japan reached a whole other level of flavour. Fill your measuring cup and let this tasty trip begin!

What Makes The Best Rice Cooker?

The best rice maker out there needs to have some features that will make your life easier. Your needs have to be covered in order to enjoy every single meal that you prepare. So, let’s have a look at the key points that you need to check.

Size & Weight

A kitchen appliance needs to be easy to use no matter the occasion. Imagine having the best one out there but can’t really do what you want because you don’t have where to put it. Or worse, if you can’t even lift it! That’s why you should think about your countertop space first and then find the best fit for your kitchen.


Everyone who cooks rice knows that it can be tricky when measuring the amount of your meal. It has a tendency to multiply! So the cup capacity and the number of cups that you’re going to need play a major role. How can you be sure that you’re not making too much or too little then? With a rice cooker, these errors are out of the question! The amount of rice that a measuring cup holds is made for one person’s portion. That way you can’t go wrong. Approximately 140g. Plus, when it comes to water, the cooking pot is marked with the number of cups to show you the exact amount of water it is required for the number that you’re going to cook.


Another great feature that you’ll find extremely useful, is the timer. Now you can have total control over the time that your cooking session will start and finish. That way you can always have your meal ready exactly when you want it. It usually comes with a keep-warm function that might as well, start automatically and keep your rice at the perfect temperature until it’s time for you to eat.

Other Dishes

And what about other foods? Afraid not! Even the simplest models out there can cook other stuff like quinoa and pasta. Have a look at the extra settings of your appliance. Some of them have modes for risotto, brown rice, wild rice, porridge and yoghurt. With cake baking being the extreme feature! Don't stop there! If you have a multi-cooker type of appliance, you can steam your vegetables, poultry and seafood as well.

What Type Of Rice Cooker Suits You?

There are different types of best rice cookers out there that will help you create an amazing side for your crispy chicken dish! Or any other dish that you love! Let’s have a look!

Glass or Sealed Lid

In some cases, the steaming basket is covered with a glass or a sealed lid. Having a glass lid will make your rice cooker look a little bit like a slow cooker. One of the biggest advantages is that you can always have a look inside and see the progress of your meal. This type of rice cooker tends to be cheaper but the downside of it is that steam comes out of the edges and might spill all over your countertop. The ones with a sealed lid are a bit more expensive and release the steam in a more controlled way. You avoid all the mess!

Single Purpose or Multi-Cooker

Some kitchen appliances might be used as food steamers but they do much more than that. Slow cooking, steaming and pressure cooking are some of the most famous functions. A multi-cooker can save you space and offer you many preset cooking modes. Covering all your needs with one multifunctional gadget is surely convenient, especially for people who love to try new things. From slow cook to quick cook, all the options are available for you.

Fuzzy Logic

Most basic rice cookers have a thermal sensor that determines when the rice is done, based on the fixed temperature. When they reach this temperature, they either turn off or stay at the keep-warm function. The ones that use fuzzy logic, are programmed to make adjustments to cooking time and temperature in response to some sensors that can be found inside the stainless steel bowl. They make these changes as a chef would. For example, if your rice needs a lower temperature because the heat in the room has an effect on it, then it will change it accordingly to achieve the best result. This type of technology is most effective on the ones that use induction heating. Different programmes serve different purposes as well. Not all rice types need the exact same way of cooking. That’s why the fuzzy logic type is more expensive than the others but much better at cooking all types of rice.

How Much Do The Best Rice Cookers Cost?

If you're one of those people that simple microwave rice cookers don't cut it anymore, then it's high time you found out how much you need for a real one. Yeah, 8 pounds might be a really good bargain, but what good can come out of an appliance like this? You need something better that can excite your taste buds!

Electric rice cookers start at around 20 pounds. Still, a good kind of bargain, don't you think? But, as you can imagine these low-range rice cookers have only the basic functions and aren't made for special dishes. Try something on the mid-range to cover most of your needs. You'll probably need less than a hundred pounds.

If you want to take it all the way and find one that can do anything, then the prices can rise up to 300 pounds. It might sound a little bit too much but if you really love rice dishes then you won't regret it one bit.

Common Questions About The Best Rice Cookers

Types Of Rice

“Can I prepare a meal with any type of rice?”

The truth is that cheap rice cookers are made for long-grain rice and without reaching an exceptional flavour. Basmati is a good example of long-grain rice. If you go up a little on the price tag, you can cook other types like short-grain rice which is perfect for risotto. Now, if you want to have a tasty trip to Japan or Thailand, you need to give a little more and find one with preset modes that can cover your needs.


"Will I be able to use a rice cooker without trouble?"

Rice Cookers are for everyone! They are pretty straightforward in their way of usage. Easy-to-press buttons, easy-to-read interfaces and user-friendly in general. Plus, they come with instructions to make sure that you get the idea right away! Measuring the rice and the water is basically the hardest part.

Cooking Time

"Do rice cookers prepare meals faster?"

Another thing that should be cleared, is that rice cookers don’t speed up the whole cooking process. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait the same amount of time for your favourite meal. But the thing is that with a rice cooker, you can leave it unattended and go do other things. That way, you don’t have to stand in front of your stove and fumbling with all your pots.

Always Have In Mind…

Time to upgrade your kitchen and your dishes as well! Live healthier while enjoying your favourite flavours without any cutback. Find all the meals that blow you away and add that little something that will make you see them under a new light. Rice could be all it needs to reach the top! 

The best rice cooker is now available for you, ready to cover all your needs. Let your tasting buds feel the happiness of it all! In this buying guide, you’ll find all the insights and information you need to make the right choice. We narrowed down the options for you! Now, it’s easier than ever. Check it out!

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